Thymus = Thymi glandulae extractum (Thym-g)


Vergleich: Cob-met (= in Thym-g enthalten) Colos (fördert Thym-g). Argin (setzt Wachstumshormonen für Thym-g frei), Ornithin (stimuliert Thym-g)

Siehe: Drüsengruppe + Sarcodes


Negativ: Eifersüchtig/(Selbst)mitleid/Sorgen/will eigenen Wünschen erfüllen, Kindlich/kindisch, geistig wechselhaft (Autismus), 1. meist untergeben, 2. GEGNER, zarter Haut, seidige Haaren;

[Richard Pitt]

Thymus gland

The thymus gland is situated in the upper part of the chest in front of the trachea. There are two lobes to the gland and they contain lymphocytes – T cells and B-lymphocytes, the latter of which are produced in the bone marrow. The gland is most active from birth to puberty and then declines as the gonads and ovaries become active. It also has much to do with the metabolism of phosphor and calcium, like the parathyroid. Tumours can form in the thymus leading to its removal. The medicine is discussed in Blackwood’s Manual5 and briefly in Boericke’s Materia Medica6. Blackwood states that:

“This gland has not been employed therapeutically as much as its importance might indicate. It has been employed in certain cases of exophthalmic goitre, when the thymus is enlarged, in rheumatic arthritis, rachitis and marasmus. Hypodermically it has lowered the blood pressure. Care should be exercised in prescribing this to gouty patients, as it is rich in nucleins.” In Doris Beauchamp’s book she suggests its use in children who have slow development, many acute illnesses, NBWS since childhood illnesses or vaccines, worried-looking babies, extremes of behaviour and children who are extremely affectionate. It would be compared with the major polychrests such as Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea phosphoricum, Carcinosin, Phosphorus and Tuberculinum. In adults she suggests it for overweight and sluggish people, a history of never being mothered, NBWS since serious road accidents or head injury, NBWS prolonged stress, acute illness and food allergies. It is suggested, as with other sarcodes that it can be given in low potencies as a support medicine.

[J. Ellis Barker]

Thymus gland given as drainage in case of prostate dysfunction.

[Martin Miles]

Thymus gland - Thuj. - Tub.*


Äußerer Hals: Kropf - Basedow

Allgemeines: Entwicklungsstillstand

Entzündete Gelenke - rheumatoide Arthritis


Wirkung: sanguinisch

Allerlei: Krebszellen haben gleiche elektrisch-magnetische Ladung wie Thymusdrüse.

The thymus gland is the organ that enables us to distinguish between what is “me” and “not me”. It helps create and maintain the immune system and it regulates the right amount of immunity,

like a thermostat. It is very important in Cancer and Autoimmune diseases and, interestingly, many ASD children have biological markers consistent with an autoimmune disease.

The thymus gland has been described as the “Black Box” of negative events, recording whatever has changed the original life pattern and the remedy can open the person up to past traumas,

explore the darkness within and unlock and resolve maintaining causes of trauma. Part of its picture is also birth trauma (very common in ASD) and the overuse of all kinds of drugs, as well as

a set facial expression (again common in ASD).


Organotherapie: [Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD]

Immune system and the Thymus Gland.

Under constant assault by viruses, bacteria, vaccines, antibiotics taken willingly or inadvertently with food, the immune system deserves some attention in many cases.

Echinacea Angustifolia or Purpurea

This is one of the best known and most studied herb in relation with the immune system. There is abundant literature available so I will summarize it:

immunostimulant, immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, enhances resistance to infection, anti-viral activity and anti-microbial activity.

Echinacea deserves to be in each and every prescription related to the enhancement of the immune system.


Not an herb, but collected from bee hives, so indirectly can be considered as a phytotherapic remedy, collected from plants and transformed by bees.

Antiseptic, antibiotic and immune stimulant, there is a plethora of literature available, which I will not copy here.

Uncaria Tomentosa 

Immunostimulant; increases production of inteleukin-1 and interleukin-6; can induce apoptosis in leukaemic cells. Recommended not to be given before or with organ transplantation, this

demonstrates its powerful immune enhancement ability.

Astragalus Membranaceus

Immunostimulant, restores the body’s immune response, particularly effective if leucopoenia is associated with the immune deficiency. 

It has demonstrated an increase in the thymus gland weight, when tested in rats (Sigura, cited in Mills and Bone Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy).

There are many other herbs that have an immune stimulating effect and are widely used for that purpose:

Arctium Lappa is an immunoregulator, Fucus Vesiculosus is an immunomodulator, Glycyrrhiza induces the production of interferon, Baptisia increases the production of antibodies,

Tabebuia Avellanda, Shiitake and Reishii, Eleutherococcus, Pau d’Arco, Withania etc. Whether those herbs repair the immune system, stimulates it or both is still not entirely clear and the

indication of each one should be weighted according to the totality of the patient’s problem, as usual; for example, you cannot give Glycyrrhiza to a hypertensive patient or Fucus Vesiculosus

to a hyperthyroid patient; that seems obvious, yet it is repeatedly done. 



Thymus gland

The thymus gland grows rapidly until the second year of life. Then more slowly, and at puberty begins to regress. In adult life it is only a rudiment. Regression starts earlier in females than males.

…It is claimed that the thymus lost its value for man and mammals when their ancestors began to incubate their eggs within their body and ceased laying them, as birds do - reptiles with albumen

and shells.

That was the original function of the thymus gland. Pigeons, whose thymus glands have been removed, lay eggs without shells but if fed thymus lay normal eggs plus shells. …

The thymus has been called the gland of precocity. It has also been named the gland of eternal youth, for its failure to regress at the proper time inhibits the maturing of the body.

When thymus is fed to a tadpole it remains a tadpole - it doesn’t metamorphose into a frog.

This centre, the thymus gland and the heart chakras, is the centre of true rebirth from ordinary dull humanity to seership. It is blocked in virtually everybody. The ingredient that compounds this situation

is inoculation. There is no straight antidote for inoculation (don’t think you can wipe the board clean with a remedy or two, it’s not possible). Constitutional treatment is required for a period of time,

sometimes even years.

The inoculation remedies are, however, very helpful. In a recently vaccinated child (= within the last few days) Sil. 10M is very helpful. The child will be ill for 7-10 days….. Another helpful prescription

can be Thymus gland C 6 for 10 days, followed by the constitutional remedy (individually selected). Thymus gland C 6 also useful for longer term vaccinosis and can be used by adults - any age, any time –

although the gland itself almost completely shuts down at adolescence….. Inoculation compounds the tubercular miasm. It is one of the reason (inoculated) tubercular patients are difficult to treat - you

have to “hit ‘em hard” with remedies to get a reaction.

The remedy most associated with the heart and thymus gland is Nat-m. Other remedies are Syph. Tub. Aur-met. and Carc.


Therapeutic note: Thymus gland given as drainage in case of prostate dysfunction.

It’s interesting that the syphilitic miasm looks like Nat-m., as the principal remedy for the Heart Centre.

Note: The Victorian age was the age of syphilis, with the masked balls, hiding behind a mask. In that way it is hard to differentiate between Nat-m. and Syph. One builds walls and hides away, the other hides

behind a mask. Both are indicated at this centre and understanding the timing of the individual’s healing process is helped by understanding the processes of this centre.

Martin talks many times of “remedies in threes” and I have observed how Thymus gland is followed by Thuj., is followed by Tub.

Depending on the case, these remedies may appear in this pattern with inter-current remedies over months, may be given on consecutive days or even in one day. Potencies may ascend (Thymus gland C 30,

Thuj. C 200 and Tub. C 1000) or descend. The pace and needs of the case will dictate. Ayahuasca 10M may be given to open the brow centre followed by Thymus gland C 30 for the heart and then the individual’s remedy. Therapeutically in chemotherapy Ayahuasca 10M, Syph. and Thymus gland (individually or combined) reduce sickness and nausea.


So what order do you prescribe in? If you prescribe in the right order, you get a better job done. If wrong, it works but it doesn’t clear properly. Use medium potencies (C 30) they are repeatable. The only way to clear the Thymus centre of its syphilitic-tubercular miasm is over a long period of time using C 30 = medium potencies. You have to use your intuition. There’s no set time gaps, information, special books to read (no one to tell you) you have to work it out for yourself.

…Giving the “wrong” remedy doesn’t do anyone any harm. If there’s no affinity it goes straight through….C 30 potencies do the work we want to do on this centre.


Thymus gland and development

When an enlarged thymus is present in a newborn baby, the starting process of breathing may be exceedingly prolonged and (a) difficult matter (blue babies - Carb-v.).

The secretion from the thymus gland controls muscular metabolism in some definite way during the period of childhood. It particularly influences the outer part of the adrenal cortex, the pineal gland, the thyroid gland and the prostate gland - so from the heart centre its influence radiates upwards and downwards. Children nursed on human milk have greater vitality than those brought up on the milk of animals, because animal ether is not permanently absorbed by the thymus gland as is human ether.


The thymus is ruled by Venus and the Moon. Venus impinging upon the thymus gland begins to awaken response and puts the individual in touch with the higher realms of the desire world.

The Moon is also a feminine planet; she is the cosmic mother and influences growth. There is also a close connection between the thymus gland and the spleen, and between the thymus gland and bones and growth

of bones. These two factors would further suggest the already observed connection between inoculation and leukaemia.


Children and childhood diseases

We know it’s good for them to have these diseases, That they throw off their miasms’ with these diseases. If the child is inoculated and still has these diseases, they don’t fully release it. After the child has the disease, give the nosode of the miasm that belonged to the disease - not the nosode of the disease itself:

    Cancer whooping cough, glandular fever

    Syphilis chicken pox, scarlet fever

    Sycosis mumps

    Psora measles

Heavy catarrh, glue ear, tonsillitis, continuous colds, flu’s, weakness are due to inoculations and the tubercular miasm (also syphilitic because this is hidden). Use your intuition.

Note: From this work with Martin I have found that inoculation pushes the child into the sycotic miasm, which has the nature of fixed ideas and rigidity. So sycotic remedies are first needed and then there is a move towards tubercular remedies. This supports the work Sheila Creasey did on tuberculinum that suggested that Thuj. often precedes any prescription of Tub.


Syphilitic miasm and thymus gland

Look at the syphilitic remedies and you get a picture of how really weird and peculiar they are. Not so much the nosode Syph. - there’s virtually no information on it (because its hidden!) but Mercuries, Kali-i.,

Aur-met. Phyt.  Be careful how you prescribe Merc. because wrongly prescribed can confuse the picture and often sends the patient away (quite common for Merc.). Martin recognises Merc. very much on its proliferation of physical generals (not physical particulars) - things like oedema and sweating, processes of decomposition generally get running through the body. Because of its nature, it’s not always possible to exactly locate the Merc. mentality first, but if you can get those physical generals …. Along with the modalities, it’s an easy remedy to spot.


The thymus gland and thyroid gland are both devastated by radiation so before prescribing Syph. prescribe Plut. C 30.


Pituitary gland

One of the two centres in the head. The seat of the mind. The master gland of all glands, blueprint of all you have been and all you will be. Your destiny is here, all diseases enter the physical body through this centre.

To Hindus it is Ajna, the two petaled lotus, and Shiva lives here. In the West, Mercury lives here, the communicator, Hermes, the messenger of the gods. The realm of thought and reason. It is at this point that you are able to make contact with your spirit and its requirements through focusing the mind. That still small voice in the background that no-one takes notice of.

Some patients have no symptoms - withheld or give little away, not in their body or don’t know who they are - Carc. 50M, after one week (the) principal miasm appears and this is what needs to be treated.

Prescribe the miasm and the remedy picture will ensue.

Remedies for this centre: Calc., Bar-c. Tub. and Carc. are also very good. Bel-p. acts like sunshine on this gland. One of the tendencies of this gland is to be: slow, sweaty (and) put on weight.

Afflictions result in loss of memory. If this gland and the pineal gland function as they should they will resist all disease - including cancer. It is at this centre that you have control over (your)selves. You can decide to be happy, optimistic and sunny and reach goals without failing or be miserable and depressed and resentful. This is point of choice. If (you are) happy and optimistic the body is not so subject to disease.

Fibroids are result of out of control brain. Quieten the brain and turn on to optimistic subjects.

Tub. and Med. - keep to C 30 and repeat over long period of time: nosode/remedy/nosode/remedy

Calc. very useful. Prescribe 10M and repeat four times a year.


Heavy periods and bits of tissue come away.

Connection with throat centre: what you think is what you speak. Thuj. indicated here. Remedies made from flowers (like the brain at the end of the spine - a blossom on a stalk). Particularly orange flowers - 

Calen. and Lil-t.

(Therapeutic:) Bel-p. (10M) used to induce pregnancy.

Works in unison with the thyroid and thymus glands and the heart centre.

    Thyroid more in women - leads to fibroids

    Thymus more in men - leads to heart disease and prostate problems later in life.

Working on one helps the others as well as itself.

Use Thyroid gland C 3 in women and Thymus gland C 6 or C 3 in men to cleanse from inoculation. Do not give thyroid to a pregnant woman. Thyroid gland useful in old age (again low potencies or even LM).


The three aspects of the pituitary

1. The anterior lobe influences the growth and reproductive organs. …(and) has much to do with the calcium metabolism, bone formation and production of teeth. All problems reflected require calcium remedies:

Calc. Calc-p. and Calc-f. It especially affects the thyroid gland, the cortex of the supra-renal and the islet tissues in the pancreas.


2. The posterior lobe:

        Raises the blood pressure

        Stimulates the muscles

        Stimulates digestion

        Regulates the water flow from the kidneys

Over-activity of the posterior lobe has different effects in different age groups:

Child overgrowth and early sexual maturity

Rapid and debilitating growth such as in phosphoric remedies (Phos. and Ph-ac.)

Can see: pituitary giants, pituitary dwarfs, pituitary eunuchs (produced by under-activity)

Adult Over-activity: bones grow at their extremities (can’t grow any longer) = Acromegaly.

Spade-like fingers tips, hands and feet become coarse, facial changes, head and face square-ish, jaw becomes heavy and square, skin thickened, (head) seems too large for body.

Under-activity: produces the opposite. They put on a lot of fat, inversion of sexual function, drowsiness, dry skin, hair loss, mentally dull. (Like Calc-Carb picture).

Personality: Over-secretion + intense living, like Ars. when well (live fast, intensively, cover a lot more ground than other people in the same time). Courage, initiative and forcefulness of character.

The centre of idealism and truth. Often find people who are idealistic or altruistic are highly motivated, have the courage of their own convictions and forethought. Ars. has more forethought than anyone else -

that’s when talking about the general run of humanity.

Under-activity produces lassitude, timidity and failure. So - the pituitary is the success centre.

Inability to maintain effort is a sign of insufficiency of this gland. So, if you can’t sustain the effort required to do something, to realise the conclusion of a task, you’ve got a problem here. Butterfly brain, flit, phosphorous-like, enthusiasms here and there which die out. Leaving life cluttered with unfinished tasks. (Calc. would never have got started at all!)

Associated more with sycosis - Nat-s., Med., Thuj. - governs water going to kidneys and peristalsis in alimentary canal. Disabilities with heart and kidneys that are to do with fluids tend to be sycotic - it is a watery miasm.

3. Cleft between the lobes:

Syphilitic - link between thought and action - Op. Hell-n. Bufo.

So destruction in people takes place in the cleft. Syph. is the first remedy to heal link. You have to perceive the intention, as patient reports nothing. All divulged from the detail. Patients indulge in self-destruction

and self-denial and are non co-operative, e.g. sweet and sugar binges or too much alcohol. All drugs only act to delay karma, they have to go there in the end. Forces around patient intended to see patient fail –

(you should) continue to work to see they succeed.

Remedies: Cann-i. Ars. Mang-met. and Sulph.

This centre records your dreams. If you don’t remember them the centre is blocked. It is the centre to which we retreat - our inner cave where we seek solace. Children live here and observe and assimilate. We retreat here after shock and trauma.

Any trauma, especially in childhood, will cause us to retreat into this cave for safety. As a result the thyroid, thymus and sex glands go out of balance. Growth and development becomes diffused and ineffective.

The base chakra becomes completely lost.


Afterwards Martin Miles

Outward disease is a sign of inner error; yet people parade their diseases like medals. There’s a gap, a defective memory- but when we practise homeopathy, we seek to close that gap. Every time you take a history from a closed patient, trace backwards in as much detail to get the pattern of error lying in the past which has produced the manifestation of now.

It is possible to use homeopathic remedies as a very effective force of healing on the knowledge of the endocrine glands alone. These glands and their secretions are called the chemistry of the soul. They certainly have a direct effect upon the person. The whole manifestation of being, size, shape, colour, are very much governed by the action of the endocrine glands. So, increasing your knowledge, from experience, and that will give you understanding, and in understanding you will grow into something greater than you are now. And that’s one of the ways knowledge of homeopathy is such a great instrument



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