Calcium fluoratum (Calc-f) = Flussspat/= Fluorit/= Fluor Spat/= Calcarea fluorica/= Calcium fluoricum/= Calcarea fluorata/CaF2



= Rhus-t. + Angst vor Armut;

Thema: Beziehungen; Lösung: Glänzen;

Kind: Schnelles wachsen/Wachstumsschmerz, energielos/geht langsam, zahnt spät/Karies, dehnbare Gelenken, < Milch (Mutter);

Positiv: Ist tätig/überlegt gründlich/beständig/zäh/arbeitet hart/sorgt vor (Geld/Gesundheit/ Heim)/hilfsbereit/zufrieden;

Negativ: A. Exostosen. B. Warmblutig + > Hitze/Daueraktivität, C. Unzufrieden, will Reisen/Änderung, D. Gesichtsfalten (unter/über Augen);


Depressiv; Angst vor finanzielle Ruin/geneigt Geld eine größere Wert bei zu messen als üblich; „Wie zerfallen von Familie“ (Bezugspersonen)/Heim erwartete Sicherheit/Schutz“ (Karies) versucht Absicherung in Verhärtung (Zahnschmelz)/Widerstand/unentschlossen; fleißige Arbeit/spart Geld/Besitzungen wegen Angst um finanziellen/beruflichen Totalverlust; Wünscht Unabhängigkeit und vielen oberflächlichen Beziehungen (sexuell), wegen als unsicher empfundene nahe Bindungen;

Rajan Sankaran: Fear of Losing Security: main feeling is that he may suddenly find himself with a broken relationship (fluorine), on which he is dependent (Calc).

These people secure their position so they can stand independently (eg. good bank balance etc.) Dreams of death of relatives. If the relatives provided love (rather

than money or protection) then the remedy is more likely a Magnesium salt.

Pathologien führen typischerweise zu langsamen Organverlust (Karies/Knochentumor)/empfindlich gegen Kritik, die ihre Bedeutung in Frage stellt.
Mager/aktiv, nicht groß + feste Muskeln, bräunlicher Teint, Niedergeschlagen/ zaudert/mutlos, Angst (soziale Position = minderwertig/verlieren/Nahestehenden/ Gesundheit/ finanzieller Lage/Äußerliches), glänzen mit Äußerlichkeit/Kleidung/Arbeit/Beziehungen, suchen keine Hilfe, Zähnen klein/glanzlos/unregelmäßig, Gelenken dehnbar, Erschlaffung/Verhärtung (Drüsen/Mammae), Appetit, Stoffwechsel/Gefäße/Knochen(-brüchen), erleichtert Geburt, Flatulenz (Schwangerschaft), > essen/reiben/fortgesetzte Bewegung/warme Umschläge/warme Getränke/Inhalierungen,

<: Bewegungsanfang/Ruhe/Nässe/Kälte/Wetterwechsel/Zugluft/Verstauchung, verlangt Gewürztes, Gefäße/Stoffwechsel/Entoderm;

Financial stresses for parents or within the familial legacy. Calc’s concern with bone stability and Fluoride’s sudden instability expresses itself in glandular dysfunction prompting induration excessive bone hardness and growth) but also brittleness;

Schüssler Salze: Zahnschmelz/(Ober)haut/Sehnen/Bindegewebe/Krampfader/Gelenke (Schmerz).

Zur Konstitutionstherapie (Kind im Vorschulalter mit mangelnder Formkraft und Festigkeit des Gewebes,

Zahnbildungsstörung/Zahnschmelzdefekt,allg. Bindegewebsschwäche, Skelettstrukturstörung ‡;

1. Gute Konzentration/arbeitet leicht, 2. Konzentration weniger/Arbeitsunlust, (Angst (Zukunft/ Geldverlust/Ungeduld:

Ursache: Akute Krankheit/Verletzung/Antibiotika/Wachstum/Trauer;

[Rajan Sankaran]

A remedy of the mineral kingdom. The compound Calcium fluoride is made from the elements Calcium (Group II A), and Fluorine (Halogen). In my understanding,

Calcarea represents the need for stability and security, while Fluor represents the fear of being let down and deserted.

Fluoride is contained in tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. The function of enamel is to provide maximum security to the teeth by its hard, resistant quality.

The main feeling of Calcarea fluorica is that the person’s source of security or support is unstable and unreliable. Hence there is a need to be totally protected and secure

by being hard and resistant. He feels as if there is a gradual erosion of his security; this is noted even in the pathology of Calcarea fluorica, e.g. carious teeth.

“Fear of poverty” is the main rubric of Calcarea fluorica. The Calcarea fluorica person is very insecure about his financial situation. He feels that he can go into a loss,

that his business can fail, that something can happen whereby he can lose all his money. Money provides him security, and he makes up for all his fears by saving up

as much money as is possible, taking the least amount of risks, and taking lots of insurance.

This feeling that his source of security is unstable and cannot be relied upon can be seen even in the sphere of relationships. Calcarea fluorica feels that his relationships

are not stable and fears that the relationship on which he is dependent (Calcarea) will be broken (Fluor); consequently, he feels the need to be independent.

I have observed Calcarea fluorica persons to be quite independent, strong individuals, and while they have many friends and contacts with a lot of people (thus securing themselves against calamities), they depend on themselves.

They make themselves self-reliant by industriousness, and secure a strong base for themselves financially. But they always fear that this security that they have built up

for themselves is getting eroded, and that a calamity will leave them bankrupt.

They are hard-working, quite resolute, firm and strong people. They seem very tough – can withstand a lot. For example, one of my patients who is doing well on

Calcarea fluorica has an ulcerating carcinoma of the breast, but she has not told her family and friends about it, and bears the pain without showing it.

They are quite organized, and as is shown in “The Substance of Homoeopathy”, their notes are very systematic, the matter being arranged point-wise, complete with exact numerical descriptions. Also, they would have utilized minimum paper space, and any extra paper would have been cut away. They take good care of their property and possessions, and also maintain their health and job well.

Calcarea fluorica tend to develop problems where they slowly loose the use of some part of their body, as for example cataract, osteoarthritis. They are constantly

calculating what they will do if they were to lose the use of this part altogether.

They are regular in taking their treatment, and even when they don’t have any problem they continue treatment as a “safety measure”. They say: “It is okay that so much

is gone, but now give us the treatment so that we don’t lose any further.”

The most important dream of Calcarea fluorica is that of the death of his relatives. This dream reflects the tremendous fear that the person whom he depends on may leave

him. If the relative (in the dream) is a person from whom he gets love and care and not money or protection, the remedy is likely to be a Magnesium salt.

Calcarea fluorica also has the dream of efforts, e.g. missing the train, etc.

When all efforts to secure himself financially or in a relationship fail, Calcarea fluorica becomes totally irresolute, feeling most vulnerable and helpless; he can go into

a mental depression and become insolvent – a given up state.

I did a proving of Calcarea fluorica in my seminar in Amsterdam and it brought about a very strong response. The very theme of Amsterdam with its open sexuality and

easy contact, superficial relationships and heavy accent on money, banking and insurance, made Amsterdam a tempting place to prove Calcarea fluorica.

Physical symptoms:

Among the physical concomitants of Calcarea fluorica, I have found:

    Arcus senilis.

    Early baldness.

    Cracks on feet.

    Transparent skin (through which veins can be seen).

    Varices below the skin.

    Cracks in the middle of the tongue which are horizontal.

    Early decay of teeth.

    Hard nails.

    They desire pungent and highly seasoned food.

    Hot patient, but pains better from heat and constant motion (Rhus toxicodendron).

They develop slow, chronic, progressive pathology: indurations, exostoses, conditions like cervical spondylosis, osteoarthritis, calcaneal spur, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, cataract, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, bone tumors; some types of carcinomas are also seen in Calcarea fluorica.


    Anxiety, future, about.

    Anxiety, money matters, about.


    Delusion, poor, he is.

    Delusion, want, he will come to.

    Fear, misfortune, of.

    Fear, poverty, of.

    Fear, work, daily, of.


Komplementär: Aur-met. Bar-c. Calc-i. Carb-an. Ferr-p. Fl-ac. Lach. Lap-a. Pitu. Plb-met. Puls. Rhus-t. Sep- Sil. Sulph. Syph. Tub-k. X-ray.


Folgt gut: Am-i. Ant-i. Ars-i. Aur-i. Bad. Bry. Calc. Calc-i. Calc-p. Caps. Carb-an. Ferr-met. Ferr-p. Fl-ac. Hed. Luf-op. Kali-i. Kali-m. Nat-i. Nat-m. Sil. Spong. Stann-i.

Stict. Stront-c. Zinc-i.

Gut gefolgt von: Calc. Calc-p. Cann-s. Ferr-p. Kali-m. Mag-c. Nat-m. Ph-ac. Phos. Squil.


Interkurrent: Sil. Thyr.


Vergleich: Enthält: Lanthaniden;

Apatit w [(Ca5(PO4)3F) Störungen in Knochen ]. Fluoreszenz (entsteht mit Calc-f.). Gaert, Calc-f. (Gast. enthält Calc-f).

DD.: Aur-met. Calc. Psor. Puls. Rhus-t. Ruta. Sil.

Drängen nach unten von Organen: Calc-f. + Nat-c. + Sep.

Gebärmutter (fibroiden)/Sterilität: Calc-f. + Nat-c. + Sep.

Uterusfibromen: Aur-mn + Calc-f + Sil.

Verhärtungen: Aster. Bar-i. Calc-i. Carb-an. Con. Merc-ir. Phyt. Sil.

Siehe: Fluor + Calcium

Calc Calc-f. Calo-p.


Antidotiert: Bar-i. Merc. Rhus-t.

Warzen nach Röntgenaufnahme


Wirkung: Nicht oft wiederholen, dauert lange vor sich Wirkung zeigt,   

melancholisch/carbonitrogen/syphillitisch/psorisch/tuberkulin  l. seitig

Allerlei: Anwesend in Zähne/Knochenoberfläche/Haut/Bindegewebe

Erleichtert Geburt



Fluorit w = Flussspat/= F + Ca


Calcium             Arbeit                                    Bestimmen

Fluor                        Ego                                     Loslassen

Positiv: Ausgeglichenes Wachstum/unvoreingenommen;

Negativ: Derb/chaotisch/Wachstum gestört/geistig müde, Nasenpolyp;



Allerlei: Fluorine got its name, because metallurgists noted that adding fluorite to the melt would make the mass flow better (fluorine flux).




MIND: - -   FEAR ofpoverty  Fear of financial or emotional want.

   -   Strong need for security,  reassurance.Attachment, dependency.

   -   Anxiety about health (Calc) with fear of death (Calc. Kali-ar. Lyc. Nit-ac). Fear impending disease (Kal-c), health is breaking down. - -   Good in imitating. Acts like a clown.

GENERALITIES: - -   INDURATION of tissues, glands, tumors; stony hard.

   -   Flushes of heat (Puls), with palpitations.

   -   Warmblooded; sometimes with < cold. Can be chilly.

   -   << Cold wet; beginning of motion.- -   > Continued motion, heat.- -   < Hot weather/sun.

   -   >> Eating,  < fasting. - -   Left sided complaints.

   -   EXOSTOSIS, esp. with rheumatism/arthritis. - -   Nodules in tendons.

   -   Vascular tumors/VARIcose/ENlarged veins.- -   Grass green discharges. X-ray burns. 

HEAD: - -   Exostoses, cephalatoma in babies.

EYE: - -   Cataract. - -   Pain > closing eyes and pressing slightly with hands.

   -   Subcutaneous cysts; tumors of lids.

EAR: - -   Calcareous deposit on tympanum. - -   Chronic suppuration of middle ear.

MOUTH: - -   Cracks in tongue; induration of tongue.

TEETH: - -   Break, crumble easily. Looseness.- -   DEFICIENT en>

THROAT: - -   Chronic suppuration of tonsils. Tonsils rough and ragged.

   -   Pain and burning with suffocative feeling, < night, cold drinks, > warm drinks.

EXTERNAL THROAT: - -   Hard goitre  .- -   Hard swelling of glands.

STOMACH: - -   Always hungry.  Emaciation with increased appetite.

   -   Indigestion from fatigue, brain fag.

ABDOMEN: - -   Flatulence, < pregnancy, when riding.

RECTUM: - -   Diarrhea from fat. - -   Hemorrhoids; with low back pains. - -   Fistula.

FEMALE GENITALIA: - -   Very hard, large fibroids uterus.

CHEST: - -   Hard nodules in mammae.

BACK: - -   SCOLIOSIS. Curvature. Exostoses (spine).

EXTREMITIES: - -   Varicose veins. - -   Recurrent fibroids in hollow of knee.

   -   Exostoses (fingers, heels). Arthritic nodosities. - -   Nails hard & brittle, grow rapid.

   -   Arthritis, lumbago, sciatica:   < cold, > heat, > continued motion.

   -   LooseNESS of ligaments, OVERextension joints  - -   Swelling feet on hot days.

PERSPIRATION: - -   Profuse. - -   Offensive.

SKIN: - -   Thin and white. - -   Chaps and cracks. - -   Fistula. Suppurations.

   -   Scar tissue; adhesions after operations.



Gemüt: Weint träumend

Wahnidee - werde in Not geraten/sei arm

Ungeschickt - lässt Dinge fallen vor Menses



Ruhelos (bei müdem Drücken im Rücken)/Reizbar, Gereizt

Konzentration schwierig (Studieren/> essen)/gut, aktiv

Ideen, Einfälle - Reichtum an, Klarheit des Geistes


Hast, Eile (bei Arbeit)

Gleichgültig, Apathie


Geistige Anstrengung <


Fleißig, arbeitsam, Arbeitswut


Essen - nach - > Gemütssymptome

Erschöpfung; geistige

Empfindlich - Gerüche/Geräusche

Beißt Nägel

Begreifen, Auffassungsvermögen leicht

Angst (in Bezug auf Zukunft/Geldangelegenheiten)/Qualvolle Angst/Furcht (Unglück/grundlos/Armut/täglichen Arbeit)

Schlaf: Unerquicklich (durch Träume)/Schläfrig (erwachend)/Schlaflos durch Gedankenandrang/nach  Erwachen/nach Mitternacht - 3 h - 3 - 5 h/Gestört durch Träume (schreckliche/Angst)/Erwacht durch Würmer/Träume/schwierig/zu früh/nach Mitternacht - 3 h - 3 - 5 h - (durch Gedankenandrang)/Springt aus dem Bett durch schrecklichen, fürchterlichen Traum

Träume: Wecken Patienten/Viele/Verworren/Verstorbenen/Unangenehm/Tod (von Verwandten)/Schrecklich/Schneiden (Frau wird zum Pökeln zerschnitten)/neue Schauplätze/ Reisen/neue öffentliche Orte/Lebhaft/Geschäft vom Tage/Gefahr/erfolglose Anstrengung/ Ereignisse (kurz zurückliegende - vom Vortag/gelesene)

Fieber: Lange anhaltende Hitze

Haut: Narben - hart/Naevi/Keloid/Hautausschläge - Herpes/Geschwüre - fistulös/Erysipel

Weiß an einzelnen Stellen

Allgemeines: Zittern äußerlich

Wunden - schmerzhaft/eiternd

Wetter < Wetterwechsel/< nasses (warmes)Wetter/< vor Gewitter

Wärme >/> am warmen Ofen/> warmes Einhüllen/>/< im warmen Bett

Verletzungen (Verstauchungen/durch Überanstrengung, Überlastung/Verrenkungen/nach Operation/(langsame Heilung von) Knochenbrüchen (Kinder)

Verhärtung (Muskeln/Drüsen)

Tumoren - zystisch/Ganglion/Enchondrom, Knorpelgeschwulst

Syphilis (angeboren)/ Psora

Speisen und Getränke: Verlangt: Süßigkeiten/Salz/Gewürze/Erfrischendes;

> warme Getränke;     < Süßes/kalte Speisen/Kaltes/Fett/Alkohol;  Abgeneigt: Fleisch/Fett/Eier;


Seite - links

Schwellung - Knochen/Gelenken/Drüsen (hart)

Schmerz - ziehend - in Knochen/stechend (in Gelenken/äußerlich)

Schleimhautabsonderung übel riechend, stinkend

Schlaf - < nach Schlaf

Ruhe >/<

Rucke der Muskeln

Röntgen-/o. Strahlenbehandlung verursachen Verbrennungen

Reiben >

Reaktionsmangel (bei Eiterung)

Nekrose in Knochen

Nasse, warme Anwendungen >

Menses - während - >

Matt (tagsüber)/Müde


Luft - < Zugluft

Seitelage - >/< auf der schmerzlosen/> nach

Lähmung - einseitig nach Apoplexie

Krebsleiden - Sarkom/Knochen/fortgeschrittenes Stadium/Hodgkin Syndrom; Lymphogranulomatose

Krampfadern (Geschwüre)


Konvulsionen - tetanische Starre; Starrkrampf


Kindern; Beschwerden von

Karies - Periost/Knochen

Kälte > (kalte Luft)/<


Hunger <

Hitze - Lebenswärmemangel

Heben, Überheben, Überanstrengen der Muskeln und Sehnen - durch

Härte, Verhärtung/Exostose

Gehen - lernt spät gehen/spätes Laufen lernen/verspätete Knochenentwicklung

Fisteln (Knochen/mit Geschwüren der Haut

Essen - > nach/< beim

Erweiterung der Blutgefäße

Entzündung (Nasennebenhöhlen/Knochen/Gelenke - rheumatoide Arthritis/ Drüsen/Venen/Wunden)

Druck >


Bewegung > (fortgesetzte Bewegung)/< (Bewegungsanfang)

Baden, Waschen - > kaltes Baden


Anstrengung, körperliche - <


Abszesse; Eiterungen (Knochen/Gelenke/Drüsen/wiederkehrend/chronisch)

Abmagerung, Marasmus (Heißhunger mit Abmagerung)

Nach Mitternacht - 3 h - 3 - 5 h



Vorwort/Suchen.                                Zeichen/Abkürzungen.                                    Impressum.