Comparison of remedies from Aves group with synthetic recreational drug isolate group


[Durban University of Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences: Ujaswee Chhiba]

Some themes from the synthetic recreational drug isolate group overlap with themes from Class Aves. Some of the common themes shared are: euphoria, elation, joy, detachment and the numerous delusions. The delusions in Class Aves involves the perception of themselves being separated, as well as being pursued, which is also a

common delusion in the synthetic recreational drug isolate group. However, the Class Aves has a common delusion of body parts being enlarged or separated, which

is not established in the synthetic recreational drug isolate group.

The theme of detachment in the synthetic  recreational drug isolate group is expressed mainly on the mental sphere, but it is not a main theme which is present on every

level like in the bird remedies. The joy and elation in bird remedies is also expressed more from a sensation of lightness and freedom, which is not the issue in synthetic recreational drug isolate group (Harkhu, 164 2011:91 - 92).

Themes shared, as proposed by Shore (2004) and Fraser (2009) in Class Aves are: issues of disorientation, appetite, spiritual awareness, clairvoyance and restlessness.

Class Aves can be differentiated from the synthetic recreational drug isolate group by the Class Aves animal characteristics such as the desire for +/o. sensation of biting, feelings of freedom, emptiness, vacancy, floating, lightness, restriction/cramping/ constriction, and swelling and enlargement of parts (Harkhu, 2011:70 - 71).


Anthropoides paradiseus30CH can be used in the treatment of ADHS (= attention deficit disorder), mood swings, anxiety, pre-diabetes, hay fever, sinusitis, muscle pain and spasms, gastroenteritis and headaches.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (= Bald Eagle) substance may be useful in joint and shoulder conditions such as arthritis, as well as exhaustion (Spectrum of Homoeopathy 2011).

Ara macaw (Scarlet Macaw) considered in cases of peripheral neuropathy and used in a case of heart complaints + with psoriasis (Spectrum of Homoeopathy 2011:58).

Passer domesticus (Sparrow) demonstrated by Misha Norland and Peter Fraser that it could be useful in the treatment of back and neck pain (Fraser2009:197).

Cathartes aura (= Turkey Vulture) a case of allergies with significant nasal congestion, prescribed and resulted in a successful cure (Spectrum of Homoeopathy2011).



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