11. Stadium/Gruppe:


Handhaben/(in) Standhalten/selbstbewusst + etwas rigide


Cuprum./Argentum./Aurum. Terbium (Tb)


Thema: Wert;

Lustrous/lusty/sexy minerals

Preserve, Control

The task/art/power.

Holding on to which have been achieved, great sense of responsibility.

Know how to enjoy their success and to appreciate good things; don’t suffer from the feeling of suspicion or animosity/have to exert themselves to maintain present situation.


Coch. Oci: unsichere Anfang o. Kontrolle halten über das Erreichte

Comparison. Nosodes + Minerals + 11th column + cancer miasm + sarcodes

Sankaran: Logonaceae Shattered versus calmness

Scholten: Ceiba: (possibly Copaiva)


Erhalten (wenn möglich erweitern/festigen) der Struktur/Position durch Kontrolle auch gegen widrige Umstände.


Scholten: Ohne Streit Macht/erfolgreiche Position erhalten; das was er erreicht o. übergeben bekommen hat in Stand halten/bewahren; im gesunden Zustand gelassenes Leben in gutem Wohlstand, mit Wunsch zu vergrößern + zu verteilen (andere mit einbeziehen); bei Problemen Anstrengung des Erhaltes.

Starkes belastendes Verantwortungsgefühl (Beschützer/Schirmherr); konservativ bis steif, hält sich an die Regeln, toleriert keine Diskussion;

Kontrolle/in Stand halten/durchhalten/weitermachen/erweitern/beschützen von Privilegien/Vermögen/Einfluss.

Sankaran: Struktur perfekt, muss aber erhalten werden und gegen widrige Umstände noch gefestigt o. verteidigt werden; dies erfordert dauernde Anstrengung           

            N + P lineare Entwicklung;

Cu Sicherheit + Erfolg sind erreicht, müssen aber zeitweise gegen Probleme verteidigt werden (immer vorbereitet sich zu verteidigen). 

Ag am Erhalt der Wertschätzung der eigenen Darbietung muß dauernd gearbeitet werden. 

Au nehmen mehr Verantwortung als nötig, um die Führungs-Position nicht zu gefährden


[Stephanie Hile]

Enjoying, sharing and maintaining

Stage 11 - in control?

Once we reach Stage 11 we want to share the benefits of our accomplishments. The project is complete and we prosper. However, there is great tension in this Stage.

You  have to keep checking that its all running smoothly.  The tension comes from  the feeling they are on the verge of  failure. Tension is reflected very strongly in

the physical symptoms.

- The Stage 11 remedy of the Ferrum (work) Series is Cuprum.  All the Ferrums  want to protect themselves but they are usually obliged to  put up with “the rules of the

game”, so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard.

In Cuprum the feeling is that they can't ease up for a moment.  They have to keep everything under control so they follow the rules carefully. They are always checking.

They think they are faultless, so they don't like criticism and will deal it out.

 - AMBITION - increased - competitive.

 - DUTY - too much sense of duty. Takes responsibility too seriously.


 - MIND - CHANGE - aversion to.  FEAR - failure, of

 - HARDHEARTED. RAGE. HATRED - revengeful; hatred and.

 - SUSPICIOUS. DELUSIONS - thieves - seeing.

 - THOUGHTS - compelling.


 - MIND - FEAR - failure, of - confirmation; needs constant

- The Stage 11 remedy of the Silver Series (intellect) is Argentum. In this series the focus is on performance and perfection. They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Argentum they want to hold onto the success of their creativity. They are full of ideas but their fear is that it will all come crashing down. They are very social but their

anxieties make them tense.

 - SENSITIVE - opinion of others; DREAM of quarrels with friends;


 - CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles.

 - MANIA - alternating with - depression.

 - IDEAS - abundant. Ideas, deficiency of.

 - SELF-CONTROL - loss of self-control.

 - CHECKING - twice or more;

 - THOUGHTS - compelling


 -DELUSiON - fail, everything will.

 - The Stage 11 remedy of the Lanthanides (inner power) is Terbium. The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength. Their efforts are directed toward

achieving strength of mind. Terbium needs to keep control over themselves. They appear confident but being out of control is a serious issue, so they often get into yoga

and other disciplines.

When out of balance Terbium can be very controlling (can be a pain in the butt, to put it bluntly). This can develop when they are responsible for a situation that seems to be right at the limits of their capacity. The conflict they create needs to be acknowledged; when this realisation dawns they begin to trust others and learn to delegate. The realisation is that others are capable of autonomy.

The physical tension in this remedy can very intense indeed.

- SELF-CONTROL - radiating an aura of control.

- The Stage 11 remedy of the Gold Series (power) is Aurum. The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility. They use their power to rule – for better or for worse.

In Aurum they want to hold onto their power. They are very serious and responsible, and don't like to be accused of negligence.

 - SELF-CONTROL - increased.

 - THOUGHTS - compelling.


 - DELUSON - fail, everything will.



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