Trachinus spp.        


Vergleich: Siehe: Giften- + Meeresgruppe + Pisces


Trachinus draco (Trach-d) = Stingray/= Rochen/= Große Petermann/= great Weever/= Sting-bull/= Sting-fish. Trituration of the poisonous fins.


= Dig.-ähnlich + Ödem/= All-c.-ähnlich + Absonderung morgens (alle Körperöffnungen) + < Kälte;

Vergiftung: Tiefe Wunde + Schmerz (Kollaps), Haut um Wunde 1. Grau, 2. Rot, 3. Bläulich danach taub./riecht „Wie Fisch“  Angst/Schweiß/erbrechen/Herzrhythmusstörung/Kreislaufkollaps;

Positiv: Energisch/intelligent;

Negativ: Quälenden Todesangst/hoffnungslos, in Ohnmacht fallen, Wutanfälle, müde, verfroren, Rückenschmerz = > durch umhergehen, stechen/brennen,

Schmerz unerträglich, trockene Haut/Schwellung, periodisch, Menses spärlich, Wechseljahren., Neuralgie, > Schlaf, < Wetterwechsel;


Gemüt: Angst

Delirium (rasend)

Furcht (vor dem Tod)

Tollwut, Hydrophobie

Schwindel: im Allgemeinen

Magen: Durst


Brust: Herzklopfen

Glieder: Daumen - rot/geschwollen 

Schlaf: Schlaflos

Schweiß: Klamm, feucht

Allgemeines: Schwäche


Wunden(gangrän) schwarz



Trach. + Trach-v.

Atmung: Asthma, asthmatische Atmung

Haut: Geschwüre

Allgemeines: Schmerz (neuralgisch)


Vergleich: Siehe: Erste Hilfe-gruppe


Allerlei: nicht aggressiv/in (braches/salziges/süßes) Flachwasser eingegraben im Sand (wie Arenicola marina. = Wattwurm)


[T.F. Allen]

Animal kingdom. Class Pisces. Order Teloster. Trachinus Draco and Vipera. Common names: Great and lesser Weever, Sting-bull and Sting-fish.


Swelling of the whole body (1. of the wounded arm, 2. head and chest. A peculiar stinging pain occurred a few seconds after the wound, and this gradually increased

during a period of 15 minutes; a pain has now become almost intolerable, ext. back of the thumb towards the wrist; it was a burning character, resembling in the pain

produced b the sting of a wasp, but much more intense; the thumb now began to swell, and exhibited an inflammatory blush, ext. towards the wrist; the pain was now distinctly throbbing and very excruciating; in this state and continued for about an hour, when the pain began somewhat to subside, the swelling and redness still

continuing; in about 11/2 the pain was nearly gone; next morning the swelling of the thumb had but slightly diminished, and was in some degree diffused over the back

of the hand, the thumb, continued red and hot, and painful on pressure over the metacarpal bone; in few days the swelling had completely subsided, but the pain on the pressure continued for more than a week. The edges of the wound became thick, hard, tense, and insensible, back and gangrenous. Weakness. Violent burning pain,

extending from the wound into the chest.

Mind: Raving. Hydrophobia. Anxiety. Fear of the Death.

Vertigo: in general

Head: Violent Headache.

Stomach: Violent thirst. Nausea. Green bilious vomiting.

Respiratory organs: Paroxysm of suffocation.

Sleep: Sleepiness.

Fever: Constant fever, with irregular pulse. Cold Clammy sweat.

Skin: the whole body becomes yellowish green. Gangrenous blisters on the arm.


[John Henry Clarke]

Clinicals: Asthma. Blood-poisoning. Neuralgia. Ulcers.

Characteristics: Some very serious effects have been recorded from wounds inflicted with the fins of Trachinus. Intolerable pains, swelling of the part, and in

some cases gangrene, fever, delirium, and symptoms of hydrophobia have been observed. It should be indicated in cases of acute blood-poisoning with intense pains.

Mind: Raving. Hydrophobia. Anxiety. Fear of death.


Head: Violent headache.

Stomach: Violent thirst. Nausea. Green, bilious vomiting.

Respiratory Organs: Paroxysms of suffocation.

Heart: Palpitation.

Generals: Swelling: of whole body, of wounded arm then of head and chest. Stinging, burning, throbbing pain increasing to unendurable intensity lasting an hour

and then decreasing. Violent burning pain extending from wound to chest.

Skin: Skin of whole body became yellowish green. Gangrenous blisters on arms.

Sleep: Sleeplessness.

Fever: Constant fever with irregular pulse. Cold, clammy sweat.



Trachinus vipera (Trach-v)



Gemüt: Delirium (rasend)

Atmung: Asthma, asthmatische Atmung

Haut: Geschwüre

Allgemeines: Schmerz (neuralgisch)



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