Leonurus cardiaca (Leon) = Herzgespann/= Herzgold./= Löwenschwanz/= Wolfstrapp/= Agripaume/= Motherwort/Sprossteile


Vergleich: Enthält: Alkaloide + Flavonoide + Provitamin D + Weinsteinsäure + Cit-ac + Hedeo; Ph-ac;     

Enthält: Leocardine with affinity for the heart/has a relaxing effect 1. this is a sensitive state, 2. can easily turn to overexcitement and palpitation. Is smoked by the Khoikhoi ("people people" or "real people") or Khoi (spelled Khoekhoe) in Afrika to produce relaxation and sedation. This is has been described as a comfortable floaty euphoria. Colours and objects appear to be enhanced and seem graceful;

Siehe: Lamiales


Negativ: Depressiv, Weibliche Organen/unterdrückte Lochia, Durst + trinken = Bauchschmerz, Herz- + Schilddrüsebeschwerden;

Joy Lucas' proving: Extreme concern regarding children, in a protective way (regarding social and political issue). This theme of protection is also apparant in its traditional role - of warding off spirits. A prover described herself as a wicked witch. There is the excitement that is typical of the Lamiales but also profound fatigue, a feeling that if you go to sleep you will never wake up. The excitement goes as far as discouragement and a sense of dread, with an accelerated heart rate. Your dreams seem unrealisable. The mental fogging produces accidents such a locking your keys in the car. There is diminished libido.

The excited state has a sense of adventure and of moving forward. There is also calmness and a sense of being protected.

There is anxiety and sadness. The heart feels full or heavy and the heartbeat can speed up or slow down. The heart sensation is of something pinching. There was a catching sensation in the stomach. Stabbing pains in the shoulder as if by knitting needles. The skin feels icy cold.

Rajan's theme: bonds/connection seems to be expressed here as protection and giving comfort. Courage and discouragement may be dependent on the feeling of protection.

The miasm seems to be Tubercular - Rajans Miasms: Sense of adventure and danger. There is much to be done. Activity and burnout; (Stage 6). The duty to children could suggest a mineral analogue in the Ferrum series (Kaliums, Calciums etc). The muriaticums and Lacs also share some of these themes;


    Dumpf, Emotionslos, Betäubt, Abgestumpft, Apathie, Redeunlust, Schwere, Verlangsamt, Drogig, Verhangen, Neblig.

    Kloster, Schuld, Sühne, Moral, Religiös, Spirituell, Tibet, Katholisch, Mittelalter,



    Wortfindungsstörung - schlecht verstehen, hören,

    Metallischer Geschmack, Geschmacks- Geruchstäuschungen,

    wenig Körpersymptome;


Mund: Zunge rissig/trocken

Rektum: Dysenterie

Weibliche Genitalien: Lochien - unterdrückt/Menses - unterdrückt

Allgemeines: 9 h.




Fatigue (sudden/overwhelming/chronic/calming/pleasant/frightening/transient/“As if wrecked“/nonfunctional/lethargic/heavy and sluggish/can’t move/appeared glazed) effects mind and body +

other mental symptoms.

A polarity between the fatigue having 1. a pleasant sensation and to others 2. a frightening/a nuisance/inconvenient/dangerous (driving/“As if not waking up any more“).

The polarity of extremes.

Negative: sense of dread, anticipation and awe (although not unpleasant). despair and impending doom, no motivation, loss of ambition, indifference, cannot tolerate a challenge, everything is an insurmountable effort, wiped out after effort, irresolute, could not finish anything, the effort was too much, indifference # need for stimulation, discouraged, feelings of despair, feeling a failure, ambivalent, dissatisfied with everything, wants change, feel depressed and worthless, life seems pointless and meaningless.

Positive (protective): feel energised and happy, mentally very bright, sensation of something good, moving forward, cheerful after anxiety, trivial chores become adventurous, sense of excitement

and adventure, want to take more risks, recognition of energy, stabilised a state of shock, cheerful especially in the evening, life looks sweet, cheerful silly songs + feelings of despair, helped with feelings of grief (grief not related to the proving), „As if cradled and rocked“/„As if protected“/„As if remedy was unlocking suppressions“/more communicative and less pre-occupied/sense of calm, will not be hurried, enjoying socialising/feels mellow, calm, idyllic/calmer and less agitated but less involved (not really pleasant)/wanting quiet music/felt good in larger groups of people/sensation

of lightness and peace/languid and peaceful/tells people to love them/feeling worldly conscious and over sympathetic and feeling the suffering of others

Fatigue: transient (vergänglich)/fleeting (flüchtig)/though a total lack of energy was experienced one could quite easily rouse themselves and then suddenly felt much better

Mental foggy: transient (vergänglich)/fleeting (flüchtig)/detachment/disconnected/„As if standing outside body“/“As if someone else does what I am doing“/can’t feel what I am doing/

„As if there was a delay in brain receiving information“/feeling distant/felt lost/spaced out feeling/„As if could accomplish great things and yet overwhelmed, unable to/needing a lot of stimulation to get going

Physical clumsiness/unable to articulate: accidents/dropping/spilling/misplacing/mechanical things breaking down in unexplicable way/incoordinated (locking keys in car)/unable to write coherently/mistakes in spelling/typing errors/poor understanding/unable to communicate/feels obstructed.

Irritable/annoyance: being annoyed by needs of others (irritation/anger)/iiritable when asked to do something/fed up with people/impatient/snappy/wants to slap child/ of others/easily irritated by trivial incidents/feelings of contempt (trivial matters)/unsympthetic/misantrophic/wants to be alone/yelling at others/wants to pick a fight/cursing/lack of humour/annoyed about songs stuck in the mind.

Anxiety: apprehension with increased heart rate/feels jumpy and nervous (sudden noises)/anxious and worried about children/nervous/restless and edgy/unfocused anxiety felt in the stomach/unxious about work/concerned about world affairs.

Sadness: and indifferent/and desolate/melancholic.



Mind: Exhaustion

Dullness + with sleepiness/# clearness of mind/from mental exertion/unable to think or concentrate

Lazy physical with sleepy

Activity, mental, # apathy + dullness/>>

Absent minded + inadvertence + attacks of, lack of awareness

Awkward + drops things


Mistakes, using wrong words + in writing + omitting letters + in spelling

Confused „As if intoxicated“

Delusions, pleasing (cradled and rocked, protected)

Pleasure, feeling

Indifference (# with cheerfulness + # excitement)

Excitement agreeable


Trifles seem important

Cheerful > evening

Ambition, loss of

Anticipation/Sense of impending evil

Cheerful, followed by anxiety

Anxiety and fear + during vertigo





Delusion - of enchantment/separated from the world/detached/thought separated/lost/errors of personal identity, thinks she is someone else/thought was about to die/paralysed/is a failure/is a great person


Singing, involuntary


Discouraged # courage

Courageous # discouragement

Self, self esteem, lacking

Irritability + towards children + when disturbed + to her family + takes everything in bad

part + trifles

Angers easily







Company, aversion to


Anxiety, sudden + from noise + for others + about salvation + for the world + with

nervous attack



Colours, reaction to (orange, brown, blue, white)



Talks, to self.

>>: Excitement/occupation/busy/company/eveing


Dull pains, in various locations/a sense of fullness/weight or light headed/“As if head full of air“/floating/cavernous/expanding.

Pain splitting/congestion „As if blood pressure was high“/Vertigo/>>/<< Alcohol both/transient and fleeting

Vertigo: Vertigo during anxiety/<<< deep breath

Head: „As if full“ + enlarged + expanding

„As if in air or wind“/“As if empty“/“As if light“

Headache dull - in forehead/temples/vertex/<< r. side ext. to temple, >> pressure/ext. from jaw

Congested/occiput < r./above l. eye << alcohol + from alcohol

>> alcohol/sharp, r. temple ext. from eye/in occiput/cutting (in temples/“As if split by a wedge (bar)“  temple to temple

heaviness, sensation (occiput)

balancing, difficult to keep the head erect

Hair, „As if bristling“/“As if standing on end“

Vertigo, faint like



The main symptoms with the eyes: heavy/tired/some blurring/difficult focussing; sensitive to light; various pains were experienced and symptoms developed involving colours and lights when closing the eyes.

R. and l. eyes equally affected.

tired expression

„As if pulled“

<< closing

twitching l.



pain, left (twinges)/sore r.

pulsation r. ext. to r. side of face

discolouration, sclera (grey)

Vision: balls (colour + balloons)

colours (on closing eyes)

fiery points (on closing eyes)

vision, flashes on closing eyes

sensitive, to light (bright)

vision, blurred


Few symptoms were experienced within the ears/characterised by sensations of fullness/pulsations/some itching/ringing noises/sensations were fleeting and transient.

sensation of  fullness < right

pain pulsating r.

pain sharp, behind r. ear

heat l.

itching l. < night/morning/cold air/touch, > warmth

Hearing: noises, ringing, > rising/walking


The most striking symptom in many provers was the sense that they were coming down

with a cold. Other symptoms presented as olfactory delusions and general tingling sensations

in the nostrils. Most peculiar was the olfactory sensation that one prover had that was a

menthol sensation in the nose, like cold air (mentholum also being in the same plant

family as leonurus).

coldness of nose when inhaling

smells (odours), imaginary and real + burnt + oil burning (petrol) (+ menthol)

open sensation

discharge, thin, clear, watery/copious without coryza

dry inside

sneezing, frequent

sore pain inside l.

tingling sensation inside l./r.

itching inside l.

coryza r. (> after rising)

congestion < morning


discharge thick < morning (> movement)


Very few symptoms produced and mainly connected with the nose, i.e. sinuses. Pains that

were felt were, again, transient.

pain l. + one sided/sharp l. + cheekbone/pressing + cheekbone (l.) (ext. temple)/pain (dull), cheeks (maxillary sinus) (ext. upwards to frontal sinus)


Dryness/tongue coated and discoulered/thirsty/taste bitter/eruptions/some pains (transient)/dry (> evening/after sleep)

One prover had chronic dry mouth cured by the remedy.

dryness with thirst/with thirstlessness/dry lips/

Tongue coated, yellow, white (creamy)/taste bitter + sour + bad, morning

Tongue - eruptions (raised bumps on sides)/„As if canker sores both sides“

Pain in jaw (r. drawing ext. to base of tongue/ext. to temples

pain (fleeting)

Taste metallic

Herpes around lips

breath offensive in morning

Teeth: sensitive (to sugar)

Throat: Transient soreness with production of mucous.

Pain sore l. > warm water

Pain in tonsils l. + swelling

Dry (l.)

„As if cold coming on“

Mucous yellow + gelatinous + white (+ rust) + copious

„As if lump, plug“ (fleeting)

> warm tea

Inflamed (>> as day progressed)

Pain (dull) r./burning (like heartburn)

Stomach: Pulsing/bloating/catching sensation/cramping/anxiety

Burning (fleeting).

cramping pain

anxiety in





fullness sensation (+ > bending forward)

Sudden cravings

Increased appetite (without the urge or effort to eat or drink).

sudden cravings

Thirst increased/without the desire to drink

Loss of appetite (with hunger)

Appetite increased

Abdomen: bloating

Rectum: constipation/stool insufficient, incomplete

Intestines, flatus, offensive, (+ < afternoon/night) (+ wicked!)

diarrhoea after eating

heat sensation

cutting pain > flatus (+ < eating)

pain during stool (fleeting)

Stool: frequent/lumpy/crumbling/small/sputtering + watery/pale/hard (like rocks)/soft

Urinary organs: protracted/frequent/

Bladder: urination frequent, scanty/urination retarded

Itching in urethra

Urine: scanty/pale/smells strong/burning in urethra during urination

Kidneys: pain (on waking)

Female organs: Libido increased/lost; menses early/short;

Sexual desire diminished/increased + sexual dream

menses early/short/heavy/scanty

Uterus „As if heavy“

„As if ovulating“/„As if a foetus kicking“

image of bleeding from the womb

burning in genitalia

itching in genitalia

discharge (gelatinous/increased)

menses bright red

Male organs: Diminished libido

Sexual desire decreased

Heart: „As if heart was full or heavy“/“As if something was moving in the heart“ (animal/bubble)

Heart rate has speeded up or slowed down.

„As if something alive

fullness, sensation (+ bubble)

heaviness sensation + as if something weighed it down (sinking downwards to stomach)

Heartbeats - increased/rapid/irregular (+ on lying down)/slow



pinching pain

Chest + respiration:

„As if there was not enough O/need to yawn (to get air into the lungs). Breathing often anxious or laboured with a sense of constriction. Some coughing occurred.

Breathing - deep >>>/anxious/slow (laboured)/difficult inspiration

Constriction (sternum)


„As if right lung were sticking“

Neck: More transient symptoms involving pain, stiff

stiff l. + (l. ext. to r.) + ext. to temple, < morning on rising

sore pain (l.) < morning after rising

drawing pain (l.)

(grinding on turning head)

Back: Shoulders, sharp pain, l. (ext. to ear/rest)

„As if a blunt instrument poked in“/„As if stabbed with knitting needles“/„As if pecked at by a chicken“/„As if stung by an insect“

aching (constant)/sore pain, lumbar (+ < exertion)/sore pain between scapula (< right)

weak in morning on rising

itching, scapula

Extremities: Icy cold legs, feet and hands (+ pins and needles/+/o. numb)

Feet icy cold + knees + hands (>> in bed)

„As if ice water flowing through limbs“

Hands tingling (pins and needles) r. < waking + l. < touch, < clothes

Knees tingling

Itching Arms/Ankles („As from an insect bite“)/Fingers/Hands

Muscles sore + < morning/on waking/Muscles weak („As if ‘flu coming on“)

Limb restless/stiff (knees/legs)

cramps l. leg

drawing pain l. Arm

pressing pain l. heel

neuralgic pain l. wrist

Hips weak/sore r. on walking

Leg l. „As if too short“ (walking)

Varicose vein calf (r.)

Arms trembling < right

Hands clenching/(hands rubbing together)

Muscle lumpy (hard mass)

Limbs cold 1. ext. upwards, 2. ext. downwards to legs, (pleasant)

Skin: Icy cold/itching/prickling/eruptions/perspiration

itching, crawling (+ << hot water, >> pressure, >> scratching - feels like a bear in

need of a good scratch - bears featured in a dream, do bears like to eat motherwort?

itching intens

eruptions red + itching/discharging, yellow

icy cold

PERspiration (+ astringent odour)

blisters small



sensitive to insect bites/to clothes

petechiae (l. finger)

ganglion (l. thumb)

Itching on becoming warm (wants to remove clothes)


Chill: body cold + with flushing of heat to face/cold body before flushes of heat/cold body (sudden + << movement)/cold body < after draft

heat felt in liver

Sleep: Deep/sleepiness overpowering

sleepiness, overpowering + while working + lying, inclination to lie down

oppressive/deep/sudden + while sitting/waking difficult/yawning all day

falling asleep easy/from the least mental exertion


waking, morning, toward (+ 3a.m. + 4 a.m.)

insomnia, night

Dreams: many


Foods and drinks: Desires: coffee/alcohol/WEIN/choc/sweets/cold water/garlic/tea/smoking/orange coloured food; Aversion: eggs/alcohol/sugar/sweets/biscuits;



<< Drafts/when idle

>> busy/in company/evening

> evenings/hot water/eating


Unverträglich: MensesbluTUNG/Schwangerschaft


Antidotiert von: Ars.


Wirkung: abortiv

Phytologie: Sammeln: blühendes Kraut ohne Wurzel

Rezept: Aufguss

Macht fröhlich, Angstempfinden + Herzklopfen (bei Überanstrengung)/Nervöse) Herzbeschwerden (+ Blähungen)/ Magenblähungen/-krämpfen/Verschleimung Atemwegen/Atemnot

Mensesschmerz nach Schock/Kummer




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