Miasma Cancer


Carsinosinum                                     (Sykosis    Carsinosinum    Syphillinum)                                                                    Helpless/failing/Sacrifice



Control Perfection Fastidious Beyond one’s capacity Superhuman Cancer Great expectation Chaos Order Stretching beyond capacity Loss of control Self-control


Weakness and incapacity within, and the need to perform exceedingly well and live up to very high expectations. The reaction is a superhuman effort, stretching himself

beyond the limits of his capacity. It is continuous, prolonged struggle which seems to have no end. Survival depends on it, for failure would mean death and destruction. control; perfection;

fastidious; superhuman; cancer; expectation; capacity; chaos; order


The cancerinic patient is constantly striving to be perfect and in doing so, stretches himself beyond his limits. There is no rest or freedom from tension.

The patient needs to be in control of self and surrounding. Feels that in order to gain control over everything, he must make a superhuman effort and stretch himself far beyond his limited capacity.

This behaviour is predominant in cancer patients.

The keywords: Control; perfection; fastidious; superhuman; cancer; expectation; capacity; chaos; order (Sankaran, 2002: 63).



acet-ac. alum. alumn. Ambr. anan. anil. Ant-m. Apis. apoc. arg-met. arg-n. ARS. ars-br. Ars-i. Aster. Aur-met. aur-ar. aur-i. Aur-m. Aur-m-n. aur-s.

Bapt. bar-c. bar-i. Bell. bism. BROM. Bry. Bufo. Cadm-s. Calc. Calc-i. calc-ox. Calc-s. Calen. calth. Carb-ac. CARB-AN. Carb-v. Carbn-s. carc. caust.

chel. cholin. Cic. cinnm. Cist. Cit-ac. cit-1. clem. CON. cory. croth-h. Cund. Cupr-met. cupr-act. cur.

dulc. elaps. eos. Epiph. esin. eucal. euph. euph-he. Ferr-i. ferr-p. ferr-pic. form. form-ac. fuli.

Gali. gent-1. Graph. gua. Ham. hep. Hippoz. Hydr. hydrin-m. Iod.

Kali-ar. Kali-bi. kali-chl. Kali-cy. Kali-i. Kali-p. Kali-s. Kreos. kres. Lach.

Lap-a. lob.e LYC.

maland. matth. med. Merc. merc-i-f. methyl. Mill. Morph.

nat-m. nectrin. NIT-AC.


Op. orni. oxyg.

ph-ac. PHOS. PHYT. pic-ac. psor.

rad-br. ran-b. rumx-act.

Sang. sarcol-ac. Scir. sec. sed-r. Semp. sep. sieg. SIL. silphu. squil. Strych-g. sul-ac. Sulph. symph. syph.

tarax. tax. Ter. Thuj. trif-p. viol-o. visc. X-ray zinc.


Comparison: Sarcodes + Nosodes + Minerals + Stadium 11 + Miasm cancer

Vergleich Miasmen in Kinder und Jugendlichen

Andere Meinungen stufen Krebs im psorischem Miasm


ätherleib - geschwulstartig

Hoffnung schüren, die wie Seifenblasen platzen/sich übermäßig anstrengen um Kontrolle zu behalten

Schlüsselwort: Überleben = Überforderung; Perfektion; Angst/wünscht Selbstvertrauen + gesittetes Benehmen/pingelig


ungebremst wachsen/der carcinosine Mensch ständig so hilfsbereit/ständig alle Schmerzen auf sich nimmt (Christus)/zu allen Kompromissen bereit ist, aber dann, wenn man ihm das Steuer überlässt, gnadenlos manipulativ bestimmend wird. Carcinosinummensch = einerseits die Bescheidenheit selbst. Völlig auf Kampf verzichten.

In dem Moment, wo man einen geschützten Raum öffnet und sagt: Jetzt mach du mal, da legen sie los und werden zu Tyrannen.

Diagnosis = life threatening. There is almost no hope + they do not give up. Searching high and low for a new drug trial/new surgery/alternative like homeopathy.

Desperation, of holding on to hope with the fingernails. Must carry out his life perfectly - one failure of duty/one lapse in cleanliness/one cheat of the proper diet and all will be lost. Perfectionism + need for control + being strained to one’s very limit are the normal presentation. Physically the cancer miasm is often found in patients with a history of cancer (family) but many other physical ailments can be produced. Anorexia nervosa/Tumors/M.S./


[Vishpala Parthasarathy]

      Pre-cancerous manifestations, for early diagnosis and prophylaxis through antimiasmatic, constitutional treatment

      Cancerinic state is what might really be called pre-cancerous state no acute lump or growth but only the tendency to cancer.

      In its evolution; cancer comprises of three stages:

              1. Cancerinic state

              2. Tumour (Cancerinic state often persists for years before a tumour occurs)

              3. Metastasis

      II. Mental manifestations of cancerine state

              A cancerinic always thinks that he must have cancer, a marked mental symptom. He tries to convey his anxiety to the doctor.

      III. Functional manifestation of cancerinic state

      Intestine, liver and kidney will be the first organs affected in the cancerinic state and these are the organs which first show progressing poisonings of the system.

              1) Liver: Feeling of weight in abdomen, sleepiness after food. Diffuse sensitiveness of the whole organ.

              2) Digestive function: Bitter taste in the mouth, morning nausea/constipation # diarrhoea.

              3) Intestines: Chronic constipated patients who cannot evacuate or only with laxatives, are going towards cancer.

      IV. Manifestations on the skin in cancerine state

      Skin dry or greasy, is covered with black points, 1. on the wings of the nose or folds of the ears, 2. on the forehead, 3. ext. to whole face.

      On whole surface of skin (anterior surface of thorax and abdomen) little red spots whose size varies from pinhead to that of a small pea.

      These spots resembles naevi but are not congenital because appearing during life and only in patients with a genital i.e. V.D. history or those who have entered cancerinic state.

      Spots which are brown and progressively get darker with age are also cancerinic spots.

      Warts, papillomas and condylomas are signs of cancerinic state.

              1) Wasting: a result of demineralisation. If there is wasting without apparent reason and without the patient being a tuberculinum, think of cancerinic.

              2) Arterial hypertension

      Every hypertensive patient whose lips are not red but lilac or violet with varicosities of nose is in cancerinic state. (Tuberculinic is hypotensive).


      Traumatism: Repeated traumatism causes an organ to become a centre of cancerous selection.

Agar. Anac. Agn. Anh. Ant-ar. Arg-ar. Arg-n. Ars. Ars-br. Ars-met. Ars-n. Ars-s-f. Asar. Aster. Aur-ar. Bar-ars. Bar-n. Bel-p. Cadm-met. Calc-ars. Calc-n. Caus. Carb-an. Chim. Chin-ar. Cit-l. Cob-n. Cocc. Con. Cund. Euph. Ferr-ars. Gali. Gast- Germ-met. Graph. Hydr. Ichth. Ign. Kali-ars. Kali-n. Kreos. Lac-h. Lev. Lob. Mag-ar. Mag-m. Merc-ar. Mez. Nat-ars. Nit-ac. Op. Orni. Oxal. Physos. Pip-m. Plb-ar. Raja-s. Ruta. Sabin. Scir. Scroph-n. Staph. Tab. Thlas. Ulm. Valer. Viol-o. Zinc-ar.

Aethyl-n. Am-pic. Amyl-n. Benz-dinit. Benz-nit. Calc-pic. Glon. Nat-cac. Nit-s-d. Pic-ac. Trinit. Zinc-pic.

Nosodes: Carc. Scirr. Thlas.

Most nitrates fall in the cancer miasm.


Vergleich: Anhang (Hans-Jürgen Achtzehn/Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjee)


                                                Carsinosinum                                                                                                 Leprominium

Work                   industrious                                                                         indolence caused by physical incapacity

Causes                 anticipation/reproach/fright                                               chronic grief

Mood                   anger over own mistakes                                                          usually mild in manner

Emotions              weeps from admonition/music/telling symptoms                           weeping not prominent

Consolation          < consolation                                                                      > consolation

Fears                   animals/crowds/examinations                                            fearless

Travel                   desire to travel                                                                 no particular desire to travel

Skin                      prone to moles                                                                 prone to psoriasis/ichthyosis

Eyes                     blue sclera                                                                 eyes excessively dry/lustreless



Verhärtungen: Aster. Bar-i. Calc-i. Carb-an. Con. Merc-ir. Phyt. Sil.



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