Comparison Thuja + Calcium carbonicum + Silicea


Sycosis is transmittable (STD)/is highly contagious through promiscuity. In child’s home there is/was sycotic energy. Sycotic energy and lack of education, then possibly gives big families,

where fundamentalism is practiced. They have lots of children – this is a status thing – but there are fears of infertility. Role models are cold, calculating, cruel and manipulative, and the child is

given contrasting messages. Everything is permeated by deceit, hidden, subterfuge, clandestine, secret, private, nasty, weird and ugly, because very often they are projecting the exact opposite

image to that which they are indulging in.

Masquerading with puritanical piety, the child is being fed messages that sex is dirty and disgusting, while the very things that they are condemning they are indulging in. They externalise their crimes

and iniquities, implanting them in the ears of others. It’s like Jimmy Swaggart, impassioned on the pulpit, where he proclaims that there were prostitutes at home. He announces the very things he

desires and he condemns it from the pulpit.

These parents are talking about dirt and filth. They never talk about sex. The more the energy is suppressed the more energy it has. All the messages in the family are unpredictable, underhand,

under cover.





Calcium carbonicum



Fear of the incarnation experience/fear of insanity and germs

Has a mask. Loss of identity

Always washing his hands – need to cleanse

Need to hide, to be invisible

Born into sycotic environment, can’t grow away from it. Loss of identity.

Sometimes the child is sent away from the home which intensifies the lack of identity.

Fear of the incarnation experience/fear of insanity and germs.

Fear of life and creates a shell

Feels life is awful



Born into sycotic environment, can grow away from it.

























There’s suppression from all around them. Big factors include low income, overcrowding in homes, absent mother or marital strife, antisocial father (antisocial personality type).

The mother may be the victim. There may be deviousness with the conflict that ensues. The patients dream of confrontation and war.

There can be a history of abuse – physical, emotional, sexual. There also may be excessive parental control from authoritarian parents and neglectful suppression from pious puritanical parents. They develop intrusive thoughts of the obsessive compulsive type. They emphasise the relationship with the mother (all the sycotics). Where the mother is predatory, the perpetrator, this is the

worst possible case.



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