Comparison: Elaps, Crot-h and Naja


Elaps (Coral Snake)

Desires revenge strongly - it takes the form of fantasy. These snakes are not assertive/wiggle away. Attractive/passive/vulnerable/abused/downtrodden. When the venom shows they have fantasies of murder.

            Mental/emotional: great fear of rain. Depression; dread of being alone.

Respiratory problems: sensation of coldness after drinking; hemorrhages from the lungs with pain; coughing with terrible pain in the lungs. Chronic nasal catarrh; nostrils stopped up and


Stomach: Craving for salads. Stomach problems; cold things disagree.

Crotalus Horridus (North American Rattlesnake)

      The main feeling in the rattle snakes is that they are surrounded by enemies. They have advanced psychic powers to keep themselves safe. They are the most clairvoyant of all the snakes. There is the

            sense that if you mess with them, they will kill you. The venom in this snake affects the circulatory system, the liver and the eyes (detached retina).

            Mental/emotional: clairvoyant. Feeling that they are surrounded by enemies. At times a great military remedy; strategies with dealing with the enemy. Bloody nightmares. Hallucinations are

            pronounced and peculiar: specters of death, delusions eyes are falling out.

      Circulation: hemorrhagic with blood flowing out of every orifice of the body with bloody sweat.

      General: malignant conditions. Septic conditions. Exhausted vital force; alcoholism. Profound nervous shock.

Naja (smaller version of the Great Cobra)

      Mental/emotional: They are not really aggressive; air of nobility – the snake of kings and queens. There is the delusion neglected, delusion neglected duty. Aurum like, it is the Aurum of snakes:

            can never do enough, very responsible. Sensation of two wills: feel victimized in some way and have the response of should I fight back or be noble. Can go into suicidal thinking. Devoted to duty

            and to the family. Emotionally very sensitive. Mood swings.

      Heart: prone to cardiac conditions such as serious heart disease; for illness related to the heart valves; mechanical problems of the heart.

      General: Sensitive to cold (like Elaps also related to Cobras); symptoms < at night/5 h./after sleep. l. sided.

      Neurological: helpful in paralyzing conditions such as polio.



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