Comparison: Cladonia-p. and others


- Lyc.  Common: habitat;

- Op.

            Common: Happy/wellbeing/sluggish/dryness/sleepless/vivid dreams; desires open air


                       Opium: painless

                       Clad-p. Pain?

- Am-c.

            Common: Diphteria: Prostrated/problems hearing/throat blocked/suffocation

                       Clad-p. unhealthy boils/painful swellings

            Difference: Am-c. nausea/vomiting

                       Clad-p. Flatulence trapped/noises in abdomen

- Carbn-s.:

            Common: Absent-minded/dull/and feeling hurried. Lips dry/burning/eruptions on face/taste bitter and metallic/painful nodules on the scalp/glands enlarged/gastric system heavy/distressing

            distension/constipation/diarrhoea and cramps in bed at night. Periodic: 6 weeks and 5 months


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