Ferrum metallicum Frau Anhang


[Tim Couzens]

Perceiving the Ferrum Metallicum in the Female personality

Iron is a metal known to mankind since ancient times. Cosmologically, iron is said to have its origin from the explosion of a supernova, a giant star which ejected most of its mass. It is believed that Mars, the god of war had imbued the metal with his strength. Iron is one of the strongest metals we know of the Ferrum met personality displays this strength. The Ferrum met female is a constitutional type we see in a fast paced modern industrialised society. She is a reflection of strength, ambition, earnestness and zeal.

IRON WILL: She possesses an iron will, has the courage to believe that she can succeed and leaves no stone unturned to make it a reality. She tries hard to turn all her mental blocks into building blocks that will lead her to success. She is in-charge of how she feels, and she chooses to be positive. All you get when you are around a Ferrum met lady is positive vibes.

THE ACHIEVER: A Ferrum met lady is duty bound. She need not necessarily be a business woman or the one holding a high profile job. She could be a housewife, a teacher, student or a politician. She could be anybody, but whatever she is, her duty is done with utmost sincerity and zeal, a passion to accomplish. Nothing is impossible as sky is the limit for her success. She is unshakable and unstoppable.

THE UNYIELDING: Just like it’s difficult to bend iron, it is near impossible to change the ideas of a ferrum met lady. She is unyielding and stubborn, believes in ideas which she does not change, no matter what.

SELF MADE: A ferrum lady projects her self-identity. As an example, a ferrum met lady after marriage may not change her surname to her husband’s surname (which is an age old Indian/German custom). She prefers to have her own identity. But this does not mean she doesn’t value relationship. She does, but not at the cost of her self-respect and self-identity.

LEADER, NOT FOLLOWER: She does not follow the masses as she is not afraid to be different. She has deep convictions and is confident they will guide her and keep her on track. It is not that a ferrum met lady cannot cry, but she does not choose to.

What is the negative aspect to such a dynamic personality? – It is her hypersensitivity to least the contradiction. Ferrum met’s intolerance to contradiction makes her aggressive to an extent that she becomes quarrelsome.

PHYSICAL APPEARENCE:  She may be weak and anaemic. Though anaemic, she does not appear to be, because of pseudo-plethora, flushing of face.

The Ferrum met personality reminds me of Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi, who exhibited a sense of dignity and who were unshakeable.


Comparing Ferrum Metallicum with other well-known remedies

Ferrum Metallicum                                                                                                   Aurum Metallicum

Industrious and conscientious with strong will power and self-confidence,  Aurum met is duty bound and industrious, but there is a baseless feeling that he has lost or failed

duty bound and accomplishes the task with sincerity and confidence,                 in his duty. Feeling of guilt which is marked, utter lack of confidence.

contented with her work

Ferrum Metallicum                                                                                                Silicea

Has strong self-image; does not lose self-identity and performs well.            Ppojects self-identity and performs well, but will be a little hesitant and slow to start

Ferrum Metallicum                                                                                                Lycopodium

Serious, dominating with leadership qualities. Obstinate and ambitious.    Difficult to shake her confidence, criticizes only when her image is at stake.

Is realistic.                                                                                                            Dominating and obstinate, but out of proportion; offers criticism to everybody.

Theoretician, fanciful and speculative.

Ferrum Metallicum                                                                                                Pulsatila

Difficult to bend like iron, projects self-identity, anaemic and weak            Bends easily like a branch in wind. Lacks self-identity, anaemic and weak.

Ferrum Metallicum                                                                                                Platina

Haughty, but sober and firm. Criticizes only as an act of defence.                        Heightened ego, unmasked and uncovered, becomes malicious.

Ferrum Metallicum                                                                                                Natrium muriaticum

Quarrelsome without being hateful; fights back and shows great                         Revengeful, suppresses emotions and becomes hateful, which is not expressed.

obstinacy about her viewpoint, does not suppress.                                                Avoids argument to prevent disputes.



Vorwort/Suchen.                               Zeichen/Abkürzungen.                                    Impressum.