Palladium metallicum Anhang


[Marion Walsdorff]

Zur Herstellung von Modeschmuck und von chirurgischen Instrumenten gebraucht. Es tritt in natürlicher Form nur in Verbindung mit Platin auf und muss von ihm künstlich isoliert werden, um es in reiner Form zu erhalten. Tatsächlich ist das homöopathische Mittel Palladium metallicum in seiner Wirkung der von Platinum metallicum sehr ähnlich.

Die Silberserie: Palladium metallicum in der Homöopathie

ABhängig von der guten Meinung von anderen. Braucht zu glänzen und erfolgreich zu sein. Aufgrund ihres großen Bedürfnisses nach Anerkennung machen sie viel mehr,

als sie eigentlich machen können/müssen? Die führt zu einer gesteigerten Reizbarkeit und vielfältigen körperlichen Beschwerden.

Alle homöopathischen Mittel der Silberserie benötigen viel Anerkennung und Applaus. Fast alles würden sie tun, wenn nur ein anständiges Publikum da ist, das ihnen und ihren Leistungen Anerkennung zollt. Auch Schmeicheleien und Komplimenten gegenüber ist Palladium gegenüber anfällig.

Körperliche Beschwerden: eines der Hauptmittel für die Behandlung von Eierstockbeschwerden bei Frauen (r. > Druck auf die schmerzende Region, sollte man als erstes an (Pall-met.).

Aber auch Obstipation (Verstopfung), Leukorrhoe, Entzündung und Ausschlag auf den Lidrändern und Kopfschmerzen.

Bei Auftritten glänzend, danach erschöpft. Verspürt sehr viel Energie und Zuversicht, wenn sie ein Publikum haben, jedoch nach einem Auftritt in der Öffentlichkeit erschöpft zusammen brechen und über körperliche Beschwerden und Kraftlosigkeit klagen.

Die Abhängigkeit von der Meinung anderer ist häufig so groß, dass sie weit über ihre Grenzen gehen und viel mehr machen, als sie machen möchten. Dies führt zu einer zunehmenden Erschöpfung und Reizbarkeit. Viele körperliche Beschwerden sind aus dieser Erschöpfung heraus zu verstehen. >: Ruhe/Wärme/Hinlegen;

Häufig ein Mittel für Frauen? Dies trifft aber nicht zu. Männern und Kindern: Ischialgie/Hautbeschwerden mit starkem Juckreiz/bei Konzentrationsproblemen/bei Schulkopfschmerz.


[George Vithoulkas]

Palladium patients characteristically suffer from tremendous emotional insecurity with very strong emotions that cannot be expressed. Thus in this way a blockade is created,

a deep inner conflict, which needs constant support on the part of those around and especially those with whom they are intimately connected. All this is coupled with a tremendous unexpressed egoism.

They have a constant belief that they are worth more than the others think about them. No matter how much praise they may get, it is never enough. They have an insatiable hunger for flattery, not only for praise but really for flattery. It is impressive how much they crave it and how little they openly admit this and ask for it.

Sitting in the company of many people, if nobody pays attention to them for some time, they have a strong sense that they are being neglected. On the contrary if they feel that they are appreciated they keep very alive and excitable during their contact with the others, and they spend so much emotional energy that when they go back home and are alone again they feel exhausted.

Actually this feeling for the need for support and the good opinion of others follows them all the time. This can become a source of real everyday suffering. You can praise these patients to the skies and make them very happy; they thrive on praise, even if what you say about them is an outright lie or an exaggerated statement. They need to be loved and admired to a pathological degree. The opinion of others is so important that their balance and equanimity depends on it.

If they do not have such treatment they feel that their pride has been wounded, they feel that they are ignored and neglected, they may even have delusions of being neglected.

If somebody should criticize them even slightly, instead of praising them, they go to pieces. They are tremendously insulted, their inner pride is shattered, and their paranoia about it can go as far as having real delusions that everybody wants to insult them.

Similar to Platina insofar as they have an exaggerated sense of greatness, which will never be openly admitted. This is why we see delusions of growing larger or taller than they actually are.

Different from Platina, who feels taller than others.

There is haughtiness, but this exaggerated sense of self importance stays inside, unexpressed, it is a feeling that is not confessed in any way, and this is different from Platina who tends to declare to everyone and in many different ways how important and great she is.

The Palladium patient exhibits no open confrontation with others. On the contrary he avoids it like the plague, and will not show his inner, almost subconscious self-importance to outsiders. These individuals tend to be rather quiet and timid with a strong lack of self-confidence, and may pass unnoticed in a social gathering, but still they want praise and flattery.

This general idea of being “bigger” or “greater” than they really are felt internally but is not expressed to the outside world, eventually leads the organism to produce huge tumors (sexual organs/ovaries). These are the affected areas that produce disease according to the idea symbolized by the medicine.

Here it must be said that in order to recognize or to discover the symbolic ideas expressed by the medicines one should be very careful, as such a task requires a lot of experience, and a mind that is at once analytical and synthetic, in order to take the facts, analyze them and then synthesize them into a coherent idea.

Palladium is one of the main remedies that we must think of when we see huge tumors developing in the sexual organs [female (ovaries)]. The frustration is usually there in

this area, as the sexual drive is usually high and sex is connected very much with the need to be accepted. An excessive sexual appetite, is excited by obscene words during sexual intercourse, and in general even the child.

Palladium, due to its internal conflict, (the need for affection, and the pride that does not allow them to ask for it), eventually brings about a convulsed state, which can produce convulsive movements, first of the face, and eventually of the whole body.

When the nervous system of Palladium is affected it appears to be in a constant state of stress and turmoil. This remedy Cuprum, Stramonium and Hyoscyamus, are the principal remedies in this syndrome.

Chorea and all kinds of spasmodic conditions are covered by the pathogenesis of this remedy.



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