Colostrum  (Colos) = Biestmilch (?aus Kuhmilch?)


Thema: Gleichgewicht; Lösung: positiv: Gerade stehen; negativ: Kränkeln;

Gebrauch: Heilung verletzte Muskeln/Knochen/Bindegewebe/Verbrennung/(Operations)narbe/Schleimhautentzündung, stärkt Immunsystem, DNS/RNS, fördert Fettverbrennung während Fasten,

repariert  gleicht Blutzuckerspiegel aus, reguliert Serot/Dopa/ Endorphine;

Negativ: Nervös/irritiert, blass, Durchfall Säuglingen + magert ab, säuerlich, Koliken;


Rektum: Cholera infantum/Durchfall (bei Kleinkindern)

Stuhl: riecht sauer/reichlich/scharf, wund fressend/gelb/wässrig – gelb/wässrig - grün

Allgemeines: saurer Körpergeruch


Vergleich: Enthält: Fett + Eiweiß + Mineralien (Cu + Zn + Cr + Ph-ac + Se) + Ins + Melan + weiße Blutkörperchen + Orotsäure (Vit.13) + Endorphien (entstehen in Pitu bei positive Erlebnisse/Ausdauersport/Yoga/Meditation/

Autogenes Training/Dauertanzen); Mag-c.           

Siehe: Bovisgruppe + Geburtsneben- + Placentagruppe + Lacs allgemein



Ign. für Frauen wie Nux-v für Männer/= Nux-v + Akzent fällt auf Geist /= Phos + eigener Identität/= verletzbar + reizbar/> Strych + < Bruc wie Nux-v


Psil. = LSD.-ähnlich/= Serot-ähnlich

Squalen. schützt Foetus vor Fruchtwasser.


Wirkung: fördert Zellwachstum + Stoffwechsel

Allerlei: Colos. coats and essentially seals the neonatal gut/constituted from a mixture of cells shed from the inner lining of the alveoli and the initial milk proteins made in the breast, as a result of a sudden drop in progesterone following the delivery of the placenta when prolactin levels rise (= hormone involved in milk production/initiates lactogenesis).

Enthält Lymphozyten/Immunoglobine/geht Milch vorab/Milch setzt ein in 3 - 7 Tage Telomeromase o. Telomerosmase:  Nur enthalten in Colos. Schützt Zellen vor Absterben/= Wachstum/Immunsystem fördernd/macht Darm durchlässig für Nährstoffen/fördert Thymusdrüse.

Is yellow in colour due to its high beta-carotene content. Minerals important for various physiologic functions are high at this time. Ca and P involved in bony matrix development, remain low until the mature milk is established by the 3rd week. Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin K) are now also high/as is cholesterol. Studies have shown, that breast fed individuals, are less likely to die from coronary artery disease in adulthood.

Colos.  is relatively high in protein (2.8 g/100 ml.: 9 g/100 ml of mature milk)/in mothers with pre-term babies it is higher. (Carnitine also plays a vital role in the early hours post-partum in allowing the neonate to oxidise fatty acids and ketone bodies as fuel alternatives to glucose).

Colos. is low in fat and derived from extramammary sources. By the time mature milk is established the breast has begun to synthesise its own fatty acids and maternal diets then provide long chain fatty acids only.

Colos. appears to have a laxative effect/assists in clearing meconium from the neonate’s intestine. This sticky black (green?) substance contains an essential growth factor for Lactobacillus bifidus, the first culture medium in the infant’s intestines. As Colos. is also rich in immunoglobulins and antibodies to bacterial and viral exposure encountered by the woman during her lifetime, it then provides a first line of defence against pathogens. No studies exist which establish that vaccination rather than naturally acquired antibodies through exposure, provides the same level of antibody protection. The answer to that question will become apparent within the next generation.

Colos.  production is somewhere between 2 - 20 mls a feed (the newborn stomach being somewhat the size of a walnut)/changes to transitional milk when the milk “comes in” on about the 3rd day post-partum. This may take slightly longer with a primigravida. However by the 3rd week the transitional period has passed and the concentrations of immunoglobulins and total proteins decrease, while the lactose, fat and total caloric content increases in response to the higher need for calories of the neonate. (The calorific needs of a baby are 4 x that of an adult in comparison to weight).

Quelle: Flüssiges Colos. -Extrakt/Pulver in Colos.-Extrakt (von Kühe) in Kapseln



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