Thiosinaminum (Thiosin) = Rhodallin/= Allylsulfoharnstoff


Vergleich: Enthält: S; Thuj o. Med (wenn Carc versagt). Sin-n (Thios = hergestellt aus Sin-n. = Senföl). Ist in chemische Hinsicht Ur-ac-ähnlich/Sin-a

.                                              (= Weißer/Gelber Senf/= Mustard-ähnlich);

Nat-tmcy [Repertorium: Brust. Brustkrebs (+ heftigem Schmerz)]

Siehe: Brassicales + Anhang. (H. Retzek)

The most important derivat is allyl-thiourea, also a resolvent (ex-/internally) for dissolving scar tissue, tumors, enlarged glands, lupus, strictures, and adhesions." known

as thiosinamine.

Dupuytren's Contracture/Ohroperation, Katarrakt, Sklerodermie

Wirkt bei Ohrerkrankung wann begleitet durch Bildung von neuem Binde-/Narbengewebe (Calen.).

Verabreichung mit mechanischen Maßnahmen kombinieren.

Resultate besser/prompter in kürzer dauernden Fällen.

Positive Wirkung auf Schwindel.

Resultate in Tinnitus besser als durch jedes andere Medikament.

Negativ: Narben/Verengungen/Verklebungen/Tumoren;

Arteriosklerotischer Schwindel. Hitzegefühl und Brennen in den betroffenen Teilen. Schmerz blitzartig. Taub durch fibröse Veränderungen am Hörner.

Narbenverwachsungsbeschwerden nach Bauchoperationen; erweicht Gewebe, Fibrose, hilft Keloide auflösen; Trommelfellverdickung nach Ohroperation, Katarrakt,


Wirkt bei Ohrerkrankung mit Bildung von neuem Bindegewebe.


Verabreichung mit mechanischen Maßnahmen kombinieren.

Resultate besser/prompter in kürzer dauernden Fällen.

Positive Wirkung auf Schwindel.

Resultate in Tinnitus besser als durch jedes andere Medikament.

Wirkt bei Ohrerkrankung + Bildung von neuem Binde-/Narbengewebe .

Verabreichung mit mechanischen Maßnahmen kombinieren.

Resultate besser/prompter in kürzer dauernden Fällen.

Positive Wirkung auf Schwindel.

Resultate in Tinnitus besser als durch jedes andere Medikament.


Gemüt: Demenz (Dementia senilis)

Schwindel: bei Arteriosklerose

Auge: Ektropium


Trübung der Hornhaut

Tränenkanäle verstopft

Ohr: Eiterung (Mittelohr)

Entzündetes Mittelohr (subakut)

Geräusche I’m Ohr, Ohrgeräusche (durch fibröse Verwachsungen)

Katarrh in Eustachische Röhre


Verdicktes Trommelfell

Verwachsungen im Mittelohr (mit Geräuschen im Ohr/mit Tinnitus)

Hören: Schwerhörig (bei Sklerose der Gehörknöchelchen)

Schwerhörig - Tubenkatarrh

Taubheit, Verlust des Gehörs

Magen: akute Beschwerden

Bauch: Schmerz bei Tabes mesenterica (stechend)

Tabes mesenterica

Rektum: akute Beschwerden



Urin: Reichlich

Blase: akute Beschwerden

Harnröhre: Striktur

Prostata: Geschwollen

Weibliche Genitalien: Uterus - Krebs/Myom

Atmung: Beschleunigt

Glieder: Ankylose

Steife Gelenke

Haut: Dick

Hautausschläge - Urtikaria

Keloid Narbe: Thios. wasp. when a wound develops a keloid ‡.

Narben Gel

Anregung der strukturierenden Aufbaukräfte bei Narben-, Granulom- (knötchenartige Veränderung) und

Keloidbildungen der Haut. Narben Gel sollte nicht im Bereich von offenen Wunden angewendet werden.



Allgemeines: Bei alten Menschen/Altersverfall


Krebsleiden (Lupus carcinomatosus/Drüsen)

Lokomotorische Ataxie (+ Blase-/Magen-/Rektumbeschwerden)

Schmerz blitzartig + lokomotorischer Ataxie


Geschwollene Drüsen (chronisch)


Tb. - Lupus vulgaris



Mind: Active mind and sluggish body

Ailments from disappointed love,

Anger about past events

Animals house is full of them

Answers - abruptly, shortly/monosyllabic

Anticipation in stomach on waking

Anxious at night/fear of cancer


Awareness heightened


Company, aversion to > when alone

Confused – about dance steps, while dancing/misplaces objects

< Consolation

Content with self

Criticism affects not

Delusion – is not appreciated/body is thin/is out of control (will have a convulsion)/being looked with eyes as if, something is wrong/is a refugee/is separated from the world/

as if smaller/as if taller/time is wasted/wall, brick, is in front of her preventing her from doing her daily activity



Disorientated in familiar places

Distance inaccurately judged


“As if in a dream”



Forsaken, sensation of isolation



Indifferent for things usually enjoyed

Information, receiving from unexpected sources

Initiative lacking (evening)


Irritable – from reproach/threw cat to the ground/towards children

Memory weak - for what has just done/for what has been said

Mistakes – driving, takes wrong route on familiar journeys/writing (wrong day/wrong number/omitting letters)

Music is agreeable


Opportunities – for travel/new



Sadness, despondency (thinking of business/death, dying, grief of others/< sunshine)

Sensitive, sensual impressions

Senses acute

Thoughts - of animals injured / dead/clear/heavy with lightness of senses/of old acquaintances

Time - frittered away/passes too slowly/wasted

Travel, desire to

Unreal, everything seems

Waiting for something to happen

Weeping - for pain of all mothers/at sad thoughts

Work (aversion to mental, with desire for pleasure/aversion to mental, but desire for physical work)

Vertigo: Rising from a seat

Head: Constriction [band or hoop over vertex both temples (ext. to eyes and forehead)]

Hair (“As if standing on end on l. side)

Pain [l./on waking/ext. (l. cheek/l. eye/nose/l. temple)/from blows/after a fall/< external pressure/with nausea/dull (r. side/occiput right)/in occiput (neuralgic l./

neuralgic l. ext. l. eye)/ext. neck/l. temple (ext. l. eye)/

Ext. nape of neck/vertex ext. to nose]/pre in l. temple/sore/drawing in vertex]

Heaviness (with nausea # with constriction band or hoop ext. to bridge of nose/vertex/”As from weight/on waking ext. to r. eye)

Eyes: Margins of lids crusty

Heaviness (eyebrows)

Pain [l. (ext. l. temple)/cutting l./sore (l./eyebrows/eyebrows l. + pain in cheek/< pressure)/stitching (l./”As if needles thrust into eyeball)]

Quivering in l. eye and l. eyebrow


Vision: Lightning around objects after around blow to head

Photophobia > eating

Hearing: Noises – ringing r. ear

Stopped sensation (followed by ringing)

Nose: Discharge watery

Itching – nostrils/tip

Obstruction – morning/with watery discharge/# discharge

Pain in sinuses

Sneezing (sudden)


Sore – r. nostril


Smell: Acute

Sensitive - to odour of body of others/petrol fumes/perfume/strong odours/unpleasant odours

Face: Eruptions – pimples/in spots/chin

Pain – in lower jaw/burning while eating/neuralgic in l. jaw ext. l. ear/jaw (boring in lower l. jaw ext. l. ear/when opening mouth)

Swollen l.

Mouth: Gums bleeding when cleaning them



Pain – sore in lip with dryness and prickling/sore in  l. lip/inside lip (l.)


Salivation during sleep

Swollen – upper gum/l. lip

Warts r.

Taste – metallic/sour

Teeth: Pain – r./afternoon/only masticating/ext. forehead/eating during dinner/intermittent/paroxysmal

Sensitive - to cold/to warmth

Throat: Cattarh (evening)

Eruptions – red patches l.

Hawk, disposition to – morning/after eating/ineffectual

Pain sore

Extrernal throat: Pain sore

Swollen cervical glands l.

Pain < swallowing

Stomach: Appetite – constant/diminished/increased/wanting



Indigestion – from bread/after cereal/> apples

Nausea - in throat/walking

Pain - with indigestion/while eating

Abdomen: Pain - in old cicatrices/in spots/in pubic region


Rectum: Haemorrhage from anus with bright blood

Stool: Loose/sputtering

Female organs: Leucorrhea - greenish yellow/lumpy

Menses – copious/suddenly/Dysmenorrheax painful on waking

Metrorrhagia - between the menses

Pain – aching in (r.) ovary

Respiratory organs: Voice - croaking/deep/hoarse/lost and painless

Cough: Evening/night




Wakens from sleep


Expectoration: After a hot drink


Chest: Eruptions in r. nipple ext. armpit

Inflamed lungs, congested lungs

Itching of mammae of outer edges

“As if lumps between sternum and clavicle”

Pain stitching – mammae r./l./l. then r.

Back: Coldness chill (in cervical region “As if wearing a damp collar,”

Lumbar region – formication/itching

Pain – in coccyx [on motion/standing/walking/ext. thighs)/shooting (in coccyx/in cervical region/in r. lumbar region (standing)]

Stiffness (evening/after exertion)

Limbs: Awkward hands, drops things

“As if band on l. arm”

Cold hands  - eating/writing

Cracked skin – heel/thumb

Eruption – psoriasis on elbow

Excoriation – Fingers/thumb/in bend of knee

Heaviness – leaden/in legs

Itching – calf/(r.) foot/4th finger/l. Knee and r. elbow/on leg must scratch/middle toes

Pain – boring in fingertips/in toes pins and needles on rising/lower limbs (in l. thigh < walking uphill, > on flat ground/in toes rheumatic/in foot pins and needles)/

in upper limbs (r./upper arm < stretching/rheumatic)/sore (on rising/< walking)/stingin (in thigh/in hands)/pricking in thighs

Roughness on fingers

Stiff foot sitting

Weak ankle

Sleep: Restless

Sleepiness evening

Sleeplessness – before midnight until 3h.


Waking – frequent/hourly

Dream: amorous/amputation of arm/animals (dead/with their young/cat dying/rabbits/turtles eating rats/)/blood/searching for a lost car/is not part of the community/

children (looking after)/clearing, organising, tidying/accused wrongfully of crimes/danger/dead (people/relatives)/decomposition/disgusting/explosion/own family/

guilt/(reaches wron) house (abroad)/is ignored/inadequate feeling/injuries/insects/journey (by car/by railroad)/kangaroo/looking for someone and failing to find him/

too narrow streets/nostalgic/nuns/responsibility for family/relationship ending (having to decide which one to choose)/unsuccessful efforts to remove stains/urinating/

vivid/groups of menacing women/worms (and slugs)/yellow discharge

Chill: Chilly when in warm room


Profuse (warm)

Skin: Cracks

Eruptiosn – rash (r.)


Pain – stinging (fleeting)

Prickling l. side


Generals: Periodic, Symptoms appear for 2 - 3 days then disappear 2 - 3 days/l. then r.

Morning/(>) afternoon/(>) evening (> after 18 h./20 – 21 h.)/> midnight

“As if clothing too tight about chest”

Coordination disturbed (“As if not having enough space”)

Can’t rest until tasks completed

Food and drinks: <: alcohol (easily intoxicated)/beer (easily intoxicated)/bread/cereal; >: apples; Desires: Oranges/biscuits chocolate/warm drinks;

Lack of vital heat


> Lying

< full moon

Pain – l./spot could be located exactly/wandering

Short sleep >

Sudden manifestations, followed by sudden disappearance

Travelling from ailments

Weakness (morning/afternoon)

Komplementär: Nit-ac. Tub.

Folgt gut: Sil.                                               

Gut gefolgt von: Coloc.

Interkurrent: Fl-ac. Sil. Graph. Thuja. Carc.

Wirkung: lymphatisch

Phytologie: Narben

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