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Aesc-h. Aloe. Dolichos. Fic-r. Ham.

 [J.H. Clarke]

Aesc-h.: hemorrhoids, blind or bleeding, where bleeding gives relief. Aching in lumbar area, stiffness of back, almost impossible to walk.

[Dr. Bernhard Baehr]

Nux-v.: excited by the use of strong, heating beverages- wine, brandy, heating beer, and coffee; or by mental labor, deep studies, sedentary life, hard faeces, worms, by the pressure of an impregnated uterus, swelling of the abdominal organs, organic defects of the rectum, or of adjoining parts.

Complains of large-sized haemorrhoidal tumors, with burning, stinging pains; if they experience “As if the rectum were constricted/the passage for the transmission of faeces were too narrow + jerking, dull stitches in the small of the back and the ischiatic bones; if the least movement of the body causes a pain in the small of the back, “As from a bruise” causing to exclaim, to walk and stand bent over; if after or between the evacuations pure blood is discharged, attended with urging to stool;



Didelphis (Verpritzt Abwehrsekret aus Analdrüsen)

Lac-o. (Sekret der Burzeldrüsen)

Meph. (Verpritzt Abwehrsekret aus Analdrüsen).


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