Manganum Vergleich


[David Wember]

Speaking of the skin, psoriasis is a deep-seated illness that is difficult to treat both allopathically and homeopathically. Here is a remedy that has recently caught my attention . Manganum aceticum. I have used this remedy in the past mainly for the keynote symptom of cough, better lying. I use the phosphate of Manganum, in this instance, something I learned from Dr. Rood when she taught us years ago. The skin symptoms of Manganum are definitely not well repertorized in Kent:

Chronic eczema and psoriasis especially about the joints.

Cracked skin and suppurations that are difficult to heal.

Deep-seated pains in the bones, worse night.

Shin pains: very sensitive to touch.

Ankles which get sore without explanation.

Migrating and diagonal symptoms or crosswise pains

Classic symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Listed in Kent in the third degree under the Menopause rubric. So, when I saw a woman, in her late forties, who was under extreme marital stress, who went into sudden menopause and at the same time developed psoriasis about the elbows and knees, I gave Manganum 200C. The psoriasis disappeared in two weeks. She's still under stress, but mentally, she said she felt more positive and better able to cope with her situation. Remember Manganum has anemia and has been reported to bring back the menstrual flow. The association of anemia, scanty menstruation, amenorrhea or flow between the menses and eczema are prime indications of Manganum.


Mang-met.: one of the so called transition metals known for their hardness, brittleness, high density, high melting point and heat conduction; metal is reactive; found in stainless steel = tarnishes slowly, but easily oxidised; widely distributed (ocean floor); has magnetic qualities; important trace element essential for the utilisation of the B vitamins and the activation of the enzyme systems (lasting impression on the skin as chronic eczema), deficiency causes impaired growth, loss of sexual interest, poor fertility and uncoordinated muscle movement; general qualities = strong, tough, stiff, hard and resistant – opposite polarities exist also; is responsible for the colour of amethyst; toxic in large amounts; pathology includes bones (growing pains), joints, liver, brain (motor paralysis and Parkinson’s disease), ears, and for our purposes we have to include

Mang-acet.: = both cooling and refreshing, a tonic and digestive; blood purifier; pathology includes anaemia, oedema, cancer, fibrous deposits, diabetes; emotionally they harbour grief and tend to look for something to

worry about = accumulative = cancer and oedema; great on fish and chips!

Mang-c.: = self worth; dignity; fearful and shy; hard workers; understands ‘values’

Mang-i.: needs nutrition due to dysfunctional thyroid; restless and forgetful so become obsessive and impulsive; needs to escape; they understand their ‘existence’ and feel dejected

Mang-m.: = the ‘mother’; care and nurture; self pity and selfish; understands the ‘self’

Mang-n.: needs space to expand else they will explode; polarities of tension and relaxation

Mang-p.: = communication; sympathy; curiosity and fears; needs stimulation and excitement; diffused

Mang-sil.: absorbs; takes on too much; yielding; will expel if overwhelmed and not allowed to yield

Mang-s.: = love and beauty; jealousy; lazy; lack of balance between mental ability and physical ability



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