Meconinum (Mec) = Kindspech./= Op.-like (Alt-Hellas)/= 1e Neugeborenestuhl.


Vergleich: Enthšlt: Allant. + Galle. + Salze + Schleim; Mekonium (= Ausscheidung in Form roter Tropfen der Schmetterlingen/Arthropoda.).

Siehe: Geburtsgruppe


[Dr. Paul Theriault]

Personal proving of Meconium Humanum during trituration.

Meconium is the earliest stool of a mammalian infant. Unlike later feces, meconium is composed of materials ingested during the time the infant spends in the uterus: intestinal epithelial cells,

lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, bile, and water. Meconium, unlike later feces, is viscous and sticky like tar, its color usually being a very dark olive green; it is almost odorless.

The matridonal remedies have become fixtures of practice in the last decades, with authors such as Tinus Smits, Melissa Assilem, and many others detailing their uses in clinical practice.

Many remedies have been placed within this family, such as Lac humanum, Lac maternum, Vernix caseosa, Placenta, Umbillical Cord, Amniotic Fluid, Folliculinum and Oxytocin.

Recently Geoff Johnson also wrote on human sarcodes, expanding our knowledge of remedies made from human tissues even further.

However one matridonal remedy has yet to be explored, Meconium Humanum. Knowing this I chose to undertake a trituration of this remedy to determine itís properties as part of my ongoing

research for my upcoming book, The Table of Animals. The sample was derived from the drug free home birth of a friend of mine who delivered in February of 2015.

This was a trituration performed solely by myself. The symptoms noted were those which occurred at the time of trituration. The trituration was unblinded. The mental emotional picture of the

remedy was very clear, but there were relatively few physical symptoms that emerged.


Performed March 11th 2015:

††† All of a sudden I feel dark, unpleasant, mucky

††† I feel very bad about myself

††††††† Self disgust. Iím disgusting. I feel very down on myself

††† I feel as if I am choking. I have a feeling in my throat as if I am about to cry

††† I feel like I want to cry, but I cant!

††† Iím very stressed. Emotionally frozen

††† I feel profound regret. I feel worthless, because of something Iíve done. Iíve done something very wrong.


Performed March 13th 2015:

††† Today I have a feeling of anger

†††††† Now the anger is turning into worry. Iím worried. Am I doing this right?

††† Iím very afraid. I am doing this trituration wrong somehow. I feel as if I will do everything wrong, that I will be always wrong no matter what!

††† I feel like a failure. Like I have screwed everything up somehow!

††††††† I canít do anything right

††† I now I feel a bit better and more hopeful, but it is still so easy to sink into failure

††††††† And I donít feel very good about myself. I feel like a terrible and worthless person right now. Maybe thatís the reason why I fail at everything

††† I have such low self regard. I a have a big lack of confidence. Iím incapable and I loathe myself

††† I feel like I have definite goals, but that I canít accomplish them! Iím too weak and too much of a failure to do the things I want

††††††† And Iíve failed, failed, failed


Performed March 13th 2015:

††† I feel a great sense of regret, and a stabbing pain going from my crown to my shoulder, like a tusk going through my head!

††††††† It is as if an elephant tusk or curved sword is stabbing me

††† I feel a profound self loathing for what I have done. Itís horrid! Itís too bad to contemplate, too bad to face!

††††††† I cannot face my past, or what I have done!

††† I feel as if I can only freeze my past. I can lock it away and not process it. I can live a frozen life

††† I cannot process my past. I have frozen all emotion. I cant feel anything much. I do still fear however. I feat what will occur if I face my past

††† Iíve done so much wrong. When I do actually feel my past, all I feel is this limitless wall of despair!

††††††† It threatens to overwhelm all I have done. I cannot accomplish anything. I cannot do things. This self loathing tears down everything I have done and steals all of my joy and accomplishment

††† I feel a profound fatigue. Iím tired of this.

††††††† Carrying my past is such a weight

††† Iím stuck. I canít do anything right now. I am unable to solve this problem

††††††† Do I stay frozen or do I delve into the horror of the past?

††††††††††† Iíve done something wrong

††††††††††† Am I such a horrid person?

††††††† I fear to look at myself. What does my past reveal about my inner nature? What if I am just irrevocably flawed?

††††††††††† So I simply keep myself locked into a state of being frozen

††††††††††††††† Iím not real, but I am also not myself. I could be a horrid person!

††††††††††† Iím so afraid of what Iíve done. Iím afraid to know myself. If Iíve done this I must be terrible. It is better not to know. It is better to be false than to be terrible!

††††††††††† I feel now as if I have gotten lost in something horrible. I forgot who I am, and now it is as if I think whatever horrible things I have done stem from me. I am a horrid person

C1-3 Summary:

The initial three levels of this remedy paint a picture of a being struggling with guilt and regret over past actions. It has gotten caught up in the social movements around it and committed many

terrible actions, before it completed layer three, and truly knew itself. Because of this it believes these actions represent its own characteristics, rather than the circumstances of its environment.

This causes the being to avoid layer three, feeling that it is better to take on a false persona, rather than its true one, which it believes to be horrible. The negative actions it has committed causes

the being immense pain upon recollection. It copes with this pain by distancing itself psychologically, freezing its emotions. When this fails the being feels itself to be terrible, and beyond redemption

for what it has done.


Performed March 14th 2015:

††† A deep sigh of relief!

††† I feel optimistic now. The heaviness of past triturations no longer affects me

††† I feel good again. I still regret my actions, but now they seem far lessÖ My actions impact me less than they used to

††† I feel like a good person now

††††††† Strange that just yesterday my Shan Ren Dao[5] books arrived

††† I feel like a good person again. My deeds that were bad were just mistakes. They were deeds that I did under difficult circumstances. I own true essence and identity is pure

††††††† A pure identity can still get caught up in social circumstances and have this happen. But even with a covering of regret and mistakes, it still remains pure

††† I can see now that those things that I did werenít me. They didnít reflect me!

††† I feel now that it becomes possible to do terrible things both before ones true nature become exposed (especially if ones inherited energy and tendencies were particularly bad) and if one gets swept

up into very powerful social energies which can overwhelm the self.

††† Yet all these energies, either inherited or environmental, are less powerful than my self. I am the ultimate influence on my life. And deep down I am good.

††††††† I feel my own nature. Now I need to express it

††† I can feel my energy body and it doesnít feel like me. It feels foreign for some reason. I havenít expressed myself there yet

††††††† But now I feel able to do so. I feel rays of light from myself (located in the upper chest) reaching out and touching my energy body and aligning it with me, rather than what I was previously aligned with

††† I feel good now. I feel a sense of support for my real self to come through. I feel like I can finally overcome the external circumstances I have been lost in and grow into my true selfís expression

C4 Summary:

This level of trituration gives the being an awareness of its own true inner nature, which despite the series of events it has been involved in, still remains pure. The being realizes that the circumstances it became involved in do not reflect its own inner nature, and it begins to express that inner nature into its own body and energy fields.


As we can see from this trituration, this remedy lies within the third phase of human development, along with the silica series, Smitsí layer 3 and column three of Yakir. Issues of identity and ones own

past actions in relation to ones true self are key. This compares interestingly to other humanum remedies, which have a very wide application of series/columns which they span. Unlike most phyla, which span one or two columns/series, the secretions of human beings can be found in all of them. The following chart shows the various series/columns/layers with the matridonal remedies I have thus far verified. More will be published in my upcoming book when the research is complete.


Layer 1†††††††††† Layer 2††††††††††† Layer 3†††††††††† Layer 4††††††††† Layer 5†††††††††† Layer 6††††††††† Layer 7

Lac humanum

Lac Maternum††††††††††† Vernix caseosa††††††††††† Folliculinum

Meconium Humanum††††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† Umbillicus


This remedy is currently available from Helios as Meconium humanum. Anyone wishing to access the preparation I have made can email me at and I will gladly send it!



GemŁt: Wohlbehagen, behagliches GefŁhl

Atmung: Beschleunigt

Schlaf: Schlecht


Allgemeines: < liegend im Bett

Schleimhautabsonderung vermehrt



Vorwort/Suchen†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††Zeichen/AbkŁrzungen†††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Impressum