Schlaf Anhängsel


Cynos.: Kindern wurden früher Rosengallen unter das Kopfkissen gelegt, damit sie besser schliefen. Daher der Name Schlafäpfel

Avena comp.wa, wirken der Unruhe mit ihrer Komposition aus Hafer, beruhigendem Baldrian sowie Phosphor und Sulfur in höherer homöopathischer Potenz entgegen und helfen beim Einschlafen. So können Sie erholt den nächsten Tag in Angriff nehmen.



SLEEP-POSITION: abdomen, on abrot. acet-ac. Aloe Am-c. amp. aq-mar. arge-pl. ars. Bell-p. Bell. bry. cadm-s. calc-lac. calc-m. calc-met. Calc-p. calc-sil. calc. carc. caust. cina cocc.

Coloc. crot-t. cupr-met. dulc. falco-pe. halo. ham. ign. kali-s. Kola Lac-c. lach. Lyc. MED. Nat-m. petr-ra. Phos. phyt. Plb-met. podo. psil. Puls. SEP. stann-met. Stram. Sulph. symph. Tub.

abdomen, on - arm over the head; with one - ars. cimic. dig. lac-c. nux-v. Puls.

abdomen, on - arm under the head; with one - androc. ars. bell. cocc. plat-met.

abdomen, on - hands above head - aq-mar. carc.

abdomen, on - pelvis; spasmodically throwing up the - Cupr-met.

abdomen, on - during pregnancy – podo.

abdomen, on -sleep; when falling asleep - kali-s. lac-c.

arms on abdomen - bell. calc. cocc. coloc. ign. m-ambo. PULS. stram.

arms apart - Cham. plat-met. psor.

arms stretched above head - castor-eq. verat.

arms over head - aloe Arg-met. ars. Aur-met. bry. calc. carc. castor-eq. chin. cimic. coloc. euph. ferr-ma. Lac-c. med. nit-ac. NUX-V. Plat-met. plb-met. PULS. rheum ruta. SULPH. thuj. verat. viol-o.

one or both arms over head - nux-v.

arm(s) under the head - acon. aloe ambr. ant-t. ars. bell. caj. cedr. chin. cocc. coloc. ign. m-ambo. m-aust. meny. Nux-v. plat-met. Puls. rhus-t. sabad. sanic. spig. viol-o.

arms clenched over heart area - coca-c.

on back - acet-ac. acon. Aids. aloe am-c. ambr. androc. ant-c. ant-t. Apis arn. ars. aur-met. bism. BRY. Calc. carbn-h. carc. cham. chin. chlor. choc. Cic. cina Coca Colch. coloc. conch. crot-t. cupr-act.

cupr-ar. cupr-met. cypra-eg. dig. digin. dros. dulc. Ferr-met. gink-b. guaj. Hell. hep. hyos. hyper. Ign. iris-foe. kali-chl. kali-p. kreos. Lac-c. Lyc. m-ambo. m-arct. m-aust. mang. med. MERC-C. mez.

morph. mur-ac. nat-ar. nat-m. nit-ac. NUX-V. olib-sac. op. ox-ac. par. Phos. Plat-met. positr. PULS. rhod. RHUS-T. ribo. ruta sabad. sars. sol-ni. spig. stann-met. Stram. SULPH. vanil. verat. viol-o.


on back in evening impossible - mag-m.

on back after midnight - mez.

on back # with sudden sitting up, then lying again - hyos.

on back arms lying over head - calc. carc. neon vanil.

on back – l. arm lying over head - aids. dig. ign.

on back right arm clamped between legs, on falling asleep - plb-met.

on back feet drawn up - Puls.

on back foot rests on opposite knee with one leg drawn upward - Lac-c.

on back hands crossed over abdomen - PULS.

on back hands flat under occiput - aloe ambr. ars. coloc. ign. Nux-v. phos.

on back l hand flat under occiput - acon.

on back l hand flat under occiput other arm over the head – coloc.

on back hands above head - carc. Lac-c. med. plat-met. PULS. viol-o.

on back hands behind head - aids.

on back hands on the head - carc.

on back hands over the head - aloe carc. Lac-c. med. ozone plat-met. PULS. viol-o.

on back hands over head, thighs drawn up upon abdomen, lower limbs uncovered – Plat-met.

on back hands under head - carc. nat-ar.

on back hands folded folded under head - ars-met. ars.

on back with head low - cench. Dig. nux-v.

on back head upright - m-aust.

on back impossible - acet-ac. acon. lact. mag-m. petr-ra. phos. positr. Sulph.

on back with knees bent - aloe bry. hell. lach. MERC-C. stram.

on back with bent knees bent and spread apart – plat-met.

only back - dig. Ferr-met. rhus-t. sulph.

position changed frequently - acon. arn. ARS. Aur-met. Bad. bell. Cact. calc-sil.  calen.  caste.  coli. Eup-per. Ferr-met. form. gels. helodr-cal. Hep. hipp. Ign. kali-c. Kola lac-del. lac-h. lach.

lyc.  lycpr. m-aust. malar. merc. mosch. mur-ac. Nat-s. nux-v. phos. plac-s. plat-met. positr. puls. Pyrog. rhus-t. rubd-met. Ruta sabin. sel. sulph. tritic-vg. vanil. Zinc-met.

position changed frequently in morning – aur-met. malar.

position changed frequently in evening - kali-c. lach.

position changed frequently after midnight (3 h. – tub.) - dulc. plat-met.

position changed frequently because of palpitations – cact.

position changed frequently - turning 360 degrees all night - lac-del.

curled up - med. musca-d.

curled up like a dog - aids. ars. bapt. bry. heroin. mag-br. psor.

diagonally - con.

face; on the - cina Lac-c. med. stram.

fingers spread apart - lac-c. Lach. Sec.

hands on abdomen - Puls.

hands on knees - aids. cina med.

hands on head - cham.

hands over head - ars. nit-ac. nux-v. platmet. puls. sulph. verat. viol-o.

l . hand over head - dig. viol-o.

both hands on head - castor-eq. nit-ac. plat-met. rheum viol-o.

one hand over head - rheum

hands under the head - coloc. ign.

hands over head - acon. ambr. ant-t. arist-cl. ars. bell. cadm-s. chin. coloc. ign. iris-foe. m-ambo. m-aust. nux-v. phos. platmet. puls. viol-o.

hands under the head in morning - cocc. ph-ac.

hands clenched over heart region - coca-c.

hands on nape of neck - Nux-v.

one hand on pit of stomach (r. acon. plat-met./r. ant-t. m-aust. Phos. Viol-o,) – plat-met.

hands on stomach - m-ambo.

every position seems hard – arn. laur. mag-c. phos.

head bent backwards - alum. Bell. chin. cic. Cina cupr-met. dig. dros. Hep. hyos. hyper. ign. m-ambo. Nux-v. rheum sep. Spong. Stann-met. viol-t.

head bored into pillow - Apis arn. bell. carc. Hell. Hep. hyper. lach. Spong. stram. verat. Zinc-met

occiput bored into pillow – Zinc-met.

head covered with sheet - aloe calc. Cor-r. rumx. Sil.

head bent forwards - acon. cic. crot-h. cupr-met. phos. puls. Stannmet. staph. viol-o.

with head low - absin. arn. cadm-s. cedr. Dig. hep. Nux-v. sil. SPONG. sulph. Zinc-met.

with head low impossible after midnight - m-aust.

lying on occiput impossible – dulc.

head to one side - cina dulc. spong. tarax.

head to r. side - cina

head on the table - Ars.

head upright - ant-t. led.

impossible lying - Cham. glon. lap-la. lyc. sulph. tarent.

kneeling - Med. stram.

with knees bent - aloe ambr. m-ambo. MERC-C. petr-ra. Plat-met. viol-o.

knee - chest position - Calc-p. Carc. cina con. euph. lac-c. lob. Lyc. MED. musca-d. olib-sac. Phos. sep. stram. Tub.

knees - chest position in children - carc.

knees and elbows bent - ambr. carc. lyc. m-ambo. med. stram. viol-o.

knees - elbows bent; knees and in infants - carc.

knees on - face forced into pillow; and: Calc-p. Carc. cina eup-per. Lyc. MED. Phos. Sep. Tub. Zinc-met.

knees spread apart - Cham. m-ambo. Plat-met. puls. viol-o.

limbs, lower crossed - kali-p. rhod. thuj.

limbs, lower - crossed at ankles - rhod.

limbs, lower - drawn up - abies-c. anac. Carb-v. Cham. chin. Hell. Lac-c. mang. meny. MERC-C. nat-m. op. ox-ac. Plat-met. Plb-met. PULS. rhod. Stram. symph. tax. tritic-vg. ulm-c. vanil. viol-o.

limbs, lower - drawn up – l. stann-met.

limbs, lower - spread apart - bell. Cham. mag-c. nux-v. plat-met. Puls. rhod. rhus-t. viol-o.

limbs, lower - stretched out - agar. bell. cham. chin. dulc. plat-met. Puls. rhus-t. Stann-met.

limbs, lower – right one stretched out - aids. Stann-met.

limbs, lower - one stretched out, other drawn up - aids. lac-c. stann-met.

limbs, lower – uncovered – con. Plat-met.

motionless - lyc.

Naked - ara-maca. fl-ac. med. merc. puls. sabin. SULPH. thuj.

Reverse - coff.

side; on - acon. alum. Arn. BAR-C. borx. Calc-s. caust. Colch. coli. Ferr-met. fuma-ac. glycyr-g. kali-n. ketogl-ac. m-arct. mag-br. merc. mosch. myos-a. nat-c. Nat-s. nux-v. oxal-a. Phos. pot-e. ran-b. sabad. sabin. spig. sulph. vanil.

side; on - curled up - bapt.

side; on – impossible - acon. aur-met. ferr-met. Lach. Merc. moni. mosch. nat-c. PHOS. puls. ran-b. rhus-t. sabad. sulph.

side; on - left side - acon. am-c. atro. bar-c. borx. bry. bufo calc. carc. cench. chel. chin. coca-c. elaps  fuma-ac. gels. iris  kali-p. Mag-m. merc. myos-a. nat-c. nat-f. nat-m. Nat-s. pert-vc. Phos.

pot-e. psor. sabin. sep. Sulph. Thuj. tritic- vg.

side; on - left side feet drawn up - phos. tritic-vg.

side; on - left side - hand on chest as if protecting the heart - kali-ar.

side; on – left side - head on left arm - cob.

side; on - left side impossible - arb-m. Ars. cean. cimic. Cocc. colch. coloc. elaps kali-c. Kali-s. Lach. lyc. naja nat-c. op. phasco-ci. PHOS. puls. sep. tab. Thea.

side; on - left side only - carc.

side; on - painful side - bry. coloc. Cupr-act.

side; on - right side - ail. alumin-p. arg-met. arg-n. arg-p. arge-pl. Ars. calc-m. carc. cham. chin. coli. cupr-p. ign. iris-foe. kali-c. Kali-s. ketogl-ac. lach. limest-b. lith-p. Lyc. mang-p. merc.

musca-d. Nat-s. Pert-vc. Phel. PHOS. plb-p. positr. Sulph. sumb. symph. titan-s. titan. vanil. vero-o. zinc-p.

side; on - right side waking on abdomen on waking - pert-vc.

side; on - right side; on back on waking – Lyc.

side; on - right side impossible - Acet-ac. arg-n. aur-met. Borx. bry. chin. merc. prun. psor. puls. ran-b. sulph.

Sitting - acon. Ars. bar-c. bell. borx. cann-s. caps. carb-v. chin. cic. Cina dig. hep. Kali-c. kali-n. LYC. nat-m. PHOS. PULS. RHUS-T. sabin. spig. Stram. SULPH.

sitting erect – cina

sitting - backward; sitting erect and head held a little – Cina. Phos.

sitting head bent forward- acon.

sitting head bent forward or to the side - puls.

sitting head bent to right – Cina

sitting head on the table – Ars.

sitting only when sitting; sleep possible - acon. puls. sulph.

sitting up suddenly, then lying on back again - hyos.

sitting up in bed (unconscious) - puls. Stann-met.

stiff - Cham. mag-s. plat-met.

stomach; on - ant-c. calc-m. calc-n.

straight - abrot. glycyr-g.

strange - berb. calc-p. plb-met. tax.

Restless – no position is right - caust. trios.

Sleepless - position is right, no - kali-c. lach. laur. lycpr. nat-c. plat-met. ran-b. staph.



Einschlafstörung durch Schwitzen.                            

Arznei                                    Organsystem/Psyche                                                          Indikation Typische Ursachen

Arsenicum album                   Atmung, Nerven, Blut, Herz, Milz                                Schläft mühsam ein, wacht sofort durch kalten Schweiß auf, friert.

Angst vor etwas, Herz-, Nierenschwäche, flache Atmung.

Belladonna                             Nerven, Haut, Schleimhäute                                     Schwitzen beim Einschlafen durch Fieber, Ängste (Kinder!), Schmerzen. Nervenüberreizung, Aufregende Bilder vor

                                                                                                                                                              dem Schlafengehen (Krimis), zu viel zuckerhaltige Nahrung am Abend.

Chelidonium                          Pfortadersystem, Leber                                      Schwitzen beim Einschlafen, wenn die Wetterlage wechselt, kann Ärger nicht abschalten.

                                                                                                                                 Leberüberlastung durch spätes, fettreiches Essen, Alkohol, Kompensation von Frustration durch Essen (Fastfood!).

China                                                Blut, Kreislauf, Verdauungsorgane, Leber                       Schwitzen beim Einschlafen durch Erschöpfung, Schmerzen, Anämie, Blähungen.

                                                                                                                                Trinkt zu wenig, isst zu viel trockene Nahrung, zu spät, „Frustesser“ vor dem Fernseher (Chips u.ä.).

Conium                                  Nerven, Drüsen, (weibliche) Sexualorgane                       Schwitzen mit körperlicher Unruhe beim Einschlafen.

                                                                                                                                 Überanstrengung durch sexuelle Exzesse oder unterdrückte Sexualität, Masturbation mit Schuldgefühl.

Hyoscyamus                           Nerven, Gehirn, Muskeln                                            Fühlt sich erhitzt und erregt, wirft sich im Bett herum und schwitzt dabei, sexuelle Fantasien.

                                                                                                                                Sexuelle Übererregung, unterdrückte Sexualität, zu eiweißreiche Kost am Abend.

Mezereum                              Haut, Knochen, Nerven                                              Heißes Schwitzen beim Einschlafen, will und kann etwas nicht vergessen (Trauma!),

                                                                                                                                Angst vor den Bildern, die auftauchen. Emotionale Unterdrückung im Taggeschehen, findet kein Gehör, keine

                                                                                                                                Erfüllung im Leben.

Opium                                    Nerven, Gehirn, Atmung, Verdauungstrakt                       Schwitzen beim Einschlafen aus Angst vor Schreckensbildern, Bett erscheint zu heiß. Alkohol, weiche Drogen,

                                                                                                                                 Medikamentenabusus, Unterdrückung von Schweiß, Fieber +/o. Hautausschlägen

Platinum                                Weibliche Sexualorgane                                      Anstrengender Koitus vor dem Einschlafen, Schwitzen durch Stress bei sexuellen Praktiken.

                                                                                                                                Sexuelle Praktiken mit Schmerz, sucht nach immer stärkerem Reiz, weil sie sich nicht mehr spürt.

Podophyllum                         Rektum, Duodenum                                                           Angstschwitzen beim Einschlafen wegen körperlicher Schmerzen, nach Diagnose und Prognose „Sie haben Krebs, Sie

                                                                                                                                haben nur noch eine Lebenserwartung von…“ Verlust von Selbstwertgefühl, kann sich oder jemandem nicht

                                                                                                                                verzeihen wegen einer entwürdigenden Tat.

Silicea                                     Ernährung, Nerven, Drüsen                                               Kann nicht ganzkörperlich schwitzen (Fieber, Anstrengung, Bewegung, Sauna), nur beim Einschlafen oder an den

                                                                                                                                Füßen oder in den Achseln (stinkend!). Starke, lange Zeit währende Versäuerung von Blut und Gewebe,

                                                                                                                                Folgen von unterdrücktem Schweiß und Fieber, Stress durch Leistungs- und Perfektionswahn.

Thuja                                     Urogenitaltrakt, Nerven, Drüsen, Haut                       Schwitzt beim Einschlafen durch Quecksilbervergiftung, Amalgambelastung, nicht ausgeheilte Gonorrhö oder aktive

                                                                                                                                hereditäre Gonorrhö,             erschöpfendes Schwitzen nach Impfungen. Impfschäden, permanentes Krankheitsgefühl trotz

                                                                                                                                vieler Therapien. verborgenes, abgespaltenes Trauma.


Connection between sleep and the liver.

Many children and adults are overloaded in their senses and metabolic system. This can overwhelm the liver and one of the first symptoms of this stress is sleep disruption.

Healthy sleep is a time of regeneration. The liver is our great “alchemist” always directing our bodies into life-giving activity. The Prometheus. myth (his liver is eaten by an eagle by day only to regenerate at night) is a wonderful archetypal image of the rhythmical healing that occurs during sleep.

Bring rhythm into family life. This is often difficult for parents who are also suffering the stresses of modern life.

Work “homeopathically = make one consistent change has a radiating effect which leads to healthy habits. Inner change is always more effective than outer change. The true answer to the problem of stress is “present-mindedness” or “meditative consciousness.” If we truly meet the day and “digest” it then stress can become a positive force in life.

Mineral imbalances in young children. High Na and low K dynamics are occurring in relation to the large amounts of refined, processed foods children eat. K is a carrier of “etheric” or “life” processes. These imbalances lead to food sensitivities, behavior and sleep disturbances and more. Food quality, preparation, presentation and good digestive habits are very important. The nervous system and sleep AFfected by this. 

It is always a very individualized approach. Look at many things: the constitution of the child, the pattern of their day and week, what are the emotional tones in the home life, what are the cultural supports. Often the child can be helped most by relieving some of the stresses on the mother (meaningful priorities: in regard to rhythm and diet).

Living in a society where danger to children are greater than the cobra or lion that could come into a village. Everywhere we turn there are dangers (food additives/media/pollution/violence). And yet healthy children must participate in their society. As a parent one must navigate in a way that instills confidence and trust in the child, not an easy task.

Bedtime: a feeling of ritual and reverence to bedtime. A candle/an imaginative story (fairy tale: rich and nourishing)/a warm sweet tea (peppermint/lemon verbena/linden/chamomile). Say good-bye to the day, review it simply and put a thought of hope and confidence for what is coming tomorrow. A foot massage alone or with Arnica Massage Oil, a little lavender always calms the busy head and encourages sleep. Valerian, oat straw or passion flower teas and drops can be helpful in some cases.

Sometimes a hot water bottle is helpful. An anxious child might benefit from falling backwards onto the bed (not just before sleep) as this can release fears of ‘letting go’. Just before bed try a quiet walk backwards into bed.

Don’t forget not everything at once!


[Bertram von Zabern, M.D.]

Almost 1/3 of our lifetime is clouded in a state of unconsciousness or dream. Sleep commands us to its domain when, after an extended day, it stops us from continuing earthly work. While scientific research has provided many details of the chemical and electrical activity of the brain, and psychology has offered insights into the subconscious motivations of dream life, neither has revealed much about why this mystery is such a necessary part of existence.

R.S.: Although sleep appears as a dullness of the mind, in its reality it is an enhancement of consciousness our usual intellect does not grasp. We catch a glimpse of the higher dimension of sleep at the uncomfortable moment when we happen to be woken up from deep sleep, say, at 2:30 h. The discomfort is not a physical pain, but rather the feeling of being torn away from an inner state of bliss, to

which one would dearly like to return. Once we are ready to rest again, we have to wait patiently until sleep takes us back to its sacred place.     

R.S. pointed out that the spiritual life of the human being, in thinking, and as the source of self-consciousness, engages during daytime in many practical earthly matters and impressions that are alien to its true being. It is at night that the spiritual self returns to its home, the spiritual world, and reconnects with its genius.

While we are awake, we make many errors in how we relate to the world and to the creative powers that govern nature. For example: we eat chaotically, our eyes and brain have to deal with a computer monitor or a TV set, our emotions are caught up in financial worries or in irrelevant disagreements. All this negatively affects the health of the body we have received from nature, and destroys it. But there is immeasurable wisdom at work to create and balance the functions of the brain, the heart, liver, kidneys and so on. While we sleep, the wisdom of creation tries to heal the damage caused in body and soul during wakeful life.

About every third person in the United States suffers at some time in the course of a year from insomnia and seeks help for it. The cause is usually subtle imbalances rather than illness-related pain or crisis-generated anxiety. Every organ system goes through typical biological rhythms (changes of day and night). One of the main liver functions is assimilation, the building up  of new substances like sugars, essential fats and proteins. This phase becomes predominant in the evening and beyond midnight. During deep sleep, the assimilation phase turns into a phase of elimination, breaking down old substances to be detoxified and excreted through the bile. The latter phase prevails during the second, dream-rich part of sleep, and extends into awakening and the active morning hours.

We are unaware of the subtle turning point between the two phases of liver function at about 3 h. unless it is pushed out of balance by mistakes in nutrition. For a patient, who typically wakes up between 2 - 4 h. in the morning, it is helpful to have a light supper earlier in the evening without alcohol and to use herbal or homeopathic remedies to support the liver’s function. Similarly, imbalances of other organs need to be considered as causes of poor sleep.

Different rhythms (heart beat/blood pressure/fluid elimination/digestion) closely depend on our daily lifestyle. The answer to imbalances is not an escape from contemporary life and its obligations, but lies rather in improving eating habits/exercise/sleep rhythm. Stress reduction is a major challenge that may require professional help and careful inclusion of balancing activities. Invaluable support comes from, music, eurythmy and artistic work.

Knowing about the spiritual essence of sleep, we can try to build up an activity that strengthens our inner equilibrium, such as the evening retrospect meditation, In it, we picture hour by hour in backward sequence the experiences of the day. This exercise reveals a wealth of otherwise lost memory images and helps to bring about a sense of inner reflection, gratitude and peace. This retrospect meditation not only prepares us for good sleep, but it can become a modest part of the restorative work the wisdom of sleep-life accomplishes every night for us.

A healing science of sleep is one that encompasses the life of body, soul and spirit. Our homework in studying it is to try to balance our own lives.



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