Arnica montana Kind Anhang


Kind: Chamomilla-Kindergruppe.x;


Ferr-met. = Arn-/Bell-ähnlich + weniger robust/Todeskälte der Unterarme ADHS/ADD;

[Dr. E.A. Farrington]

Whooping-cough in children who have a violent tickling cough, which seems to be excited whenever the child becomes angry. The child loses its breath when it cries.

[Dr. Katalin Kürti]:

Princess Arnica

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Arnica. Her beauty could only be matched by her carelessness. Panic gripped the entire Royal Palace when Arnica went to play in the yard, as she frequently hurt herself, including bumping her head on more than one occasion. Once she climbed

a tree without permission, fell down and bruised all over her body.

After each accident, her ladies-in-waiting tried to apply healing ointment to her wounds to ease the pain. However, Arnica would hear none of it: “Don’t touch me, don’t come near me!” she shouted. “Every single part of my body hurts. You will only make it worse, if you so much as lay a finger on me.” Arnica could find no comfort when she was injured. She was tossing and turning in her cushy bed, but could not find a position that would make her comfortable. However, as soon as she felt a little bit better, she slipped out to play again.

One day, while playing hide-and-seek with her siblings, she fell and hit her head so hard that blood ran out of her face. Her nanny lay her down and called for the Royal Doctor. By the time the doctor arrived Arnica had dozed off, but the nanny’s loud wailing awoke her. “Who called the doctor?”

she shouted. “I am alright. Leave me alone! All I need is to rest for a while.” And with that she went back to sleep, but not before she tossed the pillow out of the bed in anger and also because her head didn’t hurt so much without it.

As you can see, life was not easy with Arnica. Her caregivers could hardly wait for her to grow up and wise up a little bit.

Dear Kids, hopefully, you play a little more carefully than Arnica. If you do get injured, ask for a few globules of the homeopathic remedy Arnica, made of the plant Leopard’s Bane. You will see that the bruises, the pain, the headache and even the scare will soon go away;



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