Cygnus Bewickii = Zwergschwan/= keltische Göttin./= Götter-/= Todesbote. Vögel. 


Vergleich: Siehe: Aves: + Wasservögel: + Cygnus cygnus


Schwarzen Schwans so nennt man -seit dem gleichnamigen Bestseller von Nassim Nicholas Taleb- ein höchst unwahrscheinliches, kaum vorhersehbares Ereignis.

Name erinnert an den berühmten Beispielsatz des Philosophen Karl Popper »Alle Schwäne sind weiß«, der so lange gilt, bis ihn eine einzige Ausnahme falsifiziert.


[JJ Kleber] 

Essenz: hat die Trauer bis tiefschwarze Verzweiflung aller Schwäne, aber im Gegensatz zu Cyg-c noch Anteile von Freude (sich schön Kleiden); auch Ursache der tiefen Trauer ist hier eher Abusus (sexuell/psychisch/Misshandlung), der nicht hinter sich gelassen werden kann; fühlen sich nicht akzeptiert (willkommen) in der Bezugs-Gruppe

o. Gesellschaft, aber auch Angst als Teil der Gruppe eigene Integrität (Wahrheitserkenntnis) und Macht zu verlieren.

Eingeschränkt: durch Bindung (nicht Vergessen) von Misshandlung

Leitsymptome: innerer Widerstreit von Wunsch nach Gruppenzugehörigkeit und dem Wunsch nach allein sein  (auch Mod. > allein);

in traurigen Gedanken an frühere Misshandlung (Nat-m.).

Empfindungen: fühlt sich eingesperrt + erstickt im Haus und frei + entfaltet im Freien (DD. Cyg-n.); „Wie etwas verloren zu haben“ ohne genau zu wissen was;

„Als ob hässlich/schmutzig zu sein“ (DD.: Cygn-c. vor allem schmutzig, generell Anserinae), und deshalb von Gruppe nicht akzeptiert (nach dem Mittel findet sich schön)

Pathologie: Hals + Mund (Entzündung/Ulcera/“Wie Schleim“/Schwellung); grippale Infekte mit Gliederschmerz + Schwere; Abdomen (Auftreibung/Krämpfe)

Allerlei: Todesbote./Orakel.



The Bewick Swan is smaller and lighter than the Whooper Swan. The beak is yellower and Bewick Swans can be recognised as individuals from their beak patterning,

which is highly characteristic.

Their migration pattern is similar to the Whooper Swans. Breeding grounds are slightly further north, in the arctic tundra of Russia. From there the Western population

migrate to England, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and Holland, and a few to the Caspian Sea, while the Eastern population go to China, Korea and Japan. Swans are long

lived, and the same swans have been observed to return to Slimbridge annually for as long as 27 years, and in captivity they have lived for 34 years. Like their own space

and tend to avoid the more crowded winter resorts. They have recently abandoned some of their former resorts which been taken over by Whoopers, who tend to congregate in larger numbers.

The swans are gregarious during the winter months, congregating in extended family groups. At Slimbridge, the larger and longer established family groups occupy the best feeding positions on the lake. The most recent clutch of cygnets tend to stay together with the parents, whereas older siblings will roam further away, but if there is a fight,

all the family members will get together and support the male by gathering round closely and gesturing and vocalising aggressively. These fights are quite dramatic to watch, but subside a few weeks into the season, once the pecking order is established, after which the flock appears to live together comparatively peacefully. During the breeding season the paired birds need as much as a square kilometre of space to themselves and again will defend this territory aggressively.

Food was an issue in the proving. The Swans need to put on weight in the winter to prepare for the flight to Russia and to be in good condition for breeding, and in summer, the cygnets have only 2-3 months to grow big and strong enough to survive the flight back to the winter feeding grounds. During winters, when there is a swan catch at the beginning and the end of the season, they have been observed to have put on about 2 kilos in weight, 1/3 of their body weight. Swans live mainly on plants, water weeds and tubers growing around the water, and they may also consume pond animals, such as tadpoles that live around the weeds and crustaceans if they are feeding in the estuary. They particularly love the mosquito larvae that abound on the tundra in summer. They are thickly feathered and float quite high up in the water; their long necks enable them

to feed below water and occasionally they swim just below the surface, but they do not dive. They need a certain amount of grit in their gizzards for digestion, and this makes them vulnerable to eating lead shot lying on the river banks or lead weights from fishing baits. Lead poisoning is one of the greatest killers, after human hunters.

They may also be killed by cold, starvation, animal predators, such as foxes, and overhead cables.

It takes up to five years for the cygnets to reach sexual maturity, during which time they may start to make "alliances" but these do not necessarily last. Mating takes place

on the flight back to Russia This involves an elaborate dance, during which they bob their heads in and out of the water, rub necks and make a lot of noise. Actual copulation

is relatively short and is followed by a "triumph dance" during which the birds lift up in the water and arch their necks towards each other. Swans who live freely pair for life, never changing partner unless their spouse dies. An exception to this has only once been observed in free swans in the last 20 years, when a pair failed to breed consistently

for seven years, after which the female took a new partner and bred successfully. They tend to breed more successfully the longer they have been together. On arrival in the breeding grounds, the female builds a nest straight away on a base of reed stems, lined with moss, feathers and down. Often, they will repair last years nest. Even if there

is still snow on the ground when they arrive, they will sit and wait for the thaw in almost exactly the same spot where their nest was the previous year They continue to fly around while they are laying, flying in circles as a pair, morning and evening, but once the eggs are laid they brood continuously for 28-30 days. The swans lay up to five eggs which are much larger than those of other swans Both partners will brood the eggs, but it is more commonly the female, while the male guards the territory. Swans show great dedication as parents. They brood with persistence. Mute swans have been persuaded to sit on an abandoned clutch of eggs, after brooding their own, for a total of about

50 days. At Slimbridge, a young bird crashed into a tree while landing after the flight from Siberia during storms one winter and was badly injured in the chest, breaking its sternum. The parents took it in turns to sit with it constantly until it died about 10 days later. After the cygnets are hatched, they are brooded until their feathers have dried and then led to the water. During this time, adult swans moult their feathers. Bewick pairs both moult at the same time, which leaves them relatively unprotected, as they cannot fly.

The swans fly back to the wintering grounds together as a family group, flying in a V formation with the strongest bird at the head of the V. They fly mainly at night and make habitual stop in certain places, where again they are observed year after year. They stop mainly to rest and feed only briefly, though they will feed more as they approach their destination. They are thought to orient themselves by the stars as well as coastlines.

The Bewick swans have frequented the wildfowl reserve in Slimbridge ever since Peter Scott encouraged them to settle there by feeding them regularly in winter and preventing the lake from freezing over. Slimbridge also acts

as a centre where data is collected about the swans during their journey to the breeding grounds and from Russia. Every year the swans are caught during the coldest part

of the season. They are accustomed to being fed morning and evening in a certain part of the lake where there is a large netting funnel. On the day of the catch they are driven into the narrow part of the funnel and then it is closed off. The swans are then caught by helpers who put them

in straight jackets which pinion their wings to their sides, thus immobilising them. Then they are ringed, weighed, measured, x-rayed (to detect lead shot) and blood samples are taken. Then they are released. The feather for the proving was left in her jacket by a female swan named Chirpy, whose mate, Laugh, is one of the swans that has been coming to Slimbridge the longest.

One of the provers had a dream of driving fast up a road where the walls either side became narrower and narrower, and finally the end was blocked. Another prover had

a dream of a house where the door had been walled up and she was indignant about it. I wondered if these dreams were a reflection of the way the swans were caught.



Ailments from cares, worries

Anger [< full moon/with herself/with enjoyment/at trifles/violent (shrieking and biting)]

Anxiety (about travelling)/Fear (of opinion of others/of work)/Fearless in spite of danger


Awkward (strikes against things)

Desires to remain in bed







Cheerful [and sadness (with weeping)]

Clarity of mind (as to his identity and personal boundaries)

Company aversion to (and desire for solitude)/desire for (of the group)

Concentration difficult

Confident/want of self-confidence

Confusion of mind [as to his identity (and personal boundaries/sense of duality)/loses his way in well-known streets]





Delusions - she were an outsider/hills are steeper when walking/her center is full of relentless hatred and blackness/is not appreciated/being beaten/is a bird flying and wheeling/under a thick blanket/body looks [hideously ugly (for one split second she saw herself in the mirror and was normal quite slim and attractive even)]/conspiracies against him (by God)/is despised/hears Lucifer chuckling/is dirty (is cruel and unworthy)/everything will fail/fingers are shrunk, short and stubby/floating (away from herself/in air)/flying (and wheeling)/is forsaken (and is an outsider)/is friendless/ground closer when walking/heart is giant and/is a hunter/is insulted/one's space is being invaded/is lost (in the woods/”As if in a crowd”)/is ostracized/is deprived of sleep/is trapped (in a spider's web/about to be/in the underworld)/was turning in a circle/world is a brick wall on which she is hanging by her fingernails/looks wretched [looking in a mirror (but for a split second she looks beautiful)]/has suffered wrong

Desires unattainable things




Wants to dress ridiculously


Ecstasy [sublime (in nature)]

Ennui, tedium

Attempts to escape (wants to get out of the house)

Estranged from - friends and relatives/society


Excitement (on waking)




Forsaken feeling (> solitude)/sensation of isolation (and of being an outsider/in company)


Hatred (of men)




Indignation (with rage)

Industrious (mania for work - desire to finish his work)



Irritably (in the house/towards own children/from noise/travelling)



Lascivious (lustful attracted to everyone)

Longing for - intimacy/when alone for communion with God

Looking at the stars in the night sky (Venus)

Exalted love

Ludicrous, things seem



Weakness of memory

Merging of self with one's environment

Mood changeable (sudden)

Loves Nature

Obstinate, headstrong

Playful (dressing up)



Quiet disposition

Rage, fury (with biting)


Restless (night/busy)

Sadness (after excitement/as if she had lost something/before menses/with weeping)

Selfishness, egoism

Sensitive - to emotions/to all external impressions/to all internal impressions/to nature and natural objects

Shrieking (during rage)

Spaced out feeling

Everything seems strange



Thoughts - move in circles/sexual thoughts at every person he sees

Time - appears shorter; passes too quickly

Tranquility, serenity, calmness (while hurried)

Unfeeling, hardhearted (with own family)

Everything seems unreal


Desire to wander

Weeping (evening/>/after anger/with remorse)


Wretched - unhappy with her body

Head: Congestion + nausea

Pain - > open air/pressing

Eye: Pain in margin of lids (< closing)

Vision: Yellow before the eyes

Ear: Pain - pulsating/aching - right

“As if stopped”

Nose: Discharge - clear/thick/white

Pain - Inside/aching in bones > pressure/burning, smarting - nostrils

Face: Heat - flushes

Stiffness in lower jaws

Mouth: Flabby tongue

Pain ext. ear.

Ulcers [painful (ext. ear)/white/yellow/on tongue]

Throat: “As if mucus internal”

Pain - sore (evening/ext. ears)

External throat: Pain ext. upward

Pulsation in glands

Stomach: Appetite - increased/ravenous

Vomiting after eating

Abdomen: Gurgling at night

Pain - cramping, griping (ext. upward)/wavelike

Rectum: Urging sudden

Male organs: Sexual desire increased

Female organs: Pain in r. ovary (cramping)

Back: Itching in lumbar region

Pain - “As if as if menses would come on”

Limbs: Awkward (lower limbs - knocks against things)

Contraction of muscles and tendons (joints/hollow of knee/l. foot)

Rash on leg

Itching - Nates/thigh  outer side

Pain - aching (in hip > dancing)

Restless legs


Sleep: “As if drugged”

Little need of sleep



Dreams: Amorous (dark and sadistic)/anger/colourful animals/anxious/being attacked/naked or dirty children/purple/danger/disease/sealed up o. closing doors/embarrassment/failures/ being fat/fear of high places/flood (streets flooded)/food (insufficient)/friends (house full of/group of/meeting)/hiding/high places (looking

down from)/coming home/homosexuality/house (damp and dark/wooden)feels inadequate/infertility treatment/knives/being laughed at/being a leper/masturbation/ mirrors/monkeys/nakedness (people)/nightmares/being ostracised/being an outsider/people [changing into animals/of crowds (and food)]/playing/being pursued/being pushed out/road o. tunnel narrowing/sexual (taboos being broken/perversity)/shameful/sleepless/snakes/snow/soldier/being stabbed/stealing/strange/threatening/travelling through time/being trapped/traffic jams/being in tune with the universe/unremembered/desire to urinate/vivid (could not remember)/(openings in) walls/being watched/water

[running (through the house)]/women full of energy, life and power

Chill: “As if internal coldness in bones”

Skin: Dry

Itching morning (on waking)

Generals: (morning on waking)

> open air

Cold feeling (in bones right side)

Energy - changeable/excess of energy in bursts

Food and Drinks: Desires: alcoholic drinks/coffee/farinaceous food/juicy things/lemonade/mutton/stimulants;

Sensation of heat

Desire to lie curled up

Numbness externally

> rubbing

> short sleep


Stoop shouldered

Desire for tobacco



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