Comparison: Ferrum metallicum with other well-known remedies


Aurum metallicum

Industrious and conscientious with strong will power and self-confidence, duty bound and accomplishes the task with sincerity and confidence, contented with her work.           

Aurum met is duty bound and industrious, but there is a baseless feeling that he has lost or failed in his duty. Feeling of guilt which is marked, utter lack of confidence.


Has strong self-image; does not lose self-identity and performs well.   

Silica projects self-identity and performs well, but will be a little hesitant and slow to start


Serious, dominating with leadership qualities. Obstinate and ambitious. Difficult to shake her confidence, criticizes only when her image is at stake. Ferrum is realistic.            Dominating and obstinate, but out of proportion; offers criticism to everybody. Theoretician, fanciful and speculative.


Difficult to bend like iron, projects self-identity, anaemic and weak  

Bends easily like a branch in wind. Lacks self-identity, anaemic and weak.


Haughty, but sober and firm. Criticizes only as an act of defence.            Heightened ego, unmasked and uncovered, becomes malicious.

Natrum muriaticum

Quarrelsome without being hateful; fights back and shows great obstinacy about her viewpoint, does not suppress.        

Revengeful, suppresses emotions and becomes hateful, which is not expressed. Avoids argument to prevent disputes;



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