Ammonium fluoratum (Am-f)


Vergleich: Sulph. Ammoniums haben Sulphur-eigenschaften

Siehe: Ammoniums + Fluor


Ungleicher Kampf/nicht Akut

Thema: Anders sein, Lösung: positiv: Gesellschaftsideal erreichen; negativ: Süchtig sein/aussteigen;

Negativ: Kritisch/narzistisch;

1. Träumt über reich sein/anderen imponieren, Sex = Wertmaßstab,

2. Enttäuscht über Geldmangel/Geld haben;

[Jan Scholten]

The Fast Lane

Idealizing the world of glamour and glitter. Need a large house and a fast car to steal the show. Possessions are the main ideal in life to work toward. Inclined to resort to gambling.

Craves alcohol/spices/sweets/coffee/tobacco;

Ursache: Geldverlust;


Gemüt: Aktivität - Verlangen nach

Angst (i.B auf die Zukunft)

Demenz/verwirrt geistig



Furcht (Aids, HIV/Armut/ermordet zu werden/vor dem Fliegen/Fremden/grundlos/vor Impotenz/drohender Krankheit/Krebs/mit Lebensüberdruss/Operation/Tod/Versagen, Misserfolg)

Gleichgültig, Apathie

Hast, Eile/ruhelos/schnell im Handeln


Ideen, Einfälle - Reichtum an, Klarheit des Geistes (unsicher bei deren Ausführung/Verwirklichung)

Konzentration schwierig/Orientierungssinn vermindert


Schüchtern, zaghaft

Selbstvertrauenmangel (möchte Unterstützung, Zuwendung)

Spontan, impulsiv

Suizidneigung; Neigung zum Selbstmord


Unentschlossen, Schwierigkeit, Entscheidungen zu treffen


Verstümmelt seinen Körper

Wahnideen („Als ob bedeutungslos“)


Kopf: Schmerz

Allgemeines: r./abends - 2 h./nach Mitternacht - 3 h/

< Baden, Waschen/> (heftige) Bewegung/< (Aus)strecken/< Wärme/< warme Luft

> essend/> im Freien/> liegen



Magere Personen

Speisen und Getränke: <: Alkohol/Kartoffeln;               Abgeneigt: Fleisch;

Verlangt: Alkohol/frische Speisen/Gewürze, Würzmittel/Kaffee/saure Speisen, Säuren/Choc/Süßigkeiten/Tab;


[Jan Scholten]

Ammonium Fluoratum

Idealising Immoral

Disappointment Breaking taboos

Resentment Glamour

Critical Possessions Gambling

Angry Sex

Closed Hard





Group analysis

Idealising glamour/possessions/sexuality.

Disappointed in glamour/in gambling.

Sexual resentment.

Resentment about not having sex or money.

Critical and narcissistic.

Superficial and resentful.

Picture of Ammonium fluoratum

Essence: idealising glamour.

Idealising glamour

They idealise the world of glamour and glitter. They fantasise about how it would be if they were part of this scene. Then the world would know what they are really worth. If only they had enough money, if only they had a higher social status, then they could prove who they realty were.

Idealising possessions

Possessions play an important part in this whole scene. They need a large house and a fast car etc. to steal the show. These possessions are the main ideal in their life to work towards. They think that once they have reached that they'll be happy.

Idealising sexuality

Another important aspect, linked to the whole idea of glamour, is sexuality. It is another ideal they hope to achieve: once they have gathered enough glittering prizes all women (or men) are bound to fall for them.

Disappointed in glamour

After a while they get disappointed because they didn't reach the position they had in mind. Life didn't give them the women and the money that they had hoped for and they are disappointed that nobody appreciates them. Or they did get what they wanted but all these riches still didn't bring them the happiness they had hoped for. 'Money isn't everything' is an apt expression to describe their state.

Disappointed in gambling

Because they like to make money the easy way they are inclined to resort to gambling. But here again they tend to idealise the opportunities and become over optimistic about the outcome. They think it will be easy and they they will know the tricks in no time. When the inevitable losses occur they are most disappointed and think that the whole world is against them.

Resentful from lack of money and sex.

In the later stages they get quite resentful. The bitterness about all the missed opportunities leaves its mark, and they become rather bitter and sarcastic.

Can be a useful 'in-between' remedy for people who are resentful about loss of property, through being cheated or through careless investment or gambling on the stock market or whatever other reason. Another variation may be that they are resentful because they don't get enough sex, for instance when they don't have a partner or when their partner is not as keen as they are, or when they have lost their partner because of their resentful behaviour.

Critical and narcissistic

On the one hand they are very critical and on the other hand they can be very narcissistic. Their critical attitude causes them to be blunt and plainly cynical in their communications. Their narcissistic attitude only accentuates this hardness, so it gets more and more difficult to make real contact with other people. They simply don't feel what goes on in other people anymore and when they do feel

something they don't know how to express it because they don't know how to break through their own sullen shell anymore.

Not only are they very resentful, their line of thinking is also quite superficial and they are unable to see that their unrealistic expectations are bound to lead to disappointment. So they end up in a vicious circle of unrealistic expectations and resentment about unfulfilled ideals.


Fears: vague (2)/unknown (!)/life/strangers/future/travelling/flying/planes/streets/failure/disease/operations/cancer/aids/death/poverty (2)/impotency/murder.

Irritability: angry/furious/self mutilation/criminality; <: loss of money;.


cheerful, excited, hysterical, active, hurried, restless, impulsive,

lively, timid, uncertain, indecisive, -> support, listless, bored,

meaningless, gloomy, suicidal.

Mental: quick, associative, confused, slow, orientation problems, lack of concentration, forgetful, dementia, mania.

Contacts: lively, superficial, quick, staccato way of talking.

Religion: magic, associative, obsessive.

Causes: neglect, abuse, incest, parents absent, addicted or weak, loss of parents, family, friends and protectors.

Generals: Build: obese or thin.

Locality: right.

Weather:warm, < heat, > outside.

< 3 h. and 21 h.

Desires: alcohol (3), spices (3), fresh, sour, coffee (2), chocolate (2), sweet, tobacco.

Aversion:meat, > eating; < potatoes, alcohol.

Physical: > motion, violent motion, < bathing; > lying down, < stretching.


Stooped back. Bow legged. Thin with scrawny face.

Nose dry with crusts.

Mouth feels dry with bitter taste.

Pains burning and biting.

Discharges acrid, biting, causing ulceration, frequently watery and yellow.



Sinusitis. Colds.

Swollen glands, abscesses, fistula.

Affections of teeth, caries.

Complaints Lungs emphysema/Heart/Stomach


Vaginitis, sexual problems and diseases.

Arteriosclerosis with malformation of hands. Hypermobile and loose joints and tendons.

Affections of bones, exostoses (2). Bechterew's disease.

Sciatica. Inflammation of joints with contraction.

Skin and mucus membranes swollen, bright red and burning.

DD: Acidums (Nit-ac.) Sulphuricums, Veratrum album.



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