Mount Roineabhal South Harris Summit Rock Siehe unten


Vergleich: Siehe: Gesteinsgruppe


Feldspat allgemein


Positiv: Trennt sich vom Altem/probiert Neues um Ziel zu erreichen/selbstbewusst/

entdeckt Verborgenem/bringt Ordnung im Chaos/liebt sich selbst;

Negativ: Haut/Muskeln;


Vergleich: Albit (Natronfeldspat) + Amazonit (Kaliumfeldspat) + Azulizit + Aventurin. (Edelstein-Elixier.) + Feldspath quadratique (Lithotherapie.) + Kaolin. w (= zerfallene Feldspat) +

Labradorit + Klaprothin/Lazulit (= blue feldspar) + Lap-gr-m. (enthält Quarz + Feldspat + Glimmer) + Mondstein (= Adulaire) + Oligoklas (= Natronkalkfeldspat) + Orthoklas. w

(= Kalifeldspat) + Paracelsit + Sonnenstein (= Aventurin) = Feldspaten. Anorthosit: [= (CaAl2Si2O8)/= Labradorit-ähnLICH. w Basaltische Augit-Andesin-Lava vom Hekla (Island). Grauschwarze, schlackige Lava mit vorwiegendem Gehalt von innig durchmengtem Augit (Calcium-Magnesium-Eisen-Titan-Aluminium-Silikat aus der Gruppe der Orthopyroxene) und Andesin (Natrium-Calcium-Feldspat). Verwendet wird eine rezente Lava.

Bone china [= Porzellan. hergestellt aus Knochenasche. (40 %) + Kaolin (35 %) + Feldspat und Ton (25 %)].

Gneis w/wa (= > 20% Feldspat + andere Gesteine)

                       Gneis = seborrhoisches Ekzem

Lazulite (Lithotherapie.)

Porcellanum misniense (= Meißner Porzellan/enthält Feldspat + Kaolin + Quarz).



Labradorit = (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)4O8) = Ochsenauge./= Luchsauge/= Regenbogenstein/= Schwarze Mondstein Schillerndgruppe/= Spectrolite


Repertory from (meditative) proving:






Mount Roineabhal South Harris Summit Rock

(Outer Hebrides, Scotland)


Allerlei: = hergestellt mit Wasser/= sehr esoterisch verwaschen



Negativ: Dis-connection/-traction/-crimination/-dyslexia/-phasia/-praxia. Abused. SensiTIV to injustice. Desires sunshine/outdoors/nature. Psychic/clarity of perception in understanding motivation

and conflict/in discovering origin of chronic complaints. aware of feeling both extremes of polarities. Aggressive + assertive. Depressiv/helpless/hopeless about state of world. Forgetfull/LOSS of

memory for past events. Obstruction and delay.

Delusions about body. Wavelike ebb and flow in mood and state of mind. Fragmentation vs integration. Euphoria. Desire for authenticity. Dreams of conflict and danger, life-threatening situations.

Dizzy/lightheaded, confusion in brain. Wavelike clearings. clarity # confusion. „As if looking down from a great height“.

(fleeting) Headaches (from drinking coffee). „As if brain squeezed in head“. Fleeting headaches.

> Tremor in eyeballs

concentration/focussing. Eyes discharge and grittiness when tired. Lids itching.

„As if room moving towards her“/“As if room shaking“. Acuity (= Sehschärfe) of near vision increased.

Discharge increased < damp, humidity. Sneezing „As if allergic to something“.

Increased sensitivity/AttracTION to certain smells (lavender).

Sensitivity > (curative).

Complaint in throat on waking.

Throat painful to touch (connected to memory of abuse).

Stomach: Nausea. Hiccoughs. Loss of appetite with constipation.

Abdomen: Sensation of burning and constriction in peritoneum.

Rectum: Constipation lasting 3 - 4 days (with anal fissures with bleeding on passing stool)

Stool: Diarrhoea after fish/potatoes.

Kidney: Discomfort on drinking.

Bladder: Urination dribbling in drops, „As if obstructed“, lasting 1 - 3 days at a time.

Urine: green.

Female organs: Menses delayed/retarded/suppressed. Flow watery, diminished.

Speech: Dysphasia/confusing consonants, spoonerisms. „As if intoxicated“.

Chest: „As if chest ripped open to expose heart“/“As if weight around heart“/As if sagging“. Angina-like pain in right brachial plexus.

Back: Shoulders tired „As if from overwork“. Burning in trapezius muscles. Rigidity. Weakness and spasm in lumbar region in waves.

Extremities: Warmth. Sensation of heat with objective coldness. Heaviness < damp weather. „As if fingers swollen“

Sleep: Disturbed(cannot sleep again). Cycles of waking at specific times nightly for several nights in succession. Cycles of intense sleepiness at specific times between midday and 17 h.

several days in succession.

Skin: Eruptions like flea bites (head/back/abdomen/hip/r. leg), intensely itchy. Psoriasis.

Generalities: Periodicity, cyclical symptoms each with independent periodicity. Complaints in waves (heat like cold fire). < damp, humid conditions;


Food and drinks: <: coffee/red wine; Desires: white wine;

Sensations fleeting, circling. Exhaustion. Sensitive to touch.



Mind: absent-minded

Anger (at injustice/sudden/about triffles)

Anxious for the world

Fill of cares, worries for animals, plants etc.



concentration difficult

confidence in self

conflict between higher consciousness and worldly existence

confusion „As to own identity“


contradictory impulses/desires/thoughts

desires to go into the country,

delusions, imaginations: body/body parts/arms/wings (erroneous ideas as to their state/is fat)/being abused/discriminated/is in high places/separated from himself and his life/separated from the world/everything is unreal

despair for the world




dreams: of being attacked/is not belonging/brutality/bullying/of capture, evading people/conflict/impending danger/of escape/searching/shots/pursued by soldier(s)/unpleasant/unremembered/passing

a war zone/is a witness

want of sense of duty

dwells on past disagreeable events

environmental orientation increased

euphoria, elation (# despair/from music)


wants to fight false accusations/rebellious

forgetfull (where he put things)

forsaken feeling

feeling of helplessness

desires to go home

homesick, nostalgia

horrible things, sad stories affect profoundly

abundant ideas

industrious, mania for work

injustice, cannot support


irritability when questioned

irritability about trifles

desires light/sunshine

love for nature

memory weak/lost: for what he was about to do/for what he has just done/for everyday things/for facts/for what has happened/for what has heard/occurrences of the day/for where he has put

objects/for what has said


making mistakes in spelling (wonders how the word is spelled/misplacing words/transposes sounds/uses wrong words)/in writing (adds letters/confounding letters/transposing letters)

want of moral feeling

desires classical music

objective, reasonable

obstinate, headstrong

shrieking, screaming, shouting

„As if intoxicated stupefaction“

> sun, sunlight

thoughts persistent: 2 trains of thoughts

tranquillity, serenity, calmness

tells the plain truth

violence, vehemence in general

Vertigo: „As after alcohol, alcoholic drinks“


tendency to fall

intoxicated feeling

objects seem to approach/to move, to vibrate

Head: „As if parts of brain are changing place“

constricted brain

crazy feeling/intoxicated feeling/lightness

disagreeable feeling

eruptions like flea bites

greasy hair

itching on occiput/sides

pain 48 hours after coffee/ext. ears/vertex/fleeting

pressure in general on vertex

tingling, prickling; warm, resting occiput on chair, tingling, prickling in occiput

waving sensation; clearing, rapid waves of, descending through body:

Eyes: agglutinated in general

discharges of mucus or pus

itching lids on margins, edges

pain „As from sand“

quivering; side to side:

twitching > looking intently

twitching from reading

Vision: acute (= SensiTIV)

objects seem to approach/trembling/moving side to side

Nose: discharge; nares, posterior, choanae

discharge; dripping; bathing, after:

sneezing in general

Smell: acute

Face: eruptions itching

Teeth: sensitive, tender

Throat: on waking constriction/on convulsions, spasms; waking

Neck: pain r./to touch

Stomach: appetite diminished with constipation


Nausea with depression/in afternoon



Trembling „As from anticipation“

Abdomen: constriction: peritoneum/diaphragm

Eruptions r./itching/like mosquito bite

Pain: burning, smarting „As if in peritoneum“/ext. lumbar region/in diaphragm

Rectum: constipation with inertia

Fissures from constipation/bleeding/painless

Periodic inactivity

Stool: impacted/large

Bladder: „As if obstructed“

urination dribbling by drops

Kidneys: pain when drinking

Urine: greenish

Female organs: menses: absent, amenorrhea/too late/pale, watery/scanty

Speech/Voice: „As if intoxicated“

Chest: „As if sinking, sagging“ internal/“As if open“



Heart/Circulation: aware of, can feel mass and shape of heart

Oppression of heart

Back: general convulsions, spasms in lumbar region: fleeting < bending

„As from eruptions/flea bites“

eruptions itching: must scratch though does not >/must scratch until it bleeds/< evening/night/in dorsal region


shivering from touch


weakness, tired feeling in lumbar region

Extremities: „As if eruptions from flea bites“ on lower limbs/psoriasis on legs

General heat in hands and feet

„As if heat“ in upper limbs: fingers

heaviness, tired limbs: lower limbs during exercise in damp weather/in thighs/in upper limbs

pain „As after exercise“/in upper limbs: plexus brachialis r./aching in shoulders/burning, smarting in muscles [shoulders (r.)]/sudden

stiffness in upper limbs

fingers „As if swollen“

Sleep: easily disturbed/falling asleep difficult

restless and brain „As if constricted“

sleepy < afternoon

sleepless after waking

Skin: eruptions „As from flea bites“/psoriasis in spots

Generalities: periodic at regular intervals

constant rapid of change complaints

Food and drinks: <: coffee/red wine; Desires: healthy food and drinks/white wine;

flushes of heat

lassitude # mental clarity

sensitive to touch

excessive weakness


Vergleich: Lach. Calc. Alum. Sil. Granite.



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