Compare Apis + Lachesis + Lilium tigrum + Vespa.


Apis = Lach-ähnlich both are internally hot and active remedies with much sexuality and jealousy/both can feel constricted and < touch, both can present with  many symptoms in the uterine or ovarian organs (Apis r. sided/Lach. l. sided). Lach. more intellectual than Apis, which sinks back into dullness as the pathology progresses/

Lach. has a goal, which can be quite idealistic.

Apis activity comes from the need to keep busy. It doesn't so much care how, as long as there is some air of hectic activity around.

Lil-t. comes to mind here, which is also a hotly active remedy with many sexual complaints. They can be easily confused, but Lil-t. is always at the center of a group

or family. It needs the other people around and tries to pull them into the hectic frenzy. Apis is more a lonely remedy, which desires company in order not to feel alone.

The keynote of bearing down sensation in the uterus is much more pronounced in Lil-t. than in Apis.

Vespa = very restless with a tendency to delirium (Apis). Do we really have enough information to distinguish between them in a patient? Many Apis symptoms are representative of a group of related remedies of which we know very little.



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