Vergleich: Ubiquinone comp. (Heel: Acidum  ascorbicum/Thiaminum  hydrochloricum/Natrium riboflavinum phosphoricum/Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum/Nicotinamidum).

Siehe: Sarcodes + Vitaminen + Ubiquinol


Thiocticum acidum (Thioc-ac) = Alpha Lipoic Säure/= α-Liponsäure (ALA/= Coenzym)



Gemüt: Angst (i.B. auf Zukunft)

fühlt sich high/Hochgefühl

Konzentration schwierig

Reizbar, gereizt




Haut: Jucken (nachts/brennend)

Schwindel: im Allgemeinen

Kopf: Schmerz morgens erwachend/l.

Zusammenschnürung in Kopfhaut

„Wie Leere, Gedankenlosigkeit“

Nase: Verstopft (l.)

Mund: Aphthen

Zähne: Empfindlich

Bauch: Flatulenz

Schmerz < vor Menses (krampfartig)


Innerer Hals: Schmerz l. (wund schmerzend/Würgen, Zusammenziehen)

Rücken: Schmerz (stechend)

Weibliche Genitalien: Menses - hellrot/reichlich

Atmung: Stockend

Brust: Schmerz in Mammae (wund schmerzend)

Glieder: Jucken < Kratzen/auf Handrücken

Schlaf: Tief/ruhelos

Träume: Kriminellen, Verbrechern/lebhaft/Tanzen

Allgemeines: Übermaß, Überschuss an Energie

„Wie Hitze“ (nachts)/Hitzewallungen (nachts)

> Liegen




[Keshia Naidoo]

Conducting a proving on Ubiquinone 30CH will lead to an establishment of its therapeutic potential through the application of the law of similars thus adding to the

Materia Medica and advancing Homoeopathy (Vithoulkas, 2002).

It was hypothesised that the 30CH potency of Ubiquinone would clearly produce observable signs and symptoms in healthy prover’s and that a comparison of Ubiquinone

to those remedies yielding the highest numerical value and total number of rubrics on repertorisation of the proving symptoms would elucidate differences and similarities

between Ubiquinone and other Homoeopathic remedies to clarify its therapeutic indications. It was hypothesised that in this manner a better understanding of Ubiquinone

and its relationship to other Homoeopathic remedies would be gained.

The remedy’s main influence was on the mental and physical state. The most prominent symptoms seen in the mental sphere were extreme irritability and exhaustion.

There was a sense of emotional fragility with a desire to be alone. On the physical side, headaches were common and weakening pains of the extremities were experienced.

It can be concluded that the 30CH potency of Ubiquinone, if used precisely according to Homoeopathic principles, can be applied to a clinical setting, as the extensive range

of symptoms produced during the proving suggests an equally wide array of application of the remedy Ubiquinone.



Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like nutrient that plays a vital role in cellular energy production. It is also known as Ubiquinone because its chemical structure is that

of Quinone. Ubiquinol is the reduced, active antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10. Ubiquinol is produced naturally in the human body and is converted into a substance necessary for the use in cellular energy production. In addition it is one of the most powerful known lipid-soluble antioxidant that is available, protecting the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. Any organism’s metabolism must provide a constant supply of energy to maintain vital functions. Consequently, disturbances in energy metabolism can impair energysupply. Catalysts speed up these biochemical processes on which life depends so that they are coordinated at the right time (Ernster et al., 1995:195).



CoQ10 was discovered in the late 1950s by Dr Frederick L. Crane at the University of Wisconsin. This took place during his research on the biochemistry

of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, also known as the respiratory chain. (Crane et al., 1957:220).

The pure substance which was isolated from beef heart mitochondria was sent to Dr Karl Folkers at the pharmaceutical company Merck, for identification and

clarification of its structure. It was elected coenzyme Q10 because of its Quinone structure and the ten isoprene unit side chain. During the same time frame, an additional

group of scientists led by Dr. R.A. Morton in England isolated the same substance from mitochondria and named it Ubiquinone because of its widespread occurrence in nature.

The vital role of CoQ10 in the electron transport chain was first described by Dr Peter Mitchell of England who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work.



Coenzyme Q10 also known as Ubiquinone, is derived from the word ubiquitous, meaning everywhere, and quinone (Crane et al., 1957:220).

This oil-soluble and vitamin-like substance is present in eukaryotic cells found primarily in the mitochondria and in lysosomes (Ernster et al.;1995:197).

It is a component of the electron transport chain and participates

in aerobic cellular respiration, generating energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Ubiquinone is the oxidized form and ubiquinol is the reduced form of Coenzyme Q10. Ubiquinol is unstable in air and easily oxidized back to ubiquinone (Crane et al.; 1957:220).

The oxidized structure of Coenzyme Q can be distinguished by the number of their side-chains. The most common Coenzyme Q in human CoQ10. Q refers to the Quinone head and 10 refers to the number isoprene repeats in the tail.



CoQ10 is an orange to yellow crystalline powder which is insoluble in water but partially soluble in alcohol and acetone (Ernster et al., 1995: 203) darkens when exposed to light.

The main differences evident are in their molecular weights and melting points.

The organs the heart, liver and kidneys.,1957:220).

Male infertility, migraine headaches and prevent ‘statin’ induced myopathy. Topically it can be used in treating periodontal disease.



CoQ10 has an essential role in cellular bioenergetics and also as an imperative antioxidant, thus playing a vital role in our well-being.

CoQ10 is readily available as a dietary supplement (Folkers, 1969:334).

Supplementary doses for adults range from 30mg/day-120mg/day, which is significantly higher than the standard dietary intake (Folkers, 1969:334).

According to Bliznakov (1987) the main conditions in which CoQ10 are used are in supporting and maintaining cardiovascular health. The enzyme may assist people with

a long standing history of heart failure to help reduce symptoms such as shortness of breath or swelling of the feet.

Supplementation may also benefit those with high blood pressure. Co-enzyme Q10 has also been studied for other conditions including Diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons

and Huntingtons disease.


Toxicity is not usually observed with high doses of CoQ10. A daily dosage of up to 3600 mg was found to be tolerated by healthy as well as unhealthy persons (Hyson, Kieburtz, Shoulson et al.,

 2010:1924). However some reactions in allopathic dosages can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, epigastric discomfort, dyspepsia and dermatitis (Hyson, Kieburtz, Shoulson et al., 2010:1924).


From the literature reviewed it is evident that the proving of Ubiquinone 30CH may highlight several symptoms people experience when deficient in Coenzyme Q10.

Hence a proving of Ubiquinone 30CH is imperative to clinicians to give them a better understanding of a patient’s symptoms and the nature in which the remedy can

bring about healing.



MIND: Absentminded (dreamy) 

Abstraction of mind

Ailments from – embarrassment/rudeness of others/discords between one’s friends

Anger (evening/sudden/violent/on waking)

Answering in monosyllables

Anxiety (morning/from anticipation/on waking from frightful dreams/about money matters/on going to sleep)

Bed, remain in bed; desire to



Caressed; wants to be caressed




Company, aversion to (> when alone/desire for solitude/yet fear of being alone/avoid sight of people)

Company, desire for (< when alone)

Concentration, active 

Concentration, difficult (with headache/studying)

Confidence, want of self-confidence (feels himself a failure/self-depreciation)


Confusion of mind 


Contradiction, intolerant of contradiction  




Darkness <

Delusion - being alone/is not appreciated/is out of the body/other will observe her confusion/is criticized/as if drugged/body is enlarged/sees distorted faces/floating (in air)/of hearing/feels old/

someone is behind him/body and mind are separated/snakes (in and around her)/is strong/has suffered wrong/has exaggeration of time/being watched

Despair (social position)


Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences

Embraces, desire to be embraced


Excitement (# sadness/# sleepiness)

Fear [night/being alone/fear he will die if he goes to sleep/failure in examinations/of failure/insanity/from (sudden) noise/of opinion of others/of people/fear of being poisoned/fear to go to sleep/

Snakes/sudden/wants to fight/forgetful/feels constantly as if he had forgotten something/forsaken/haughty/feeling of helplessness/high-spirited/Homesickness/Impatience/Impulsive/Inactivity/

Indifference (to duties/to everything)



Insecurity, mental 




Irritabilty (evening/night/during headache/during pain/from trifles)

Jesting (desire to do something facetious)

Laughing (over serious matters)

Laziness (physical)

Memory, weakness (for what he just has done)



Mistakes; making, (has lost the conception of time)

Mood – agreeable/changeable/repulsive 


Music >

Naked, wants to be

Noise, inclination to make


Playing, desire to play



Prostration of mind  

Quiet disposition 

Restlessness (night)

Sadness (with constipation)

Senses, acute

Sensitive (to colours/to all external impressions/to mental impressions/to noise)


Shrieking (involuntarily/during sleep)

Spaced-out feeling  

 Stool, after >

Strange, everything seems


Taciturn (morning)

Thoughts – persistent/vanishing

Touched, aversion to be, ticklishness


Unfortunate, feels



Weeping (evening/causeless)

Vertigo: Afternoon

Motion of head <; of, agg.

Rising from bed <

Head: Coldness [icy coldness/internally/vertex (icy coldness)

Constriction, Temples


Hair, dryness

Heat (+ heat of face) 

Heaviness [morning (on waking)/> lying]

Pain [r./l./morning (on waking)/afternoon/evening/+ nausea/+ pain in nape of neck/+ obstruction of nose/+ numbness/aching/< bending forward/< blowing the nose/bursting pain/

Bursting as if it would fly to pieces/> closing the eyes/cold applications/< combing hair/during coryza/< during cough/cutting pain/> darkness/dull pain/ext. eyes/grinding/must hold head

< from light/> lying/< mental exertion/< motion (tearing pain/of eyes)/< noise/pressing pain/”As from a pressing weight”/>/< pressure/pulsating pain/< raising head/shooting pain/

Vertex (ext. temples/pulsating pain)]

Perspiration of scalp (forehead)

Sensitiveness of scalp (right/to touch)

Tingling, Temples

Eyes: Red (morning)

“As if hair in eye”

Heat in, closing the eyes (>/<)

Itching (l./lids/> rubbing)

Lachrymation (l.) 

Pain [burning/< rubbing/lids (r./upper)/desires to rub eyes]

Styes (r./upper)

Swelling in lids

Tired sensation 

VISION: Dim (during headache)

EARS: Catarrh (in Eustachian)

Itching [l./Meatus (r.)]

Noises – “As if water rushing”

Pain (r./l./aching/< blowing the nose/< swallowing)



Acute (to noise)


Impaired (r.)


Catarrh (in daytime/followed by complaints of frontal sinuses/postnasal)


Coryza [r./morning/with discharge (daytime)]  

Discharge [clear/copious/mucus/thick/watery/yellow/yellowish white]

Dryness inside (r.)

Heat in

Itching [inside (l.)/posterior nares]

Obstruction [r./l./morning (on waking)/# discharge/must breath through mouth/at root)

Odors putrid

Pain (stitching pain/posterior nares/sinuses)

Sneezing (morning/with coryza/inside)

FACE: Clenched jaw

Eruptions [herpes on lips/about lips/pimples (forehead)/vesicles (lips/fever blisters)/forehead]

Heat (flushes/”As if hot”)

Pain [Lips burning/Sinuses (frontal/maxillary)]

Perspiration (during heat)

Swollen lips

Tingling [(upper) lip)


Dryness [morning (on waking)/with thirst]


Odor, offensive

Pain [burning/gums (r./l./burning/sore/tearing pain/ulcerative)/tongue (r./l./sore/on root/sides]

Salivation (morning/profuse)

Swelling (tongue)

Taste bloody (< during cough)

Ulcers (Gums)


< Brushing, cleaning the teeth

Constant desire to clench teeth together

Pain [evening/< blowing the nose/< pressure/incisors (upper)/molars (right/upper)]




Hawk; disposition to

Inflammation [pharynx (l.)]



Mucus (evening/clear/yellow)

Narrow, sensation

Pain (r./l./at night/< during cough/cutting/pressing pain/”As if raw”/sore/< swallowing/oesophagus/pharynx)




Swelling (“As if swollen)


STOMACH: Acidity 

Appetite – capricious/constant/diminished (< during menses)/easy satiety/increased (morning/night/+ nausea/not > eating)/insatiable/ravenous/wanting (+ nausea/”As if satiated”)



Epigastrium; complaints of

Eructations (night)

Gagging (from mucus in fauces)

Heartburn (morning)

Heat, sensation of

Heat, Epigastrium


Nausea [morning/afternoon/> in open air/with anxiety/>/< after eating/< motion/”As if about to vomit”)/< riding in a carriage/”As if about to vomit”]

Pain – burning/cramping/stitching/in epigastrium  


Thirst [extreme/for large quantities/< during menses/for small quantities (and for)]


Vomiting (morning/< after eating)


Ball; sensation of (ascending)

Clothing; sensitive to

Distension (r. hypochondria)

Enlarged, Liver

Flatulence (afternoon/evening/night)

Fullness/”As if fullness”


Inflamed colon

Knotted sensation

Pain [morning (on waking)/afternoon/> bending double (must bend double)/> bending forward (cramping)/cutting pain/drawing/dull/< after eating/> lying/< motion/< pressure/

Sore/stitching/< touch/twisting/< walking/hypochondria (r./ext. back/> lying on painful side/< pressure/< touch)/Liver (sore)/Region of Umbilicus (morning/cramping/cutting/sore)/

Sides (r./sore)]


Rumbling (“As if diarrhea would come on”)



Tingling, internal

RECTUM: Constipation (difficult stool/ineffectual urging)

Diarrhea (morning/afternoon/night/painful)


Flatus (evening/night/offensive/urging for stool, but only flatus is passed)

Pain (boring/< during stool)

Prolapsus (< during stool)

Urging (< after eating/before stool)

Weakness, weak feeling


Bloody (covered with blood)

Brown/burning/copious/flatulent/forcible/hard/mucus (yellow)/muddy/odor (offensive/smoky)/like sheep dung/small quantity/soft/watery (brown)


Urination, urging to urinate – constant/morning (on waking)/frequent (afternoon)

URINE: Copious, drunk; more than is



Erections, wanting (morning/with sexual desire)
Pain, Testes, [left/aching)/ext. hip]

Sexual desire, increased


Eruptions (pustules)

Leukorrhea [offensive (like fish-brine)]

Menses - bright red (clotted)/brown/clotted (dark/dark red/large)/copious (afternoon/daytime/evening)/daytime only/painful/protracted/after the regular menstrual

cycle has ceased return/scanty  

Pain [cramping/cutting pain/< during menses/Uterus [aching/must bend double/ext. pelvis/< during menses/side to side]

Sexual desire increased (< during menses)


Mucus, Air passages, in the

Pain in air passages < during cough

Voice - croaking/hoarseness/low/rough



Complaints of respiration

Difficult [morning/+ vertigo/< ascending/< (after) exertion/> rapid motion/< walking rapidly]

Impeded (constriction of throat)




COUGH: in general



< Breathing deep/cold air;

> Drinking

Dry (morning/night/> after drinking/> drinking/> eating/talking)

> Eating

< Exertion


Irritation, from (in air passages/in bronchi/in chest/in throat/in trachea)

Itching in throat




Sleep, disturbing


< Talking







Taste, salty

White, albuminous




Constriction (morning/during coryza/bifurcation of trachea)

Heart; complaints of the + difficult respiration

Heart; complaints of the + pain im l. upper limb

Heat (sensation of/axillae)

Intertrigo, (beneath) mammae

Mammae, complaints of

Oppression (anxious)  

Pain [r. side/noon/< cold air/dull/> motion/”As if raw”/sore/stitching/(region of) heart/in mammae (l./sore)/middle of chest/in ribs (< during cough)]

Palpitation of heart (morning/with anxiety/tumultuous/with vertigo)

Perspiration, Axillae

Weakness, Heart, About the heart; sensation of weakness


Pain [r. side/morning/stitching/+ coldness/itching/+ pain in abdomen/aching/contracting/cutting/ext. (arms/shoulder/uterus)/< lying on back/< motion/sore/stitching/cervical region (r./aching/< sitting)/

dorsal region (r./contracting/stitching/in scapulae (r./r. between spine and r. scapula/stitching/below (l./< inspiration))/in lumbar region (r./aching/cutting/< lying on back/< motion/> standing)/in lumbosacral region (ext. uterus)/in spine (aching/< motion)]

Perspiration [in cervical region (in nape of neck)]

Stiffness [in cervical region (during headache)]

Tension [Cervical region (ext. nape of neck)]

EXTREMITIES: Coldness (icy cold/fingers/toes)

Cramps [Calves (r./at night/>/< motion)/legs (morning/l.)/upper limbs (r.)]

Dryness – Feet/Lower legs

Eruptions [boils/desquamating/itching/pustular/feet (fungus/vesicles)/hands (l./palms)/thighs/(between) toes (fungus)]

Excoriation between thighs

Heat [Feet (burning)/hands]

Itching [Ankles (around malleoli)/feet (tickling)/between toes]

Pain (<(<(< viele >)>)>)

Swelling [Feet (l.)/Hands (l.)]

Tension, Joints






Disturbed (by cough/by dreams/by the slightest noise)

Falling asleep – difficult/early 



Need of sleep, great 



Sleepiness (morning/afternoon/daytime/evening/+ other complaints/complaints causing sleepiness/during headache/with indolence/inclination to lying down/with nausea/

overpowering/with weariness)

Sleepless (until 0 h./before midnight/at night/from anxiety/from fear/from restlessness/from sadness/from activity of thoughts/in spite of weariness)


Waking [after midnight 3h/difficult (morning)/too early/frequent/from hunger/too late/from perspiration/as having slept one’s fill]  

Yawning (frequent/during)


Accidents/Amorous/Animals/Anxious/body wrapped in bandages/about children (newborns/changing diaper)/coffins/colored/confused/death (relatives)/eating/embarrassment/

events (long forgotten/of the previous day)/explosion/own family/fantastic/fire/floating/(old) friends/frightful/gardens/grass/hiding from danger/lightning (struck by lightning)/blind man/music/nightmares/nostalgic/paintings (“As if Braille”)/pleasant/being pursued/pursuing/quarrels/relatives/religious/repeating/robbers/running/school/sea/sexual/shopping/sick people/snakes/stars/being thirsty/thunderstorm/unpleasant/unremembered/water/wedding/women

FEVER: in general


Catarrhal fever

Perspiration with heat

PERSPIRATION: in general

At night

Clammy/Cold (with vertigo)

Profuse (at night)

SKIN: Coldness (icy/”As if cold”)


Discoloration – blackish/white


Eruptions [boils/desquamating/dry/itching/pustules/urticaria (after scratching)/vesicular]



Itching (< scratching/must scratch/unchanged by scratching/spots/< warm bathing)


Sensitiveness (to touch)

Thick, sensation as if skin were thick

l./r./r. then l. side/morning/evening 

Activity increased 

> open air/

> bathing

< bending double

< cold (air)/aversion to cold air

Covers, amel., desire for; and

Energy, excess of energy

Exertion; physical, agg.

Faintness during palpitations

Food and drinks:

Desires: cheese (brie)/coffee/fat/fried food (potatoes)/nuts/pickles/popcorn/salt/spicy food/vinegar;

<: ice/sweets

>: cold drinks/sugar;

Aversion: cold drink;

Heartburn > drinking

“As if heat”

Inflammation (mucus membranes/sinuses) 


Lassitude (< during menses)

< Motion (rapid motion)

Pain - aching/”As if aching beaten”/cutting/< motion/rheumatic/sore/in muscles/Bones “As if broken”/

Muscles – aching/sore

Pulse, frequent 

Raising affected limbs >

Rest >/restlessness

Rubbing >

Sleep - >/< after sleep, agg.

Stool, after >

Tension – of joints/of muscles

Uncovering >

Warmth - >/</bathing >/</becoming warm

Weakness (afternoon/sudden/with vertigo//muscular)

Weariness [morning (on waking)]



The proving of Ubiquinone 30CH produced a wide array of symptoms on the mental and emotional spheres, a number of which were largely distinct. The main themes were:

Increased energy and happiness

             Hypersensitivity and emotional fragility

Irritability and exhaustion

             Apathy and prostration

             Anxiety and paranoia

Increased energy and happiness

Many of the provers experienced an increased amount of energy. Despite many negativities going on around them the provers were unaffected by these and still managed to keep in high spirits.

There was a link between energy and happiness. Their high energy levels lead them to being in good esteem with themselves and the surrounding environment. The provers felt carefree, relieved

and light as if a weight has been lifted from them. Many external factors were going on around them which in normal circumstances would have altered their mood or changed their reaction to the situation but most of the provers were not bothered and still remained content. Much cheerfulness was also seen.

Hypersensitivity and emotional fragility

While being cheerful and content there was also extreme hypersensitivity and emotional fragility. With regards to being hypersensitive, provers were more sensitive than usual to external factors such as noise and felt themselves being more in focus with what they were actually doing. With all this sensitivity being experienced this led to much irritability and an overwhelming sense of being. Everything and everyone seemed to bring on some annoyance. There was a need for attention from loved ones, wanting recognition and a human touch. They also felt lonely and isolated from others but on the other hand provers wanted to be alone and did not want company or to see people’s faces as this would increase the agitation they were feeling. This was the main contradictory symptom seen with regards to the mental state.

<: talking, hearing people talk and light; >: silence and darkness. Provers felt fragile and broke down in tears emotionally for no particular reason, however they did feel better after they had cried. Many felt directly attacked in confrontations where the arrogance of others made the prover feel as if their ‘sap’ had been sucked out of them, with their inner strength and drive being gone.

Irritability and exhaustion

Provers were highly strung and extremely irritable, yet high concentration levels were maintained in some while others struggled to focus. Irritability levels even brought out vulgarity in a prover showing the extent of their mood along with them being short tempered and impatient. They tended to get upset easily and were weepy in situations. An aversion to people was seen and not wanting to participate in any goings on of the day. It felt easier to be by oneself with no need to converse. Along with such irritability, tremendous exhaustion was experienced. Provers were tired and had a sense of weakness. Longed to stay in bed or just relax and do absolutely nothing constructive. Many of them felt an improvement of energy levels through the course of the day but energy slowly decreased as the day progressed.

With such exhaustion this led to them being quite disorganised during the day or with tasks as there was an inability to even gather their thoughts to think or talk to others. The anger and irritability levels seemed to drain their energy levels.

Apathy and prostration

The mind felt exhausted. There was much restlessness which made the provers unable to get much done. They found it hard to concentrate and had a carefree, emotionless attitude towards things they would normally consider stressful. Apathy was shown towards studying and other people, with them still wanting to be on their own. They lacked motivation for the task they needed to complete with their minds being muddled with no flow or order in their thoughts. Forgetfulness of simple undertakings such as locking the car door was also revealed.

Anxiety and paranoia

A sense of anxiety and distress was felt in the provers. An unsettling feeling in general which was worse for thinking and better for being away from work. Constant paranoia was experienced along with some delusions of the mind. Symptoms of paranoia that one has forgotten to lock the car door, front door, or that people around are messing with them or their food were shown. In situations like these the prover felt better being alone and quiet. Along with being paranoid this made them feel embarrassed and more suspicious of others. There was also a sense of being watched in the evening and the provers felt safe when their eyes were closed or if they were in the company of others. The main fear that were seen was of being socially rejected. One of the provers also had a fear upon closing her eyes that she would see a cobra which might bite and was quite fearful with a need for company.


There were sensations of vertigo amongst three of the provers. The feeling was best described as a sense of dizziness along with weakness in the limbs. This was a short lived occurrence in which it did not hamper them from doing whatever was required at time.



Headaches were very prominent in the provers and were experienced in different areas of the head

Headaches mainly started at the back of the head or at the base of the neck moving up to the back of the neck. Mainly the right occipital lobe was affected. The pain was dull, aching and pulsating. The headache < any form of movement including the eyeballs and better from resting, applying pressure, the dark and cold compression.


The headache was starting at the top of the head radiating down to the temples. A throbbing type of pain was felt where the head felt cold, cold down to the brain. Pain was so

intense that the head felt like it was splitting down the middle to the temples and the brain was going to fall forward.

All pain < movement (coughing/sneezing/eyeballs)/sunlight. The pain eased up and the pressure was lessened by holding the head between both hands, the dark and sleeping.


Temporal pain experienced on both left and right side or radiating from one side to the other. The head felt heavy, dull, and stabbing as if the brain matter would explode into a thousand pieces.

The pain also extended like an Alice band on the head from temple to temple. The provers could not focus or concentrate with the pain and it made them feel extremely drained.

Pain <: noise/motion/light/lifting the head;

The pain improved upon sleeping, being alone, having a warm shower and pressure.


The frontal region of the head was also affected, mainly the forehead. The frontal area was sore, tender with a pulsating and pounding pain being felt. Yet again we see the pain linked to movement of the eyeballs, < pressure, the head feeling heavy and moving the head increased the discomfort. The pain is better for rest, sleeping, being in a dark room and applying a cool towel to the forehead.

The scalp was also seen to be dry along with dandruff.



There was eye pain to some degree particularly in prover 13F. The pain was located in the right upper lid in the right corner. The exact pain cannot be described, only a sensation or a feeling of having a sty even though one is not present. “If I had to describe the pain: like the pain when pressing a bruise, intensity 3-4/10, only slightly more pain which is worse for touch”. Other accompanying pains that were experienced in the other provers were mainly redness with a itchiness which was better for rubbing, watery, burning sensation and eyes feeling warm (closing).



One of the provers in particular had a blocking of the ears (05 F) along with a blocked nose. A sense of compression of the ear was felt mainly on the right side along with the intensity which was compared to that of boiling water under a tight lid. Pain extended down to the jaw and face of the prover which was also right sided. The most peculiar occurrence whilst having a blocked ear was the feeling of hearing the sound of running water.



Acute hearing was noted, noises seem to be magnified. “I can even hear a cat downstairs yet I’m on the 11th floor”. There was another mention of being able to hear imaginary

running water from the same prover. Slight deafness was also experienced for a short period of time, mainly in the right ear.



Many experienced itchiness of the nostrils which extended to the Eustachian tubes. “My right ear canal, Eustachian tube and nasal catarrh, back of throat, on right side, keeps on itching since morning”. There was a lot of coryza, typically with a thin, watery, clear discharge that was non burning but did turn to a yellowish colour. A dull congestion of the sinuses mainly paranasal and frontal sinus was experienced. along with tension at the base of the skull at the neck. Flu like symptoms were present such as a blocked stuffy nose, having to breathe through the mouth along with sneezing and coughing. There was also a fever present.



There were a number of sensations in the face area. A sensation of heat and perspiration was on the head and face. Not wanting to speak as the jaw was clenched tight, the prover’s lips would not allow them to engage in any conversation. A burning sensation of the lips was also felt along with some tingling. A cold sore appeared in one of the provers but was not very itchy.



One of the provers had severe mouth symptoms. Mainly pain on both sides of the tongue was felt, which led to swelling and itchiness of the mouth and tongue. The itchiness extended down to the right inner ear and throat. The gums felt torn and burnt upon brushing. An ulcer was found on the gum on the left side of the mouth right next to the last molar. Much discomfort was experienced even when swallowing. The allergic reaction was so intense that this prover landed up in hospital because the sides of the mouth, upper lip, right side and back of the tongue and pharynx were swollen, as well as the right side of the trachea and bronchi. She started coughing and could not breathe. She was given an anti-histamine injection at the hospital [23 h. – 00 h.]. Beside these mouth symptoms one other prover experienced dripping saliva that was running out of the mouth.



A sensation of pain deep in the teeth was felt. The pain in the upper front region radiating from one incisor to another. A feeling of vibration was felt in the teeth which was worse upon blowing of the nose.



Pain was experienced in the back of the throat especially upon swallowing whether it was solids or liquids. The pain was described as a pressing type of discomfort moving to the oesophagus and pharynx.

An intense scraping at the back of the throat as with razors was also felt with a sensation of the diameter of the throat decreasing with every breath. A hoarse dry, itchy feeling of the throat was felt which improved with for sips of water. A sensitivity of the throat was in prover as if someone was tickling the throat with a feather. The afflicted area was between the jugular notch and larynx and

> coughing and drinking.

The itchy feeling seemed to come back when in contact with cold air.



Appetite was notably affected. There was an initial increase in appetite. A bottomless hunger was felt, and even after eating the provers still felt hungry and dissatisfied as if they had never eaten. Followed by a striking decrease in the appetite with an aversion to eating along with irritability. Small portions of food were then wanted and seemed to sustain the patients for the entire day with sense of feeling fuller for longer.

A strong sense of nausea amongst the provers was experienced with a clenching feeling in the stomach. The nausea seemed to be more pronounced with motion.

Vomiting especially after meals was experienced, even if small quantities were eaten. They felt relieved after vomiting. There was a slight increase in thirst, mainly for cold water but not large quantities of it. Some provers experienced heartburn and indigestion. It was described as a painful heat that moves up and down between the stomach and oesophagus. Drinking cold water seemed

to alleviate the pain.



With regard to the abdomen, the right side was mainly affected. A dull right hypochondrial pain that extended to the back was mainly experienced. The pain said to be a cutting like pain below the umbilicus towards the appendix. The discomfort caused the prover to double up in< touch/pressure; > lying on the affected side. A sensation of the liver feeling enlarged, bloated or as if an inflated beach ball is in the abdomen with a dull ache extending to the back was felt.

Abdominal cramps were also presented in the lower part of the abdomen along with a twisting, knotted type of pain. An increase in flatulence was noted with audible borborigmi.



Overall there were 4 provers who experienced a change in stools. They had slight diarrhoea with no strong odours. They felt the need to go to the toilet after every meal. Relief was felt after the passing of the stools. On the other hand two of the provers experienced constipation. One of the provers felt very unsettled for not being regular and passing a stool. This made her quite sad and withdrawn.



Stools varied, being described as watery, muddy or smoky in appearance. One of the provers had bright red blood in her stools with nojust a burning sensation as if she had eaten a spicy meal.

The other set of stools were hard and brown. Some straining took place in order for the stool to be passed.



There was a discrepancy in urine output as compared to liquid intake. The urine was clear. Along with the frequent need to urinate there was also a sense of urgency even if there was a long interval

before the next liquid intake.



A dull aching pain upon waking up in the left testicle extending to the hip joint and buttocks was experienced. An increase in libido along with a sense of irritability was mentioned, to the extent of not wanting to engage in a conversation with their partner about how they feel.



One of the provers experienced quite severe symptoms with regard to her menstruation. She did not menstruate for 7 months and only experienced spotting for 5 months prior to the proving. This was followed by a heavy flow of blood with red clots. The flow was quite intense, as the prover described it as it being a gush of blood literally flowing down her legs. Clots were large in size and the flow <e during the day and eased up at night along with a fishy odour. The pain was a cutting pain from side to side above the pubic bone which was better for bending double. The prover also developed 2 boils on both sides of her vagina. They had a dull ache with pressure and felt as if there were huge balls underneath, but no heat was felt in the surrounding area. Other female provers had disrupted cycles with much spotting being seen. A faint brown discoloration was experienced which slowly progressed to a bright red colour. The only discomfort that was felt was cramping in the abdomen.



There was difficulty breathing along with breathlessness. The respiration was best described as battling to get enough oxygen into the lungs. Even though the provers were breathing adequately it felt as if no air was getting into the lungs. A rapid heart rate was experienced. The breathlessness was exacerbated by walking fast or running. Many had to stop what they were doing in order to catch their breath or recover. A tight feeling over the chest area was felt especially on deep inspiration. Other accompanying symptoms with the breathlessness was sweating on the forehead and a sharp, aching pain in the left shoulder, back, arm and neck. The other was the build up of phlegm at the back of the throat which was itchy and brought on a cough.



The coughs produced ranged from a wet to a dry cough. The wet cough caused much pain as if the throat was being scratched by razor blades with each cough. The pain was mainly in the upper chest, trachea and bronchi and the rib cage each time they coughed. The cough seemed to be exacerbated by the wind and cold rain.

The dry cough caused itchiness in the trachea, just below the larynx above the sternal notch. The main modalities < night/talking/exertion; > eating/drinking, hot and cold;



Phlegm from a salty green colour to a yellow colour. Even though there was a production of sputum, one of the provers felt a sense of relief as their nose and ears became unblocked.



There were chest pains + palpitations. The pains were described as stabbing, dull and sharp like a dagger. The pain seemed to be coming from the heart and ext. down to the left arm and neck. Pain > rest. The palpitations were pounding ([9 h.] and the heart was beating faster than usual. The chest pain also seemed to affect the left breast, bringing about a bruised feeling.



There was some degree of back ache along with neck pain. The pain was described as being deep, aching and was mainly located in the lower back, the scapula, shoulders and the back of the neck. The back was so tender that one could not lie on the back and the pain < movement. One of the provers described the pain as if the bones were twisting and grinding against each other showing the intensity and discomfort being experienced. A sharp stabbing pain under the left scapula was also felt along with itchiness of the back.



With regards to the extremities pain was mainly experienced on the right hand side and less on the left hand side. The right arm showed a deep aching pain extending up to the shoulder. The arm and

shoulder were tender with a bruised feeling as if the body was beaten up. Pain was mainly worse upon movement, early morning, or carrying anything and was better for massage, as the day progressed, or adding some pressure to the area.

The entire body along with the muscles was fatigued. The muscles (calves) had many cramps. A burning sensation inside the calf muscle was felt and seemed to be > movement and < when the

legs were stationary. Pain extended down to the ankles and all the joints felt quite achy as if they were being tightened from the inside of the muscle.

The heel and soles of the feet had a burning feeling < standing on the feet, > raising the feet/sitting; The hands along with the feet seemed to experience a sensation of heat on them (some of the provers had icy cold hands and feet.



The majority of the provers experienced difficulty in falling asleep. They felt tremendously tired and exhausted, yet they still battled to fall asleep. Once asleep, the sleep was very light and disrupted as they awoke many times and some were even hungry upon waking.

Many of the provers needed naps throughout the day as they were so worn out. Wanting to sleep the entire day away or wanting to stay in bed all day long as this would make them feel better.

The sleepiness was seen throughout the day and they battled to keep their eyes open. Upon waking many of the provers awoke unrefreshed and were still drained. It took much effort to get up out of bed to start their day.



The dreams experienced were placed into themes. The main themes that were seen were: Pleasant. No harm was brought to anyone in the dreams. Many of the dreams featured around water, stars and the sky. The dreams had more colour and texture to them.

Nostalgic and familial

Many of the dreams were about known people in their lives. There were mainly family members in the dreams saying or doing odd random things.

Anxious and paranoid

Here there were many nightmares that were quite frightening to the provers. Dreams centred on fights, a coffin, being chased and thunderstorms.


One of the provers dreams which were the same every night for a few nights. There were slight variations each night but the dreams were the same whereby she was performing the exact same things.



Three of the provers experienced a fever. Sweating on the face, back, abdomen and armpits was shown. Along with the fever were body aches anda paranoid feeling and flu like symptoms

with a runny nose.



Two of the provers suffered with perspiration ranging from hot and sweaty on the face to feeling miserable and lying around naked the whole day, being sweaty # sometimes cold.



With regard to the skin there was mainly itchiness along with dryness of the skin.

A fungal infection was produced in one of the provers between the digits of the left toes. Vesicular eruptions that were white in colour, itchy and with a clear fluid discharge were also noted.

This led to the area becoming dry and scaly. The other symptom from prover was more like an allergic skin reaction. The skin on the back, neck, armpits, ribcage, under the breasts, folds of the arms,

behind the ears, folds of the inner thighs, behind the knees in the fold, in the hair, back of the head, inner wrist (left, and pubic bone) were extremely itchy. Intense itchiness which made the prover

scratch more leading to the areas becoming red and swollen was felt. The itchiness was worse with warm water and better with cold water. Little round weals were found on the arms after scratching.



4 main themes that were shown throughout the generals section:


Increased amounts of energy were experienced. Provers were full of energy and were able to accomplish more than usual in a day. They seemed to awake early in the mornings with a burst of energy.

Body pain and exhaustion

Extreme exhaustion to the point whereby the provers could not function. Much laziness was seen along with being quite sleepy and tired all the time. Even waking up was so tiring that they awoke

into aggravation. The exhaustion led to the muscles of the entire body aching. Sensations that were experienced were a general run down feeling, and a bruised and tight feeling of the muscles.

The body also felt as if the bones were breaking. To describe the tenderness of the muscles, it was as if someone had given them a good hiding. Body pains < movement.

The exhaustion and body aches led to muscle fatigue which also led to the onset of flu like symptoms for the provers.

Craving coffee and fats

An intense craving for coffee was experienced which was so intense that the aroma of the coffee could be smelt along with the taste of it.

Another craving was for fatty fried foods (fried chips or KFC).

Sensitivity to cold (weather was felt whereby the cold weather could not be tolerated and room temperatures were preferred instead).

Also sensitivity to cold water and ice water made the prover cringe.

They preferred hot drinks and food at room temperature.


The homoeopathic drug proving of Ubiquinone

30CH produced a wide array of symptoms in the mental, emotional and physical spheres. There were a number of exceptionally strong symptoms that occurred in the vast majority of provers as discussed in subsection 5.3 of Chapter Five of this document.

Most particularly, these were symptoms relating to the mind, the head and those affecting the extremities.

From this proving it can be seen that Ubiquinone 30CH has the potential to provide a profound acting cure for patients with an assortment of conditions.

It is hoped that further provings and clinical applications of Ubiquinone 30CH will provide verification and prove it to be of such significance that nothing else will be able to take its place, just as nothing else can take the place of the better known remedies widely used today (Sherr, 1994:9).



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