Comparison Phosphorus + Causticum + Stannum


                                               [Robin Murphy]

They are naturally sympathetic, similar to Phosphorus, but over-concern is what differentiates them from Phosphorus.

Phos. is sympathetic to people’s problems,

Caust. will say, “Do something, don’t just stand there.” More idealism, action and passion in Causticum. They cannot stand injustice. < cold dry weather.

Craves salt, smoked meat; Aversion to sweets. Facial warts. Gradual paralysis.


Phosphorus must carefully compared with Stannum, as the two remedies are  frequently misused for each other.  

Both have hoarseness, evening aggravation, weak chest, cough, copious sputum, hectic, etc.  

Phosphorus has more blood or blood-streaks, tightness across the chest.


Comparison of Nit-ac. + Causticum + Phosphorus


Like Causticum, Nitric acid too is very sympathetic and both come from a similar situation. The only difference is that Nitric acid is actually fighting a very hard battle with

an enemy. It is not merely fighting unfairness like Causticum, but a long and unforgiving battle against a person who has harmed him. For this battle he requires the support from all his friends. So Nitric acid is very sympathetic to all his supporters. He is sympathetic conditionally. As long as you are his friend, he is sympathetic. Once you offend him he will kill you.

The third remedy listed as sympathetic is Phosphorus and it is the only remedy listed in three marks. There is a kind of selfishness behind the sympathy that both Causticum and Nitric acid feel. They stand to gain by their sympathy, whereas Phosphorus is genuinely sympathetic.



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