Aqua nova = durch chemische Reaktion hergestelltes Wasser/= Knallgas/= Brown's gas


Repertorium:                                               [Peter Fraser/Misha Norland]

In order to prove pure water, distilled water could be used and this has been done. However, we cannot be absolutely sure that the distillation process removes all memory from the water and to be sure it was decided to use water that had been newly created from hydrogen and oxygen. This new water as a remedy might be a valuable tool as water is so basic and vital to all animals. It should give a base line for the properties of water as a remedy which should in turn make our understanding of the waters as a group much clearer and more useful by having a baseline picture of the properties that are purely of the water and so of what comes from the other constituents [electrolyze water and burn the product to create new water/a version is known as Brown's Gas has strange properties/see internet full of the magical properties of Brown's Gas and of conspiracy theories concerning its suppression/it seems to have interesting properties (is able to weld substances that have melting points that are too different for normal welding/part of the reason for this is that some of the oxygen and hydrogen produced remains monatomic and does not form the usual diatomic molecules of H2 and O2. This means that no energy is needed to split the diatomic molecules before they can recombine, as water, producing energy).

The results of the proving: has taken 2 years to publish any of the results. The proving produced an interesting picture. The monthly meetings of the proving group were enthusiastic and seemed to be describing a coherent and useful picture/in collating the provers' diaries there was no picture of the remedy appearing. The things that had appeared in the provers' meetings were simply not substantiated by the provers' diaries. None of the themes or groups of symptoms that seemed to be important could be substantiated by more than one diary. Even symptoms that are common in the general population and common in most provings were only found in one or two diaries. The problem was that there was no coherence between the provings of the individuals or indeed between the group's proving and that of any of the individuals.

Looking at things from a different angle it seemed clear to me that all the provers were proving themselves.

What does this mean for the remedy? To use it in a truly homœopathic manner it might be prescribed for a person who has no personal pathological picture. Some one who takes on their pathology from the people and circumstances around them and has nothing that comes from within themselves. They would be incredibly sensitive and responsive but have little internal character. I suspect this is not at all a common occurrence and it would be very difficult to see.

The remedy could be used to give to a patient in order for them to prove it. If my understanding is correct, they would prove themselves and so produce a stronger and clearer picture of their own state and so make finding a suitable remedy much easier.


Vergleich. Siehe: Aquae allgemein


Allerlei: Water decomposed in H + O by electricity, each liter of water expands into 1866 liter of combustible gas.

Quelle: Helios Pharmacy.

Heliobacter pylori = Knallgas-bacteria



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