Orthoklas w = K + Al + Si/= Kaliumaluminiumsilikat/= Moonstone


Vergleich: Siehe: Edelstein-Elixier      


Aluminium                             Gruppe/Familie                       Zurückziehen

Kalium                                   Arbeit                                    Anfang

Silizium                                  Gruppe/Familie                       Erfolg


Pflicht zwingt dazu das Opfersein zu vertuschen/vor zu täuschen

Akut: Entzündung/Quetschung;


Vergleich: Feldspath. (Orth. = Varietät). Mondstein (= Moonstone/eine Varietät von Orthoklas oder Plagioklas mit blauweißem Schillereffekt).

Siehe: Kalium + Aluminium + Silizium


Wirkung: tuberkulin


[JJ Kent]

Mondstein: fördert Träume. have a soft attractiveness that is in contrast with the flashing angles of the majority of precious stones. They are usually cut en cabochon/sometimes turned in the form of balls, and, as the stone is reputed to be potent in providing good fortune.;. Held in the mouth stimulates the memory. Would cure epilepsy. (French Basque province). During the waxing of the moon it was an efficacious love charm; while during the moon's waning it would enable its wearer to foretell future events. If there  is any basis in fact for this belief, it should be the favourite gem of tipsters of the race tracks and stock market. A sort of cousin-german of the moonstone is the sunstone (a transparent variety of calcite or crystallized calcium carbonate), which however is a far less important luminary in the firmament of gems. The true moonstone is the opalescent variety of orthoclase-feldspat (= adularia). Albite occurs in opaque to transparent masses and in triclinic crystals having a dual cleavage in different directions.

Silica (68.7%)/Alum. (19.5)/Na (11.8%). The moonstone of commerce comes chiefly from Ceylon, where it is found in pieces several inches in diameter resulting from the decomposition of a porphyritic rock.

Ceylon moonstone is sometimes erroneously termed "Ceylon opal".

The term sunstone, or heliolite, is applied to aventurine kinds of oglioclase, one of the feldspars; these are of a greyish white to reddish gray colour with internal yellowish or reddish reflections, proceeding from disseminated crystals or flakes of iron oxide. Sunstone is found at Lyme, Connecticut, among other American localities. Its use in jewelry is now very limited; it is not costly, and artificial "sunstone" or "goldstone," made of glass, containing sparkling particles of metal, is often preferred to the genuine.            



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