Comparison Iris versicolor + Sulphur + Natrum muriaticum + Nux vomica



Iris versicolor


Natrum muriaticum

Nux vomica


Frontal headache with nausea. Right temples affected. Headache begins with blur before eyes.

Beating headache. Heaviness and fullness, pressure in temples. Periodically recurring headache. Worse by stooping, with vertigo.

Blinding headache from sunrise to sunset. Chronic headache, semi lateral, congestive. Before attack, numbness and tingling in lips, tongue, nose, relieved by sleep.

Headache in occiput or over eyes with vertigo. Frontal headache, with desire to press the head against something. Congestive headache with haemmorhoids.


Burning in throat. Sour eructation.

Burning with dryness, redness in throat. Weight like pressure in stomach. Sour Eructations.

Heartburn with palpitation. Sweats while eating. Throbbing in pit of stomach.

Sour taste, nausea in the morning, after eating. Retching. Sour bitter Eructations. Difficult belching of gas.


Worse evening, night, rest.

Better from continued motion.

Worse at rest, standing, warmth, 11am.

Better by lying on right side, dry warm weather.

Worse noise, warmth, lying down, mental exertion.

Better by open air, cold bathing, going without regular meals.

Worse morning, after eating, spices, stimulants, narcotics, cold dry weather.

Better by rest, strong pressure, evening.




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