Saxitoxinum (Saxi) = Gift. in Muscheln. verursacht durch vergiftete Algen./inred. tide


= Op.-ähnlich/= Acon.-ähnlich/= Calc. + empfindLICH;

Vergiftung: Tingling/numbness/weakness/paralysed limb;

1. 5 - 30 Minuten nach essen: übel/erbrechen/Bauchkrämpfe, 2. Schwach/ Teillähmung (Augen/Doppeltsehen/Atemmuskulatur)/Empfindungs-/Mobilitätsbeschwerden, 3. Paralyse;

Inhaling (on the beach): sore throats and difficult breathing; Rapid respiratory collapse and death inhaling massive doses. Chemically saxitoxin is stable, it can be inactivated by

treatment with strong alkali;

Negativ: Ruhig + Zustand bewusst, witzig + nimmt Zustand nicht ernst, desorientiert/„Als ob schwebend“, unruhiger Schlaf + Träumen, schwach/Durst, taubes Empfinden Mund/

Zunge/Gliedmaßen (Anfang Zehen/Finger), (kalter) SCHWEIß, Augen;


Vergleich: Vermeulen II S. 767 Acon (ANGST/QUAL/schnell/“Wie taub“/brennen/ prickeln“).

Ciguatera poison [in Molluscae. Vergiftung: 1. gastrointestinal (nausea/vomiting/diarrhea),

2. neurological (headache/muscle aches/paresthesia/numbness/ataxia/hallucinations)/burning sensation on contact with cold. Frequently misdiagnosed as MS. (may be sexually transmitted)/

    Juckreiz an Handflächen und Fußsohlen




    in seltenen Fällen: lebensbedrohlich absinkender Blutdruck und Herzrasen (Tachykardie)].

Diarrhea and facial rashes reported in breastfed infants of mothers with ciguatera poisoning. Symptoms can last from weeks to (20) years/can lead to long-term disability.

Most people do recover slowly over time (can redevelop symptoms in the future/as seemingly allergic reactions to consumption of nuts/alcohol/fish/fish-containing products/

chicken/eggs/exposure to fumes such as those of bleach and other chemicals. Exercise is also a possible trigger)]

Paracanthurus hepatus. can cause Ciguatera in humans when consumed/regarded as venomous. Piscine types of venom: most potent effects are on the cardiovascular system.

This includes the release of Nitric oxide. or other agents from the endothelial cells these have a depolarizing effect on nerve and muscle cells and smooth muscle contraction occurs.

The potent cytolytic activity of most piscine venoms is likely the mechanism that causes cardiovascular and neuromuscular effects.

Fischpyrogen. Nos. (= Pyrogen aus Salzwasserfisch.en).

Op. (schmerzlos/alle Funktionen gehemmt).

Siehe: Arthropoda + Cocculus indicanebengruppe


Wirkung: akut

Allerlei: GIFT verursacht von Algen/in Muscheln angehäuft,

= Kampfgift.



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