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Comparison. of Gymnura natalensis and Galeocerdo cuvier hepar

Siehe: Pisces + Squalen + Group Analysis of Marine Animals


Galeocerdo cuvier hepar (Galeoc) = Leber. des Tigerhais/= squalen

[Melanie Grimes (Georgia, U:S:A.)]


History of the Substance According to Grimes (2000: 8), the substance was attained from a female tiger shark’s liver that was caught off the KwaZulu-Natal coast of South Africa.

The shark was 82kg in weight and 1.8m in length. Johan Malan obtained the substance in January 1995 and the liver sample was acquired approximately 2 hours following the death

of the shark. It was then potentised to 30CH and the remedy was prepared for administration to provers on the 22nd of November, 1997 at 20.30 h.

The tiger shark is classified as follows (McGrouther, 2013):

Species: Cuvier

Genus: Galeocerdo

Family: Carcharhinidae

Order: Carcharhiniformes

Class: Chondrichthyes

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Phylum: Chordata

Kingdom: Animalia


The proving was performed in a double blind manner so the provers and supervisors were unaware of the remedy source. It was conducted in accordance

to the Hahnemannian method which utilised guidelines set out by Sherr.


Materia Medica of Galeocerdo Cuvier Hepar


Calm/Excitement/Violent, Angry, Attack

Various mental perceptions were experienced by provers. Contrasting symptoms were seen in provers who experienced a sense of calm and patience compared to

other provers who noted a feeling of excitement, eager apprehension and playfulness. Differing from this calm and excited nature, violent and angry thoughts and

actions were also expressed. Intolerance to seemingly trivial issues was apparent as well as an aggressive attitude towards people.


A feeling of being content and being devoid of negative emotions was seen whereas weeping surrounding issues of a fear of one’s secrets being exposed as well as

reminiscing about a child’s childhood was apparent.


A perception of being critical and resentful of one’s self was felt pertaining to their salary. A sense of hopelessness and a diminished and altered state of optimism

was also noted. A diminishment of existing enthusiasm, joy, excitement and happiness was evident.

Energy Increased/Activity/Tired

An increase in energy resulted in a desire to walk and to maintain some form of physical activity. Simultaneously, a decrease in energy contrasted with this energised state.

Mental Focus/Clarity/Forgetful

A mental clarity and increased focus was observed but in contrast to this, a mental dullness and unclear thoughts was also noted. Similarly, a spaced out and forgetful

attribute was seen.


A feeling of detachment resonated within provers whereby they felt a need to disconnect from family and friends or found it easy to disconnect from their lives.

A lack of wanting to socialise with people as well as a sense of distancing themselves was seen.

Health/Anxiety about

An anxiety regarding health, more specifically about being pregnant arose in a prover as they experienced stomach distress.


A fear pertaining to the dark was a prominent aspect that arose as well as a sense of paranoia regarding the dark that would only subside once it was daylight.

Visions of a scary, dark-haired woman with dripping black teeth arose which left the prover feeling troubled and had to resort to praying to put them at ease.

A fear of the ocean was noted as it was seen as being powerful, scary and harsh. One prover also experienced a feeling of dread due to an upcoming dentist


Some provers noted that lights were too bright as well as being content to sit in the light.


Symptoms regarding time were noticeable as provers either appeared hurried or not concerned with being late or there was confusion concerning the time.

Similarly, symptoms regarding speed or movement appeared whereby the prover noted that when they closed their eyes while in a car they could still see the scenery

passing by, as well as a tendency to drive slowly.

Sexual Thoughts

An increased, persistent libido and sexual thoughts was apparent in one prover. She noted that it was ameliorated by exercise and would aggravate at 17 h. and while

riding in a car. It later decreased and became more manageable. Opposite to this, another prover experienced diminished libido.


A theme pertaining to the ocean and control was apparent. Provers made note of fearing the ocean or a strong urge to be near the ocean or a body of water.

The feeling of not being in control was seen in one prover when they were not the one driving.


A heightened awareness regarding one prover’s manner of speech was noticed and they often felt like they could hear an echo while speaking. More attention was paid

to their speech as well as a change from being serious to being more playful.


A right sided high pitched humming sensation was heard as well as felt within and on the exterior of the body. It was noted that one’s aura was sensed close to the body

as well as a heightened awareness of the body’s parameters. A tingling sensation together with the humming was experienced.

Penetrate Walls/Plug sensations

The idea of a plug being pulled in regard to a prover’s energy levels was seen and another prover felt that their thoughts were able to penetrate the walls and kill the

rats within them.


Various sensations were noted such as awareness of a pounding heart and of one’s skin texture as well as the body structure.


One prover identified themselves as feeling like an animal and another prover noted eating shark meat soon after the proving.


A theme regarding aliens arose as one prover possessed thoughts about something being higher in the order of existence as well as recalling alien abductions from their

childhood. This was relevant as aliens, like the shark, are superior in the food chain.


In regard to dreams, provers reported having no dreams, excessive dreams and repetitive but altered dreams.



A feeling of loneliness was evident as well as a sense of boredom. Due to feeling vulnerable, defensive and criticised, one prover wanted to hide as they felt they

were weak. One prover thought their view on feminism was being challenged which led to her feeling edgy.


Dizziness was experienced while driving, specifically while turning round the corners of the road and the prover noted that they needed to drive slowly. Rest >

the dizziness but returned due to being fatigued.


Various dreams were experienced and the following themes were noted: control, light, performance, houses, water, women, children, missing/being lonely/belonging,

embarrassment, food and travel.


with regard to groups of schools, there was a sense of belonging to them or not. A feeling of being judged and that there was a higher judge or something sacred.

A sense of embarrassment, confusion, bathrooms and sexual ambiguity was noted. Being guilty, committing a crime or being unprepared was also evident.

The feeling of power, capability, being in control, handling groups of people and performance was seen.

A psoric action regarding biking, walking and basketball was evident. Water themes about flooding, making mud and playing basketball under water was apparent.

A sense of sacred light involving children was also seen.

The awareness of a rod shape was noticed and appeared as fences, posts, bars and fingers in provers’ dreams. Sacred objects such as drums and churches were also


Other topics that appeared in dreams were refrigerators and the cold as well as the colour white, snow, light and matters concerning mothers and women.

Specifically regarding women, dreams pertaining to single and widowed women as well as women in search of a men and sexual ambiguity were evident.

Machinery and tools were also noted in dreams, such as chainsaws and hammers. A feeling of being judged or tested was noted. Being criticised or experiencing failure

about a group you are responsible for was also seen. Being protective over children was made evident. Dreams regarding grandmothers, death and dead relatives were

also mentioned.


In regard to the headache, dizziness, confusion, sleepiness, hunger and decreased mental functioning were stated as accompanying symptoms. The location of pain

was varied and it ranged from the frontal and maxillary sinuses, temples, forehead, vertex and occiput. It also was noted to have had a left and right sided laterality.

The only reported aetiology was due to sharing personal information with a male friend. Ameliorations included acupressure and resting aggravations included

shaking of the head. A mild to moderate pain intensity was apparent. In regard to time modalities, symptoms were noted at 15.30 h. and 17 h. Sensations describing

the pain included throbbing, pressing and a sharp pain. It was also evident that a sensation of pressure was felt in the temples as well as a heavy feeling in the head.


Red discoloration of the eyes was apparent in the mornings. Left and right eye itchiness was experienced, more specifically in the left inner canthus and the upper

lid. Itchiness during the night was noted as well as an amelioration from scratching.

Photophobia was experienced, specifically by the lights in the prover’s car dashboard. Pain was noted in the left inner canthus of the eye which was described

as an aching pain > hot water. A tired sensation was experienced around the eyes. Intermittent twitching of the lower right eyelid was noticed.


A noticeable humming sound was experienced as well as an awareness of one’s self speaking. It was described as hearing an echo while talking.


The only accompanying symptom was a sore throat together with clear nasal discharge. Catarrh was found to be crusty in the posterior nares. Increased nasal

catarrh was noted in the evening. Sensations observed were congestion and sniffling. The catarrh was described as being dry, crusty and dark in colour.

Eruptions noted were small, white and were located at the tip of the nose. It then healed and small, papular eruptions developed in the same location.

A hollow feeling in the nose was experienced and sneezing was noted.


A small lesion on the lower left lip and chapped lips were noted.


Locations pertaining to the tongue symptoms were the middle, the tip, the left side and towards the root of the tongue. A roughened area became

apparent in the middle of the tongue and lesions on the left side.

A mild pain was experienced in the middle of the tongue and an afternoon and evening time modality was apparent.


A feeling of grinding one’s teeth while sleeping was noted.


An increase in nasal discharge and hoarseness was noted with the need to continuously clear the throat. A mild sore throat was evident and difficulty in

swallowing as well as a choking sensation was noted.


Hunger was the concomitant symptom to a headache. A diminished appetite was prominent compared to those who possessed an increased appetite.

An easy satiety was noted as well as a craving for salty and sweet food. Cramping of the stomach was experienced. Eating a banana appeared to appease the stomach.

Increased nausea, flatulence and belching was evident. Heartburn occurred 2x daily.

Pertaining to pain, fatigue, nausea and being agitated were accompanying symptoms. The location of pain was noted in the stomach. Walking, specifically in an

area with hills and discussing one’s feelings were aggravating factors while belching was an ameliorating factor. The severity of the pain was described as being intense.

Time modalities were upon waking and in the evening. The sensation of the stomach was described as being distressed and the pain was one of a gnawing nature.

In regard to thirst, an increased thirst was apparent predominantly however a decreased thirst was also noted. A tendency to sip on liquids as well an increased

thirst but lack of desire to drink something was evident.

Pertaining to pain, fatigue, nausea and being agitated were accompanying symptoms. The location of pain was noted in the stomach. Walking, specifically in an

area with hills and discussing one’s feelings were aggravating factors while belching was an ameliorating factor. The severity of the pain was described as being intense.

Time modalities were upon waking and in the evening. The sensation of the stomach was described as being distressed and the pain was one of a gnawing nature. In

regard to thirst, an increased thirst was apparent predominantly however a decreased thirst was also noted. A tendency to sip on liquids as well an increased

thirst but lack of desire to drink something was evident.


An apparent increase in flatulence as well bloating was experienced.


Provers experienced constipation and an urge to pass stool but none was excreted. Constipation was cured in two provers as well as an improvement in the irregularity.

Diarrhoea was experienced and was evident in the morning.


Stools were described as being smaller, harder as well as with a tail.


The urge to urinate during the night appeared to have decreased and as opposed to waking up 2-3 times to urinate, the prover noted only waking up once to urinate.

There was also a decreased urine output that was evident.


In regard to leukorrea, cloudy urine was a concomitant symptom. The time modality was upon going to sleep at night and the leukorrea was described as being clumpy,

creamy and possessed an old, musty odour. Hot flushes were evident and an increase in objectiveness was noted as an accompanying symptom. An increase as

well as a decrease in the number of hot flushes was noted but there was a greater intensity of the hot flushes experienced. The time modality was seen at night and

during the day. Vaginal itchiness was apparent. In regard to the menstrual cycle, there was a complete discontinuation of provers’ menstrual cycles.

A decrease in libido was noted once in the company of a male partner but a high libido was experienced when alone. An anticipatory anxiety was an accompanying

symptom. Sexual desire was a prominent feature and provers experienced a marked increase and decrease in libido. A major increase in libido was noted but later

decreased to a more manageable level. It was also apparent that the sexual desire was elevated in the presence of one’s partner but would diminish once apart.

Accompanying symptoms was frustration, embarrassment and a fear of leaving one’s partner. Ameliorations included exercise and eating while aggravations would

occur when at home, riding in a car, in the evening and at 17 h. An extremely high and intense sexual desire was experienced. The time modalities included the

evening and at 17 h. Due to the high intensity of sexual desire, sexual thoughts were uncontrollable and there was difficulty focusing. The thoughts were often persistent

and pervasive and would result in a feeling of embarrassment as well as frustration as the sexual thoughts could not always be carried out.


In regard to expectoration, the only accompanying symptom was a sore throat.

Catarrh was found to be crusty in the posterior nares. Increased nasal catarrh was noted in the evening and sensations observed were congestion, sniffling and

hoarseness of the voice. The catarrh was described as being dry, crusty and dark in colour.


Concerning the heart, time modalities included upon awakening and in the morning. The sensation experienced was heart palpitations as well as emotions such as

excitement and elation. Chest heaviness was noted and was described as having a heavy object pushing down on one’s chest. Chest pain was observed and an

increase in libido was an accompanying symptom. The location was in the right breast and extended behind it through the nipple. The time modality was 17 h. and

the pain lasted between 2-15 minutes. The sensation was described as a stabbing pain.


The location was the left side of the neck and the base of the skull and the sensation was described as being tight and stiff.


Burning was noted on the left side of the back below the scapula and the shoulder.

The aetiology appeared to be upon walking. The time modality was in the morning and the sensation was localised to a small area that was described as burning.

Itchiness was experienced on the back and also had a stinging sensation.

A general feeling of pain was observed and the accompanying symptom was skin sensitivity. The location was the left groin, the skin of the ischial tuberosity and

the middle of the back. The pain would progressively worsen throughout the day and would move from the anterior to the posterior. It would be aggravated by

movement and pressure. Symptoms relating to fibromyalgia and the pain in the middle of the back were cured. In regard to laterality, the location of the pain was

on the left side.

The time modality of the pain was experienced at noon and in the morning. Lower back stiffness was noted to be cured. Various sensations regarding the pain

were observed. The pain was described as a dull ache, sharp, needle-like pain, aching or sore, stabbing, sticking, stinging as well as tight and stiff.

There was an initial cure to old fibromyalgia symptoms but they returned and tightness of the back was experienced. Movements such as stretching and continuous

movement ameliorated the pain. In particular, stretching was found to ameliorate the stinging pain experienced in the back.


In regard to the joints, an aggravation of a previous joint injury was experienced.

Pain in the joints was noted as symptoms from an old injured returned. The pain was described as an aching pain and would appear upon awakening. Itching without

eruptions was noted on the left wrist, palm of hand, left knee, behind right knee, trunk, legs and arms. Pain in the upper extremities was experienced and was located

in the right shoulder, lower arm and lower left arm. Pain was also noted specifically in the left shoulder that extended down the arm as well as in the right elbow.

The sensation was a sharp, shooting and sudden pain. The aetiology was due to falling down the stairs.

Movement of the hand aggravated the pain while a moderate amount of pain was experienced. Pertaining to shoulder pain in particular, movement such as stretching

ameliorated the pain. The sensations were described as being stiff, weak, numb, tingling, aching and strained. Picking and biting at one’s fingers and nails was cured.

Pain in the lower extremities was also observed. An accompanying symptom was sensitive skin over the ischial tuberosity. The locations noted were the buttocks,

left groin, left hip and legs. Aggravations included pressure, movement, the touch of one’s own leg and the feeling of the bedding touching one’s leg.

Pain intensity was noted as being progressive and the skin sensitivity experienced was intense. Pertaining to pain the feet and left knee, concomitant symptoms were

ligament pain and a clicking in the left knee. The aetiology was due to falling on ice which caused a previous injury. In regard to specific sensations, par aesthesia

and tingling was experienced.


Eruptions noted were located at the tip of the nose and hairline. A small, white lesion was seen which healed, followed by small, papular eruptions that developed in

the same location and painful, small, papular lesions were noticed on the left occiput. Painful eruptions along the hairline were also seen. Itching of the skin without

eruptions was experienced on the left wrist, palm, left knee, behind the right knee, trunk, legs and arms. Skin sensitivity was experienced on the ischial tuberosity

extending anteriorly and towards the hip.


A morning time modality pertaining to waking up early was seen, between 5 - 5.30 h.

A deep sleep was experience as well as an absence of dreams or excessive dreams. Feeling hot to the point of removing one’s clothes and bedding was noted.

A restless sleep was experienced and was mostly evident between 13 – 14 h.

Sleeplessness arose due to sexual arousal, consuming coffee, irritability by the bedding, stomach cramps or due to waking up too early and feeling well rested.

A requirement for less sleep was noted. In regard to waking, one prover noted waking up later than usual in the morning while another prover’s sleep was undisturbed

during the night. Being able to wake up without difficulty was noted hourly and waking up more than usual during the night was also seen. A feeling of being more

alert was experienced as well as a gnawing pain upon waking. Waking up at night was due to sexual arousal or a general inability to sleep at 2.24 h. Napping for an

hour as well as an inability to nap was noted. Excessive yawning was observed and sleeping appeared to be the only amelioration following a headache.


In regard to food, cravings included bread, cheese, nuts, raisins, salt, hot peppers, oranges, potato chips, black tea, chocolate and peppermint. The only aversion noted

was to sweets. Pertaining to time modalities, 17 h./5 h., 15 h. – 3 h., morning and midnight appeared to be prominent times for symptoms to occur. The following

symptoms were noted at 17 h.: increased libido, lower back pain and breast pain. Waking up at 5.30AM was noted. The following symptoms were noted at 3 h./15 h.:

yawning while driving between 14 h – 15 h. waking up at 3.28 h. and 3.30 h. as well as feeling alert and rested, an internal humming was felt at 14.43 h. and accidently

tripping on the stairs at 15 h. Symptoms that were experienced in the morning included being aware of one’s heart pounding, waking up with stomach pain and a

reduction in lower back stiffness.

A feeling of being tired at midnight was experienced. Wanting fresh air was observed. Dry hair and nails was noticed. In regard to exertion/motion, accompanying

symptoms included unclear thoughts and dizziness. Walking, being in an aeroplane and while driving appeared to be aggravating factors but various forms of movement

such as walking, exercising and stretching seemed to be an amelioration as well. An aggravation due to feeling hot while in bed, being covered, being touched and while

sleeping was noted and a desire for cold air was seen as an amelioration. The time modality in connection to these aggravations and amelioration was mainly at night and

at 2.30 h.. A sensation of a much heavier body and head was experienced. Itchy eyes were noted, specifically in the left inner canthus. In terms of lassitude, concomitant

symptoms included flatulence, grogginess, yawning and a feeling of the body appearing heavier. Excessive sleepiness was seen on multiple occasions as well as a desire

to nap.

In contrast to this, some provers experienced an undisturbed sleep. Sleepiness was seen in the mornings, at night, 6.30 h. and 14 – 15 h. Photophobia was noted as well

as dreams pertaining to lights. In regard to pain, locations included the lower back, right breast and vertex of head. Time modalities noted were 15.30 h. and 17 h.

Sensations were described as sharp, stabbing and “pointed”. A particular sensation experienced was described as hollow and was felt in nose and the stomach.

In terms of laterality, a left sided tendency was evident.

Pertaining to temperature, a desire for some form of heat was seen in provers wanting a hot shower, having symptoms ameliorated by the hot water, using extra blankets

and clothes as well as putting on the heater.

Additionally, extra weight was put on as well not sleeping adequately.


Unique Symptoms

The existing rubrics discussed below are of importance as they previously only had one remedy in them.

However, following the proving of Galeocerdo cuvier hepar, it is apparent that this remedy can now be included to these existing rubics.

MIND; THROWS; things; window; out of: Stram.

MIND; WALK; hard walking amel. Mental symptoms: Hist.

MIND; WORK; does not advance fast enough: Gamb.

DREAMS; cooking: Canth.

DREAMS; dead; people, of grandmother: Mag-c.

DREAMS; destination, not reaching her: Cadm-s.

Driving aggravated: Vertigo, chest, lassitude.

Exercise ameliorated: Female, back, shoulder, mind.

Exercise aggravated: Stomach.

Heat ameliorated: Eyes, back, female.

Heaviness: Head, chest, body.

Itch: Eyes, head, mouth, trunk, female, arms, legs, knee, skin.

Sharp/ stabbing pain: Back, shoulder, chest, head.

Tip: Nose, tongue.

Waking: Mind, throat, stomach


Dream Themes

Women - Widows, single Mothers

- Like looking for a birth mother

Taking care of children.

Groups of people, community, gatherings (connections).


Homes, houses, rooms.

Machines, bicycles, chain saws, backhoe

Movement, walking, biking, basketball.



Sex and sexual ambiguity

Guilt, doing wrong, unprepared



Sacred, drums, church

White, snow, light

Power, food chain, control.




Belonging, fitting in, lonely (disconnection)

Judgement, tests, criticism





Themes of Galeocerdo Cuvier Hepar

The following themes emerged in the proving of Galeocerdo cuvier hepar:

Characteristic symptoms:

Heightened senses, confusion of the mind, back pains, sleeplessness and an affinity to the female reproductive system (Grimes, 2000: 36).

Anxiety specifically pertaining to health (Grimes, 2000: 43).

Confusion and cloudiness, dullness of mind and decrease of mental clarity (Grimes, 2000: 43).

Spaced out sensation (Grimes, 2000: 44).

Detachment, disconnecting and removing oneself from the people around them (Grimes, 2000: 43).

Marked increase in libido (Grimes, 2000: 79).

Lassitude and decreased energy (Grimes, 2000: 98).


Negativ:   ;

Repertorium:                                                                                                                     [Melanie Grimes]

Gemüt: Angst [treibt zum schneller gehen/um die (eigene) Gesundheit (fragt ob sie schwanger ist)/wenn eine Zeit festgesetzt ist]/Furcht [allein zu sein

(getrennt, entfernt; vom Lebenspartner)/vor Dunkelheit/vor dem Gehen (in der Dunkelheit)/Kontrolle zu verlieren (an/vor den Ozean/Gewalt, der Macht

des Ozeans/Trennung vom Lebenspartner/zum Zahnarzt zu gehen/Ziel nicht erreichen zu können]


Verlangt körperliche Anstrengung (im Freien)

Antworten - bissig, schnippisch/kurz angebunden

> Beschäftigung/> essend/> (verlangt) Gehen im Freien/> schnelles Gehen/

< Dunkelheit

Erhöhte Bewusstheit des Körpers (Herzschlag/Nase)

Droht (spricht von Zerstörung)



Macht Fehler [i.B. auf die Zeit (hat die Vorstellung vom Begriff der Zeit verloren)]


Gedächtnisschwäche [für das was gerade gedacht hat/für Musik (für das Lied, das er am

Klavier gespielt hat)/für das, was er gerade schreiben will/für Zahlen]

Gedanken [hartnäckig (an sexuelle Wünsche)]


Geheimnistuerisch, verschlossen (mit Furcht vor Enthüllung)

Geistige Anstrengung abgeneigt/verlangt

Hast, Eile (alle müssen, sollen sich beeilen)

Heimweh (mit Weinerlichkeit)

Konzentration schwierig (bei der Arbeit/fahren, Auto fahrend/Klavierspielen


Distanziert/geistesabwesend (fahrend)/Langsam (fahrend)/

Meditieren, Nachdenken

möchte nahe am Ozean leben

Orientierungssinn vermindert


Reizbar, gereizt (bei der Arbeit)


Sachlich, vernünftig/schüchtern, zaghaft (sprechend über ihre sexuellen Wünsche)/Seelenruhe, gelassen

Sinne - verbessert/verwirrt, durcheinander

Stumpf [vormittags (11 h)/> gehend im Freien/schreibend]

Tadelsüchtig, krittelig

Unduldsam, verträgt bestimmte Dinge nicht (Katzen)

Ungeduld (gegenüber andere/bei der Arbeit)

Geistige Unsicherheit (verbirgt, versteckt sie jedoch)

Unzufrieden (mit der Umgebung)

Vergesslich (alles)

Vergnügen (während er nachts hellwach ist)

voller Verlangen an einem See zu wohnen

„Wie verlassen“

Versteckt sich

Geistig verwirrt [i.B. auf eigene Identität/beim Versuch sich zu konzentrieren/weiß nicht, wo er ist/i.B. auf die Zeit]

Wahnideen [ein Beobachter zu sein (von sich selbst)/als würde er versuchen, ihr den Kopf abzubeißen/als hätte jemand  den Stecker von seiner Energie abgezogen/die

Erde verschiebt sich unter seinen Füßen/dunkelhaarige Frauen mit tropfenden schwarzen Zähnen/unter der Kontrolle von (außerirdischen) Fremden/Nebel im Gehirn/

Organe seien ausgehöhlt (Nase)/Sprechen scheint weit entfernt/Töne wie aus einer anderen Welt/sieht Insekten/außerhalb des Körpers (jemand anderer würde (für ihn)

außerhalb des Körpers sehen und sprechen/sieht Mäuse/befindet sich in der Mitte des Ozeans, ohne zu wissen, in welche Richtung er schwimmen soll/sieht Ratten/wäre

schwanger/würde schwimmen/eigene Stimme scheint fremd, sonderbar, merkwürdig/hört sprechen (in seinem Körper oder außerhalb davon/in einer Echokammer/

jemand würde sprechen wenn er spricht/würde gleich verletzt werden/kann das Brausen der Zeit hören/es scheint früher/Zeit erscheint länger]

Weinen [nachmittags (17 h)/abends]

Wirft mit Gegenständen um sich [aus dem Fenster (die Katze)]

hört die Zeit/Zeit scheint länger; vergeht zu langsam (glaubt der Uhr nicht)/Zeit vergeht zu schnell, scheint kürzer

Zorn [durch das Miauen/Schreien von Katzen/bei Kindern/wenn andere Zeit verschwenden]

Zufrieden (morgens)

Schwindel: Drehend/fahrend in Kurven

Kopf: Hautausschläge - feucht an Haaransatz (l./Pusteln)/wund (< Berührung)

Schmerz [r./l./nachmittags - 17 h/+ Schläfrig/> Druck/pulsierend/> (im) Schlaf (drückend)/Hinterkopf/Scheitel (pulsierend/scharf/Sekunden anhaltend)/Schläfen

(r./drückend)/Schläfen und Stirn/Stirn (< Akupressur/> Druck/drückend/pulsierend)


Zusammenschnürung (in Stirn)

Auge: rot (morgens)

Jucken [nachts/> Reiben/(innere) Canthi (l./Oberlid)]

Photophobie (< künstliches Licht)

Schmerz [l./Wehtun/reißend/> Wärme/Canthi (innere)/> heißes Wasser]

Ohr: Geräusche im Ohr, Ohrgeräusche - Brummen

Hören: eigen Stimme klingt Fremd in den Ohren

Nase: Absonderung - > abends/hart, trocken/klar/Krusten, Schorfe (dunkel gefärbt)/reichlich/Choanen (mit Krusten, Schorfen)/

„Wie hohl“ innerlich


Verstopft (abends)

Gesicht: Hautausschläge viele

Kieferhöhle > Druck

Trockene Lippen

Mund: Hautausschläge - Zunge [l. (Mitte)/nahe der Zungenspitze]

 Schmerz [wund schmerzend/Zunge (nachtsnachmittags/wund schmerzend/Mitte/seitlich l./Zungenspitze)]


scharfes Kratzen Zunge - Mitte

Zähne: Zähneknirschen < im Schlaf

Innerer Hals: Schlucken schwierig (mit Würgen)

Schmerz - erwachend (wund schmerzend)

Würgen, Zusammenziehen < Schlucken

Magen: Appetit mit Durst/fehlend [abends/mit durst/schnelle Sättigung (nach wenigen Bissen)]/vermehrt [abends/+ Schläfrig/während

Kopfschmerz (und schläfrig)/nach dem Mittagessen)]/vermindert (beim Abendessen/mit Durst)


Durst (abends/< nach Abendessen/auf kleine Mengen)/Durstlos (nachmittags - 15 h)

Schmerz [abends - 21 h/nachts/>/< Aufstoßen/> Bananen/erwachend (nagend)/> nach Essen/< Gehen (Hügel hinauf)/krampfartig/nagend/< Sprechen]

Schweregefühl (> Wein)


Übelkeit - < Gehen (Hügel hinauf)/< nach Schlaf/beim Schmerz

Bauch: Flatulenz

Rektum: Durchfall (morgens)

Obstipation (chronisch)

Stuhl: Abends (18 - 22 h) - 21 h

Hart/mit schwanzförmigen Anhängseln/klein, wenig, geringe Menge

Blase: Wasser lassen häufig nachts

Urin: Wolkig

Männliche Genitalien: Sexverlangen - unwiderstehlich, nicht zu unterdrücken/unstillbar, unersättlich/vermehrt [nachmittags - 17 h/nachts weckt ihn/

anhaltend/kochend/nur i.B. auf dem Partner/stört den Schlaf/vermindert (< Anstrengung/arbeitend/essend)

Weibliche Genitalien: Fluor [nachts/in Klumpen/sahneartig/spärlich/übel riechend (faulig nachts)

Jucken (morgens)

Menses - reichlich/unterdrückt (während Menopause)

Sexverlangen - unwiderstehlich/unersättlich/vermehrt [nachmittags - 17 h/nachts weckt auf/beim Kochen/nur i.B. auf dem Partner/stört den Schlaf/

ohne sexuelle Träume/vermindert (< Anstrengung/während Arbeit/wenn Ehemann abwesend/essend)

Kehlkopf und Trachea: Stimme - heiser, Heiserkeit

Auswurf: Abends (18 - 22 h)

Dunkel/durchsichtig/mit Krusten, Schorfen/sahneartig, gelblich weiß/trocken

Brust: „Wie Flattern“ im Herzen < Er-/Aufregung



Pulsieren - erwachend/< Hinlegen/im Herzen erwachend/ist sich das bewusst/Herzgegend

Schmerz [stechend/Mammae (r.)/Brustwarzen]

Rücken: < Berührung

ist sich Knochen in Rücken bewusst

Empfindliches Sakralregion


Jucken fein stechend

Schmerz [l./morgens/brennend/(fein) stechend/Wehtun/wund schmerzend/Steifheit/> Bewegung (streckend/tragen/Anstrengung)/

> warme Anwendungen/< Gehen (im Freien)/< sitzend/< liegend/erwachend/Dorsalregion (erstr. Schultern/Schulterblätter)/

Lumbal-/Sakral-/Zervikalregion/Steißbein/an einzelne Stellen]

Glieder: Empfindlichkeit in Hüfte/in Unterschenkel/< Berührung der Bettlaken/< geringe Berührung

Gefühllos, taub

Jucken - Arme (ohne Hautausschläge)/Knie(kehle)/Unterschenkel/ohne Hautausschläge

Kribbeln in Unterarme

Schmerz [l./> Anstrengung (Arme <)/< Bewegung(sanfang)/< (geringer) Druck/< sitzend//< schreibend/< Berührung (der Bettlaken)/< geringe Berührung/

wenn sie sich gegenseitig berühren/schießend/Wehtun/„Wie verstaucht“]


Schlaf: Tief

Erwacht nach Mitternacht - 5 h/durch geringste Berührung/häufig (durch Träume)/leicht (durch geschärfte Sinne)/periodisch jede Stunde/mit Schmerz/

durch sexuelle Erregung/zu spät



Ruhelos [morgens/nach Mitternacht (bis) 2 h/mit Abdecken, Entblößen (< Zudecken)/durch Körperhitze/während Hitze/mit Schmerz]

Schlafbedürfnis gering, klein

Schlaflos - vor Mitternacht/nach Mitternacht - 3 h/während Hitze/und schläfrig vor dem Einschlafen//durch (Magen)schmerz einschlafend/< sexuelle Erregung

Schläfrig während Magenschmerz

Träume: Ängstlich i.B. auf Auftritt/ängstlich nicht vorbereitet zu sein/auftreten vor Publikum, etwas vortragen, aufführen (ist nicht für den Auftritt vorbereitet/

im Badezimmer/unter Wasser Basketball zu spielen/Besuche von Homöopathen/daheim/nach Hause zu laufen/dekadent zu sein/hält Fahnenstangen/Fahrrad zu

fahren/eigene Familie/Fehler zu machen (kann sich nicht an Namen erinnern)/ist fettleibig/Diskriminierung gegen Frauen/Frauen, kurzhaarig, dünn, blond, ohne

Kurven, wie Knaben/Frauen inspizieren ihn und das Haus/Frauen in Unterwäsche für den Winter gekleidet/Witwen zu sein/Frauen sitzen zusammengekauert

da/Freund (kommt wieder, kehrt zurück)/(Treffen von) Freunden/versucht in weiße Gebäuden hineinzukommen/Gefahr/ersetzt den Gefrierschrank/in Kot zu

Gehen/geschlagen zu werden/Hämmern auf Finger/Hände einer Frau (orientalischen)/Haus (ist im Haus anderer fremden Menschen/Menschen führen sie durch

deren Haus/wie das Haus ihrer Großmutter/heilige Gegenstände/Heimweh/mit Holz arbeiten/ihr wird erzählt sie sei homosexuell/Hunde verloren gegangene, 

davongelaufene/Suche nach ihrer Identität/von Kindern (in Tierkostümen/unterrichtet)/Kirchen/Klavierspielen/Mantel leuchtend rosa, wuschelig/Kochen/in einer

Kommune zu leben/kritisiert zu werden/macht Fußmassagen fremdes Land/Landwirtschaft/Laufen (nach Hause)/von Licht/Menschen/Menschenmassen (Gruppen,

Schulkommissionen, Kirchengemeinde/mit heiligen Trommeln)/spielt Tuba/versucht die leibliche Mutter zu finden/Prüfungen/nachhause kommen von einer Reise/

Kinder spielen im Schnee (ängstlich, dass es ihnen zu kalt wird)/Schule/Singen/Speisen/geht ans Telefon/Telefone unter Wasser/im Theater/tritt im Theater auf/die

Tochter, als sie jung war/Tochter ist kriminell/Tod der Großmutter/von lange verstorbenen Verwandten/Überschwemmung auf dem Fußboden im Haus/unerinnerlich,

bleiben nicht im Gedächtnis/im Urlaub, Ferien zu sein/Verlegenheit/kann sich nicht an Namen erinnern/Verletzungen/Viele/ist nicht vorbereitet/Wasser (auslaufend/

fließendes, laufendes/läuft durch den Kühlschrank/Wiederholen sich (verschiedene)/von Wünschelrutengängern/von Zahlen/das Ziel erreichen ist unmöglich/Zollstöcke

Haut: Empfindlich - spüren; als könnte er seine Haut

wund Schmerz d, prickelnd

Hautausschläge - Bläschen (weiß/schnell abheilend)/Papeln (schnell abheilend)/schmerzhaft (< Berührung/Haare bürstend, kämmend)/

Jucken ohne Hautausschläge

Schmerz (wund schmerzend)

Allgemeines: r./l.Seite -r.

Nachmittags (13 - 18 h) - 17 h/abends - 18 h - 18 - 21 h/nach Mitternacht - 2 h - 2 - 3 h/5 h - 5 - 9 h

> körperliche Anstrengung (> im Freien/> sexuelle Erregung)/> Druck/> Licht

< Bettdecken werden nicht vertragen/< Dunkelheit/< (helles/wenig) Licht

>/< Fahren mit der Straßenbahn

„Wie Hitze“/Hitzewallungen

Jucken in erkrankten Teilen

“Wie Lebendigem im Inneren“/Leeregefühl „Als ob ganze Körper hohl“

Matt (morgens < Aufstehen/< im Bett)/nachmittags/nachts (Mitternacht)/erwachend/fahrend

Ruhelos > Bewegung

Schmerz: morgens/> Bewegung/> Druck/> Wärme/> Muskeln (Bewegung/heißes Bad)

Sharp pains

The following symptoms of sharp pains appeared throughout different body parts in the proving.

These are the provers' words:

• Pain in joints, cartilage.

• Pain was achy and pains were pointed.

• Sudden sharp shooting pain left shoulder, moving toward arm.

• Developed right elbow pain, sharp, neurological. Sensation is in one small spot  and I can't elicit the pain by manipulation.

• Mind somewhat dull. Not sharp. No edge to mental function, which I usually have. Maybe secondary to headache.

• Sharp pain on top of head, slightly to the  left lasting only about one second, at 15:30 h.

• Sharp  pain  behind  right  breast, to inside of body.

• Continuing sharp stinging point on left back, below scapula, left shoulder, comes and goes, lasts a few seconds, bothersome.

• Sharp needle-like pain persists in left back.

• Point of left upper back is sore this morning. More aching than sharp. More diffuse area than specific small spot. Seems to have spread toward neck.

• Sticking pain left back, again, stinging and sharp.


Allerlei: Ursprung: S. Afrika



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