Vergleich Lacs mit anderen


Lacs and Natriums.x

good at caring for others, whilst being unable to care for himself.

The Lac child cannot bear to simply lose the mother. Instead, he seeks to win her love.

Lac cases typically report that they tried as children to please their mother, and as adults they continue to try. They were ‘good’ children, just like Nat-m., helpful and responsible.

Very often they were the eldest child, helping mother by shouldering some of her responsibilities towards the other children. They thus became like little adults. Later, they continue to take responsibility for other people, and feel guilty when they don’t. In this sense Lac cases have unclear boundaries.


Both types are prone to suffer great indignation at injustice, and both types tend to be community-minded.

Differences between Lacs and Ammoniums.

1st the Lac issues of abandonment and feeling unsupported are not prominent in Ammonium cases.

2nd Ammoniums tend to have clearer boundaries than Lacs, both in terms of knowing when to say ‘No,’ and in terms of psychic empathy.

3rd Ammoniums do not try to please like Lacs do. And finally, the ambivalence seen in many Lac cases, born of a deep psychic split, is not seen in Ammonium cases.


is known for its activist inclinations.

Here the similarity with Lac is less. Causticum’s, advocacy is not personal. In other words, he is not fighting for victims because he felt a victim himself.

2nd Causticum tends to be detached most of the time, without being split in a pathological sense. Lac, on the other hand, is very emotional, but may become detached as a result of a pathological split.

Lac remedies and Natriums.x and Ignatia.x

One important difference is the strength of personal boundaries. Strong in Natriums and Ign.. weak in Lac cases.

Again postulating the origins of these weak boundaries as arising from the early experience of failure to bond adequately to the mother. A newborn child has no

sense of boundaries. Through bonding to the mother, it gradually learns that it is not its mother; that she is a separate entity. In the process, the child learns that it

has boundaries, which separate it from the world, and from other people.

When bonding to the mother is weak, these lessons are not learned so distinctly. The child continues to try to merge with the mother, and hence differentiation is not completed. This results in indistinct personal boundaries in Lac individuals (as it does in Boron individuals, who seem to go through similar dynamics at birth).

Weakness of personal boundaries expresses itself in several ways in Lac cases.

Lac people are extremely empathetic. They actually feel the feelings of other people, through a kind of psychic osmosis.

In this sense they resemble Phosphorus and Carcinosinum

1st Like the latter, many Lac people become healers and therapists, and they struggle to keep their feelings separate from their clients.

2nd Lac people are co-dependent, which means they cannot separate their own responsibilities from those of others. As a result they tend to take on too many responsibilities. And when they fail to fullfill a responsibility that was not theirs in the first place, they feel guilty.

Similarity between Carcinosinum.x and Lac cases.

In particular Carcinosinum can appear very close to Lac felinum.

The principal issue for Carcinosinum is the search for Self,

For Lacs it is the search for connection to others.



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