Comparison Agar. + Bov. + Sec. + Ust. + Psil. + Moni. + Bol-la.


Comparison: 19 Fungi + 2 von Fungus befallene Pflanzen


Agaricus muscarius


Mind: Dull (senses), irritable; desires activity Memory active; ailments from sexual excesses




Ear: tingling

Face: spasms

Mouth: speech difficult from spasms of tongue;


Abdomen: cramping

twitching and jerking





Sex organs: Desire increased/female organs cramping in muscles

Male organs: disposed to masturbate.

Respiration: asthmatic spasmodic

Cough: tingling/from irritation in air passages;

Chest: tingling

Extremities: Convulsion

Twitching: “As from electric shocks”/in muscles/restless [upper limbs (arm/fingers/leg)]/

cramps in leg.


Sleepless from activity of thoughts;


Generals: Paralysis (tongue/mouth/rectum/”As if” back);

Excessive, physical irritability after sexual excesses (ailments);

< sexual excitement;

cramps in muscles

Convulsions (after coition)



Bovista lycoperdon


Mind: restless/irritable



















Female organs: voluptuous tingling



Larynx/Trachea: irritation





Extremities: restless lower limbs during perspiration;









Generals: restless/tingling/irritable



Secale cornutum


Mind: foolish behaviour during spasms; restless (anxious). Irritable,


laughing spasmodically



Eye: Paralysed - optic nerve


Throat: Irritation Stomach: Irritated

Abdomen: Complaints +

convulsions – twitching and jerking

Paralysis of intestines

Bladder: Spasm after urination.

Sex organs: disposed to masturbate.

Cause sexual excesses








Extremities: Twitching in paralyzed parts; cramps/spastic 

restless evening/fingers

Convulsion extended # flexed





Generals: cramping in muscles/dull pain

Cause sexual excesses irritable physical/restless



Ustilago maydis


Mind: Dull

Thoughts sexual (with masturbation). Restless



Head: Pain dull


Eye: twitching











Sex: disposed to masturbation

Female organs: Sex desire increased;

cramping in uterus

Larynx/trachea: irritated





Extremities: cramps in calf/restless leg

Tingling in upper limbs





Sleepless from irritability


Generals: weak after sexual excesses




Psilocybe caerulescens


Mind: Dull





Head: dull pain in forehead












Sex desire: increased





Larynx/trachea: irritated talking











Sleep: restless



Generals: Paralysis agitans



Monilia albicans


Mind: Dull (unable to think long)/excited # dull,











Abdomen: cramping at night/inflamed/colon spasmodic











Cough: irritable

Chest: tingling > swallowing

Extremities: tingling in fingers/foot






Sleep: restless

Sticta pulmonaria


Mind: restless






Nose: tingling inside

Face: twitching along lower jaws










Male organs: disposed to masturbate/desire increased




Larynx/trachea: irritated trachea from irritability




Extremities: restless (upper)/tingling

Cough: whooping with  convulsions







Generals: restless






















































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