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Acon. aus Speichel des Höllehundes entsprungen

Ambra. = fauler Materie in Fäzes vom Potwal/= Physeter macrocephalus/= dragon's spittle fragrance/= Walfischdreck


Bienenbrot. = Speichel + Blütenpollen

Buf-s. = Speichel von Bufo agua/= Bufo + more cheerfully, happy, vivacious

Chicha ein alkoholisches Getränk aus der Andenregion aus Mais mit Speichel als Gärungsansatz hergestellt

Chaetura pelagica = Schornsteinsegler Nest. mit Speichel gebaut Aves

Culx. sondert Speichel ab bei Nahrungsaufnahme

Gelee Royale royal jelly, a substance produced by the salivary glands of the workers of bees.

Haemachatus haemachatus: can spit its venom.

Helo-s. Gilatide (= peptide in saliva has shown effect in the treatment of Alzheimer/Diabetes/ADD).

Hirundo urbica = Rauchschwalbe baut Nest mit Speichel + Lehm + Pflanzenteilen Aves

Hir. sondert Speichel ab bei Blutaufnahme

Ix. sondert Speichel ab bei Nahrungsaufnahme

Lyssin. o. Hydrophbinum

Mel. = Honig hergestellt mit Speichel der Bienen

Musca. verflüssigt Nahrung mit Speichel und saugt es danach auf

Naja mossambica. can spit its venom

Nidus edulis Apus apus = Mauersegler/= Material gemischt mit Speichel/= Cave Swiftlet´s nests/= Mauerseglernest/= Nest von Salanganen/= Sarang Burung/= Aerodramus

Nidus vespa anonymous. The raw material for the nest is a paper-like substance produced by the wasp from wood fibers that are chewed and mixed with saliva

Opiorphin Endorphin (körpereigenes Opioid) mit 3 bis 6x höhere Wirksamkeit als Analgetikum im Vergleich zu Morphin/= im Mensch Teil des Speichels

Ostracion cubicus spits poisonous spittle

Ourl. = Speichel eines Kranken mit Ziegenpeter (= Mumps/= Tölpel) Quelle: remedia.at

Plaque = Zahnstein aus Speichel entstanden.

Propolis hergestellt mit Speichel der Bienen

Termes. Baut Termitenhügel aus eigene Speichel und eigene Kot.

Sanguis vulpis = Blut + Speichel + Teil des Zungespitzens eines Füchsleins Quelle: Helios

Speichelstein entsteht aus Speichelablagerung in Ohrspeicheldrüse

Tuber melanosporum = Schwarze Truffel Teuergruppe oft in Boden. gefunden unter Querc./enthält Pheromon-ähnliche Substanz, wie in Speichel des Ebers Fungi.

Vespa nidus vulgaris.x Uses its own body fluids in the form of saliva for nest building and in food conditioning for the larvae. A water source is always near the nest.


Snake venoms are highly complex proteins/produced in oral and parotid salivary glands and injected into the victim through poison fangs.

Außergewöhnlicher Speichelfluss der besonders nachts „in Strömen“ fließt, wird mit abends 5 Sprühstößen Spenglersan Kolloid E. -beiderseits am Hals eingerieben- behandelt.

Entoxin pur N und Neolin Entoxin 20 Tropfen in einem halben Glas Wasser über den Tag verteilt trinken.


Fall: Mädchen, 10 Jahre, ist krank, lustlos, Bauchbeschwerden, schwach/rote, geschwollene Stelle auf Zunge, die brennt. All diese Beschwerden sind Coxsackie-ähnlich.

Ihre Speichel auf C1 potenziert wirkt wunder. Sie versteckte sich immer hinter ihre Zwillingsschwester, ist nun „Hans-dampf-in-alle-Gassen“, ihre Zwillingsschwester mitziehend.

Während Verschütteln: Schmerz hinter Stirn, drückend, pochend, Übelkeit vom Bauch hochsteigend; 


[C.G. Raue]

A blue color has been observed in slow poisoning by lead.

Yellow, even greenish saliva has been found in liver complaints and jaundice.

[Jiri Cehovsky]

Why do I regard saliva as the ideal material for dilution? It’s a very special liquid, which contains perfect information on the whole individual organism. That’s why, along with blood, it’s used in forensic medicine to identify people. But whereas after leaving the vascular system blood immediately alters its structure saliva never does.

Unlike urine, saliva does not contain any “dead” particles and can leave the body entirely fresh just instants after being formed in the mouth. And above all, saliva forms high up in a person’s fine-matter energy system, in the area between the fifth and sixth chakras.   The system of fine-matter energy centres, the chakra, has been understood in

India, Tibet and China since time immemorial. In Europe, however, this knowledge only arrived fairly recently, and it wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that it entered general consciousness. While the lower chakras connect us to the earth and with those parts of nature at a lower level than humankind the higher chakras connect us with the more elevated states of the Universe. This is precisely where we find the fine-matter organisation system that is responsible for our health, and which we want to influence. Saliva, forming high in the system between the throat chakra and the chakra of the third eye and being most similarly tuned, has the greatest capacity to resonate with these higher states.

Potentized Saliva and Breath

I prefer saliva and exhaled breath for tautopathic treatment. Saliva carries the perfect individual information of the entire organization. Breath exhaled from the nostrils holds direct information about our prana.

[Andres Amado Zuno]

Explains why similars, rather than equals, act curatively.

We always accept the medical point of view that “similars cure” but do not analyze why equals do not heal, and as far as I know, this aspect hasn’t been studied. Here are my conceptualizations about this important matter. Let’s remember Master Hahnemann’s Organon: aphorisms 16, 247 and 272. “The Chronic Diseases” Pages 45 and 49. Here the Master mentions the influence of homeopathic remedies on the nerves. It is my luck to observe and explain that the brain reacts, thereby initiating curative programs processed precisely by that brain-computer, which is the governing body of the organism and the only one that can carry out all that it takes to mobilize the healing possibilities, resembling a computer.

The brain needs a different influence in order to react which is clearly shown in the sialotherapy. Indeed, saliva inside the mouth does not cure internal health problems of the oral cavity but, if it is removed for a few seconds and slightly transformed into a similar and then reapplied inside the mouth it produces cures, sometimes very quickly as in canker sores or teeth pain. Yes, sometimes these pains are eliminated in seconds. Why? The saliva is transformed into a similar when it is taken out of the mouth, which causes the brain to react to its influence when it reaches it through nerve endings (Hahnemann).  The brain needs a different influence in order to react, which is clearly shown in this sialotherapy example. If the influence is the same as the saliva inside the mouth, there is no reason to react, nothing changes. Why react? And the healing possibility is established by making the brain react with something different, a similar.

That said, the brain also reacts to the chemical influence of allopathic medicines, but its influence is not similar, but opposite or simply totally different, so that the healing reaction is not achieved. Similar ones influence brain areas in which are found the dysfunction that is the origin of the disease.

Jiri Cehovsky uses the patient’s own saliva after succussion, as he explains in his book, “Get Well With Autopath” https://www.amazon.com/Get-Well-Autopathy-Jiri-Cehovsky/dp/8086936325 .

In the USA Dr. Bruce Shelton  (http://www.drbruceshelton.com/) does the same. And here in México a few friends also use this method.

The way in which the brain reacts producing healing is clearly explained in my free book:



[Paula Romão, Adília Alarcão und César Viana]

The use of human saliva to clean dirty surfaces has been an intuitive practice for many generations. The authors have established the scientific basis for this practice by means of qualitative tests and chromatographic techniques. α-amylasewas found to be the main constituent responsible for the cleaning power of saliva and therefore amylasic preparations obtained from bread or from microorganisms were tested as saliva substitutes.


Allerlei: Ganesha von Parvati (= Mutter) geschaffen aus ihren Schweiß. + Sandelholz (Pterocarpus santalinus = rotes Sandelholz Fabales.)

Mit Speichel wurde Verträge abgeschlossen

Beim Glückspiel wurde auf Münzen gespuckt.

Auf Boden spucken drückt Verachtung aus/wehrt böse Kräfte ab.

Speichel von Blutsauger = Blut verdünnend.


Didelph.: speit wann bedroht.

Schistocerca americana.

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