Haemachatus haemachatus = Ringhalskobra/= Südafrikanische Speikobra Elapidae


Originaltext. of proving Hemachatus haemachatus


[Lize De la Rouviaere/Jodi Cahill]

Vergiftung: Rare, with fatalities unheard of. 25% of bites cause local swelling or bruising. General symptoms: drowsiness/nausea/vomiting/violent abdominal cramps/vertigo, as well as mild pyrexia.

Neurotoxic symptoms are rare, and only diplopia and dyspnoea reported;

Hat cobra-like appearance;


Allerlei: Can maintain its body temperature; at 30° C during the day, even in the winter season (Marais, 2004:114). When threatened, this snake exposes its hood, and will spit venom at its opponent.

Despite its cobra-like appearance, the Rinkhals is not a true cobra; it has keeled dorsal scales and gives birth to live young, whereas as true cobras lay eggs (Marais, 2004:114).

The venom of the Rinkhals is a dangerous neurotoxic venom that affects respiration, in untreated cases it may cause respiratory failure and eventual death (Marais, 2004:115). The proving substance

Hemachatus haemachatus was prepared from a freeze dried sample and was diluted up to the thirtieth centesimal (30CH) according to method 5a of the German Homeopathic

Pharmacopoeia (GHP) (1991). 


Mind: Absentminded

Abusive - insulting

Desires - activity/amusement

Ailments - disappointed love/mortification

Anger - from contradiction/driving/easily/violent


Anxious (at night/from anticipation/about business/driving himself)/Fear [for accidents (all day, > after going to bed)/death during heart symptoms during/driving a car/something (terrible) will happen]

Awkward (drops things)

Remains in bed; desires it



Childish behaviour

Clarity of mind

Company - aversed to > alone/desires solitude/desires company of a friend

Concentration - active/difficult (cannot fix attention)/studying

Confidence - want of self-confidence (self-depreciation)

Conscientious about trifles

Content (with himself)

Intolerant of contradiction

Delusions - is not appreciated/way home were too long/laughed and mocked at/has light [= low weight] (walking)/love is impossible/is neglected/is persecuted/is trapped/looks through someone else’s

vision/is being watched

“As if observing”


Disorder, sensitive to

Distances - inaccurate judged

“As if taken drugs”

Dullness with sleepiness

Efficient organized

Elated (# sadness)

Exhilaration (# sadness)


High spirited

Desires to go home

Hurries in occupation

Impatent (about own children/driving)


Indifferent (business affairs/duties/aversion to work/with sleepiness)






Irritable (wishes to be alone/# cheerfulness/towards children/driving a car/easy/before menses/from noise/with people/when questioned/from trifles/when aroused by noise during sleep)



Laziness (with sleepiness)

Longing - sense of (for good opinion of others/for repose and tranquillity)

Romantic love - desire it

Weakness of memory for everyday things

Mental power increased


Mistakes in speaking - misplacing words

Mocking - sarcasm

Mood changeable (quickly/sudden)

> Occupation


Order - desires it


Prostration (with sleepiness/on waking)

Reproaching - oneself/others

Responsibility - aversed to

Rest - desires it/cannot rest when things are not in the proper place

Restlessness - anxious



Sadness - from disappointed love/about past events

Self-control increased

Sensitive [to emotions/to (slightest) noise/to rudeness]


Shrieking while anger



Spaced-out feeling


Swimming desires it


Thoughts - repeatingtition/persistent/of the past




Desire to be useful

Loss of will power


Vertigo: + heaviness in head

> Closing eyes/cold drinks;

Driving < heat of sun

> loss of hearing

< Motion (sudden)/walking;

< after rising

“As if everything were turning in a circle”/”As if head is turning round”

Head: “As if cotton wool”/”As if expanded/”As if inflated”

Fullness in forehead

Itching of scalp (vertex)

Hair falling out in handfuls (combing the hair)

Heaviness (from headache)

“As if light”

Pain [evening (stitching)/+ numbness and tingling of nose/+ pain in abdomen/+ complaints of lower limbs/< bending forward/bursting pain/> coffee/> cold applications/> cold drinks/> closing the eyes/> darkness/dull pain/ext. eyes/ext. (canine) teeth/stitching/forehead (r.)/shooting (< (artificial/day) light/before menses/pressing/”As from a nail”/in occiput (ext. to (l.) eye/dull pain/occiput (ext. temples/> lying/pulsating/paroxysmal/piercing/> pressure/shooting/pulsating (< sniffing)/temples and forehead (shooting)/on waking (“As from a blow”/< warmth/> warm drinks)]

Perspiration on forehead

Eye: > closing eyes/desires to close them

Desires to cover eyes (> with hand/> darkness)

Red inner canthi

Lids - dry (margins on waking)/heavy/lower ”As if swollen”

Itching (l./r./< (artificial/day) light/> rubbing

Pain - burning /”As from sand”/raw

Photophobia [driving/during headache/< from (day/artificial) light]

Must squeeze the eyes


“As if tired” (> closing the eyes/> washing)


Vision: Blurred (closing the eyes)

Ear: earwax

“As if full”

Itching (l. ear/> scratching/in eustachian tubes)

< Noise/Noises inward (during headache/ringing)

Pain - l./boring pain/tickling/< lying on ear

Hearing: acute

Lost - short duration/after masturbation

Nose: < Blowing the nose



Discharge bloody (l./r./morning < blowing the nose/blood-streaked/clear l./copious/lumpy/sticky)

Dry (< in open air)

“As if full” (in root of nose)

Numb in tip

Odors - imaginary and real (metallic/sweetish)

Pain - morning - burning (sinuses)

Sneezing (with itching/> rubbing/tingling in nose)

Face: Clenched jaw (l.)

> Cold applications

Complaints of face - maxillary sinuses

Cracked - corners of mouth (l.)

Red (flushes/with heat)

Dry (lips/maxillary sinuses)

Eruptions [acne/itching/pimples (blind/on chin)/rough/stinging, painful/on upper lip r.


Hot with cold feet

Itching (cheeks)

Licks lips

Rough skin

Swollen (under eyes/”As if swollen”)

< Touch (lips)

Mouth: Tongue [cracked/fissured in centre/crawling on tongue/white/furry/indurated (knotty)/ulcers (l./on tip)/stinging/”As if burnt”]

Dry (> cold water/morning on/”As if sand in it”/during sleep/with thirst not > drinking)

Eruptions - vesicles (on tongue/on tip/burning)

Pain in hard palate

Salivation profuse (at night)

Taste - putrid (even water)/salty

Soft lips

Teeth: Grinding

Pain in canines

Throat: Clucking sound in oesophagus

Dry (+ dry mouth)

> Drinking in sips

“As if a thread hanging in throat”

Disposition to hawk

Pain [burning/l. sore (lump)/”As if raw”/”As  from something sharp”]

Prickly only on empty swallowing

Swallowing [difficult (cold drinks)]

External throat: Eruptions - pimples

Indurated [glands (cervical)]

Inflamed cervical glands

Neck: > Motion

Stiff (painful)


Stomach: Axious

Appetite [capricious/easy satiety (after a few bites)/increased (+ rumbling in abdomen/# loss of appetite/eating small amounts all day)/wanting]

> bending double

Distension (in epigastrium)

< Emotions

Emptiness (> eating)

Eructations - bitter - burning/< during stool


Indigestion (< after eating)

Nausea - after cough/< after eating/> after lying down/< motion/from odor of tobacco/in throat/< during stool

Pain [burning (morning/“As from hot coal “)/< bread/morning cramping (from hunger)/< fruit/> pressure (burning)

Tension in epigastrium

Thirst (morning/at night/for cold water)

Abdomen: “As if bubbles were moving about”

Distension (morning on waking/from flatulence/< motion/> stool/in region of umbilicus/> warm application

Emptiness (gnawing)


Pain [> bending double/burning/cramping (+ pain in bladder)/drawing/dull/> eructations/pressing (< eating)/in iliac fossa (l./r.)/lower abdomen (burning)/> lying/< pressure/pressing (“As from flatulence”)/radiating/sharp/> sitting/wavelike/> warmth] 1 Rumbling

< Touch

Rectum: Coldness in anus

Constipation - ineffectual urging and straining

Flatus [evening/acidic/loud/noisy/offensive (sulphur odor)]


Involuntary stool < dur4ing urination

“As if anus open anus” (< after stool)

Stool: evening/at night/like balls (small)/(light) brown/clayish/copious/(dry and) hard/light colored/mucous/offensive/small quantity/soft

Bladder: “As if full”

Pain [aching/burning/cramping/ext. to kidney (stitching)


Urination frequent/(dribbling) involuntary (if delayed/< during cough/< sneezing/< motion)

Urethra: Flatus

Urine: burning

Strong odor


Male organs: Ejaculation - sticky/thick

Disposition to masturbation

Perspiration (“As if pungent”)

Sex desire increased (with incomplete erections)

Smegma increased

Female organs: Itching in vagina

Leukorrhea - bloody/brown (sandy)/muddy/ropy, stringy, tenacious

Menses - bright red/brown (muddy, sandy)/dark (clots)/absence of clots/too frequent/too late - 8 days/mucous/scanty (and too early)/thick/

Pain - decreased/boring/cramping/bearing down/during menses decreased/in ovaries (dull/l./r./> pressure/< during menses/pressing pain/uterus and region (bearing down/”As if everything

comes out)/uterus - ext. upward/> warm applications

Sexual desire increased with masturbation

Respration: Difficult

Cough: Evening/at night/dry/irritable/loose/tickling in throat/> warm applications

Chest: Abscess in axcillae

Congested in mammae

Constriction - “As from a band” (+ difficult respiration)

Eruptions - white pimples with red areola

Fullness - in mammae sensation of fullness/under sternum

Heat in mammae (l.)

Itching in sternum

Pain - burning/digging pain/pressing pain inward/in ribs/sore (+ impeded respiration)/in sternum (along l. side/left of sternum/in mammae [< breathing/bruised/crushed/ext. to scapula/

> mammae/< jar/> warm applications/l./< motion/in nipples (< touch of clothes)/pressing/< pressure/sore]

Palpitation of heart (with anxiety/< lying)

Perspiration in axillae

Swelling in axillae [glands (l.)/painful

Back: Eruptions - itching/red

Pain - cervical region > cold/ext. (to ear/occiput/shoulder)/lumbar region [r./< bending to l./burning/< leaning forward/< lifting/>/< motion/< rising (from sitting)/> sitting/stitching/sudden/

> lying/> after stool]

Pain - > stretching/> warm bathing

Stiff - > motion/lumbar region/cervical region

Extremities: Clucking

Coldness - l./with heat of hands, feet, and face/upper arms

Cracked skin (on feet/toes/fingers around nails)

Leg reddish spots “As from insect bites”/Forearm (blotches/red spots)


Eruptions - knees scaly/pimples/ankles/blisters on toes/upper limbs - blotches

Formication - l. upper limbs

Hot - feet (morning)

Heaviness [shoulders/legs/> lying/”As from lead”]

Hip; complaints of - Joints

Itching (> cold applications/> scratching/in forearms (> scratching)/on hips/on legs (evening/”As from insect bites”/lower limbs/complaints of growth of nails (rapid/hangnails)

Pain (<(<(< viele >)>)>)


Stiffness (ankles/fingers/> motion/shoulders/wrists/< after exertion)

Stretching > lower limbs (< after exertion)

Tingling - legs (l.)/shoulder l.

Weakness (in legs/in shoulders)

Sleep: Deep

Disturbed (by heat)

Falling asleep - difficult/easy/during heat

Light (hears every sound)



Aversion to rise

Semi-conscious (hears everything)

Sleepy (in daytime/overpowering/with weariness)

Sleepless - before midnight  until 2 h./during heat/from warmth

Unrefreshed in morning

Waking after midnight - 5 h

Waking - too early/frequent

Dreams: Accidents/accusations/amorous (coition with 2 women)/Animals (killing/is protecting)/attacked/ballons/battles/bicycle riding/body deformed/big buildings/car/cats/Children

(precocious and arrogant/newborn)/colleagues [old work (finding them asleep)]/cutting/danger (friends in danger/protecting/escaping from a danger)/deceit/disappointment (driving a car)/

Embarrassment/enlarged objects/escaping/disfigured face/fights/flies/flying/friends (old)/frustration/guilt/hiding/home/homosexuality/house (dirty)/journeys (water)/money (lacks to pay a

bill)/Neck is slit/being obese/places well-known but changed/pursued (by murderers/animals/bear/police)/being poisoned/prostitutes/protecting/quarrels/rape/goes back to old school/seeing

again an old schoolmate/sexual/ship/snakes/spaceship/spiders/stool/stuck/suffocation/tunnel/being unprepaired/unremembered/vivid/war

Chill: Chilliness “As if hair standing on end”


Shaking - night

Perspiration: Cold at night

On covered parts


Profuse at night < during sleep

Skin: Bitten “As from an insect”

Cicatrices - become red/sensitive

Dry (rough)

Eruptions - acne/blotches/dry/eczema (< warm applications)/elevated/pimples/red (like insect stings)/rough/scaly/< warmth

Goose flesh

Itching (after insect bite/> cold/> scratching/< warm bathing)



Feels soft

Generals: l./morning (on waking)/17 h./evening (18 h.)

Physical activity

> (sea)bathing

< covers


Sensation of static electricity

Aversion to physical exertion

Desires physical exertion

Food and drinks: Desires: alcoholic drinks (wine)/chocolate/coffee/meat/oil/salt/seafood/sugared water/yoghurt; <: alcoholic drinks/vegetables;

Flushes of heat (at night/in open air/preventing sleep/sensation of heat # sensation of coldness)


Desires to lie down

< Light (sunlight)

“As if taken tranquilizers”

Riding in a car

> (short) sleep

> Stretching (limbs)

Exposure to the sun

< smoke of tobacco/aversion to tobacco/sensitive to smell of tobacco

On waking



< cold wet weather

> thunderstorm


5.6 MIASMATIC ANALYSIS Hemachatus haemachatus produced symptoms which are characteristic of the sycotic miasm in homeopathy. In the mind, it produced feelings of inadequacy, embarrassment, humiliation, feelings of being stuck, avoidance of company and the withdrawal to a quiet, private space, repetitive thoughts, feelings of inadequacy and not being able to cope, avoidance of responsibility, depression and lethargy. These themes are echoed in the dreams, and there were also dreams of deceit, of mistakes, of embarrassment, and of being unprepared. Furthermore, there were dreams of intense sexuality, and inappropriate sexuality, with knowledge that there would be disapproval of these tendencies and a tendency to conceal them. There were

also symptoms consistent with the malarial miasm as proposed by Sankaran (2002): intense irritability (with inefficiency), resentment to being controlled, feelings of being harassed and persecuted,

of being trapped with a need to get out, longing for past relationships, changeability. There were dreams of intense frustration, of harassment, attack, rape, of being stuck in a situation, of protecting others and others being nasty or mean to one.

There were dreams of being pursued. Pain was experienced as annoying, irritating. Vesicular skin eruptions were produced. Sankaran describes the malarial miasm as a combination of the sycotic and the acute miasms. It is thus proposed that Hemachatus haemachatus belongs to the malarial miasm.


[Victoria-Leigh Schönfeld]

During the proving Hemachatus haemachatus the provers experienced a wide range of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The highest number of symptoms were produced on

the mental and emotional levels. Provers experienced elation, joy, increased confidence, enthusiasm and energy. Polarity was demonstrated in the results with regards to the mental and

physical symptoms, these were observed as a lack of confidence, vulnerability, anxiety, decreased motivation, decreased concentration, lethargy, depression and indifference.

There were also sudden changes in mood and provers experienced marked irritability. On the physical level, many provers experienced headaches, irritation of the eyes, symptoms

resembling allergic rhinitis, sore throats, nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain and flatulence, menstrual disturbances, lumbar pain, rheumatic joint pains, and skin

eruptions. There were disturbances in normal sleep patterns, subjective perceptions of increased body temperature with hot flushes, and generalised tiredness and lethargy.



Commons.: in Lach. Naja. Haemachatus. Elaps. and Cloth.

Comparison. Hemachatus haemachatus + Lachesis

Comparison. Hemachatus haemachatus + Naja mossambica

Comparison.Hemachatus haemachatus + Naja tripudians

Comparison.Hemachatus haemachatus + Elaps corallinus

Comparison. Hemachatus haemachatus + Bitis Arietans (= Clotho)

Comparison. Lachesis Naja tripudians Elaps Naja mossambica Bitis arietans with Hemachatus haemachatus

Siehe: Schlangen + Cobras general.


Can spit its venom.



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