Anthropoides paradiseus = national bird of South Africa/= blue crane/= Grus paradisea/= paradise crane,


[Garatt Hamilton]

A randomized, double blind placebo controlled homeopathic drug proving

The homoeopathic drug proving of Anthropoidesparadiseus produced a variety of symptoms. The main symptoms belonged to both the mental/emotional and the physical sphere. The symptoms of the mental sphere of this remedy included anxiety, disorientation, mood swings and irritability. The characteristic physical symptoms includes polyuria, polyphagia, polydipsia, headaches, muscle pain and spasms, post-nasal drip, hay-fever, and bloating. Other possible uses might be for the treatment of chest pain, nausea and abdominal cramping.

The Blue Crane is the National bird of South Africa. The bird is familiar to people as it can be found on South Africa’s coins and stamps. They are found in almost all zoos around the country. The feathers of the Blue Crane, or “indwe” as it is known amongst the amaXhosa tribes, gets used in the tribal rituals and is given to men to distinguish them for their deeds of valour (Jobe 2015).

Blue cranes mostly inhabit grasslands and wetlands, diet is mostly plant-based. These plant-based foods consist of small bulbs, seeds and sedges, roots.

Other foods includes insects, crops such as wheat, oats, sorghum, and sunflowers. It is also documented that they feed on worms, crabs, fish, frogs and other small reptiles (Jobe2015).


The Conclusion:

It was discovered that Anthropoides paradiseus30CH produced symptoms that can be used in the treatment of ADHS (= attention deficit disorder), mood swings, anxiety, pre-diabetes, hay fever, sinusitis, muscle pain and spasms, gastroenteritis and headaches. It was also determined that the remedy, according to the correlating themes, belonged to the AIDS miasm. The conclusion of the group comparison generated the following themes and symptoms: detachment, drugged sensation, restriction, neurological symptoms, obstruction, dryness and appetite fluctuations.


Bird remedies have proven to be rather useful clinically.

Anthropoides paradiseus30CH can be used in the treatment of ADHS (= attention deficit disorder), mood swings, anxiety, pre-diabetes, hay fever, sinusitis, muscle pain and spasms, gastroenteritis and headaches.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (= Bald Eagle) substance may be useful in joint and shoulder conditions such as arthritis, as well as exhaustion (Spectrum of Homoeopathy 2011).

Ara macaw (Scarlet Macaw) considered in cases of peripheral neuropathy and used in a case of heart complaints + with psoriasis (Spectrum of Homoeopathy 2011:58).

Passer domesticus (Sparrow) demonstrated by Misha Norland and Peter Fraser that it could be useful in the treatment of back and neck pain (Fraser2009:197).

Cathartes aura (= Turkey Vulture) a case of allergies with significant nasal congestion, prescribed and resulted in a successful cure (Spectrum of Homoeopathy2011).

Mind: Calm I feel very calm, feel much in control of things. I seldom take our class group WhatsApp chat, but today, few minutes back, while the lecture is on, I was giving instructions, and informing absent classmates of what the lecturer has brought in class.14M: 00:10:53

I have a test tomorrow. Instead of feeling tense and anxious as I am far from finished the scope, I'm very calm, a bit lazy to push to study for more hours. Instead I am about to get into bed.

Work started I felt calm which is not normal.

I'm trying to catch up for my test of this afternoon. I'm less stressed, more stress free, though I still have more remedies and conditions to study.

Feel even and calm in temperament even though I haven't meditated today.

Day went well and I'm feeling calm and enjoyed it despite the pressure.

played the song again. As if I'm watching the moon rise up from the east late at night. A calm feeling. Quiet clear sky night.

On a mission to do some errands. Offered to take a gogo/fellow board member shopping after she signed some papers. Usually she makes me very irritable but today I am feeling like I can cope, having much more patience with her than normal. For some reason some of my mother installed.

was calm and even most of the day. My morning meditation grounded me. It really does help with maintaining focus.

Mosaiced (= made a Mosaik) and spent wonderful afternoon with it, spread some of my mosaic wings and also shared a lot with her about where I'm at Law and otherwise at the moment. Mosaicing is really calming and soothing, hours flew by.

Calm and pensive. I'm getting excited for afrika burn. I'm thinking about travel goals – Mozambique is really on my mind. Remembered Malawi as well and friend reminded me of Japan.

Anxiety I felt slightly down, restless and stressed as a result of some experiences at a conference I attended today. Then I went to a new dance class and was emotionally

hi-jacked by a woman who I reckon suffers from deep mental problems. Total energy vampire. Drove home feeling heavy and anxious. Husband sat with me in bed and said prayers so I could feel better.

Feeling stress and anxious about research even though everything is sorted.

Felt so anxious just before taking my afternoon nap, I could even feel my heart beat.

I couldn't get out of bed for yoga as I was feeling anxious about a bike light component I lost the night before at the beach. I wanted to go look for it, but knew

I couldn't go to yoga and the beach and get to a meeting on time at 10 h. So I just stayed in bed stressing, and the staying in bed itself stresses me too! Eventually I drove

to the beach and didn't find it.03aF: 12:Woke up nervous this morning, which subsided a little later this morning

Focus and lack thereof Took remedy suddenly felt more alive and alert. Mental concentration improved.

Took again and continued improvement in alertness.

Mental alertness and concentration continues to improve.

Today was a fairly productive, focused day. I managed to complete a task I've been delaying for a while. 2 in fact.

Was pretty focused this afternoon, made progress with my to do's but quite a few I didn't get to either. Had to be stern with a couple of peeps but finding I'm better at expressing instead of holding back.

Had a bit of concentration problems while studying.

Struggling very hard to get into work and focus.

Should be prepping for tomorrow but can't focus.

Focus improving but tiredness increasing.

Brain zoned out -can't think straight anymore.

Just a feeling of more alertness.

Energy and focus was good throughout the day.

Colors – bright/brown –desire for/gold/orange –desire for/pink –desire for

COMPANY desire for (>.in company)

CONCENTRATION – active/difficult (studying)


DANCING (desire to dance)

DECORATE –desire to

DELUSIONS – parts of body enlarged/tongue not his own

DETAIL –exaggerated attention to



EXERTION –physical, desires



FEARs going to sleep




HEAVINESS; sensation of


HURRY eating



IRRITABILITY (when aroused/from noise/from trifles)




LEARNING –desire for

MALICIOUS - hurting other people’s feelings

MEMORY –weakness of memory for names/expressing oneself

MUSIC –desire for


ORIENTATION decreased (waking up)

OUTDOORS –desires


PLANS –making many plans10,



READING –desires

RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS (wants to read the bible all day)



SADNESS (+ sleepiness/with weeping)

SENSITIVE - to music/to odors)

SINGING on waking


THOUGHTS – rush/tormenting

TRANQUILITY (from creative activity)/music calms him

TRAVELLING –desire for


WEEPING (afternoon/evening/cannot weep, though sad/at trifles)


 + pain in head

< MOTION of head




PAIN [morning/afternoon/evening/+ nausea/+ pain in eye/+ eye complaints/+ pain in neck/ext. forehead/< cold air/dull pain/after heat/< light/sharp/forehead/occiput (< motion of head)/sides (one side/r./l./< cold/> warmth)/temples/pulsating/after vertigo)

Eye: < COLD air

DRYNESS (afternoon)



ITCHING (evening/r./> open air/lower lids)

PAIN [night/r./l./in middle ear (+ tonsil pain/r. > chewing)]

STOPPED, sensation of –morning

SWELLING –below the ears –glands08496SWELLING –below the ears –glands-left08*SWELLING –below the ears –glands –left–accompanied by –pain -touch agg08*TINGLING 20497TINGLING –right

Nose: CATARRH [morning on waking/postnasal (< in bed/+ cough/+ dry throat)]

CONGESTION (of sinuses)

CORYZA (+ ear complaints/> in open air/with discharge/with cough/< dust/< smoking)

DISCHARGE [l./> in open air/aluminous/creamy/crusty (dry morning/yellowish white/yellowish white -painful1)/bloody –morning –< blowing the nose/greenish –blood-streaked/greenish –staining/offensive (putrid/like rotten egg)/white/yellow/hard, dry –Posterior nares/hard, dry –morning/sticky –Posterior nares/viscid, tough/yellowish

Green (blood-streaked)/posterior nares -crusty

DRYNESS – Inside (morning/morning on waking/evening)

HAY FEVER (morning on waking/< dust)

ITCHING – left

OBSTRUCTION (l./morning on waking/afternoon/evening/+ coryza)

ODORS, imaginary and real –sweetish/imaginary and real –sickly

PAIN – from dryness

SNEEZING (with coryza)

Face: CRACKED –lips

DRYNESS –lips –

PAIN – l./ext. eyes/ext. cheek/Jaws –joints

PEELING off of lips

Mouth: DISCOLORATION –Tongue white like fur


ERUPTIONS –pimples on tip of tongue


ODOR –offensive

PAIN –Tongue (l./morning/tip of tongue/anterior part/stitching)

TASTE –altered (after eating/of eaten food/too strong/sweetish)

Teeth: PAIN [l./molars)/sides < cold/sides > warmth/pulsating/after vertigo]

Eye: < COLD air

Dryness (afternoon)

ENLARGEMENT, sensation of


ITCHING (r./> open air/evening/lower lids)

PAIN (at night/one side/r./l./”As from a foreign body)

SWELLING right/morning on waking/r. ipper lid

Ear: ERUPTIONS –Meatus (l.)/scabby (l.)/

FULLNESS, sensation of –morning (l.)

PAIN [r./l. (stitching/morning/below the ears)/middle ear r.]/middle ear + tonsil –pain (> chewing)

STOPPED, sensation of –morning

SWELLING –below the ears –glands (l./+ < touch)


Throat: DRYNESS (with hiccoughs/itching/with thirst)

ENLARGEMENT –sensation of

ITCHING (in pharynx)

MUCOUS – tenacious/thick

PAIN [l./r./morning (on waking)/r./+ coryza/+ weakness/> in open air/burning/during coryza/> after eating (tangy)/as from something sharp/> swallowing/ext. ear (r./> chewing/

ext. jaw)/Tonsils (r./> chewing)]

SWELLING –Tonsils –right

TINGLING (+ pain)

Stomach: APPETITE –changeable/increased (daytime/after eating/not > after eating/morning on waking)/insatiable/diminished (afternoon/evening)/ravenous (on waking)/

with ravenous thirst.

DISTENTION > eructation

EATING (without hunger/< overeating)


ERUCTATIONS (tasting like food)

FULLNESS, sensation of

HICCOUGH (< after drinking cold water/> warm drinks)

NAUSEA (morning/+ passing flatus/ with cramps/< after drinking/> lemonade/> eructation/< after eating/< during fever/during pain in abdomen)

PAIN (+ -hunger)

THIRST [afternoon/evening/night (on waking)/during headache/during heat/for large quantities; UNEASINESS

Abdomen: CONTRACTION - < walking/lower abdomen

DISTENTION (“As if distended by flatulence)/> eructation)



KNOTTED sensation

PAIN (> bending forward/must bending/burning/cramping/diarrhea before cramping/”As if diarrhea would come on”/< during stool)

PRICKLING (< during stool)

Stool: DARK FREQUENT (morning)LARGE/SOFT (morning/< after breakfast)

Bladder: Urination –frequent

PAIN –throbbing

Urine: COLOUR –dark COPIOUS ODOR –strong

Male Organs: SEXUAL DESIRE –increased

Female Organs: LEUKORRHEA –ropy, stringy, tenacious/morning

MENSES –clotted (with dark cloths/large clots/scanty clotted/< during urination)/copious/late/painful/protracted

PAIN – I  labia burning/< before menses/< before menses

SEXUAL DESIRE –increased

Larynx and Trachea: VOICE –changed

DIFFICULT (< exertion)

IMPEDED, obstructed –oppression

Cough: MORNING on waking/EVENING/< in bed/> NIGHT

+ postnasal catarrh



ITCHING in throat

PAIN in throat



Chest: DIFFICULT –inspiration

ERUPTIONS –pimples081189LUMPS –sternum –behind –sensation of a lump

OPPRESSION9a,171202OPPRESSION –coryza; during9a1203OPPRESSION –respiration –difficult; with

PAIN [r./cutting/> drinking/< lying (stitching pain)/> sitting (stitching pain)/ext. neck r. – cutting pain/ext. shoulder (cutting/stitching)/Mammae/middle of chest (cutting/stitching)/Lower part r. stitching pain/behind sternum]

Back: PAIN [cervical (ext. shoulders/lumbar region (r.)/spine]

Limbs: HANDS complaints of

ERUPTIONS (itching/upper limbs r./ankles)

HEAT flushes in feet

NUMBNESS – Feet/Fingers/Knees

TINGLING (hands)

PAIN – stitching/in fingers/in legs/hollow of knees/l. leg/r. leg/growing pains/stitching/sciatic nerve descending

TENSION (shoulders)

VARICES – Knees/lower limbs painful

Sleep: DEEP (# sleeplessness/disturbed)

DISTURBED (after midnight/by heat)



PROLONGED afternoon

POSITION – head covered with sheet


WAKING – frequent/slept one’s fill; as having

Dreams: ANGER/ANIMALS/ANXIOUS – late being/AMOROUS (perverse)/APPEARANCE –preoccupied, with/BETRAYED, having being/BUSY/ being in foreign COUNTRY/DANCING/DEAD friends/DESERT/DIFFICULTIES work/DISTORTED/DOGS/EXHAUSTING081683EVENTS –previous –day, of the previous3a1683EVENTS -planning10*FAMILY02, 12, 121684FAMILY -estranged02, 12, 12*FAMOUS -people02, 10, 12*FORSAKEN, being01, 151684GARDENS081685GHOSTS9a1684GROWING things081685HEALING -others10*HELPING 08, 10*HELPLESS feeling01, 151686HORSES -riding081686HUMOUROUS12*IDEAS12, 12*

231JOURNEYS 08, 121687LOST; being151687MURDERED -being021689PEOPLE301690PEOPLE –crowds of121690PRAYING 151690PROTECTED; being –not being protected from harm01, 151691PURSUED, being scammed01, 02, 06, 151691PURSUED, being –robbers, by151691QUARRELS 081691REVENGE021692ROBBERS08, 151692ROBBERS –detecting robbers081692SEARCHING -someone for081692SEARCHING 3a, 08, 12, 151692SHOCKING121692SINGING08, 081693TRICKED12, 12*UNREMEMBERED02, 3a, 08, 08, 08, 10, 10, 12, 12, 1695

23212, 12, 12, 12, 12, 24, 29UNSUCCESFUL EFFORTS3a, 3a, 3a, 081695WATER -muddy081696WORK08, 08, 08, 08, 10, 12, 12, 12, 121696VIVID12, 301695VIVID –remember; could not1216964.3.2.28ChillRubricFrequencyPageshaking01, 2217104.3.2.29PerspirationRubricFrequencyPageAFTERNOON –heat; during10, 1736SEXUAL excitement; with011743SLEEP –waking agg.12, 17434.3.2.30SkinRubricFrequencyPage

233BURNING011748DRY081754ERUPTIONS151754ERUPTIONS –bleeding –scratching, after011755ERUPTIONS -itching15, 151761ERUPTIONS –papular -itching151763ERUPTIONS -pustules01, 081765HEAT –sensation, of011775ITCHING08, 08, 24, 24, 241777ITCHING –dryness, from081778ITCHING –eruptions -without08, 24, 24, 241778PALE –discoloration; pale17514.3.2.31

Generals: < COLD air

Excess of energy

FOOD AND DRINKS: Desires: alcoholic drinks/bread/carbonated drinks/coffee/rich food/light food/meat/soda water/sweets;

HEAT –flushes in daytime


PAIN –aching

SHOCK –electric-like –evening < in bed

SMOKING –desire for

SWELLING –Glands; of –painful



Discussion of the Results:5.1 Introduction: This chapter contains a discussion and an overview of the symptoms and themes arising from the homoeopathic proving of Anthropoides paradiseus 30CH. The researchers considered the themes and specific symptoms that were experienced by the participants during the proving as being indicative of the characteristics of the remedy.

The characteristic symptoms formed the basis for the comparative study with the other remedies in the same avian class: Acridotheres tristis, Corvus corax, Falco peregrinus and Geococcyx californianus.

5.3 The Symptoms: It is important that the entire proving is viewed as if it is from one person (Sherr1994: 32). This serves to put all the symptoms that arose in the study into

a whole to provide a better understanding of the remedy. This discussion attempts to amalgam ate the proving symptoms from all the provers, and present themas if they were all being experienced by one individual.  A representation of the quantitative distribution of the repertory symptoms that arose in each chapter of the Essential Synthesis. The most symptoms reported by the provers was in the mind, dreams, nose, throat, stomach and abdomen. The least reported symptoms were those of chill, larynx and trachea, male, bladder and urine.


5.5 Summary of Symptoms:

On the mental sphere, the stress was largely reduced, and provers reported feeling calmer. There were many mood changes such as being emotional and crying or feeling emotional but not being able to express it. Disorientation was prominent particularly in the mornings upon waking, and the provers reported not knowing where they were. Thinking about future endeavors and what had happened in the past were also noteworthy features.

Headaches predominantly on the left side and were described as having a pulsating or throbbing pain. The pain in general is described as sharp and pain can also present as “pins and needles” or prickling.

A sensation of spikes or a spine pushing through the skin was also experienced.

Dryness came up strongly throughout the proving.

Dryness in the nose and was often accompanied with nasal obstruction # coryza.

A sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat that accompanied post-nasal drip.

Dryness was experienced around the eye and on the skin. Post-nasal drip was often accompanied by pain and itchiness in the throat.

The pain was often sharp and the pain in the tonsils was described as poking. Dryness was also experienced with the post-nasal drip.

Fluctuation in appetite was prominent and was also accompanied by an increase in thirst.

An increase of urination was reported, however it did not appear to be directly linked to the fluid consumption.

A tightness, as well as sharp pains were experienced in the chest with the pain radiating to center of the chest or to the back.

Heart palpitation were also experienced on waking or going to bed.

2505.6 Avian Group Theme Comparison: Shore (2004: 17 –19) in his book “Birds: Homeopathic remedies from the avian realm” identified and described key bird themes.

The key themes were:

Sense of detachment

Intuition or natural knowledge

Drugged sensation/disorientation

Spiritual awareness





The key bird themes from Shore (2004) were compared to the correlating themes that were identified in the homoeopathic proving of Anthropoides paradiseus in


[Garatt Hamilton]

Correlating Symptoms between Anthropoides paradiseus and Generals Bird Themes


Comparison to selected Avian Remedies

To perform a comparative analysis with selected existing remedies, namely Falco peregrinus, Corvus Corax (Raven), Acridotheres tristis (India myna), Peregrine eagle (Peregrine eagle) and Geococcyx californianus (Roadrunner) in the avian group.

Revealed common mental emotional themes of detachment, a drugged or floating sensation and on the physical sphere the group analysis revealed the following common symptoms: numbness, obstruction, dryness and appetite fluctuations.



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