Lac caninum (Lac-c) = Hundenmilch,hundedemenz100.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-de-DE


= Thuj.-ähnlich;

Thema: Treue; Lösung: positiv: Grenzen finden/ziehen; negativ: Minderwertig sein + gefallen müssen/sich ausklingen;

Leitsatz: „Ich glaube, ich spinne;

Akut: Schleichend ohne Fieber, (Hilfe: Tee (gemahlene Pfeffer/Ingwer/Koriander)/Rohkost/Wokgemüse, A. HalsSCHMERZ (erstr. zum l. Ohr/“Als ob Hals zugeschnürt“,

B. Schlucken UNmöglich, C. < Berührung Hals, D. Zunge silbrig belegt;

Auslöser: Falsche Lebensweise;

Kind/Anhang: Langsam in lernen/möchte verwöhnt sein/möchte angeleitet sein, Ausgesetzt/verlassen, Ängstlich + aggressiv, nervös/überempfindlich/reizbar/Schreihals/ launisch, kein Selbstvertrauen ohne Anwesenheit Mutter. Pubertät: depressiv/Freitod/hoffnungslos, empfindet sich minderwertig/verachtet/schmutzig;

Positiv: Entschieden, Witzig/Ausdauer/liebenswürdig/zuverlässig/bedächtig/trockene Humor;

Negativ: A. Warmblutig, B. Angst. + Vorstellungskraft (jede Beschwerde = Krankheit), C. Kein Selbstwert + sensitiv + abhängig, D. Beschwerden wandern/wechseln (Seite)/kehren zurück, E. EmpfindLICH, F. Überschwängliche Vorstellungen, G. Wahn (Gesichter/Geräuschen/Provokation)/“Als ob in die Luft schwebend“),

H. Verlangt Salz/Herzhaftes/warme Getränken, I. Seitewechsel;


Gemüt: in sich widersprüchliche Gedankengänge; Wahnideen; Unentschlossenheit; schreckhaft; Ärger im Wechsel mit schneller Reue

Körper: wechselnde Zustände; Beschwerden wechseln von rechts nach links; glänzende Körperteile; bringt die Milch zum Versiegen.

An undeveloped self/lives too much in an "observed self".

Blond/sanftmutig, Nervös/ruhelos/EMPfindsam, TRÜBsinnig/Phobien, „Als ob andere Welt angehört/außerhalb des Körpers =/auf Luft geht“, Keine Führer/engstirnig,

Realität nicht wahrnehmen/aggressiv aus Angst; ändert Wahrheit/denkt zu lügen, unentschlossen/unzufrieden, verzweifelt/reizbar, will Änderung/hat kein Konzept.

geistesabwesend; kann sich nicht konzentrieren; VERzagt; Wutanfälle; Aggressiv (+ flucht/schimpf wegen Kleinigkeit)/MATT/Angst (Krankheit/unheilbar zu sein/dunkel/Einsamkeit), Angst [vergangenen Qual muss wieder erlebt werden/„As if going insane“ + AWARE of/fearful of it/Angst vor/träumt über/sieht Schlangen

+/o. Spinnen (nicht im Dunklen)]; Furcht (Tod/Krankheit/Hunden/Sturm/alleinsein/Wahnsinn/in Ohnmacht/Treppen hinunter zu

fallen.); kann nicht allein sein + fühlt sich von Umgebung abgewertet, fühlt sich nur wohl, wenn anderen sich wohl fühlen, Empfindungsstörung; vergesslich (Einkäufe/Gelesenes/Rechtschreibung)/zerstreut, ohne Selbstvertrauen, unzufrieden + = minderwertig.

Rachenbeschwerden: empfindlich gegen äußere Berührung/Schmerz strahlt zu den Ohren aus/< leer Schlucken.

Flaues Gefühl in der Magengrube (nicht > Essen).

RückenSCHMERZ quer oberhalb des Kreuzbeins/strahlt aus zum r. Gesäß und im Verlauf des r. Ischiasnerven; Wirbelsäule EMPfindlich gegen Berührung und Druck.

Beschwerden wandern/wechseln alle paar Tage o. Stunden von Seite zu Seite (fangen mit der Menses an und hören mit ihr auf). krankhafte Veränderungen sehen leuchtend/glänzend aus (diphtherischen Belägen/Geschwüren).

<: nachts/Ruhe/Berührung/plötzliche Erschütterung/während Periode/leeres Schlucken/Druck/l. Seitenlage; >: in frischen Luft/gehen/r. Seitenlage/kalte Anwendungen/

Kälte, verlangt Pfeffer/Salz; Schleimhäute/Nerven/Drüsen;

Craving: milk/having a headache thinking of milk sickens;

ForgetfulNESS (will make shopping purchases and walk away without them and make mistakes when speaking or writing, using the wrong words and missing letters out. 

A pronounced mental state with over-SENsitivity on all levels. Can fly into a rage with cursing and swearing from the slightest provocation. Whatever the symptom experienced by the Lac-c., there is changing of sides.

Throat sore 1. on one side, 2. the other.

Rheuma in the ankles will be painful on alternating sides; the headache and the ovarian pain will change sides.

LACK of confidence; their body feels ugly and they imagine that they are being insulted, compounding the feelings of worthlessness.

Vermeulen: it is common to have had a difficult childhood and that these difficulties can give rise to a great lack of self confidence.

Sankaran: delusion often epitomises the central disturbance of the individual. Lac-c. very passionate, very lascivious. They can be quite aggressive and defensive.

Feels like  going insane yet very aware of it and fearful with it. Has been totally controlled and civilised so that it has to suppress its basic animal nature and can only

express its controlled, civilised side. The main fear in most of these patients is of snakes, they may have delusions involving snakes or dreams of snakes.

May also be of great uses when a mother has lost her child during the stage when she was still breast feeding and it has become necessary to dry up the milk.

I have found it interesting researching the milk remedies, due to the fact, that in several of them there is an issue of some kind with milk. May be expressed as a desire,

< or an aversion. Craving for milk (having a headache even the thought of milk will make them sick).

Symptoms erratic, pains constantly flying from one part to another changing from side to side every few hours or days.

Very forgetful, absent-minded; makes purchases and walks away without them.

Cross, irritable; child cries and screams all the time, especially at night (Jal./Nux-v./Psor.).

One nostril stuffed up, the other free and discharging; these conditions alternate; discharge acrid, nose and lip raw (Arum-t. All-c.).

Diphtheria and tonsillitis

Throat: sensitive to touch externally (Lach.); < by empty swallowing (Ign.); constant inclination to swallow, painful, almost impossible (Merc.); pains ext. ears (Hep./Kali-bi.); begins on l. side (Lach.).

Serviceable in almost all cases when it is required to dry up milk (Asaf. to bring back or increase it, Lac-d.).

Loss of milk while nursing without any know cause (Asaf.).

Backache: intense, unbearable, across super-sacral region, ext. r. natis and r. sciatic nerve; < rest/first movement (Rhus-t.); spine aches from base of brain to coccyx, very sensitive to touch or pressure (Chin-s./Phos./Zinc.);

[R. Sankaran]

Sycotic remedy prepared from the milk of the dog. This remedy has in it the nature of the dog, an animal that has been totally controlled and civilized so that it has to suppress its basic animal nature and can only express its controlled, civilized side. It is dependent on its master for food and so it is out to please him. Its survival depends upon keeping its master happy by its performance, its affection, etc. It has to perform or it won’t be wanted anymore and its master will kick it out. This need to please is the animal side of Lac caninum, but the dog knows that no matter how much it tries to please, it will never be equal to the human. It feels inferior, knows that it is at the bottom of the hierarchy. The animal side is also malicious (if you pull a dog’s tail, it will bite you). Lac caninum persons are very passionate, very lascivious. They can be quite aggressive and defensive.

The main theme in Lac caninum is dominance (the bigger dominating the smaller) and who is going to be on top. Lac caninum persons can be irritable and ferocious, but if someone is more irritable and ferocious, they give up, they submit. Then arises the conflict within themselves: “Do I want to be what I am?” They develop a feeling of low self-worth: “I am not good enough. I feel dirty and horrible”, and become contemptuous of themselves. This dirty feeling is also common to animal remedies, and it is similar to the feeling of Ambra grisea (prepared from the sperm whale). But while Lac caninum simply feels: “I am not good enough, I am despised and looked down upon”,

Ambra grisea feels “like shit”. Lac caninum patients suffer by comparison with others. They try hard to please, to be liked, cared for and accepted because they feel left out and rejected. They can develop malice and hatred because they hold somebody else responsible for their condition. These feelings can be + a history of sexual abuse.

The Lac caninum situation is that of a dark-skinned girl child in an Indian home. Her sisters are fairer than her. She tries hard to get fair-skinned, but knows she will never be fair-skinned. She is constantly being compared to her “better looking” sisters, and she soon begins to hate herself. People bring clothes only for her sisters. Nobody listens to her; she is just not clever enough – everything she says is stupid and foolish. She feels she is uncared for and neglected because her body looks bad. She starts feeling dirty, and washes herself frequently. People disturb her almost as if they were snakes and vermin (“Delusion snakes in and around her”). She starts lacking in confidence, becomes totally irresolute and believes that all that she says is a lie. She loathes life and goes into tremendous depression, and nothing can be done to make her feel better. She feels worthless and is disgusted with herself, thinks she matters little, feels unimportant, like an untouchable. She is sure she has an incurable disease and she will die. She wants

to commit suicide and put an end to her suffering. She blames others for her condition and can get angry with them for treating her the way they do - she can develop hatred, and become revengeful. She feels she has been given a raw deal, and she becomes mean (“Writing meanness to her friends”).

Jurgen Becker tells me that a common expression amongst African-American blacks is “Mofo” (mother fucking son of a bitch) – surely a Lac caninum expression. The feeling of a black person in the U.S. even today must be: “I am unlucky, I have been born with a black skin. I will try to perform, but I know that ultimately I will still be black”.

This is also a Lac caninum situation.


    Contemptuous, self, of.

    Delusion, despised, is.

    Delusion, dirty, he is.

    Delusion, diminished, short, he is.

    Delusion, looked down upon, she is.

    Delusion, thinks all she said is a lie.

    Delusion, snakes in and around her.


    Moral feeling, want of.

    Rage, fury.


    Writing meanness to her friends.

    Anxiety, success, from doubt, about, of.

Phatak’s Materia Medica:

    Thinks himself of little consequence.

    One’s own body seems disgusting.

    Imagines he wears someone else’s nose.

    Every symptom seems a settled disease, which is incurable.


    Desires highly seasoned food.

    Pain, mammae, menses, before.


    Craves condiments.

    Dirty, he is.

    Fear of falling downstairs.

    Lactation, milk absent.

    Mammae before menses.

    Self loathing.

    Taste salty, only salty food tastes natural.

    Thinking himself too little.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Sankaran’s work, courses and lectures please visit:

[Dr. James Tyler Kent]

Rheuma first found in one ankle and then in the other, and then back again to the original site. If in the knee or hip or shoulder the rheuma alternates sides.

[Farokh Master]

Gemüt: in sich widersprüchliche Gedankengänge; Wahnideen; Unentschlossenheit; schreckhaft; Ärger im Wechsel mit schneller Reue
Körper: wechselnde Zustände; Beschwerden wechseln von rechts nach links; glänzende Körperteile; bringt Milch zum Versiegen

[H.C. Allen]

Despondent, hopeless, thinks her disease incurable, has not a friend living, nothing worth living for, could weep at any moment (Act. Aur-met. Calc. Lach.).

Attacks of rage, cursing and swearing at slightest provocation (Lil-t. Nit-ac.), intense ugliness,  hateful.



unterdrückter Zorn, dominierende/brutale Behandlung durch Eltern/gebissen durch Hund/Vorgesetzte

Diphtherie (Folge von Mangelernährung + Terrorerfahrung)


unentschlossen; vergesslich; tadelt sich selbst; geringes Selbstwertgefühl, mag Trost (DD.: Puls.)

Überempfindlich auf Sinnesreize (Licht, Geräusche, Gerüche, Berührung)

Beschwerden wechseln häufig die Seite oder den Ort

Symptome wechseln miteinander ab, so daß man meint, der Kranke denke sie sich aus (Durchfall # Verstopfung, Halsschmerz # Gelenkschmerz usw. (DD.: Puls.)

Kopfschmerzen, Seiten wechselnd oder vom Nacken zur Stirn ziehend

Halsschmerzen mit Belägen auf den Tonsillen, muß viel Schlucken, was aber, mal bessern warme, mal kalte Getränke, zu den Ohren ausstrahlend

Ohrenschmerzen durch Wind/kalte Luft

<: Berührung/Kontakt zwischen den Körperteilen;

>: nach dem Wasserlassen/Kühlen/frische Luft/Gesellschaft/in Ruhe (Kopfschmerzen);

Frau: Periode vorzeitig/reichlich, Fluss hellrot/zäh/Fäden ziehend/im Schwall.

Brüste schmerzhaft, entzündet, <: gegen Abend/von Erschütterung; muss sie beim treppauf/treppab Gehen fest halten. Nützlich zum Abstillen. Hyperästhesie der Sexualorgane;

Active type: great sensitivity.

Passive type: hysteria.

Ursache: Fall/Verlust Säugling;


Komplementär: Lach (= An). Lyss. (= C). Nit-ac. Puls. Spig?


Folgt gut: Ruta. Migräne

Gut gefolgt von: Caus (wenn Lac-c versagt). Diph.


Vergleich: Enthält: Solids 5.1, Fat 12.9, Eiweiß 7.9, Lactose 3.1, Ash 1.2;

Alum. Canes-uricum. Rhod.

Comparison. Lacs

Vergleich: Lac caninum und anderen.                                   

DD.: Arg-n. Lach. Lyc. Phos. Syph. Thuj.

Siehe: Uranosgruppe + Lacs allgemein + Verstoßenengruppe + Anhang (Dr. Gisevius jr.) + Anhängsel (H.A. Roberts/Tanja Hoffmann/Aisling Murray/M.L. Tyler) +

Anhang 2 (Barbara Nowecki/Bob Trubshaw)

Arg-n ( hastig/gefangen in Situation) Manc (Angst Kontrolle zu verlieren Lac-c (Minderwertigkeits- + Ohnmachtempfinden)


Germ-met. = straightjacket of Carc. + rancour of Nit-ac. + self depreciation of Lac-c. + sensitivity and dignity of Staph.

Lac-c Hura Lyc

Lac-c (Lyss = immer negative Seite Lac-c) Lyss (langsamer Verlauf) Lach (schneller Verlauf)

                                                Lac caninumgruppe

Ex-can. = Lac-c + ABhängig (Inzest)

Germ-met. = Carc-ähnlich

Hura. = Aq-mar-ähnlich + warten ist schwierig/= Lac-c + empfindet sich als minderwertig + anderen als in Ordnung/= Anac + Spannung

Falceo cherrug. = Lach-ähnlich/= Lac-c-ähnlich

Lac-c. = Thuj.-ähnlich




Einen Vater geht mit seinen Tochter einkaufen und verwickelt sich in einen Gespräch. Tochter läuft zu einem Hund, der beißt Ihr im Gesicht.

Tochter bekommt Impfung gegen Tollwut.

Das Zweite Kind der Tochter hat Wutanfälle, ist „Systemsprenger?“. Sie bekommt Lyss. Es hilft.

Mutter bekommt VNR und hustet viele Wochen. Sie ist oft Laut. Sie bekommt Lac-c. Es hilft.


Unverträglich: Wirkt am Besten in Einzelgabe.


Antidotiert: Vergiftungen aller Art, Diphterie,


Wirkung: Krebs                        Ying                                    1 Dosis/wenn wiederholt wird, gleiche Zeitspannen anhalten,

sanguinisch/psorisch/syphillitisch/sycotisch/tuberkulin                        wechselnde Seiten

Allerlei: Donkey herds sheep like dog.


[Dr. James Tyler Kent]

It is deep and long acting; the provers felt its symptoms for years after the proving was made.  Sensitiveness of the abdomen so that the sheet cannot be permitted to touch

the skin. The complaints almost regardless of kind or quality change sides.

The rheuma first found in one ankle and then in the other, and then back again to the original site. If in the knee or hip or shoulder the rheumatism alternates sides.



LAC CANINUM (lac-c.)                        [Swan/Berridge]

MIND: - -   Thinks himself of LITTLE consequence Delusion despised; looked down upon;

        insulted.      - -   Low self-confidence.                        - -   Physical insecurity:

           Think they are ugly. Delusion she is dirty. Can lead to compulsive

           neurosis (Arg-n, Iod), always washing the hands.

           Don't want to be touch or even aversion to touch one-self.

   -   Vivid imagination with insecurity about body gives fear of diseases.

   -   Tries to overcome feelings by acting extroverted, agressive, etc.

   -   Can become hardhearted.

   -   Changeable moods. Hysterical tendency. Manic-depression.

   -   Forgetful of purchases. Mistakes in reading and writing.

   -   FEAR of snakes (Lach), HALLUCINATIONS or DREAMS about vermin

   -   Fear of insanity, fainting (Arg-n), tunderstorm, diseases. - -   Confusion of identity.

GENERALITIES: - -   Symptoms l. # r./r. #l.

   -   Chilly with > from cold.  - -   Sensitive to touch, pressure.


   -   Desire: SALT, SPICES (pepper), ALCOHOL, WARM DRINKS. - -   < Milk.     

VERTIGO: - -   “AS IF FLOATING IN THE AIR”, < walking (Calc-ar), lying.

HEAD: - -   Pain alternating sides (Iris, Nux-v).

   -   Pain from nape or occiput extending upward, and back again.

EYE: - -   Images too long retained (Nat-m).

NOSE: - -   Coryza, obstruction alternating sides. - -   Profuse greenish discharge, < night.

   -   Over-sensitive to smell of flowers (Nux-v).

   -   Liquids come out through nose on swallowing. - -   Cold nose (Camph./Carb-v./Verat.).

FACE: - -   Jaws crack while eating.

THROAT: - -   Inflammation. Tonsillitis. Pain and swelling alternating sides.

       < Swallowing. Pain radiates to ear. < During menses  > Cold drinks (Lach).

ABDOMEN: - -   Sensitive to pressure, even of cloths.

AFTER: - -   Constipation before and after menses.

MALE GENITALIA: - -   Desire increased.

FEMALE GENITALIA: - -   Pain ovaries, alternating sides, > bending backwards (Dios).

   -   Increased desire, < touching breasts, slight friction of parts (Murx).

   -   Leucorrhea only during daytime, not even when walking at night.

   -   Flatus from vagina (Lyc). - -   Pain in vulva, has to spread legs, > lying on back.

RESPIRATION: - -   Dyspnea immediately after falling asleep (Grind./Lach./Op.).

CHEST: - -   Painful swelling of mammae before menses, < jar. Has to hold them

       firmly on going up and down stairs. Alternating sides.

   -   Mastitis, alternating sides, < jar. - -   Galactorrhea. Dries up milk. - -   Painful nipples.

BACK: - -   Sciatica, lumbago alternating sides.

EXTREMITIES  - -   Rheumatic pains: wandering, alternating sides. - -   Warts on fingers

   -   Numb pains of ankles with swelling.

   -   Very sensitive, cannot bear that parts touch each other; spreads fingers (Lach).

   -   Sensitive and hot palms and soles. Uncovers feet.

SLEEP: - -   Position: On the back, one leg drawn up with foot on opposite knee.

                 On the side, face almost touching knee.

DREAMS: - -   SNAKES. Vermin.

SKIN: - -   Sensation of crawling of insects.



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