Clupea harengus = Herring


= Silber. des Meeres.;

[Peter Fraser/Misha Norland]


Distortion of space/size/time

General confusion (communication/boundaries/reality/identity)

Calm and flowing/and confident/and content/can't be bothered

Energized/new + refreshed/loving, lucky, happy




Sensitive + irritable/vulnerable



Exhausted, can't move


Lack of group issues/Clupea has no choice in the matter.

Distortions of space (feeling taller)/distortions of time (tends to stretch into whatever is needed). Being able to go with the flow of time and circumstance and everything will work out/feeling of calmness and contentment;

Polarity of being energised and able to do many things at the same time. 1. feelings of being lucky and happy with concomitant gratitude and benevolence. 2. feeling of lethargy/can't be bothered/heaviNESS/exhaustion/sleepiness (wanted to curl up and go to sleep/couldn't move.

There was also considerable confusion. This could be of space and time and of identity and personal boundaries but was most often expressed as confusion in communication. They were unable to connect brain and mouth to speak effectively but could also not follow conversations and were easily distracted. (ADHS)

Colds affecting the nose/the ears/the eyes, often with headACHE and an irritating cough. Rather a cold than a flu.

Limbs many [heavy-/numbness/pain (sometimes severe/prevented walking)].


Vergleich: Enthält: Prop. (= Herringbrine); Fischschiefer [= Fischfossil. („Unterfeld“ Tongrube)/enthält wahrscheinlich Clupea]. Sementis [Rogenextrakt (Fischeier) aus atlantischem Wildhering/enthält MENGE mariner DNA (21 bis 31%), leistungsfähigen Antioxidationsmittel mit verschiedenen Heilungseigenschaften bei emotionaler und physischer Müdigkeit/weitere Antioxidantien: Vit. C (404 +/- 150 µg/100g), Zink (10 - 60 µg/100g) und Selen (0,1 - 2,0 µg/100g)/ideales Profil an Fettsäuren durch ein hohes Verhältnis von Omega-3 zu Omega-6 Fettsäuren (36 : 1);

Omega-3 : 28.6%, Omega-6 : 0.8%.

Eicosapentaensäure (EPA): 8,3% Docosahexaensäure (DHA): 20,2%/Omega-3 Fettsäuren effektiv gegen Depression/Schizophrenie/Magersucht].

Larus argentatus. (= Silber-/= Lach-/= Mantel-/= Herings-/= Sturm-/= Dreizehenmöwe).

Prop. = Heringlake (= Brühe worin Hering gekurt wird/= Prozess von Pankreasenzymen/= Verdauung von Eiweiß + Salz).

red. herring.“ = falsche. Spur im Krimi

Siehe: Pisces + Meeresgruppe  


Allerlei found in the N. Atlantic/has been a major food source in Europe and N. America for many centuries/the most numerous of all the fish in the ocean/it can only survive as part of a large school (very large and can be enormous/up to 4 cubic kilometres in size and containing several billion individuals)/schools move at considerable speed, up to 4 km/hour/feed on plankton/= a major part of the diet of many ocean creatures.



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