Comparison Child Antimonium crudum and Chamomilla

                         Antimonium crudum and Sulphur


Symptoms common to both:

- Anger or irritability when touched.

- Answers snappishly.

- Aversion to bathe.

- Bathing aggravates.

- Cannot bear to be looked at.

- Cannot tolerate contradiction.

- Desire for sour food.

- Dread of bathing.

- Face, discoloration, red.

- Fear of being touched.

- Fear of others approaching him.

- Gastric fever.

- Irritability from being looked at.

- Milk aggravates.

- Obstinate.

- Skin cracked.

- Sweets aggravate.

- Tongue is coated white.

Cham. indicated chiefly by:

- Absence of fantasizing or daydreaming.

- Abusive, impatient (Ant-c. is lazier), and rude (Ant-c. is more sentimental).

- Desires bread (Ant-c. desires cucumbers).

- Disposition to frown.

- Marked fear of wind.

- The face becomes red with anger.


Differentiation between Ant-c. and Sulph.

Since Ant-c. contains Sulph. there is a lot of resemblance between the two remedies. The symptoms in common:

- Biting nails.

- Cannot bear to be looked at.

- Desires to be carried.

Discontented with everything.

- Dislikes being touched, due to ticklishness.

- Doesn’t like to be spoken to.

- Ecstasy.

- Fear of being touched.

- Fear of being watched.

- Fear of narrow place.

- Gestures, stamping the feet.

- Indolent and lazy.

- Offended easily.

- Sentimental.



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