Commons of Cadmium sulphuricum + Tabacum + Ipecacuanha


[Farokh Master]


eyes sunken,

face pale/with cold perspiration

Mouth: salivation profuse, extreme thirst

Stomach: deathly nausea, too much retching, extreme thirst and vomiting after drinking.

Vomiting -  tastes bitter and with mucous/+ weakness

Abdomen: Liver may be enlarged or tender.

Rectum: There will also be diarrhea, the stools will be frequent,

Stool: slimy with mucous, offensive and sometimes black.

Limbs: jerking

Generals: Cold perspiration

Rota virus


Cadmium sulphuricum





With nausea must lie absolutely still, this is very very important in this remedy, if he does not lie extremely still, the nausea becomes worse.


nausea always + a lot of perspiration

likes to be fanned (Carb-v.)

nausea < after closing the eyes/desire to be fanned,

< uncovering/desire water in small quantities,


Nausea + foul breath

nausea always + a lot of perspiration

Nausea after eating a lot of fatty food/ice-cream

Nausea after chemo-therapy

vomiting + profuse perspiration on the face. The vomit usually bilious and bitter. There is extreme coldness of abdomen.



vomiting forcible and spasmodic and as soon as the  uncovering abdomen = >

Vomiting (after cold drinks)

Coldness of the abdomen + with GI tract malignancies like cancer of the liver or cancer of the pancreas or sometimes with appendicitis or colitis, or sometimes with gastroenteritis, including gangrene of the abdomen



Clean tongue

Neurological problem (leftsided/Bell’s palsy/paralysis)







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