Comparison Puls., Cact., Lil-t., Sep.:


[Petr Zacharias]

Which of these remedies covers the following symptoms as keynotes. Bearing down sensation > lying down, constriction about heart, snappishness and > in open air.

The correct answer is Lilium tigrinum. Let´s take a closer look at these remedies to see the differences. Bearing down sensation is very characteristic for Lilium tigrinum and Sepia as well.

While in Sepia this sensation forces the patient to sit down with legs crossed, in Lilium tigrinum we see rather desire to lie down. Those remedies can appear superficially similar as both

desire activity and both are irritable but Sepia is irritable and weak, Lilium is irritable and full of energy. Sepia has an aversion to sex while Lilium has strong sexual desire initially that

has been suppressed in vast majority of cases.

Apart from this area, it is important to know that Lilium tigrinum affects the heart causing symptoms resembling Angina pectoris. In this respect it is similar to Cactus grandiflorus both have

“As if heart is squeezed by iron hand”. When the pathology has come that far, we can see the different history in Lilium and Cactus that preceded the developing of the heart troubles.

In Lilium we can often see the history of strong suppression of sexual desire while in Cactus we can trace the rheuma very similar to that of Rhus toxicodendron with the difference that

 in Cactus it eventually degenerates into heart lesions. In angina pectoris there is a difference too as in Cactus we can see that the constriction of heart + pain in the left hand (DD.: Latrodectus),

in Lilum tigrinum + pain in the right hand.

In Cactus we see altogether different mental picture which is one of sadness and depression while in Lilium there is snappishness and irritability. In regard to symptoms in our quiz,

Cactus is strongly < lying down,. which is exact opposite of Lilium tigrinum (uterine symptoms).  The last remedy in our quiz is Pulsatilla which can be also confused with Sepia as both weep easily, both have desire for open air and both affect the female genitalia but while Pulsatilla < weeping, Sepia > weeping. Pulsatilla craves consolation, Sepia is aggravated by it. Sepia wants to be alone, Puls. <: when alone/by sun; Sepia is ameliorated by sun. Pulsatilla is right sided, Sepia is left sided, Pulsatilla sleeps on back, Sepia on abdomen, etc.



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