Vergleich: Carsinosinum - Syphillinum - Tuberculinum - Leprominum


Vergleich Psora – Sykose – Syphillinie


Syphillinum                                                                          Leprominium

Depression  leading to suicidal tendencies                           leading to accepting one’s faith and being religious

Recovery     Despair                                                              hopeful

Fastidious   washing mania                                                   meticulous, wants and keeps things in order

Sleep           Sleepless                                                            normal sleep, wakes refreshed

Generals      < at night                                                           < sun

       craves alcohol                                                                 craves spicy food/green chillies/meat/fish

       salvation                                                                         no salvation


                       Tuberculinum                                                                        Leprominium

Apperance   beautiful with long lashes/round face               ugly (face)/oily skin/waxy nose

                       /sparkling eyes                       

Religion        not very religious                                             religious

Behaviour     kleptomanisch                                                  will not steal

Mood            very irritable                                                    usually mild in manner/sometimes irritable

Travel            desire to travel                                                 no particular desire to travel

Fears             fear of dogs                                                     fearless

Perspiration  profuse (Face/nose/upper lip)                           not prominent/dryness of skin


Carsinosinum                                                                        Leprominium

Work              industrious                                                     indolence caused by physical incapacity

Causes                        anticipation/reproach/fright                           chronic grief

Mood              anger over own mistakes                               usually mild in manner

Emotions        weeps from admonition/music/                      weeping not prominent

                       while telling symptoms

Consolation    < consolation                                                 > consolation

Fears               animals/crowds/examinations                        fearless

Travel             desire to travel                                                no particular desire to travel

Skin                prone to moles                                               prone to psoriasis/ichthyosis

Eyes                blue sclerae                                                    eyes excessively dry/lustreless



Vorwort/Suchen                                Zeichen/Abkürzungen                                   Impressum