Nicotiana rusticana = mountain tobacco/= Bauerntabak



Gebrauch: Wahn (mehrere Sinnen/brillant/spontane Erkenntnisse/Tunnelerlebnisse/farbig/wie Traum;



Überforderung durch zu viel Verantwortung, wenn kein Ende der Belastung abzusehen ist


Reisebeschwerden (Auto, Bus, Schiff)


ruhelose Ängstlichkeit

Symptome sind Vielen von der Erfahrung mit dem ersten Rauchen einer Zigarette bekannt: fürchterliche Übelkeit und Erbrechen und Schwäche/Zitterigkeit und Durchfall und Schweißausbruch

(Reise-) Übelkeit mit tödlicher Blässe

Schwindel mit Übelkeit und kaltem Schweiß

<: (schon geringe) Bewegungen (Fahren, Bücken, Erschütterung);

>: Bauch entblößen/frische Luft;


Repertory:                                                                                     [Richard Pitt]

Mind: Absentminded 

Anxious (with hurry/from smoking tobacco/with shuddering)/fear [falling of  (backward)/of heights/to go to sleep]

Awareness heightened/alert/clarity of mind 





Concentration - difficult/impossible 




Content [with himself (and the world)]

Delusions [birds (of prey)/black objects and people/body (immaterial/sinking/air flows through/loosening from jerking spasms/out of the body (on short tether like helium balloon/lying in bed)/crack in his soul or in the universe/is in a earthquake)/is falling (from space/in stone vault/walls)/floating in air/floatinglike a balloon/light and dark/light (streaming from self into surroundings/green and yellow dappled, with eyes closed)/he is light/dark man is inside her/map is a real world into which he can fall/all parts being in motion/motion (up and down/downward/falling from space into unknown world/wavelike/rocking/surging)/neck is long/is numb/being possessed (by the remedy/by the personification of her anger)/mind separated from body/is sinking/is half asleep/carried into space/is in outer space/is in transition/traveling through worlds/being in universe]


Dream, as if in a 


Excited (> coffee/> smoking/desires excitement/“As if hurried“/nervous) 

Freedom, remarkable 

Harmony - feeling in harmony with world 

Hurry, haste (in occupation)/speediness in sense of mind and body

Ideas, abundant   


Industrious, mania for work 

Jesting/joy (with sense of her own childlike possibilities)/laughing (desire to)

Love - exalted love for own family

Mistakes in writing


Restless - must move constantly 

Sad (over forsaken feeling/after grief/from disappointed love/over parting with loved ones)

Sensitive - to loud noise/to odors


Speech - fluent/hasty


Thoughts - see delusions/of Yin and Yang/rapid, quick/rush of flow

Transitional state between waking and sleeping



Weeping (causeless/while dreaming/involuntary/from music/thinking of past events/in sleep/weeping with sobbing)

Well-being - sense of

Dreams: <(<(<( many )>)>)>

Vertigo: Morning - on/after rising

+ Disorientation/+ Weakness


„As if in a earthquake“

Exertion, on

„As if falling from a height“

„As if floating (while lying/sides of body)

in high places

Looking - downward/at moving object

(>) Lying - on back/must lie down

Nausea - with

Objects seem to approach and then recede

Reeling standing

Rising - on/from a seat

„As if rocking“ (while lying)

Rushing sensation - body to head

> Sitting

Spin - head seems to

Standing, on

„As if ship in storm was tipping in head“

Wavelike sensations:

Head: Congestion - morning on waking/from rapid motion/r. forehed

Constricted (< open air/from motion/in forehead)

Draining sensation from, r. ear to vertex

Fullness (on rising/< walking)

Heaviness (l./morning on waking)

Itching (rl./l./crawling/vertex)

„As from lump in vertex“

„As if a metal sheet in forehead“

Frontal sinuses opening (l./morning on waking/„As if opening“ in capillaries/„As if opening“ at vertex)

Pain: many

Pulsating (in forehead ext. temples/with beat of heart)

Tingling - wavelike, through head/vibration wavelike, through head/waving sensation

Eye: Closing the eyes - desire to

Closing the eyes - must closefromsunlight/partial

Red (r. lid)

Dry (l./morning on waking)



Itching (l./r./ineer canthi l./r. lid)

Irritated Canthi

Lachrymation (r./l.)

„As if wide open

Opening the eyelids and closing in quick succession/difficult

Pain [outer Canthi (ext. vertex)/burning (l./in Canthi)/drawing ext. vertex/pressing outward/stinging/stitching l.

Photophobia (in sunlight)

„As if protruded“

Strain/tension/tired sensation (> closing the eyes)

Swelling r./„As if swollen“

Vision: Acute

Objects seem to approach and then recede


Illusions of motion/light, yellow and green

„As if vision lost“ (l./peripheral)


Ear: red l.

„As if full“ (l.)

Heat l./„As if hot inside“ l.

Itching - Concha

Noises (crackling)

„As if  opening“

Pain (morning on waking/concha/on touch/wavelike/behind ear/burning/pressing (ext. jaw)

„As if pulsating in eardrum

Hearing: Acute (to high-pitched noises)

Nose: Air - flowing through bridge of nose, „As if

Congested (l./ morning on waking/> hot bathing/> hot drinks)

Coryza (morning on waking/with/without discharge)

Discharge (one side/l./morning on waking/bloody/clear/watery/yellow)

Itching (inside nostrils)

„As if elongated“

Obstructed (one side/l./morning on waking/side on which he is lying/“As if obstructed“)

Odors (of flowers/of food/of mothballs/putrid/of smoke)

„As if open“ (l.)

Pain - in l. nostril/burning (morning on waking/inside/drawing, ext. occiput)

Sneezing (from drinking)

„As if swollen inside“

Smell: acute (everything smells too strong)

Face: „As if air flowing through face“

Clenching jaw (with grinding teeth)

Cracking in maxillary sinuses/Crunching noise when closing jaws

Red [Cheeks (blotches)]

Dry lips

Eruptions [(painful on) nose/cheek/chin/forehead/upper lips/septum/pimples (painful to touch/tingling/in eyebrows)/rash/red (upper lips]

Expansion, opening up in sinuses, in

Lower lip „As if full“

„As if hot“

Inflamed sinuses

Itching in corners of mouth

Pain (and numb/below eyes/in articulation of jaw (l./ morning)/in lower jaw (ext. teeth/radiating)/in sinuses frontal (l./l. to r./cutting)/maxillary sinuses (ext. teeth)/pressing

[in articulation of (lower) jaw (ext. chin/ext. angle of jaw/ext. ear/ext. malar bones)/pressing (in frontal sinuses l./maxillary sinuses/under chin)/stinging (l. cheek)/stitching (l./ext. temple/in upper lip ext. temple)]

Stiff lower jaws

Tingling [(upper/l./lower) lips (ext. backward into head)]

Vibration in upper lip ext. backward into head/wavelike


Mouth: Dryness (with thirst/lips)

„As if tongue enlarged“

Eruptions - vesicles on gums

Numb tongue/“As if tongue swollen“

Salivation (with electric sensation)

Taste - wanting

Tingling [morning on waking/ext. ear/inner lining/on tongue/in lips ( upper l./lower)/vibration

Ulcers - canker sore

Throat: Constriction (swallowing difficult)

„As ifsinuses draining through throat“


disposition to hawk, before being able to talking



Pain [l. (ext. ears)/ext. ear (downward)/burning/sore (l./morning on waking/on swallowing)

Scraping (> cold drinks/difficult)

„As if swollen“

Tickling (> cough)

Stomach: Acidity

Appetite wanting

Churning sensation

„As if food rising with bubbling“

Distended (after eating/painful)

„As if empty“

Eructations (< bending forward)

„As if flatulent“

Gagging from coughing

„As if hollow“


Nausea [morning (on waking)/> drinking/>/while eating/smoking tobacco/> urination/ext. upward/ext. ears/ext. salivary glands]

Pain - cramping/burning


„As if sinking“/„As if retracted“


Wavelike sensation

Abdomen: sensitive to clothing



Flatulence (morning on waking/afternoon/after eating/from emotions/> eructations)

Flatulence painful

„As if full“/„As if retracted/“As if sinking“


Pain - > eructations/> flatus/cramping (morning on waking/sudden/in region of umbellicus)/cutting (in region of umbellicus)

Rumbling around umbilicus

Swelling (morning on waking)

Rectum: Constipation (ineffectual urging and straining)



Stool: Dark/forcible/hard/soft

Female genitalia: Itching in vagina

Menses - bright red/copious (night)/scanty/(return) after the regular period has ceased/thin

Sexual desire increased

Larynx: Cold sensation on breathing

Respiration: Checked - > cough/from cough

Cough: Asthmatic/cramping

Cold - air („As from icy cold air in air passages)

Constricted in chest

After col drinks


From eating (with gagging)

Mucus in larynx


Irritation in larynx


Paroxysmal (attacks follow one another quickly)



Tickling (in upper chest/in larynx

Violent (from blowing/from drinking/with jerking of body)

Expectoration: Difficult

Chest Anxiety (on region of heart (< thinking of it)]

Pain [(l.) Axilla/in (r./l./under) mammae paroxysmal/ext. heart/above nipples/aching/burning/stitching/(r.) nipple]

Palpitation of Heart

Constriction - in chest/in sternum (> eructation)/“As from a band“

< Clothing

„As if expansion“ in Lungs

Tickling around Sternum/in lungs

„As if warmth“ - sides/axilla

Back: „As if bubbling“ in spine/“As if buzzing“ in lumbar region/“As if neck elongated“

Pain [on motion/while standing/cervical region (ext. shoulders/ext. down/near shoulder)/between scapulae (under r.)/lumbar region (r./while sitting)/aching/burning

(in spine)/dull/pressing/sore (cervical region 4th dorsal vertebra)/stitching (in dorsal region with shoulders pulled back)

Tension in scapulae

Spasms in lumbar region

Stiffness in cervical region (morning after rising/ext. downward along spine/in dorsal region (ext. downward along spine)

Vibration in small spot in lumbar region

Extremities: Foot icy cold

Coldness in thigh

Convulsion one sided (in side not lain on/in shoulder in small spot)

Dryn hands

Eruptions - red spots/itching/elevations on elbow (itching)/elevations on back of hand (itching)

Heaviness in lower limbs walking

Itching (hands and feet/hand (palm)/wrist inner side/in fingers (1st/joints/distal)/ankle (r.)

Jerking - lying on side not lain on

Pain - sudden in shoulder/„As from dislocation of shoulder“/in shoulder (ext. forearm/ext. neck/< sudden motion/> continued motion)/sore (in thigh/while walking/ankle)/

Ankle “As if sprained“ (ext. foot)/sprained toe/in toe/in foot while standing/stitching in toes/burning (shoulder (l.)/in bend of elbow/in palm of hand (stinging/r.)/drawing

in upper arm ext. downward/pressing  knee/

pulsation (shoulder/wrist/stiff legs/tingling (fingers/hand/legs/ext. downward)

Trembling (in shoulder/in tigh ext. upward and downward)

Weak arms/hand/legs/kneeness - Upper limbs

Sleep: Dreaming while half awake


Sleepless - protracted/after waking/sudden/in daytime

Unrefreshing - indisposed to rising

Waking - after midnight 1 h - 2:30 h - 3 h - 3:30 h/from dreams/with paralyzed feeling/sudden „As if startled“/“As from fright“/too early

Chill: Morning/forenoon - 11 h

Chilliness (upper body)

Internal (coldness in bones)/external

Icy coldness of body


Beginning in feet, moving upward through body

Fever: # chills

Skin: „As if flowing in and out through skin“

Coldness (in upper part of body)

Eruptions - red/itching/pimples


Pain - stinging

Generals: One sided/l./morning on waking

> open air

General physical anxiety („As if accentuated by heat“

Cold - feeling (in upper body/in bones)



Excess of energy (> smoking)

Faintness + nausea

Food and drinks: Desires: ice cream/salt/sweets;

„As if heat“


Pain - appears suddenly (and disappears suddenly)/burning/stinging externally (l.)/stitching

„As if paralysed“

Relaxation - physical/of muscles


Sudden manifestation

Sun - desires

Tingling (l./„As if flowing over body“)

Trembling externally


Wavelike sensations

Weakness (with vertigo/walking/with nausea/sudden)

Weary (morning, on waking/sudden/walking)

> foggy weather/> cold wet weather


Synchronicity: About 2 hours prior to the proving commencement, a small earthquake hit the San Francicso Bay Area.Not everybody felt the earthquake yet the proving also reflected its influence.Commentaries and references to the earthquake were included in the proving as seemed appropriate.The possibility that the provers were in fact partially proving “earthquake” is an interesting consideration.

Events that seems to surround a proving, some connection between the earthquake and that of the proving might be speculated (or hotly debated depending on your position on these things).The symptoms produced did seem to mingle both influences, with the images of cracks opening up, and the feelings of falling and sinking, at times into the earth and at other times just a falling sensation. However, given the fact that taking the remedy, feeling the earthquake, and experiencing the first symptoms all happened around the same time, references to the earthquake became recorded in the symptoms in the same way as any other phenomenon.It should be noted though that some of these images - the crack opening up in the world, the abyss, the sinking feeling - were also characteristics found in the writings of Native Americans, (see above) especially when Mature Flowers is thrown into the abyss, holding tobacco in her hand! Also, in the case presented, the patient spoke of being on the edge of an abyss.Is this a coincidence

or part of the dynamic of the proving? Significance of any phenomenon in a proving has to be connected to its replication in as many places as possible.


Vergleich: Enthält: Nicot. (3.9% - 8.6%/4x wie Tab);           


Nicotiana comp. (Carb-vg aquosa/Cham. Ferm./ Nicotiana tabacume. Folis)

Siehe: Solanales + Tabacumgruppe + Insektizide + Pflanzenschutzmitteln + Etheogen


Allerlei: Nicot highest in cultivated species/much higher in Nicotiana rusticana than in Tab.

Nicot is the key alkaloid found in tobacco/addictIVE/poisonOUS (1 - 2 drops of pure nicotine can be lethal/can be as high as 20%. Nicotine = structurally similar to acetylcholine = a neurotransmitter active in both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and in somatic nervous system at neuromuscular junctures = present in the Central Nervous System (CNS), which gives some neurochemical support for findings that nicotine affects learning.In the CNS, nicotine increases arousal and enhances the learning and performance of simple tasks/acts either as a stimulant or a sedative, depending on the amount taken. Nicot’s parasympathetic stimulation of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract has been understood for some time/action on the sympathetic nervous system are less well-known, but in addition to its mimicking of acetycholine, nicotine also stimulates the release of Adren and Dopamine/in smaller amounts: norepinephrine/serot. Norepinephrine is a neurohormone chemically related to mescaline. The significance of these neurotransmitters to the alleged hallucinatory effects of tobacco is still inconclusive, N. rustica contains the alkaloid harmaline, absent in Tab, potentiates the psychoactive properties of other alkaloids. Toxic effects of Tab: perspiration/light-headedness/weakness/tremors/convulsions/respiratory paralysis.

Several brain-areas can be affected by Alzheimer's disease contain nicotinic receptors for acetylcholine, but the number of these receptors seems to be greatly reduced in Alzheimer's disease patients. If nicotinic receptors are blocked in normal people by drugs such as mecamylamine/subjects do not perform as well in learning and reasoning tests. Conversely, the receptors can be activated by nicotine itself/tests in animals and humans show that nicotine increases the ability to pay attention to events and to remember new things. Smokers, of course, will not be surprised by this, as it has long been claimed that alertness/attention/memory/thinking are enhanced by smoking. Nicotine patches are being developed for use in Alzheimer's disease, to help the mental condition without the serious health problems that accompany smoking. Because nicotine activates receptors in the muscles, intestines and nerves, leading to digestive and cardiovascular problems, several companies are developing drugs that activate the nicotinic receptors in the brain.



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