7. Stadium/Gruppe


Entwickeln/Erfahrung sammeln/übern/weitergeben/sich beweisen müssen


Mangan. Technetium. (Techn). Rhenium. Bohrium. Promethium (Lantaniden).


Thema: Training (skills/creativity/managing)

A lot still to be learned/enjoy learning new skills/like training other people (good teachers). Need more training and extra skills. They can do their task


[Jan Scholten]

- Energie, Zerfall, Verantwortungsbewusstsein, Handeln, obwohl Zweifel bestehen

- Pflichtbewusstsein, Wunsch nach Kontrolle, enorme Energie, die kanalisiert werden muss, da sie sonst zerstörerisch wirkt

- große psychische Reife, dem Alter voraus, Intuition

• Es gehört zum Stadium 4 und ist das zweite Element der Actinide. Zuordnung

nach Scholten: Sie wagen den ersten Schritt und das führt zum Misserfolg.

○ Gruppenanalyse

Titanium (Ti), Zirconium (Zr), Hafnium (Hf), Cerium (Ce), Thorium (Th). haben die folgenden Symptome gemeinsam:

Es geht um das Fundament, um den ersten Schritt. Sie beginnen sich niederzulassen, sie schließen sich einer Gruppe an, sie sind erstaunt.

○ Themen der Actinide

• Energie


Sankaran: Labiaceae Disinterest versus exhilaration


Üben und Lernen durch Zusammenarbeit + positive Kritik

Scholten: das Projekt ist begonnen/es geht um Ausbau/Verbesserung/Weiterentwicklung/Vertiefung (der Macht); geduldig weiterlernen/anderen etwas lehren; gerne Teamarbeit/

positives Feedback verbessert/auch aus Fehlern lernen ist ok/sucht Meister (Guru); schwierig ist sich vom Meister zu lösen und Eigenes zu präsentieren.

Lehren/lernen/studieren/üben/verbessern/düngen/verstärken/verschönern/helfen/assistieren/sich rückversichern; Lob + Kritik annehmen.

Sankaran: Struktur ist OK/will aber dauernd verbessert werden/um für alle Umstände tauglich zu sein/um allen Zweifeln stand zu halten; „was kann ich noch besser machen?“

DD.:            Mn sind sich sicher/wollen aber Sicherheiten stärken und Rat einholen im Falle schwierigerer Umstände in der Zukunft.

Te durch Übung und Zusammenarbeit mit Lehrer/Meister eigenes kreatives Potential verbessern.

Re prüft wie viel mehr an Verantwortung/Macht möglich ist, wenn alle mithelfen; Verbesserungsvorschläge sind willkommen


Technetium: found in stellar matter; radio-active; a byproduct of the nuclear industry; reactive to hydrogen and sulphide; tarnishes slowly thus inhibiting corrosion

Rhenium: has a high melting point; connected to ammonium and hydrogen; easily made into wire coils (malleable); used in filaments and photo flash bulbs; withstands corrosion

Borium: synthetic (doesn’t exist), only a few atoms have been produced for a very short while (0.44 seconds); decays rapidly; radioactive; very unstable

Promethium: (lanthanoid = magnetic qualities, rubber like behaviour, luminescent blue range, 4 pronged star shape, promethium is the only lathanoid that does not occur naturally) - radioactive; rare earth metal; used in nuclear batteries to capture light;

Prometheus was the God who stole fire from heaven, thus Promethium is missing from the earth and is artificially produced but identified in stars and so can produce light;

Prometheus was punished by Zeus for stealing the fire

Neptunium: (actinoid = star shaped) – also synthetic; radioactive; used in detection instruments; lodges in the bones = bone cancer; lasts for millions of years but decays into

plutonium; unstable; Neptune is the roman God of the sea = safe voyage – Poseidon is the Greek equivalent but Neptune was never considered as powerful as Poseidon; Poseidon’s son was Pegasus and there is a strong connection with horses – Poseidon means “husband” which means “fertility” and Poseidon lusted after his own sister and shape shifted into a stallion to recapture her; Poseidon was brother to Zeus;

Neptune also God of earthquakes so expect shaking, crashing and crumbling as part of the decaying process; huge affinity to water and land, the 3 tridents = seas, rivers, earth; most pronounced pathology is cancer of the bones, liver and adrenal glands

Neptunium muriaticum: = see above

KEYWORDS that come through, linking these remedies together =


Hard and brittle with high melting points

Tarnishes slowly, inhibits corrosion = protective?


Impaired growth, poor fertility, loss of muscle control

Purple and blue

Stars and stellar matter

Radio active

Nuclear industry and batteries

Malleable and rubber like

Wire coils


Synthetic, not existing, artificially produced







Bones, liver, adrenal glands, cancer


Sea, water and land





Shaking, crashing, crumbling (decay)

From this we can reduce to

Hard, brittle and yet malleable

Evolving, fertility and decaying

Synthetic and artificial, everywhere but nowhere

Danger and safety, protective but unstable

Power and energy

Magnetic and coloured light

Stealing and detection

My own point of significance with this group is that of being synthetic, unattainable and yet very dangerous. This is largely due to the radioactivity that is created when artificially produced and for substances that barely exist they yield enormous power, starting with the tough, resistant and magnetic qualities of Manganese, through to the crashing and crumbling decay of Neptunium.

The irony comes from being synthetic and yet, when artificially produced, lasting forever. Not surprising that cancer is one of the most serious pathologies found with this group of remedies.

They are everywhere and nowhere.

Manganum is everywhere and Promethium and Neptunium are nowhere (likewise with Borium if it is ever proved and used homeopathically).

When a substance is artificially produced there is some element of deception or trickery involved – Manganum has dark, deep secrets; Promethium steals and Neptunium

has trickery and treason that can lead to psychosis and schizophrenia.

Another angle on being synthetic or artificial is that people who need a remedy from this group will have adapted a synthetic persona, mainly through suppression.

They are able to do this because of their malleability but it comes at a high price considering the severity of pathology that is attached to these remedies.

Suppression = the loss of the real self and an artificial self is produced instead.

In Manganum we have chronic eczema as an expression of this suppression;

In Promethium and Neptune this suppression erupts and becomes a powerful latent force akin to the nuclear energy they represent, hence the presence of diseases such as cancer and deeply disturbed personality disorders.

In Promethium and Neptunium this power gains momentum but is lacking in the same intensity as Manganum.


Manganum = powerless and yet finding itself in an ‘attack and defend’ state -similar to other remedies in the first line of metals incl. Ferrum- but all due to suppression

from being overly dominated. Being powerless means that feelings are harboured (can appear like Nat mur in this), and when one accumulates then serious pathology is

bound to result.

One can see links to Palladium as well because Manganum is dutifully compulsive, they need to help others and to be seen doing this and they will become bitter and ‘poker faced’ (a common expression describe to one needing Manganum) if they have not done enough for someone and complimented on their work. They will have done everything but this is still not enough (more parallels with Nat-m.).

The inward suppressive stages of Manganum would be chronic eczema; bone pains; liver disease; paraplegia; Parkinson’s disease – the ultimate of a trapped spirit.

Likewise you can visualise the deepening suppression with these 3 remedies from power: magnet, radio activity, nuclear activity.

Sublimation rules both Promethium and Neptunium, both ebbing and flowing through exile, abandonment, intuition, confusion, psychosis and schizophrenia, trying desperately to see the light but the voyage never as safe as Neptune promised.


[Stephanie Nile]

Stage 7 - the control freaks

Rhenium: Gold Series - Stage 7 (Scholten: teamwork).

Stage 7 people are often described in the Homeopathic literature as control freaks - totally unable to delegate. They do this because they feel the need to keep their eye on the ball all the time - in case

something goes wrong. They are not quite sure of themselves. Sometimes they hesitate if the challenge looms too large.

Rhenium, in the Gold Series, does have power, bags of it, they will take on all sorts of challenges, but sometimes they just don’t have quite enough to get over the obstruction. Its not quite enough to

feel totally comfortable and confident... so they are glad of a helping hand. A bit of cooperation is needed!

They can get into a failed state if there’s no one there to push them forward. They become 'worriers'!

Is this the case?

First Proving impressions:

1st As far as sensations go I’d describe Rhenium as primordial fire (P) + ether (V). Absolutely electric.

Rhenium gave a feeling of being able to share responsibility and delegate; being more able to ask to help, its not all down to me. I do not have to ’carry’ anyone. Others seem lees insignificant, their opinions

more mature. I do not have to take responsibility for “Everything”. What a relief!

- Much less lonely; I can share feelings and worries that I have been stewing over. I’m becoming more open, trusting & loving!

I can just be me. I don’t have to be the Boss. ’

Just … let it be.

R E L A X !

2nd I just got used to this relaxed feeling and enjoyed the weekend… The set of worries arising from that stressful crisis have just dissolved. It’s just history now. Its like the remedy dissolved one single big

knot of stress that nothing else could untie – not even daily meditation.

The remedy just affected one part of my brain – more precisely than a laser. So that’s Stage 7 of the Gold Series in a nutshell – Rhenium: ’stress and worry arising from a crisis’. Just to clarify, Rhenium didn’t

make me want to take on the stress to Stage 8 – I don’t want to jump up and join an intensive care crash team. For me the familiar feeling of good old Stage 7 is just fine.


Other Stage 7 remedies

Some of these themes are found in Promethium (Stage 7, Lanthanides). Inner resourcefulness and freedom. They feel quite strong so there is an element of exploration and testing. Scholten: ”Just want to be free

in all kinds of situations”. They want others to be strong too, so they combine cooperation with their own feeling of autonomy. An outer crisis where great responsibility is required can knock them into Stage 7

of the Gold Series.

If the crisis is related to creativity the Stage 7 remedy from the Silver Series may be required – Technetium.

Once you find a persons ’Home Stage’ (i.e. column of the Periodic TI able) you can help them through the different challenges of life found in the ’rows’ of the Periodic table. Is there a ”Home Row’ of the P.T.

for each of us? If so, it would depend on our habitual focus … If work is all that matters we are naturally focused on The Ferrum Series.

Stage 7 of the Ferrum series is Manganum. The following rubrics show their concerns:

- Anxiety as if something bad is going to happen;

- Dreams of misfortune; Fear of misfortune;

- Cautious; Dreams bad luck

The ’Stage’ describes our level of comfort with stress, our comfort zone… its an equilibrium between our inner strengths and resources and the external opposing obstructions we encounter to our goals – from start

to finish. We don’t always finish … our inner resources become exhausted, or are simply inadequate, and we can go no further.



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