Falco cherrug (Falco-ch) = Sakerfalke/= Würgfalke



Comparison. Haliaeetus leucocephalus and Falco peregrinum

Vergleich Lac humanum mit anderen

Siehe: Aves.


= Lach.-ähnlich/= Lac-c.-ähnlich;

Thema: Anerkennung; Positiv: Lebensfreude/Wißbegierig;

Negativ: will perfekt sein/anderen gleich sein, resignieren/Unruhe/Ungeduld/ungeschickt/schlampig/lustlos/unzufrieden;


Sehnsucht nach (Gefühlen) werden nicht empfunden, trockene Schleimhäuten, stechen, jucken,

Nacken-/Rückenschmerzen, Rheuma; degenerative disorders of the nervous system (paralysis, peripheral neuropathy and claustrophobia);


Mind Themes:

      Spirals, waves and colours



      Freedom and speed

      Floating and flying

      Giggling and innocence


      Empathy with people

      Empathy with nature




      Swearing and squandering




      Small and vulnerable

     Hemmed in

      Controlled by an alien





      Isolation and despair


Repertory:                                                                                                              [Siegfried Letzel]

Mind: Absentminded (dreamy/wants to concentrate on inner world)

Abstraction of mind (driving the car)

Activity desired (# lassitude)

Ailments from [suppressed anger/domination (a long history by others)/humiliation/mortification/being scorned/sexual abuse/sexual excitement/sexual humiliation/shame]

Anger [# tranquillity/(detached) cold/contradiction/from noise/when touched/violent]


Anxiety (when alone/about own children/when compelled, to do something/of conscience/about his family/about future/for others/during stormy weather/about untidiness and chaos)/

Fear [of accidents/of being alone at night/approaching of others/fear of being attacked (by partner)/of being bitter/of cancer/causeless/contagion/for delusions/of drought/to bring up own family/

of hallucinations/something will happen (will leave the room, when someone enters)/of being humiliated/of infection/of being injured/of insanity (evening in bed)/lying in bed/of medicine/> mental work/in narrow place/of being observed in bed in the morning/of being poisoned/of poverty/will not recover/riding in a carriage/of suffocation/of terror/of being drawn upward]

Fearless (in spite of danger)


Art ability for it (plastic arts)/artistic aptitude


Automatic behaviour

Awareness heightened (with body sensuality/expanded consciousness with stillness)

Awkward (drops things/strikes against things)

Biting (bites those around him/own family/nails/scratching and clawing)


Business incapable for it



Cheerful „causeless“/and foolish

Childish behavior

Children desires to be with them


Climb, desire to

Colors charmed by them (jewel like/desire to paint nails/desires yellow)

Company aversion to it (wants to walk alone/desire it # aversion to it)

Concentration active/difficult (cannot fix attention/during conversation/while preparing food/studying)

Confidence increased/in self/want of self-confidence (> talking)/confident (# timidity)


Confusion (of mind while driving/as to his identity - depersonalization/as tot own identity/as if intoxicated/loses his way in well-known streets/as to time and space)

>/< Consolation

Contemptuous (of self)

Content with self


Countryside desires it


Cruel, inhumane

Cursing (from contradiction/in rage)

Danger - lack of reaction to danger/no sense of danger

Decomposition of shape, of space

Delusions (being abused/animals in abdomen/is betrayed/bird as high as he is/black objects (boots) and people/body (is brittle/is diminished - smaller than head/is out of the body/body looks ugly/children are changelings and will leap up and attack her/impression of danger but without fear/world is disintegrating/division between himself and others/as if drugged/elevated/head enlarged/perons enlarged/evening in bed/fancy, illusions on closing eyes/feet scarcely touching the ground/floating in air like a kite or a balloon on a string/flying (rushing towards the stars)/foot separated from body/is without friends/is a giraffe/is made of glass/hands becoming larger/hand separated from body/head is open on top and consciousness expanding above him/head separated from body/is a reined in wild stallion that desires to be free/is ice queen/will become insane/is insane and must tell everyone/is intoxicated/has iron shield around him/is light/limbs are separated

(riding in a car)/horizon unfolding/neck elongated/has neglected his duty/about glittering objects/is paralyzed/is persecuted/is about to be poisoned/is in prison/is prostitute/is repudiated by his relatives/feels secure even within chaos/strange thoughts are separated from him/is separated from the world (in the present and simultaneously detached)/on falling asleep/body is smaller/expansion of space/awe at spirals/squanders money/stomach enlarged/is under superhuman control/separated from thoughts/spirals/timeless and in the present/is transparent/is trapped/is unsupported/black objects; tombstones, torsos, hammers, boots/walls are falling inward/is being watched/of waves/as if windsurfing/worthless/everything goes wrong

Despair (looking into a black hole/ sensation of being a fully functioning empty shell/about future/thinks everything is lost/about others in poverty and ugliness)

Detached (from daily activity/waves of detachment)

Dictatorial domineering, dogmatical, despotic (talking with air of command)

Disconnected with self

Discouraged (with disgust)

Disgust (of one's own body/at deceit of others/with self)

Desires to see great distances


„As if in a dream - cannot tell whether sleeping or awake

Driving can't get off the roundabout (= Kreisel/fast with recklessness and indifference to consequences/limbs „As if not connected“/spaced out with anxiety/desires speed


aversion to domestic duty

feels at ease

Ecstasy [sublime in nature (in the flight of birds)/walking in open air]/elated

Emotions (suppressed)

Environmental orientation increased

Escaping attempts - from family and children/torun away/wants to get out of house after fright

Estranged from own children/from wife/from family/from self/from society


Excitement >/after hearing horrible things

Exhilaration (blissful)

Fastidious (about personal appearance)

Wants to fight

Foolish behavior

Forgetful (preparing food/of words while speaking)

Forsaken [„As if isolated (with terror)]

Frivolous # absorption

Gestures - clawing/grasping knees/sensuous stroking


Hatred - vengeful and detached


Hiding himself

Desires to go home

Hopeful (# despair)

Horrible things, sad stories affect her profoundly

House keeping unable for women

House - aversion to being kept in the

Hurry, haste (in writing, while feeling calm)

Ideas abundant, (clearness of mind and ability to communicate them)


Indifference, apathy (to business affairs/to the dictates of conscience/to danger/to duties/to everything/to external things/to own family/to household affairs/towards husband/to joy and suffering/joyless/to loved ones/to opinion of others/to relations)

Indignation (with rage)

Industrious, mania for work

cannot support injustice (cool in the face of anger)

Insecure mental


Irresolute, indecision

Irretable (afternoon/when disturbed/before menses/from noise/from trifles)

Jesting at problems/ridiculous or foolish

Joy [in nature (in the flight of birds)]


Laughing at own actions/childish/silly

Lazy (in morning)

Loathing at oneself

Longing for good opinion of others

Ludicrious (things seem)


Mathematics unable to


Weak memory (for business/for dates/for details/for what was about to do/for what he just has done/for everyday things/for expressing oneself/for places/for time/of words)


Mirth (evening)

Mistakes made [in localities/in space and time/speaking uses wrong words (calls things by wrong names/when he means pears)/in time]

Mood alternating/changeable

want of moral feeling

desires mountaines

music - sensation of being by it

Naive (open, honest and childlike)

Loves nature

Reasonable objective

> Occupation

Optimistic (in spite of weakness)




desire to please others (with make up)


Postponing everything to next day

Quiet disposition

Rage, fury - with biting/with cursing

Reproaches himself - then stands up for himself


restless from anger

Sad (in morning on waking followed by manic activity/> after telling it to somebody/on waking

Sea loves/loves seaside/seaside >  mental symptoms

Senses acute (with sensuality)

Sensitive (to certain persons/to colors/to music/to nature and natural objects/to noise)

inclination to sit still

slow when calculating

Smiling foolish

Spaced-out feeling

Speech incoherent

desire for speed


Studying difficult

Suicidal disposition (by opening a vein with a razor/thoughts)

Suspicious - fear of company

Sympathetic (to animals/to children)


Talking of own complaints

Thinking - aversion to analytical thinking/inable to logical thinking

Thoughts move in circles/disgusting thoughts with nausea/rush, flow at night7vacant

Time - obsessed by how long everything would take/passes to slowly, appears longer

Timid (# assurance/in company)

Tranquil, serene, calm (after anger/incomprehensible/reconciled to fate)

Trapped feeling

Travelling desires it

Truth tells it plain

Unfeeling hardhearted (with family)

Unreal - everything seems



Walking in open air > mental symptoms

desires to wander

Weeping from forsaken feeling/from joy/by the sea/when kindly spoken to/from sympathy with others

Wilderness - desires it

Will with clearness of purpose/loss of will power/> strong will power

Vertigo: in morning (on waking)/on rising

„As if intoxicated“ (on waking)

with nausea (on closing eyes), on

Wavelike sensations

Weather stormy

Head: Cold, chilly (Vertex/“As if cold air came from head“)

Constriction - band or hoop

Hair dry/moving sensation

Pain [morning (on waking)/in forehead (afternoon -7 h/alternating sides/l./r./pulsating)/sides (alternating sides/pulsating)/temples and forehead/temples (l./pulsating)/afternoon - 7 h./constant, continued/dull (l./in forehead/over eye/from temple to temple)/ext. eyes/ext. face/intermittent/pressing (in forehead above nose/inward/> hard external pressure/pulsating/stitching]

Eye: Brillant/heavy

Pain [l. (headache l.)/morning (on waking)/stitching (l./morning)]

Photophobia (driving)

Pupils dilated

Twitching r./l.

Vision: Acute cold and distant


Bright („As if someone turned up the lights“)/Objects seem brighter/clarity/glittering objects (bright, luminous appearance/circles)/sharper

Circles (colored)

Colors [before the eyes - black (objects/swirling void)/swirling/variegated/yellow]

Flashes (on closing eyes/on going to sleep)

Images too long retained/objects seem nearer


Ear: Noises (humming/sound of machinery/r./roaring)

Pain pressing outward/sore

Stopped sensation (l.)

„As if water in ear“

Hearing: acute

Nose: congested

Coryza without discharge (dry)

Discharge - clear/crusts, scabs, inside - black/bloody

Dry inside

Itching (burning/l.)

Odors imaginary and real - nauseating

Pain sore (r. wing)

Smell acute - sensitive to the odor of [(cooking) food/meat/perfumes/unpleasant odors]

Sneezing (morning)

Sooty nostrils

Face: red

Eruptions - hard/painful/red

Expression - absent/cold, distant/don't bother me/far away

Pain [lower jaw (evening)/morning (on waking)]

Mouth: Dry


Speech difficult

Glands swollen

Taste sweetish

Tongue [numb/“As if soft“/swollen/Ulcers (frenum/painful/painful to touch/underneat)]

Ulcers painful

Throat: Catarrh

Red/inflamed/(„As if „) swollen


„As if foreign body“ in it (swallowing > momentarily)

Mucus must be swallowed (cannot be swallowed nor hawked up/tenacious)/swallowing difficult

Pain - l./sore (ext. to nose)/swallowing


External throat: /Rash/swollen

Stomach: „As if something alive in it“

Appetite - changeable/diminished [afternoon (7 h)/evening/morning/increased (hunger in general) (noon/after eating/with nausea)/ravenous (noon)/wanting (evening/morning)]

Distension (evening/morning/after eating/not > eructations/> during stool)

Eructations - evening/painful/without relief


Heavy (after eating)

Nausea - Morning/afternoon - 7 h. - 19 h/after eating (fats)/by thought of food/on motion/from odors/in throat/stormy weather

Pain (evening/cramping/after eating)


THIRST/thirst (for large/small quantities/without desire to drink)/thirstless

Abdomen: distended [evening/morning (on waking)/after eating/not > eructations/painful/> stool/tympanitic]

„As if enlarged“

Flatulence (after eating/painful)

(„As if“) Fluttering

Pain - cramping, griping/“As if menses would appear“/twisting

Rumbling (after eating)

Trembling (when talking of complaints)

Twitching and jerking - Hypochondria (r.)/r./

Rectum: Constipation [# diarrhea/ineffectual urging and straining/during menses]


Flatus (explosive)

Itching in perineum

„As if a lump in it“

Pain (during stool)

Sudden urging

Stool: like balls/dark/dry/explosive/forcible, sudden, gushing/frequent/hard/knott, nodular, lumpy/large/soft/thin, liquid (dark)

Urine: dark/copious/scanty

Male Organs: Coition - enjoyment increased/gentle and diffuse

Ejaculation incomplete

To masturbation disposed

Sexual desire diminished (with apathy)/wanting

Female organs: Coition - aversion to it/enjoyment absent/enjoyment increased/painful



Itching between labia/in vulva (and anus)

Leukorrhea (bloody/constant, chronic/copious/dark/offensive - like fish-brine/white /yellow

Menses copious (and of short duration)/too early/too frequent

Ovulation early

Pain [Uterus/vagina (during coition)/burning (in vagina/while urinating)/sore, tender (Labia/between Labia when urinating/in Pudendum even when not urinating/Vagina (during coition)/stitching in l. ovary]


Sexual desire diminished (with apathy)/increased/wanting

Swollen Uterus

Perspiration: difficult while driving/while riding

Cough: Dry (night/from tickling in larynx)/tickling

Chest: Catarrh

„As if heart ceased to beat“/“As if empty“/“As if lumps“


Eruptions on mammae [nipples (pimples)/painful (to touch)/pustules]

(„As if“) fluttering


Itching in Axilla

Oppression (heart)

Pain - Lungs - l./r./Mammae (l./nipples)/cutting (sudden sharp pain) (sides/r.)/pressing in sternum/sore, bruised mammae (nipples)/sore, bruised < pressing/stitching (nipples/stitching in sides)

Palpitation of heart [anger/with anxiety/tumultuous, violent, vehement („As if heart beat throughout chest“)]

Sensitive [Mammae (l./nipple)]

Swollen Mammae

Tingling [Mammae (l.)]/trmbling/twitching

„As if warm“


Back: Heaviness, weight in cervical region

Itching (evening while undressing/morning)

Pain in cervical region [ext. shoulders/morning (on waking)/aching (in cervical region - morning/on waking)/“As if back would break“ (cervical region)/morning

Stiff [in cervical region (morning/on waking)/painful]

Tension [in cervical region (morning/on waking)/ext. shoulder]

Extremities: Awkward - hands drops things/lower limbs - stumbling when walking

Cold [in fingers under nails/foot/leg]

Cramps in leg (calf)

Dry (feet/fingers/hands)

„As if leg enlarged“

Eruptions - Elbow - psoriasis, patches/on 4th finger/hand/dry on lower limbs/on thigh (red)/burning/dry/painful/pimples

Nails - rapid growth/hard/thick

Heat - hand/upper limbs

Heavy - leg (morning)/lower limbs (morning/on waking)/upper limbs

Injured fingers

„As if joints loose“

Numb [fingers/foot/hand/leg (calf)/upper/lower limbs

Pain - ankle/elbow (l./r./night)/shoulder (on waking)/aching in bones/aching in lower limbs/cramping [leg (calf)]/sore, bruised - ankle/stitching [elbow (r.)]

Perspiration of hand [clammy/cold/with heat/clammy/cold (palm)]

Pulsation [leg (calf)/lower limbs/upper limbs]

„As if seperated“ - legs severed from his body/lower limbs (driving a car/on rising)/upper limbs (driving a car)/“As if legs to small“

Stiff shoulder (morning)

Tingling [hand (riding in a car)]/trembling hand (writing)

Trembling (leg when talking of complaints/lower limbs)

Weak ankle

Sleep: Deep/prolonged

Dozing (afternoon/13 h)



aversion to rise (after waking)/de3sires to stay in bed

Sleepy [afternoon (15 h. - 16 h)/evening (9 h)/noon/on waking]/sleepless (after anger/from activity of thoughts


Waking - from cough/too early/too late

Yawning [afternoon (16 h)/noon]

Dreams: <(<(<( many )>)>)>

Perspiration: in general

Clammy/morning (on wking)

Skin: cracks


Eruptions [bleeding/eczema/gritty/pimples (bleeding/inflamed/itching/painful)/psoriasis]



Wrinkled, shrivelled

Generals: Forenoon 1 h./noon/afternoon (16 h./19 h.)

> open air

Cold (heat and cold/lying in bed)

>after eating

Foods and drinks: Aversion to: coffee/cucumbers/fats and rich food/tomatoes; >: beer; desires: alcoholic drinks/beer (evening)/choc./corned beef and piccalilli/sugar/sweets/smoking tobacco;

> in mountains

Numb externally


spaced out with anxiety < riding in a car

desires warmth

Wavelike sensations

approach of a thunderstorm/ailments from thunderstorm - lightning/> wet weather


Quelle: Remedia.at/Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy to be run up to the 30th centesimal potency. The pharmacist who did this provided us with a report of her experiences –

the first proving, while the patient subsequently benefited from the dose: she lost her fear, her sense of disempowerment, quit her stifling job and is currently living in her beloved Scotland where she can roam free, making her peregrinations.


Komplimentär: Staph. (= An).


Vergleich: Falkenauge. [= Krokydolith + Si/= Quarz. = dunkelblau./schillert. bei Bewegung/durch Verwitterung entsteht Tigerauge (= blue asbestos.)].

Acherontia atropos. = Totenkopfschwärmer/= Death’s Head Hawkmoth/= Honigdieb

Myrrha.: Tränen des Falkengottes Horus.

DD.: AIDS. Anac. (cruelty). Lac-c. (humiliated).

Staatssymbol.: Hungarn

Nat-m. Plat-met. (cold/haughty/“Ice Queen“). Thuj. (dirty/worthless).

Siehe: Aves + Lachesis- + Lac caninumgruppe + Götter/ÜbereinstimmungenGreifvögel:


Allerlei: Horus [Gott der Weissagung./Künste (wie Apollo) begleitet die Toten ins Jenseits] geweiht,

Beutetieren: kleine Säugetieren + mittelgroße Vögeln; Feind: Uhu; Bekommen menschliche Krankheiten: Tb/Salmonellen/Gicht/Diphterie/Würmer;



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