Blatta orientalis (Blat-o) = Indische Küchenschabe


Vergleich: Am-c. Ars. + Samb. + Carb-v. (Blat-o wann versagen), Ampulex compressa (= emerald cockroach wasp/brütet parasitär in Blatta/Hymenoptera). Hippoz. Seneg.

DD.: Calc. Ferr-met. Nat-s.            

Gemeinsames in Blat-o., Kellerasseln und Silberfische;

Siehe: Arthropoda + Faulgruppe + begleitet Menschen + Anhang (Peter Fraser) + Stinkgruppe

= leicht mit  Calc. zu verwechseln/= schnelles Insekt;

Negativ: A. (Strahlendes) Hitzegefühl am ganzen Körper, B. > Aufsitzen/vornüberbeugen, C. < Nasskalter Luft, D. Bronchitis/Asthma = < nachts + liegen + < nasskalter Luft, droht in Schleim zu ersticken;


Korpulent + kräftig, ängstlich über Gesundheit;

1. Erkältung(en). 2. Bronchitis, 3. Husten mit Asthmabeschwerden (Aufsitzen + vorn überbeugen, 4. Liegt erschöpft, Atmet mühsam, Kiefern geschlossen, Speichel tropft aus Mundwinkel, Körper kalt; Milbenallergie;

Lower potencies during an (asthma) attack. Higher potency after the spasm, for the remaining cough. Stop by improvement, to prevent aggravation.

Kann das 10fache als der Mensch an Radioaktivität überleben

[Sigrid Häse]

Fettsucht, Passivität, Faulheit, Verwahrlosung, Unsauberkeit, Atemnot und Blasenentzündung. Fühlt sich dem Leben nicht gewachsen und wissen nicht, was sie dagegen tun können. Alles ist ihnen zuviel, also tun sie konsequenterweise gar nichts. Obdachlose ohne jede Aussicht auf Besserung am Rande der Gesellschaft leben aus Mülltonnen essen. Leberstörungen und Wassereinlagerungen im Gewebe vervollständigen das Bild des Arzneimittels;


Acknowledgements D Gordon, The Complete Cockroach. Ten Speed Press Berkeley, 1996.

There is only one book you need to look at when it comes to cockroaches and this is it. Here are some highlights.

Cockroaches wear their skeletons on the outside. This skeleton is made of chitin (pronounced kyetin), a durable, polysaccharide "shell" no more than a hundred microns thick, about the width of a human hair. It covers the entire body, even the eyes, is jointed to facilitate movement of the limbs and is remarkably lightweight. Cockroaches can pull

on average more than twenty times their own weight. The bodies of cockroaches are composed of three segments: head, thorax, and abdomen. In nearly all species, the head

is wholly concealed by the shieldlike pronotum, a convex plate of chitin that is often distinctively patterned or coloured. The posterior end of this plate also covers the points of attachment for two pairs of wings. Directly below the pronotum are the points of attachment for three pairs of hairy and heavily spined legs. At the end of each leg is a foot bearing two large claws, the feet and forelegs also have special adhesive pads. A cockroach's abdomen typically comprises more than half of its bulk. The softest, most flexible part of the body, it is protected by two sets of armour plate; upper ones called tergites, and lower ones called sternites. These plates can be used to sex specimens, as females have only seven visible sternites when viewed from below, while males have nine.

HEAD Antennae: long tubes consisting of as many as 130 segments, each outfitted with one or several receptors for temperature, motion, and scent.

Eyes: two types-compound eyes, each containing two thousand octagonal lenses, plus (in most species) simple eyespots without lenses, designed for detecting light and darkness.

Mouth parts: mandibles for chewing from side to side, armed with strong chitinous teeth; maxillae with tiny bristles for grooming antennae and legs. Finger-like maxillary palps and labial palps prod each bite of food, testing its edibility before actual ingestion.

Legs: featuring three kinds of connections: a hinge where leg and body meet, a ball-and-socket joint attaching the tibia (shin) to the tarsus (foot), and knuckle joints at both "knees" (the junctures of the tibia and femur and the trochanter and coxa). Ears: called subgenual organs, and located in each knee joint to detect the faintest of airborne sounds-even the footfalls of other roaches

Wings: thick forewings concealing a more delicate, membranous pair of hindwings.

ABDOMEN Spiracles: eight paired openings to the cockroach's tracheae; two additional pairs are situated on the thorax. These small holes are arranged in rows on either side of the abdomen, each attached to an air tube, through which these animals breathe. Cerci: jointed tail prongs with pressure-sensitive hairs that alert the roach of impending danger, bypassing the brain to flash warning messages directly to the legs. Genitalia: (in males) three talonlike hooks, the longest of which is designed to clamp on to the female's abdominal tip - once this connection is made, several smaller hooks are attached, forming an unbreakable bond between the two animals; (in females) a slim orifice with internal hitching posts for the male's hooks to grab hold.

THE BODY Cuticle (or body wall): made of solid, seamless chitin, and protected by a waterproof veneer of oils and wax; keeps body moisture in and dust and disease-carrying organisms out. Cockroach cuticles come in an array of colours, from black or chocolate to yellow or bright green.

RESPIRATION AND CIRCULATIONA cockroach's heart is contained in the abdominal segment. A thin tube pumps pigmentless blood through what is basically an open system, devoid of veins or arteries. This fluid courses through the body cavity, bathing internal tissues with nutrients from the digestive system and removing waste materials, which are conveyed to the excretory organs.


The interior ductwork of male and female cockroaches is similar to our own, in that there is sperm-producing testes and egg bearing ovaries. Fertilization is internal.

NERVES A cockroach has two pairs of large nerve ganglia, in its head, as well as a single nerve ganglion in its tail. These two sensory centres are connected, ultimately, by giant fibers. The components of a neural info highway, these giant fibres carry impulses ten times faster than ordinary nerves, they travel the length of a roach's nerve cord

in around .003 seconds. This arrangement gives cockroaches the ability to turn sensory input into action in record time. Experiments have shown that a warning message

from the cerci could be fastest on the planet


In ancient Greece, physicians routinely mixed cockroach entrails with oil of roses, stuffing this unsavory goop into their patients' infected ear canals. In the apothecaries

of ancient China, dried roaches were prescribed to treat visceral diseases and maintain the digestion. Today they are still sold in the heart of San Francisco's China town;


Repertorium:                                                                                    [Karl Stauffer]

Kopf: Schmerz - Schläfen (lanzinierend)

Gesicht: gelb

Blase: Krebs

Brust: Emphysem

Entzündete Bronchien (akut/+ asthmatischer Atmung)

Schmerz r.

Tb. im engeren Sinne

Atmung: Asthma, asthmatische Atmung (allergisch/durch geringe Anstrengung/+ fettleibig)/Atemnot, Dyspnoe, erschwertes Atmen (+ Husten)

Giemen, keuchend pfeifendes Atmen

Auswurf: Eitrig

Glieder: Krämpfe in Unterschenkel/Schmerz in Füße/Unterschenkel/5e Zehe/

Schwäche in Kniekehle

Allgemeines: Allergien im Allgemeinen (Schimmelpilze)

< körperlicher Anstrengung


Schleimhautabsonderung eitrig

< nasskaltes/nasses Wetter/< Steigen

Wassersucht - Innere Wassersucht


Repertorium: english:

Mind: Unfeeling. (family members)/ to loved ones (indifferent/rude)/unsympathetic.

Wants finery/luxurious clothing

Dreams making purchases of clothes.

Delusion “As if not appreciated”/longing for good opinion/desires flattery/approbation for love/is dirty/is a vulgar animal/”As if dirty before menses”

Towards people venerated.(verehrte) contemptuous/envious/jealousy


Despair social position./concerned about social position

Contrary/disposition to contradict.

Lewdness # remorse/loss of self control loss over one's sexual desires/talks obscene # self-condemnation.

Contemptuous of self


Cold, frigid

Irritability usual, lack of

Anxiety usual, lack of


Irritability causeless/about trifles/when questioned/at trifles/”As if head would burst”/ Impatient

Abrupt (answers/shortly, curtly)/talk abrupt (snappish)

Disturbed aversion to be/indisposed to talk.

Indifference music to.

Laughing at serious matters/losing valuable object.0


Head: Pain (before +/o. during menses)

Eruptions on scalp + occiput (boils/< pressure/< combing hair/

Eye: Symptoms + nose symptoms/burning (r./nostril/> washing/> closing eyes)/< sun)/aching

<: riding/draft of air;

Photophobia (INtens/< sunlight)

Vision: black spots floating before eyes, muscae volitantes, mouches volantes

Nose: Obstructed (at root/l./r./+ throat congestion)

Pain “As if pricking with a needle” l.

Discharge posterior nares l./pus-like/yellowish + burning in eyes/yellowish + headache

Itching, crawling, tickling/sneezing caused by itching (+ tickling)/desires fanning

Pain in sinuses + fever/1. preceded by cough & throat irritation, 2. burning r. + sneezing.

Face: Eruptions: Acne (before menses/pustular/scars remaining afterwards/linear, along the margin of the mandible (= Kiefer)

Mouth: Tongue coated yellow, dirty

Throat: Tickling (+ disposition to hawk/+ cough)

Stomach: Eructations empty/Thirst increased [night (before retiring/wakes up from sleep]

Hunger: (Emptiness, must eat something/ 11:30 h.-12 h./> eating small quantities)

Abdomen: Lower abdomen heavy/Eruption bitten mosquitoes by bitten l.

Rectum: Desire: sudden/frequent

Female organs: pale/watery/protracted/prolonged/delayed

Respiration: Difficult (night + nose symptoms/”As if breathing through trachea)

Impeded by constriction at sternum/”As if lungs not expanding enough”.

Cough: Dry/short

Chest: “As if heavy load (< talking/on waking)

Suffocation + chilly wants to uncover

Back: Perspiration in cervical region

Extremities: Eruptions fingers (l./middle/index)

Sleep: Restless (desires to change place/3 h. - 4 h.)/disturbed (can sleep well only after 6 h. - 6.30 h.)/ interrupted/sleepy in daytime, while sleepless at night

Sleepless exhausts/waking difficult morning/unrefreshing

Chill: Fever, influenza

Skin: Eruptions [herpetic + itching/(burning + soreness/itching before) eruption occur/urticaria (“As after an ant bite”/dark red)

Itching > voluptuous scratching (on waking)

Generals: Heat [flushes of (night)/partial upper parts/+ desire to uncover/+ desire to undress/+ desire to fan/> uncovering/> cold bathing] aversion to fanning

Desire to be fanned/hunger for air

Weak (> sleep/desire to lie down)

Food and drinks: Aversion: rich food; Desire: pastries/natural food ( fruits etc)/wholesome food;


Komplementär: Ant-t. Ars. (nach/bei Asthma). Bry. Seneg (= vegetabiles An).


Folgt gut. Apis. Dig.


Unverträglich: hohe Potenzen bei akuten Beschwerden


Wirkung: carbohydrogenoid/tuberkulin                                   


Allerlei: ALT + unverändert/lieben Wärme + Feuchtigkeit/rufen Abscheu hervor/harmlos vor Mensch. „Wenn eine Kakerlake stirbt, kommen Hunderte zur Beerdigung“.

Verarbeitet blaues Licht intenSIV/kann damit bei wenig Licht sehen. Beinen bewegen von Hirn unabhängig/= sozial/

Cockroaches are one of most primitive living, winged insects (almost unchanged for more than 320 million years) and are among the oldest fossil insects.

The cockroach prefers a warm/humid/dark environment/found in tropical/mild climates. Some species = pests/damaging more material than it consumes and emits

a disagreeable odour.

The diet of the roach = plant/animal products [food/paper/clothing/books/dead insects (bedbugs)].

People with asthma. are often allergic to cockroaches. Keep your house as clean as possible to discourage cockroaches from hanging around. Did you know that the FDA allows manufacturers a certain percentage by weight of cockroach parts in chocolate? It is apparently very difficult to keep these insects out of the chocolate vats (can you blame them?), so the best way to avoid cockroaches is to avoid chocolate. Strange, but true!


Käfer Mary und die Kakerlaken-Mafia


Blatt-o. considered one of the filthiest of household pests. It is oval, shiny black or dark brown, 25 to 30 mm long, with a life cycle similar to that of the American cockroach. The male has short, fully developed wings, and the female has vestigial (= verkümmert) wings. distributed by vehicles of commerce from its Asiatic origins to all the temperate regions.


Phytologie: Gekocht in Öl bei Ohrschmerz/Wunde


Repertorium:                                                                                                                                     [Munjal Thakar]

Head: Pain before/during menses

Eruptions boils on scalp/occiput/< hard pressure/< combing hair

Eyes: symptoms + nose symptoms.

Pain burning/aching/< riding/< draft/burning (r. + burning r. nostril/begins suddenly/> washing/< sun/> closing eyes)

Photophobia [horrible (intense)/< sunlight]

Visions: black spots floating, muscae volitantes, mouches volantes before eyes

Nose: Obstruction general [at root l. (with throat congestion)/r.]

Discharge general posterior nares l. (pus-like)/yellowish with both eyes burning/yellowish with headache

Itching crawling and tickling

Sneezing itching (tickling with)/with desire for fanning.

Pain pricking (needle like) l.

Pain general sinuses with fever/burning r. with sneezing preceded by cough + throat irritation.

Face: Eruptions acne before menses/pustular/scars remain afterwards/linear, along the margin of the mandible

Mouth: Tongue yellow, dirty coated

Throat: disposition to hawk from tickling (with cough)

Stomach: Empty eructations

Thirst increased, causes to wake up at night from sleep/at night before retiring to bed.

Hunger: Emptiness, must eat something./1:30 h. - 12 h/> eating small quantities

Abdomen: lower abdomen heavy

Eruptions, l./mosquitoes bitten by

Rectum: Urging desire , sudden/frequent

Female organs: pale watery/protracted, prolonged/delayed

Respiration: difficult (at night with nose symptoms/“As if breathing through trachea“/

Impeded, constriction at sternum/“As if lungs not expanding enough“.

Asthma & bronchitis in corpulent, robust people.

Dysponea < slight exertion/<< Rotting leaves, e.g. walking in forest/autumn, < rainy weather.

Cough: Dry/short

Chest: Heaviness, „As with heavy load“ < talking/< night/morning, on waking

Suffocation with chilliness - wants to uncover, but throws off covers as feels suffocated

Back: Perspiration on cervical region

Extremities: Eruptions fingers middle l. left middle/index

Sleep: Restless/desires to change place/restless at midnight after 3 h. - 4 h./disturbed (can sleep well only after 6 h. - 6.30 h.)/interrupted/unrefreshing

Sleepy at daytime, while sleepless at night/sleepless though exhausted

Waking difficult morning

Dreams: Teacher whom she admires; hurt by/left metacarpophalangeal joint stiff and can't move/confusing which leave him disturbed/cakes & pastries/unremembered

Fever: influenza

Skin: Eruptions herpetic with itching/along the dermatome/preceded by burning & soreness

Urticaria, as after an ant bite/dark red

Itching before eruption appear/voluptuous > scratching/voluptuous in morning on waking on

Generals: Obese

Flushes of heat (at night)/partial in upper parts/with desire to uncover/with desire to undress/with desire for fanning

desire for fanning

Objective heat

Hunger for air

Heat > cold bathing/> uncovering amel

< Cold, wet weather

Weakness with desire to lie down/> sleep

Aversion for fanning

Food & drinks: Desire: pastries/natural food (fruits etc)/wholesome food; Aversion: rich food;


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