Metallen Anhängsel


[JJ Kleber]


Struktur oft beschrieben in Stadien der Entwicklung des menschlichen Lebens,

(Kontrolle + Macht entwickeln) bis Reihe 10, ab 11 Desintegration und Abbau (Kontrolle + Macht verlieren);

Perioden/Serien zeigen die Art der Struktur (Existenz/Identität/Beziehung) und die Stelle in der Periode zeigt die Vollständigkeit der Struktur; empfindet sein Problem bei sich selbst

(DD.: als Ein- oder Angriff von außen, als Attacke), es geht um die Vollständigkeit der jeweiligen Struktur:

1. Reihe: mir fehlt was, geht was verloren:

2. Reihe: an Identität,

3. Reihe: an Beziehung,

4. Reihe: an Sicherheit,

5. Reihe: an Selbstdarstellung,

6. Reihe: an Verantwortung + Macht); Problem ist Vollständigkeit des ICH (was habe ich, was brauche ich, was verliere ich), die Frage wie weit wir entwickelt sind.

Mir fehlt etwas, verliere etwas, wenn das vollständig o. vorhanden ist habe ich keine Probleme; wie fähig, wie entwickelt bin ich; in einem Entwicklungsschritt festzustecken.

7. Reihe: Lanthaniden


Follows a very accurate but complex astrological method for determining the precise blend of metals in one's make-up and for showing in numerical terms which metals are strongest and weakest in one's make-up.

3 possible outcomes:

1. Balanced blend of all the metals and no problems in life.

2. might have several metals even, with one or more deficient, in which case it is those deficient one's that you need to boost further.

3. all the metals balanced but one. Indicating that you have an excess of this one metal in your life. To reduce its effect upon you, you need to push it further away from you by discarding all colours etc that relate to it

and adopt qualities, colours, etc, that are its opposite. This will neutralise its overall effect and restore the balance.

One's life contains two distinct kinds of 'metallic' things. Things you like and have by virtue of a metal excess, and there are those that you have due to a metal deficiency. You must search for both. If you like blacks and dark blues, sleep easily, but are hard to rouse and lack energy then you have a clear excess of lead. But you may also feel brightened by reds, which is your second favourite colour. This indicates a lack of iron. Thus this person

should reduce the lead in their life and heighten the iron. By making this kind of adjustment, they can compensate for the lack of one and excess of another. They will lose their tiredness and gain a more positive outlook, just through making quite subtle changes to the contents of their life.

Generally men need to cultivate more Ag/Cu to tone down their mars.

Women need to develop more Pb/Fe to balance their copper and silver.



In a sense 'as above so below'

the heart in the body: gold of the earth/the sun of the heavens

brain of the body: silver in the earth/moon in the heavens

nerves and lungs of the body: mercury in the rocks/mercury in the heavens,

kidneys/digestion: copper in die erde and venus in heaven

blood/muscles/circulation: iron and mars in heaven

liver/gall bladder: tin and jupiter in heaven

skeleton/skin/hair/nails: lead and saturn in heaven


The reasoning behind these close correspondences is that they share similar qualities and resonate with each other on many different levels.

A link is established between man: the earth-bound metals: the wider cosmos. In alchemy this link is seen as vital for gaining any fundamental grasp of our nature, disharmonies in the body, the earth or the cosmos. All are

seen as intimately and inextricably interconnected. By identifying deficiencies in one realm, for example, one can then apply the appropriate change or retuning through the organ, metal or planet that corresponds. In this way adjustments can be made in any realm and the harmony of interrelationships that constitutes 'man-earth-cosmos' can be (re)-established.

It is inherent in this view of life, that any imbalance in the cosmos which has become imprinted in your makeup will inevitably manifest as an imbalance within your life, often as disease. The imbalance may lead to favour a particular food/colour/plant/metal. By searching through these like and dislike patterns in your life, you can begin to express that imbalance in terms of the 7 metals.

This interrelationship means we attract into our life that which is helpful or useful to us and which reflects our inner nature (people/relatives/friends/objects/plants/pets). The inner and the outer natures cooperate, reflect and reinforce each other. Through the polarity principle, we can attract that which is the exact opposite. To some extent this is why we can become ill from the very thing that will heal us and be healed by that which makes us

unwell - contraries and similars being to this degree convergent. It also means we can attract into our lives the very things that cause us ill-health.

They both also point to the power of another great imponderable in healing - that of belief. Belief has immense power. Whether we choose to 'rationally' scoff at it or accept and use it as a tool in healing, the choice is ours.

Not just belief in the practitioner or the therapy, belief in yourself. In this sense, belief is the difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it. It is the power of belief not science, that built the Pyramids and Stonehenge and other wonders of the world. In this sense too it is belief that sets the healthy apart from the sick.

Example of alchemical re-tuning: wear a tin or orange bracelet if a person was prone to liver problems.

Kidney complaints could be improved by 'bringing copper more intimately into your life';

nerve disorders through bringing silver;

heart through bringing gold, etc. This sounds deceptively simplistic, but it conveys the essence of a profound teaching and its ordinary application in our everyday life. Of course, the world is very complex and we must also

take into account not only the seven metals, but also certain plants, minerals and animals (homoeopathic remedies), as long as they are viewed or classified as 'aspects of the seven metals' and thus used as agents of natural


Many other methods exist. One might just place in one's home or garden the metal or a mineral, plant or animal that corresponds and fill that 'gap in one's life' in that way.

If, for example, it turns out that you are an excessively 'lead or saturn type' person, then you can reduce or eliminate the wearing of blacks and blues, stop eating black cherries and drinking coffee, and start using brighter

colours and eating other foods. If however, you have a deficiency of saturn-lead, then you would take the reverse steps, and bring this metal much more into the forefront of your life by so doing.

Thus the phrase 'bringing some metal more into your life' can be interpreted in many different ways, each having the potential of bringing about the desired healing effect. So it does not just mean

the metal - it means the archetype the metal has come to represent. It may mean a colour, a metal, a herb, a food, a crystal or an animal. Once one's metallic deficiency or excess - or what we might term one's 'simillimum metallicum' - has been identified, then one can explore different ways of bringing that metal into your life and adjusting and exploring the right intensity or dosage of one's intimacy with it. The essence can be placed under one's bed, made into a pillow, put in your bath, placed on the tongue, held in one's hand, sewn into clothes, incorporated into a bodily ornament

or piece of jewellery, used as a lotion or ointment, or as tablets in the mouth, etc. The possibilities here are endlessly exciting.

The method we adopt is largely immaterial/it is linking and correspondence that is important, and bringing it more closely into your life. By re-establishing your intimate correspondence with that metal in some way, one initiates a healing process, which is in reality a harmonisation of imbalances. The precise method one uses to link up with the archetype is secondary, varies from individual

to individual and embraces all the healing arts available. A certain amount of harmless experimentation is required with this technique to find for oneself what acts best.

One might meditate upon a certain colour, metal or flower, immerse oneself in a certain phrase or poem that encapsulates the quality one seeks to acquire.

These might include acquiring:

cat (gold = Sonne),

dog (iron = Mars),

fish (tin = Jupiter),

tortoise (lead = Saturn)

horse (tin) as a pet,

wearing a certain colour more often, placing of crystals upon one's body or the use of Bach flower essences or essential oils.

Remedies can be prepared in homoeopathic form/as flower essence preparation using spring water/pressed juice, preserved with alcohol and then potentised in the usual way. Gems., crystals and mineral remedies can be used directly or prepared. Remedies can be introduced into life by being with them/holding them/placing them within your active environment (colours/crystals/metals/plants/minerals). Consider removing some elements from

your life that might be harmful to your health. Some colours, foods, fragrances, plants etc that you have around you may be producing mild provings in your health or are counteracting more subtle forces that would otherwise enhance your health.

For each remedy it is important to gain some insights about its healing properties/astrological links/associated colours, etc. These will help people who wish to meditate upon each remedy before using them. The remedies a person needs can grow right outside their own house. And we attract to us the remedies we need. So looking beyond the very commonest plants that are found in your garden (foreign plants) pick those unusual ones that only grow or thrive in your garden. It is safe to assume that these plants are specifically attracted to you. Choose those and make tinctures or a mixed tincture to potentise or as an oil to rub behind the ears. This acts like the Bach remedies. They can also be brought closer to you by bringing them indoors, placing them in the bedroom, etc.

It is surely exciting to feel that here is a system of very profound and yet relatively simple natural healing. It can be explored by anyone truly interested in healing their lives in the fullest sense.

It recommends itself as safe, harmless, universal and effective.


Folgendes hat anthroposofische Einschlüße

[Elizabeth Renkert, M.D.]

Metal Remedies represent two streams:

the life-giving stream through silver, mercury, and copper,

the formative stream through lead, tin, and iron.

Bringing them to totality = gold, the sun, unifies both groups.

This image can also be seen as a lemniscate (= 8-form), with the lower pole the meta­bolic realm, the upper pole the head, and the heart, gold, in the center.

The upper planets: Mars/Fe, Jupiter/Sn and Saturn/Pb, are all formative, in different parts of the body and in different ways.

If lead were to work alone we would be gnarly, wizened, bony creatures at an early age. Lead is related to mental intel­lectual activity. Saturn constitutes the boundary of the solar system

where time exists. It is like the wise, saturnine Chronos.

Mercury is the planet and metal of activity in the wa­tery realm. Its process gets things fluid, mobile, and breaks up congestion. It dis­solves form and releases what has be­come fixed. Mercury introduces movement and life into organic processes.
With iron (Mars), the form goes down into the metabolism, into matter, not sculpting externally, but internally.

Mercury and tin are opposites:

Mercury can be used at the beginning of a process to get it moving, then tin can be used at the end to bring it back to new, flowing form, like the muscles of a Greek statue.

Jupiter is the administrator, ruler, and king of form.

Saturn/lead is the gray-bearded hermit, the monk, who becomes wise and yet not worldly, in a sense lacks a relationship with the world. He is the advisor to the king Jupiter/tin.

Mars/iron is the soldier, the knight in shining armor.

Venus/copper is the maiden who tames the knight, and wins his heart. Mercury is the court jester who keeps the king from becoming too rigid or stagnant.

The Moon is the new-born infant.


Silver, mercury and copper are the metals below the sun and are the metals of the metabolism.

Stannum is a com­bination of silver, mercury and copper.

The planets have relationships with the glands and organs:

Saturn with the pineal gland and spleen,

Jupiter with the pituitary gland and liver,

Mars with the thyroid gland and gall bladder,

Mercury with the solar plexus and lungs,

Venus with the adrenals and kidneys,

Moon with the ovaries, testes and brain,

Sun with the thymus and the heart.


Folgendes hat anthroposofische Einschlüße

[Veshara Malapermal]

In phytonanotherapy, the synergistic features of plant and metal nanoparticles (= Nps) offer potential healing properties that  may be the clinical bioequivalence of many synthetic drugs, with

Minimal side effects (Grace and Pandian 2007/Sinha 2006).

This could provide alternative approaches to treatment of chronic diseases, overcoming the disadvantages of  synthetic monotherapy allowing medicinal plant therapy to co-exist with current synthetic

treatments (Subramania et al. 2012/Durai et al  2014). This creates a much needed paradigm shift as the base for further clinical studies in diabetes research.

Numerous in  vitro and in vivo studies  have  reported several South  African  medicinal  plants with  antidiabetic  properties  (Afolayan and  Sunmonu 2010/van  de  Venter et  al. 2008/Deutschländera et   al. 2009).

However, there exists   a   lack   of   information about the antidiabetic efficacy and safety of phyto-synthesised Nps. Plants consist of multiple bioactive compounds (phenols,  alkaloids,  flavonoids,

terpenes, terpenoids etc.) (Bilal et  al. 2012)  therefore it is necessary that  the  biological effectiveness  of these  compounds be substantiated.

[Rudolf Treichler M.D.]


Connected with the reproductive organs, silver points to the beginning of human life, to the embryo. Besides the relationship to the Self (common to all metals) we see that silver has a strong relation to the life-building ether body which is not only active in the processes of mental and physical illnesses and their healing. Silver is often used at the beginning of psychotherapy. It will be easier for a patient to find contact with the therapist and the clinic if he receives silver medication. Through the silver process the patient will re-enter his body again as he had initially in the beginning of his life. Silver brings about an easier flow of conversation/memories are freed from the unconscious/stimulates the fantasy.

Caution is needed here with hysterical patients!

Silver also leads the patient back to the beginning of his illness, creating a new situation from which to start therapy. If the illness developed in childhood or had its roots there, one has to think especially of silver medication.

This also applies to compulsive neurosis which can originate in childhood, and for schizophrenic psychosis, with its precondition in childhood or adolescence, and to the anorexia nervosa, in which the patient does not want to grow up, but rather wants to remain a child.

A silver therapy is indicated when dealing with shock. In experiencing a “shock” a patient’s “astral body” gets shocked out of his body (region of the reproductive organs). Spastic conditions in the stomach and intestinal tract point toward a displaced “astral body.” Disturbances in sexual functions indicate a malfunction itself organically in sexual neurosis with disturbance of sexual functions. Silver will help the “astral body” to incorporate itself into the reproductive system.

Indications for Silver

Silver is the main medication in the treatment of the aftereffects of shock, of hysteria and sexual neurosis.

Each metal has a regulating, equalizing effect and reveals thereby its relationship to the I, which has to maintain an equilibrium in the whole organ system.

Argentum Praep.

Argentite, has a sulfur component and related to the metabolic pole of the body and has therefore a relaxing and healing effect (hardened organism/hardened psychological processes)/excellent as an initial medication in compulsive neurosis.

Caution is needed with redheads or patients with blond hair, who have a “sulfur-rich” constitution.

Dyscrasite: The antimony combination of silver is useful as an initial medication in hysterical patients/has the effect of “restructuring” the overflowing body and soul forces of a patient helping to re-establish a normal relationship of those sexual forces which have invaded the soul life.

 Bryophyllum: This sprouting, “upwelling hysteria plant” can be combined with silver. Low potency (50%) per os, D2, D3 as injections in thin patients, higher potency (D5-D10) with obese patients. Bryophyllum Argento cultum D2, D3 can be given in mild cases and at the start of a silver therapy.


Has a primal relationship to the whole kidney system. The astral body which lives in the air organism and creates the emotional life is also active in the “incretion” (collection) and excretion of urine, dominating the kidney system. With each excitement, with each tempest in the soul, the astral body lifts slightly out of the kidney system. Left to itself, the astral body tends to succumb to its inborn polarity, pleasure and displeasure gripping it with elemental force. Influences from the world outside stimulate the astral body to excitement having pleasure or displeasure or leading to apathy and boredom.

These changes weaken the equilibrium of the feeling life, the emotional center of the Self. We find the “cooling” and “graying” of emotions as an early symptom of a psychosis. It points to a gradual loss of the patient’s feeling center. In cases of pathological boredom, e.g. the so-called vacuum neurosis, the main problem is this dysfunction of the emotions. Copper counteracts the polarization of the astral body and encourages the development of warmer feelings connected with the Self.


The restless, excitable or apathic, neurotic patient and schizoid psychopath. The neurotic and schizophrenic patient who exhibits an emotional deficit and has great difficulties to get into contact with other people. Prophylactic for restlessness and excitatory states as well as for neurotic patients with periods of apathy.


Cuprum praep. in potency. Chalkosin, is the sulfur combination of copper. Indicated when the overflowing excitement is combined with bodily dissimilation, as can be observed in thyreotoxic conditions. Peroral D3, as an injection D6 together with Bryophyllum D2 or D3.

Cupro-Stibium: This medication with antimony [Stibium] helps the forming forces in situations with disruptions of the feeling life.

Cuprum-Ren D4, D6: Aimed at the kidney system. The copper component in this preparation stimulates the enlivening process and raises the sensitivity.

Chamomilla Cupro culta D2, D3: too strong a kidney radiation combined with symptoms of emotional disturbance suggestive of a copper-symptomatology (cramps, hypertonia, etc.).

Melissa Cupro culta D2, D3: should be given in cases where the kidney radiation is too weak with hypotonia, cold sensations and venous congestion.

Nicotiana Cupro culta D2, D3: is indicated when spasms occur under conditions in which the kidney radiation is too weak.


Mercury has a primary relationship to the respiratory organ, the lung. In the lung the astral body is active in inspiration and expiration and is less bound to the organ than in the kidney. The environment penetrates through the air directly into the human organism. The soul life which unfolds in connection with the lung corresponds with the intimate relationship to the environment. Pleasure and disgust develop here into the more differentiated feelings of sympathy and antipathy, through which the astral body opens up to the world or withdraws from the world. The withdrawal of the sensitive soul from the world may intensify and develop into “compulsatory” disease. The soul feels itself driven into a corner, remains full of anxiety and is unable to shed the overpowering impressions of the world. Love of the world can lead to hysteria, during which the astral body attempts to realize those illusionary concepts which are related to influences of the lung.

Mercury exhibits the described symptoms and disturbances of the soul in homeopathic provings. It has the effect of balancing the respiration of the “soul” which overshoots from one or the other side. In this way, mercury medication helps to produce a contact to the world and to the psychotherapist, which is more dominated by the Self.


A labile patient with inclination to changes in mood alternating between antipathy and sympathy. As intermediate and basic remedy in the treatment of hysteria and “compulsive” diseases.

During disturbances of contact while under psychotherapy.


Mercur. viv. nat., the metallic mercury preparation as injection in med. potency (D10, D15), per os lower pot. For support of psychotherapy the vegetabilized metal Bryophyllum Mercurio cultum D2, D3 is recommended.

            Antimony (Stibium)

This half metal brings together the 3 planets: moon, venus and mercury (having their paths below the sun) and the corresponding effects of the 3 metals: silver, copper, and mercury. Processes of dissociation occur in patients such as schizoid neurotics and schizophrenics resulting in a loss of structure of the soul life. It is possible that dissolution or dissimilation of organ protein could be the underlying cause of the described changes in these patients. Antimony stimulates the process of new formation of organ protein: through its silver component in the reproductive organs, through its copper component, the kidneys, through the mercury component the lungs. Antimony essentially prevents an overshooting of dissolution processes in the organs and stimulates the Self to new formation of protein. Observing the effects of antimony medication one can see a “structuring” effect going all the way from the physical body via the ether body to the soul life. Not only are the inner dissociation processes influenced beneficially but also the split between soul and world found in these patients. The latter is accomplished through medication with the mercury compound of antimony. The structure in the soul life of the manic depressive patient can be noted following the antimony treatment.


In addition to the regular schizophrenic patients, the neurotic with schizoid trends and the manic patient.           


Dyscrasite (Antimony combination of silver) has already been mentioned at the beginning of therapy.

Stibium praep. D6-D10 in cases where dissolution processes are in the foreground, peroral or as injection and also intravenous 5-10ml in schizophrenia.

Antimonite D6-D10, (Antimony-sulphuratum) is better in cases showing stronger dissociation and simultaneous fixation as seen in depressive patients.

Cupro-stibium is indicated for the treatment of disturbance of sensitivity in cases of schizophrenia or patients with schizoid character tendencies.

Hell. (Christmas Rose) has major relationships to brain and kidney. It is given as an accompanying plant therapy in the treatment of episodes of excitation and depression related to soul life influenced by the kidney. Peroral D2, D6, inj. D4-D10.


Relationship to the organ in the center of the physical body, the heart, which is also the central organ for the warmth organism. These phenomena indicate that the heart is the central organ for the Ego. In the movements of the heart, in systole and diastole, the polar tendencies of the physical body and the soul are manifested in a most concentrated form. The balance between the systole and diastole is created by the Self entering into the process.

In contrast to the feeling life of the lungs, which either opens itself up to the world or shuts itself off from the world, the feeling life of the heart is more centralized and radiates into the world. Feelings originating from the heart are filled with responsibility and conscience. Through the voice of conscience the higher Self is speaking. Radiating into life through the heart the Self is transforming sympathy into love and antipathy into the power of cognition. Through this process, sympathy and antipathy become tools of the Self. Disturbances in this process affect the heart, the center of existence of the Self. Negative memories of the depressed patient can lead to self-reproach which have their origin in spastic tendencies in the interaction of Self and heart. This in turn can lead to suicide. If the heart is seized by excitation (rising to rage) the patient’s life and other lives are threatened. Physical symptoms of heart disturbances can accompany or replace psychic symptoms: feelings of being oppressed at heart are often associated with guilt and appear in place of the latter. Tachycardia can appear prior to an attack of rage or replace it.

The neurosis of the heart which is steadily increasing in our time has two components, of which one or the other may be emphasized. Frequently an Ego conflict can be discovered in the life of the patient. Something he had in mind to do but was unable to realize, leading to an oppression of the heart involving both physical and soul aspects.

Sometimes a responsibility burdens a patient which his Self cannot sustain. The experience of death or of heart-rending departure can cause a heart neurosis when it is not worked out. Conversations between the physician and the patient can become therapeutically very effective if the heart is really reached and gold medication is able to provide support. Through the medication of gold the Ego is called upon to find again the center of its existence.

Working with gold as a therapy makes it very clear, that medication can never replace the patient’s own efforts. Through gold, stages are built for a new healthier connection of the Ego with the body and life. However, the Ego must go this path alone. In some cases it becomes evident, that gold therapy is not only supportive of Ego therapy but quite frequently a condition for the effective use of the latter. The Ego may have so strongly entered the heart organ (creating spasmodic episodes as in angina pectoris) or it may have removed itself from the heart organ too far, as in patients having convulsive tachycardia that it cannot be reached through the “word” of the Ego therapy. In this case, it is the gold medication which has to prepare the way for the world.

While silver is very useful at the beginning of psychotherapy, gold is of great benefit to end a period of psychotherapy. Through gold, the Ego is called upon to take the development in its own hand and to enter into body and life in a new way, particularly when new possibilities have been opened up through previous therapies.


The depressive patient with self-reproach and thoughts of suicide. The manic patient with megalomania and tendencies towards excitation and rage. To support the Self in existential crises. In neuroses of the heart. To end a phase of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Potencies are of particular importance. Low potencies (D6) in cases of agitation of the heart including cases of mania; as a preventive measure when the agitation leads towards a frenzy.

Higher potencies (D12-D20) are used in spasmodic conditions of the heart involving both body and soul and in depressive states associated with qualms of conscience. The higher potencies facilitate the penetration of the body by the Self. They contribute to a dissolution of cramps without resulting in psychic loosening.


Aurum praep. is most frequently used. Mercur. aurat. is recommended in the treatment of patients who have suffered a depressive state for a longer period of time and the disease has become stagnant (D15 inj.).


Again, the relation to the Ego is emphasized in iron, but it is not so central as in gold. Iron accompanies the Ego in entering the body and earthly environment. The force of incarnation is strengthened by iron going into the blood and enabling inner respiration in the tissues.

In the lungs the formation of the lung organ itself is influenced by iron in connection with the blood. Through the iron-carrying blood entering the lungs the Ego can develop steadiness and activity confronting the impressions of the soul life of the lungs. Out of this activity of the Ego arises the courage, which the compulsive neurotic patient has lost, who is full of anxiety. Iron is, therefore, the essential metal for the treatment of compulsive mental diseases. (Following the induction of therapy with silver medication and subsequent intermediate treatment with mercury). Iron therapy is also able to give hysteric patients strength in their souls. In support of psychotherapy, iron medication helps to overcome inhibitions and fears of patients toward an “Ego Therapy.”


Cinis Urtica Ferro culta per os D3, as injection D6 in patients with compulsatory neuroses. Combination with Ferrum sidereum D6 - D10 as injection. Meteoric iron, which is taken by the lungs during inspiration has a special relationship to the lungs.

Katoprite D6 as inj. or per os. This combination of iron and antimonium is particularly indicated in cases of hysteria. In both diseases additional medication with Pyrite D6 or Pyrite D8 as inj. is recommended. As accompanying plant remedy Vaucheria D3 trit., D6 inj.

Iron radiates, however, into all organs. In the kidney iron acts in conditions, in which the “kidney radiation” is too weak, e.g. hypotonia and at low levels of energy (not weakness of will). Outstanding symptoms are resignation and apathy. If an excitation occurs at all, it is of secondary nature. Inj. of Solutio Ferri comp./Glandula suprarenalis.

In neurotic patients who are weak in will power and are fearful of action, patients who know everything but are unable to do anything, iron medication will stimulate the will. Iron medication is central in the treatment of depression associated with a paralysis of will.

Prep. Ferrum/Acid. chol.D4 and D6 per os or as inj. together with Oxalis D4. Through this combination with bile acid, which in itself has a relation to the will process, iron can be directed to the

bile process.

Scorodite: iron is combined with arsenic, the latter enhances astral forces and scorodite has a special relationship to the feeling of fear the depressive patient exhibits. The patient may, however,

be so weak in his etheric forces that he cannot tolerate iron and becomes excited. An asthenic constitution, a tendency to become prematurely tired and exhausted are signs pointing in this direction.

Under these circumstances, iron should be replaced by the plant-iron, magnesium. (Magnesium plays the same role in the chlorophyll of the plant as iron does in the red blood substance.) Hepar/Magnesium D4 or D6 as inj. has proven to be a good medication together with Anagallis D3 or Oxalis D4. Magnesium is used more frequently in the beginning of therapy. In view of the weakened condition, in which the ether body of patients is frequently at the present time, induction of therapy with magnesium is important.

Iron has a special relationship to the heart through the blood which is collected in the heart. Here the iron process meets the gold process, the Self in the process of incarnation. Iron opens the path

to both since it strengthens the courage and will of the Self to incarnate.

Ferrum sidereum is the remedy of choice.

            Indications: The depressed patient is full of fear of life and his will is paralyzed. The hypersensitive, compulsive patient with fear of the environment. The hysterical patient, who is so to speak flowing out into the environment. The patient with a deficiency of “energy” with symptoms of a weak kidney radiation and fear of life. Patients with fearlful inhibitions towards an “Ego Therapy.”


Metal of the liver, mediates between consolidation and dissolution within the fluid organism, between as- and dissimilation. The Ego which radiates through the bile processes into the ether body is active in the fluid organism but is not submerged as deeply into organ processes as in silver. In the mercury process of respiration, the astral body has a looser relationship to the organ process (as compared to the kidney). Similarly in the fluid respiration of the liver the Ego develops a freer relationship (as compared to the heart). From a certain aspect there is a relationship between the Ego activity in the liver and that in the brain as shown in the formation processes of the brain and in the plasticity of thinking.

The soul life receives a stronger influence of the Ego through the liver than it is possible through the emotional soul life of the kidneys. The emotional tensions and relaxation of the soul life of the kidneys engendered by the astral body become changes of mood in the liver. The Ego has internalized that which has been experienced and has to struggle with the stagnation and explosion of will forces in depression or mania. Tin helps to establish an equilibrium between depressive solidification (pathological form of assimilation) and manic dissolution (pathological dissimilation). Such a polarity can be demonstrated to a certain extent in the metabolism of the patient. Tin produces the basic therapy for the cyclothymic type as well as for the neurotic, who is prone to have depressive or manic changes in mood. Tin is a particularly effective therapy when it is given between the phases of depression or mania not within the phase.


The cyclothymic patient, the neurotic patient whose changes in mood have a deeper root cause than those of the mercury patient.


In addition to Stannum praep., Arandasite has to be recommended. With this tin-silica combination the effects on the “upper nerve sense pole” are increased through the silica portion. It is useful

in patients showing a tendency towards manic changes and in case of depressions (outflowing), potencies D6 in mania, D15 in depressions as injections or per os.

The effect of tin in vegetabilized form are quite similar.

Cichor. Stanno cultum D2, D3. In patients who are exhausted and exhibit a certain fixation as well as in older patients with depressions, Taraxacum Stanno cultum D2, D3 is used. Vegetabilized tin is recommended as accompanying therapy in patients who show ill feelings and depressions or manic explosive neurotics. In depressions, it can be combined with Hepar/Stannum, in older patients with Stannum mellitum.


Strongest relationship to the head, to consciousness. The lead process is rooted in the degradation of blood in the spleen through which forces of the Ego are freed for consciousness, for the spirit.

In this case, the Ego does not act in the ether body as in the liver, it connects itself with the astral body, which also receives stimulation by copper. However, in difference to copper through which

the Ego creates an equilibrium with the astral body, the Ego dominates the astral body through lead. It attempts to transform the forces of the astral body. For this reason, enthusiasm develops through the activity of the spleen. This also makes it understandable when Rudolf Steiner relates the spleen to the spirit self, which represents the transformed astral body in the future spiritual evolution of man.

In the spleen, the strongest impulse to transform the earthly is opposed by the strongest impulse for attaining permanency in the earthly. Through the spleen man can become a heavy mass. Depressions which involve the spleen more strongly within the hepatolienal system develop faster signs of fixation and monotony.

This is the place for the therapeutic action of lead, which is to be used in such cases in addition to liver medications. Moreover, lead should be considered for therapy of older patients with arterial or cerebral sclerosis.

In general, lead medication supports best a cognition therapy. Similar to gold therapy (acting in the realm of the middle) lead therapy has a relationship to the last phases of psychotherapy, the thoughtful planning of the future.


The old arteriosclerotic patient as well as the young patient, who exhibits a stupefied soul life; who both need support of the processes underlying cognition. In old age, depression in support of cognition therapy.


In addition to Plumbum praep. the silica combination Plumbum silicicum should be considered. Potencies D15, D20. To tame the astral body in younger patients exhibiting overshooting processes of assimilation and excitation associated with dull consciousness Plumbum chloratum D3-D10 is recommended. In older patients Plumbum mellitum D12-D20 is used. Caution in the use of Scleron in depressed patients with cerebral sclerosis. Here D20 is often better than D12 (Scleron).



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