Calcium hydrat = caustic lime


Experience with Calcium hydrat = used to cleanse cisterne. Symptoms following use of water afterwards.

The first symptoms appeared in 3 days as sudden nausea toward the end of each meal, ending in vomiting. Then appeared dryness of the mouth with THIRST for large quantities.

All became very weak and perspired on the least exertion (chest and abdomen).

The boy’s thirst was extreme, but he generally vomited in two minutes after drinking; vomiting was generally preceded by pain in the stomach;

2nd day the vomited liquid looked milky; says he feels lazy and his legs won’t carry him. All of them felt nervous and trembled on the least exertion, also complain of shortness of breath.

About the same time diarrhoea sets in. All seem to have the same symptoms; imperative urging as if to pass a large stool/go in a hurry/can’t wait, but pass only a tablespoonful of frothy,

undigested, white stool which relieved; stool burned like fire, or as if pepper were in the rectum. A woman nursing a month old child; her milk became thin and watery, seeming unfit for

the baby.


Vergleich: Siehe: Calcium + Hydrogen



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