Ingluvin (Ing) = active principle of gizzard (= Kaumagen des Huhnes)


Phytologie: The digestive powers = Pepsin-ähnlich, indigestion/pain in stomach with nausea and gastric irritation. In the deficient action of the stomach + nausea and vertigo in neurasthenics this is a useful remedy, it as tonic or stimulant, increasing the functioning of the stomach and soothing both local and reflex irritation. Vomiting of infants from local or undetermined causes. 30 grains stirred into 1/2 glass of water/a teaspoonful of given every 10, 20 or 30 min. In small infants equal parts of Ingluvin and bismuth may be stirred together in the water and administered in smaller doses. It is given in capsules when large doses are needed in adults. This combination is of much efficacy in cholera infantum and in other protracted diarrheas with nausea. Sodium bicarbonate should be added where there is excessive acidity.

Won reputation in vomiting of pregnancy/should be given in doses of 5 - 20 grains before meals. It may be given in 2 10-grain doses, 1 before and 1 at the end of the meal by  nausea + indigestion. If nausea is constantly present it may be given at any time at short/regular intervals. Best results by empty stomach. When  there is excessive nervous irritation with hysterical phenomena, an active nerve sedative facilitates the action of this remedy. Dilatation or mild cauterization of the os uteri may remove one of the causes of nausea, the Ingluvin afterwards quickly soothing the stomach.

As a digestive it should be given during or after meals. The agent certainly exercises an influence which differs widely from that of pepsin and pancreatin, and yet is as important and valuable.

Repertorium: english

Head: pain: drawing (Constriction/pressing/in occiput/sides of head/warm room)

Eye:  photophobia/in afternoon

Vision: flickering/sudden

Ear: Noises (humming/morning/11 h.)

Mouth: Taste like flour (morning/esp. bread)

Teeth: pain (drawing/afternoon/17 h.)

Abdomen: pain cramping (griping/from melons)

Rectum: Diarrhoea (from melons)

Cough: dry/after midnight/13 h. – 14 h.



Gemüt: Traurig (mit Magenbeschwerden)

Ohr: Ohrschmalz trocken

Magen: Übel während Schwangerschaft

Erbricht während Durchfall/Kindern/periodisch bei Kleinkindern/< während Schwangerschaft

Rektum: Durchfall bei Kindern

Brust: Herzklopfen mit Flatulenz/bei Hysterie

Glieder: Schmerz in Unterschenkel < nach Anstrengung



Taube [(männlich/weiblich) stellt im Kropf Kropfmilch. her als energiereiche Nahrung für ihre Küken. Die Küken saugen diese Nahrung aus dem Kropf].

Ambr. (wird im Magen des Wales um nicht gut verdauliche erscheinende Nahrungsbestandteile gelegt).

Siehe: Enzymen + Stoffen aus tierischen Drüsen + Secretin + Sarcodes + Aves Anhängsel


Allerlei: Function partly pepsin and ptyalin of the salivary secretion.



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