Radium iodatum (Rad-i.)


Vergleich: Siehe: Radium + Iodum


[Margriet Plouvier-Suijs]

Iodum is stage 17 of the Silver series and some of the rubrics are:

Must keep busy, fear insanity if he wants to repose, must always move, impatience: runs about, never sits.

Jan Scholten: obsession; 

Iodum and the obsession is about presenting, moving and speaking: fear of people, avoids the sight of people, ritualistic behaviour, must check twice or more, answering loudly, heedless loquacity,

delusion she is falling on walking. Impressionable, aversion being spoken to, aversion company of friends, avoids the sight of people, delusion is great person.

Iodum is not concerned with labour and work, but about being creative: fear and anxiety doing manual labour, fear of work, and concentration difficult when drawing, aversion being disturbed.

Aversion to be touched and desire to be held.

Anxiety when hungry and fasting, eating ameliorates anxiety and sadness about the present.

Combining the ideas of Radium with Jan Scholten’s ideas about Iodum of (emigration, fleeing, humour, obsessive, forgetful, culture, existence) and with the rubrics about Iodum that I mention,

the themes of Radium iodatum:

Communicate carefully to avoid the heedless loquacity.

Keep silent and avoid the sight of people.

Reserved while listening to hide their impressionability.

Doubting their observation about ritualistic behaviour and culture.

Too insecure to express they want to be held



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